Broken Angels:

Simone’s Notes:

Murder, as defined in common law countries, is the unlawful killing of another human being with intent and generally this state of mind distinguishes murder from other forms of unlawful homicide. All jurisdictions, ancient and modern, consider it a most serious crime and therefore impose severe penalty on its commission. The word murder is related, in old English, to the French word mordre in reference to the heavy compensation one must pay for causing an unjust death. A person who commits murder is called a murderer; the term murderess, meaning a woman who murders, has largely fallen into disuse.

Irene’s execution day came later that night. Ms. Myer prepared for this moment since she first painted her death. Since then, she made an effort to turn her life after before it was too late. The artist had managed to successfully quit drugs and started painting without them. She aided the love deities in their quest to stop Manami and her followers from bring sexual moral decay. Irene started making money again. The art galleries all called for her art once again. This proved to be a bit of a problem with the mission. So, Irene found a way around that one. The artist began taking pictures of her art for insurance. She would give the pictures to the girls of Aizen Myo-o Academy. Irene worked really hard to paint the future in order to save mankind. The woman even made some friends along the way. But it was soon time to end the light happy stuff. The night to die had just arrived. Only a few more perorations to make before that event.

Days earlier, Irene had thrown a little contest on-line. Whoever submitted the best art essay won a chance to take a little tour of the artist’s studio. Many fans signed up for it. Irene picked out one just two weeks before her death. The winner turned out to be a young college freshman by the name of Jose Craig. He had been a fan since he first started high school. The boy followed Irene’s style closely. When he heard about the contest, the boy signed up right away. He spent days and nights writing the winning essay. Irene found herself impressed with his words and chose him as the winner. The meeting took place back in November. Jose knocked on the door like a gentleman.

“Coming!” Irene called inside. The eager fan waited outside. He couldn’t wait to see his idol’s place of work. The door opened wide. They looked each other up and door. Jose looked like a mediocre guy. Short black hair, messy dark clothes, tall, with pierced ears. Jose took a good look at Irene herself. The woman looked much healthier now than she did in years. She got her figure back and color filled her skin. Her clothes fit her better than they did before. Her face even looked so clean and healthy. Jose couldn’t help but to stare at his idol. Irene Myer actually looked… beautiful. The artist looked the young man up and down.

“Are you Jose Craig?” she asked.

“Yes,” the young man replied. Irene gave him a little smile.

“Come on in,” she said to him. Jose followed her inside. He closed and locked the door behind them. Irene gave him the full tour of her apartment. The fan looked on amazed. He really did love her paintings. The artist smiled to herself proud. “Well what do you know?” she thought. “I still have a fan after all!” Time now to give him the greatest treasure of all. Irene turned to Jose.

“Jose,” she said to him. “There is something I want you have.” The fan looked at her in interest.

“Yeah?” he asked. “What is it?” Irene gave him a little smile.

“Wait here,” she said. Then, she headed into her back bedroom. Jose watched after her silently. The artist came back with a big black profile book in her hands. The fan looked on surprised.

“This is…” he began to say in surprise. Irene nodded at him.

“Yes,” she said. “One of my most valuable treasures.” She handed it over to him. Jose’s eyes grew bigger in shock.

“Your sketchbook?” he asked. Irene nodded again.

“Yes,” she said. “That’s right. I want you to have it.” Jose looked at her still in surprise. He slowly took it into his hands. Irene smiled at him still.

“There you see,” she replied.

“Uh…” he replied. “Thank you…” Jose didn’t understand what was taking place. The artist couldn’t tell him either. How could he deal with knowing that she would die in a few days? No, no. Jose mustn’t know the reason at all. Just give him the sketchbook and instructions and wait to die. Irene’s face turned serious.

“Guard it with your life!” she ordered him. “Post up all of my sketches for the world to see. And keep my sketch book as a treasure of all times! Do you understand me?” Jose’s face changed to serious as all. He held the book tightly in his hand.

“I will!” Jose swore aloud. Irene smiled at him again.

“Good,” she replied. “Now, you can go.” Jose nodded at her.

“Thank you, Ms. Myer!” he called. “I’ll never forget this!” Then, he headed out the door. Irene watched after her smiling. Nothing to do now, but to let death come and take her. However, that plan changed some. Irene decided that she wouldn’t go down without a good fight first.

On the night of her death, Irene made it back to apartment with the knife hidden deep into her shoulder bag. The artist went into her studio and found Edward sitting at one of her paintings waiting for her. Irene saw him and no surprise met her at all. The alchemist turned and looked up at her. Murderous intend filled his eyes when he saw her. (Author’s Note: Not one complaint about him being out of character, you got me?)

“Hello Irene Myer,” he greeted her coldly. “I was getting worried that you would be a no-show!” The artist glared at him crossly. She whipped out the knife from her bag and dragged everything else on the ground. Edward looked at her in sarcastic fear.

“Ooo!” he called out. “A knife, huh? And what do you plan to do with a measly old kitchen?” Irene glared at him in attack mode.

“Cut off your head, of course!” she yelled out. Edward smirked at her.

“Oh?” he asked her.

“Yeah!” Irene yelled out. “That’s the only way your breed dies! Alice and them told me all about you!” Edward snickered at her coldly.

“Oh really now?” he asked her.

“Yes!” the artist screamed. Edward laughed again.

“Oh you want to play with blades, huh?” he asked. “Okay, but you’ll lose!”

“I’m willing to take that chance!” Irene yelled.

“Fine then!” Ed said back. His transmutated his right arm into his famous blade. He lounged forward at her. Irene prepared to fight back. Sadly, this didn’t take long. The artist only managed to stab Edward in the side once. After that, he knocked the knife right out of her hand and kicked her in the chest right to the ground. Irene scrambled to pick it up again, but the alchemist stepped on her hand to stop her. She screamed out in pain. Edward smirked at her again as he shook his head at her.

“Such a disappointment!” he boomed. “And here I was expecting a real fight tonight! Such a pity I came all of this way for nothing! I don’t even need to use my automail blade tonight! That would just be cruel!” Irene glared up at him through her pain. Edward looked at her in fake sympathy.

“Aww, what’s this?” he asked. “You still want more? Why don’t you just give up? You’re going to die tonight anyway. You painted it yourself. I have the upper hand here!”

“I won’t give up!” Irene hissed. “I’m not going to run away anymore! One of us is dying tonight, but not quietly!” Edward laughed out loud at her.

“You amaze me, Irene!” he replied. “You really do.

“What the f**k do you mean by that?” she snarled at him.

“I’ve watched your life,” the alchemist explained. “Normal people run away from danger. But you run right towards it without thinking about the consequences in the end. That’s why you’re such a failure. That’s why your life is so pathetic. That’s why your shallow self-centered father and mother hated you!” Irene had heard enough of this. She grabbed the knife with her other hand.

“SHUT UP!!!” she screamed. “SHUT UP AND ROT IN HELL!!!!” She stabbed him right in the leg this time. Startled, Edward jumped back just before the knife came inches within his thigh.

“Damn,” he said. “Much better. Too bad it’s not enough.” Irene dragged herself to her feet in pain. Her head jerked up at him.

“Enough of this!” she snapped. “Let’s just end this right now!” Edward shrugged at her.

“As you wish,” he replied.  “But we both know how this will end.”

“F**k off, you bastard from hell!!!” Irene cried. She lunged forward at him for the last time. Fullmetal shook his head to himself.

“I tried to tell her,” he said to himself. He reached out his left hand to her chest and yanked her heart right out. Irene froze up in deadly shock. He did it so fast that she didn’t have time to grasp what had just happened. The last thing she knew, her body fell straight down to the hard wood floor at Edward’s feet. The alchemist himself smirked at her. He kicked over her body so that Irene was on her back watching him with eyes that could no longer see. Edward gave her a sick little snicker.

“Told you!” he said. Then, the alchemist bit down into her bleeding heart and drank up all of the blood. Surprise met him on the first taste. “Wow!” Edward thought. “Such great-tasting blood for a waste of human life!” He drank the spoils of his mission. He saw more of her life as he drank. “Such a waste!” Edward thought. “She could have been so great too.” Once the last drop of the heart had been drained from the heart, he threw it down onto the ground. The alchemist stepped on it like crushed grapes. He looked over at Irene’s dead body once again. Her eyes and mouth still remained open wide.

“So pathetic,” he mumbled to her. “But at least you went down fighting. I’ll give you that.” Then he used alchemy to sick down into the floor back to Manami. Irene’s body was left lying there on the cold hard wood floor. That was how the dark artist Irene Myer lost her life on December 7th. She was only twenty-eight years old.