Mr. Brightside


She never listens. Shannon keeps trying to sleep with me. Every time I try to tell her no more, she comes up with another way to make me stay with her. I end up sleeping with her again and staying with her even longer! She just doesnít seem to take no for an answer. I know what I am doing is wrong, but how do you say no to someone who wears next to nothing when you try telling them itís over. I feel so bad about it afterwards. I feel sorry for Perry. Heís been so used to Shannon cheating on him many times. Iím worried about how heís going to take her sleeping with me behind his back. But thatís only half of my problem!

Iím torn between Winry and Shannon. I really like them both. Winry has always been there for me when I needed her. I feel so bad for lying to her about Shannon. But if I told her, Winry would kill me! But yet, Shannon looks like she could take Winry out if she wanted. However, thatís not really the point. I love them both and to be honest, Iíd like to see a cat fight between. *Has a heavy fantasy for a moment, but returns* What am I thinking? I have to choose one or the other! I canít keep playing them both like this! But itís so hard.

I love Winry. Like I said before, sheís always been there for me when I needed her. She has known Al and me since we were all kids. Two months before we came here, she told me that she loved me. I was so shocked and happy that I told her the same thing. Sure, she is machine-obsessed at times and her temper is scary at times. But, I still love her. We have been for six months now. Winry and I have been closer than ever to each other. I want to take things further with her, but I donít how to ask her for it. Iím slightly worried that sheíll say no. She might even say that sheís not ready for sex. Sheíll even want to wait until we are married. So, I keep my needs to myself. Thatís where Shannon comes in.

Sure, Shannon may give me what I desire in the bedroom. But, itís not really love. Itís just messing around. I have a girlfriend. Sheís married with two children. I donít want to leave Winry at all. I highly doubt that she would ever leave them for a relationship for them. (She is always trying to escape from them with different men and affairs.) Shannon just wants to have fun and get away from her family. But yet, she says I about her favorite one so far. So, I donít really know how to choose. So yes. This is the difficult life I live. Itíll get worse if I donít hurry up and pick one. I hate to see the results if I donít. *Shudders at the thought of them trying to kill him if they were to find out about the other*

I really canít choose between Winry and Shannon. Both women are very good to me. Each helps me in ways that the other canít. I care about them deeply. It is really hard to choose. Winry or Shannon? Winry or Shannon? Hm? I still canít decide! Maybe I could have them both. Oh, who am I kidding? It wouldnít work! Neither one of them wants to share me at all! Damnit! Iím right back where I started. Why does love have to be so hard?

I Never