Break On Through (To the Other Side)


    I never was a wild woman. I always played by the rules. I didn't know many people. I was just a shy little angel. Until I met my Kenisuke.

    I had just been dropped off at the Tokyo-Zion Academy. I felt deserted. What was this? I looked around. Woods was everywhere. The fact it was nightfall didn't help either. I was getting scared. The only thing that could make things worse was if someone came up behind me out nowhere and grabbed me.

    Guess what happened? Just as I exactly thought. Someone grabbed me from behind tightly and covered my mouth. I panicked as I struggled to get away. My captor just held me tighter. I actually thought I was going to die. Please spare me!

    Then, I heard snickering in my ear. "Why should I?" they asked. My eyes grew big in shock. My captor was a guy. He seemed about eighteen or nineteen. This only increased my fear.

    He can hear my thoughts! "A little gift of mine!" my captor boomed. His hot breath on my neck frozen me stiff. The guy began to sniff my hair and nape. My pulse was racing faster than an airplane. What was he doing?

    "Fear make blood taste much better." my captor hissed. My fear heightened fast. "Y-You're a vampire, aren't you?" I stammered out. "Why yes I am Lonna." he replied. "H-How do you know my name?" I asked in terror. My captor lightly put his hand over my mouth.

    My captor pushed my body closer to his. He felt like a block of ice to me. My captor reached down my front, slipped his bare hand down into my pink shorts and white panties, and stuck his fingers inside of me. I suddenly felt a chill of death from him. The fear of rape entered my head lighting fast. What was he doing to me?

    I felt him grinning behind me. "Excellent," my captor hissed. "Innocent and pure. Just the way I like them." I didn't know much longer I could hold out. My captor took his hand from my shorts and secured me again. "You know what," he started up again. "I've decided to spare you after all." I wanted to relax but couldn't. Something about him was too dodgy to be just that. What did he want really?

    "I have a better use for you!" my captor went on. I knew it! "Oh dear, what is it?" I asked in delirium. My captor let go of me with such force that I almost crash to the ground with a loud thud. But he grabbed me so fast that I could barely catch my breath. All I saw was the black of his t-shirt. He bent down to my ear. My captor was too close for me to see his face. "I will make a woman out you!" he whispered harshly.

    This blew me by surprise. "What do you mean?" I asked aloud. Instead of an answer, I received a powerful gust of wind. When I looked around, I was alone again. What did he mean he was going to make a woman out of me? I didn't like the sound of that one bit. But ironically, that moment marked the end of innocence for me.

Break On Through to the Other Side