Boundary Problems:

Simone’s Notes:

The problem with fair game is where the boundaries lie. The limits can be hard to see at times. Sometimes they are next to invisible. Others times, they are as clear as day and people tend to ignore them at times. The object of our affection is worth crossing boundaries at first. But when the lines are crossed, things become ugly at times.

In this week alone, Mustang received a few nasty little surprises. It all started this morning. The major general was bored and wanted some male company. His first candidate was Havoc. Since Roy heard that Jacilyn didn’t want to be tied down, he was overjoyed. “That evil little bitch won’t be around to drive me over the edge!” Mustang thought happily. So, the man got up before Daphine woke up, took some fresh bagels, and walked out of his apartment and down the hall. The man was soon to be in for his first bitter surprise. The general knocked Havoc’s apartment. “Coming!” a tired voice called out. Mustang waited patiently. He was happy to know that Nurse Ray wasn’t here. The general had been plotting for months to find a way to break them up. So far, he had turned up nothing. Now, his problems had been solved. (Or so he believed!)

The door then opened wide. Mustang looked up quickly. Havoc stood in the doorway looking at his boss. He had just woken up and was only dressed in a dark grey pair of boxers. He didn’t have a cigarette in his mouth yet. Mustang tried not to buy any attention to his lt.’s state of dress. Havoc looked at him hard. “General?” he asked. “What are you doing here so early?” Roy kept smiling at him. “Uh…” he began. “I just came by to bring you some bagels!” Then, the major general handed him the food. Jean was slightly confused as he took the food. “Thanks, I guess…” he said uneasily. Havoc was expecting Mustang to leave after that, but the general stayed right where he was. “Okay…” Jean thought nervously. “This is awkward! Why isn’t he leaving?” “Uh…” the lt. spoke up. “Is… something wrong Mustang?” Roy kept smiling. “No,” he replied. “I just want to talk to one of my best subordinates. My I come in?” “Uh… well…” the lt. spoke up uneasily.

“Jean!” they heard a voice in the apartment coming towards them. Both men looked up to see Jacilyn walking toward the door. She too was just waking up and dressed in one of her boyfriend’s shirts. The head nurse was rubbing the sleep from her eyes. “You’re leaving for work already? Why didn’t you wake me up before you le-?” she asked. Jaks fully opened her eyes and saw Mustang at the door. “Oh…” she spoke up. “Mustang! Strange seeing you here this early!” The major general was getting pissed off now. One of the women that he could never stand had moved with Havoc after all. “Roy just brought us some bagels!” Jean called aloud trying to make light of the situation. “I hope you choke on one of them!” the general thought bitterly. “I’m sorry,” Havoc spoke up. “Did you still want to come in sir?” Mustang’s anger was still simmering. “No thanks!” he said trying to sound nice. Then, he turned and stormed off. The couple watched him do so. “What was that all about?” Jacilyn asked her man. “I don’t know,” Havoc answered. Roy walked away in anger. “Damn it!” he thought. “It looks like I’ll have to go back to square with getting rid of that damn bitch!

Steven and Paul walked Malachi from the kitchen. The little boy sat on the couch staring into outer space. “Dad,” Paul whispered. “This is not normal for a four year old to be like this.” “I know,” his father replied. They were both referring to Malachi’s behavior. The boy wasn’t active and playful like most little boys his age. He didn’t say a word to anybody. He always looked down at his small feet and not at anybody. The boy was always biting on his tiny hands. He didn’t seem to like to be touched, picked up, or held. When Paul tried to pat the boy on the hand, the kid screamed out as if his potential older step-brother was hurting him. Malachi didn’t play with any of the other children at all. He didn’t even show any emotion on his little face at all. The boy was always staring out into space and occasionally rocked back and forth. He didn’t play with any toys at all. Malachi would even try to follow his mommy around everywhere she went. It wasn’t until his dark crayon drawing that Yasmine, Steven, and Paul noticed that something was amiss. “Do you think the boy is autistic or something?” Paul asked his father. The lt. col. just shrugged. “I don’t know what to tell you son,” Steven replied. Both men kept watching the boy.

Meanwhile, Yasmine was in Syd and Ella apartment. She too had questions about Malachi. “Syd,” the hunter spoke up. “Why is Malachi like this? Why is he close to the walking dead?” Syd kept quiet at first. “It’s just as I thought,” he said to himself softly. Yas caught that quickly. “What do you mean just as you thought?” she snapped. Her boss looked up at her sternly. “Trent has some of his blood in the boy,” he explained. “He put a drop of his blood into Malachi. Now, both drops of blood are trying to push the other out so it can time over.” Yas kept listening. “And how do I stop this struggle?” she asked. “Kill Trent!” Syd answered. “That’ll break down his blood in the boy!” “And he’ll be normal?” Yasmine asked. Her boss nodded. A pause came between them. A smile spread across the hunter’s face. “Great!” she called. “All the more to kill that bastard!” “Care for a drink?” her boss asked. “You know,” Yas answered. “I certainly would!” Then, Syd got up to fetch two ciders for the morning. Yasmine watched him with a smile on her eager face. Her life was almost perfect. She just needed to kill her bastard ex and she would have the life she always wanted.

The day zipped by pretty fast. Night was here pretty soon. Most of the men were plotting to hit a night on the town. For the north men, it was their usual boys’ night out. Jim looked at everyone present. “Everyone all set?” he asked. The east and the north men were all present and counted for. They even were kidnapping Jakob, Mikey, and Hunter along with them. “We’re making them men tonight!” Don reasoned. “Yeah!” the rest of the men agreed. The senior boys felt uneasy. They sensed that they should be taking care of their seven month pregnant friend, Kate. But, Jim insisted that they went with them. “Do you think Kate and Gin will be fine without us?” Mikey whispered to his friends. “Knowing mama Ginny,” Hunter whispered back. “She won’t need us for the night. And besides, if things get too rough for us, we’ll just quietly sneak out the door and back to here. Got it?” “Yeah!” the other two boys whispered. Jim grinned as his posse. “Then, let’s go!” he called. Then, the men all headed out. They would be all in for one hell of a night tonight!

It all started when they got to the clubs. The place was packed. Beautiful girls were everywhere. The drinks were free because it was Friday. The atmosphere was completely perfect for a party. But then, the nightmare night started up. The boys were all looking when Don called out, “Hey Andy, isn’t that your girlfriend up near the railing?” The lt. looked at him sharply. “Don!” Wess snapped. “Don’t even play like that!” “No really!” the other lt. spoke up. “She is here with the other women!” It was his tone that caught Andrew as he quickly looked up. And sure enough, there were their women. Kim and Daphine were sitting near the railing looking down at the party below. The mood of the men quickly became unsettle. “Uh… excuse me for a moment!” Andrew said quickly. Then, he rushed upstairs. The lt. found all of the women sitting together at the large table. The women all looked up at him when they heard him panting hard. Andy could see all of them. Maria Ross, Riza Hawkeye, Addi Bailey, Kim Garner, Daisy Lee-Wright, Jessie Phillips, Suri Kamash, Derdra Chopin, Jacilyn Ray, Daphine Waters, Izzie Morrison, Anjia Sakter, Mia Ryan, Madeline Sampson, Anika, Amy, and Bev were all there! “Well!” Kim spoke up. “This is awkward!” Her boyfriend was too stunned to speak at first. “What are you all doing here?!?” he asked at last. Daisy shrugged at him innocently. “You boys always have your boys’ night out,” she answered. “So why can’t we have a girls’ night out?” Andy stood there with his jaw dropped open. “B-But… But…” he stammered out. “Why at the same time… and here?!?” “Why not?” the women all asked. Andy walked away in stunned silence.

The boys were all waiting downstairs. They all saw the pale look on Andrew’s face. The news was had to be awful. “Well,” Denny asked. Andy swallowed hard. “It’s ladies night for them!” he said at last. The rest of the men went as pale as him. Their night had just been shot! And that was only the beginning!

Rosette Watson was a wild heiress. She was nineteen and living life big. Rosette loved to drink, party, help herself to the famous white powder, and sleep with random attractive men. Tonight was no exception to the rule. The heiress decided to see how many men she could flirt and sleep with tonight. Rosette had no problem doing so. She already had the looks. Long dark red hair, baby blue eyes, slender and curvy, heavy set on her chest, tiny waist, juicy hips, nice booty, and legs of a dancer. She was just perfect. Rosette just combed hair neatly, straightened her dark red tube top, snorted a new line of coke, and headed out to the party for her hunt.

The heiress spotted the men at the table on the ground floor. Her cherry red lips spread into fox-like smile. “Perfect!” she thought devilishly. “This’ll be easy!” Then, Rosette began walking to her targets. Above, Daphine looked below and saw the heiress walking towards their men. “Girls!” she called out. “We’ve got problems!” “Huh?” Jaks asked aloud. The women all looked over the side. They all saw Rosette walking towards their lovers. Jealousy and worry shot up in all of the women. “Should we go down and attack the hussy?” Jaks asked. “Hold it!” Addi spoke up. “We might not have to. They know we’re here, so their more likely to behave like gentleman.” She paused for a moment. “But,” the sgt. spoke again. “We should still watch the show!” So, all of the women all leaned over the rail to watch the evil hussy try to steal their boys.

Rosette finally made it over to the men. “Hey guys!” she called sweetly to them. The boys all looked up. The heiress stood before them looking all vixen-like. She got a mixed reception immediately. The heiress began lightly twirling her hair. “Mind if I sit with?” she asked sweetly. The men could all barely speak. All they could was shake their heads in silence. Rosette smiled at them wickedly. “Thanks boys!” she called. Then, the heiress looked around for somewhere to sit with them. When she couldn’t find one, she called aloud, “Oh! There are no chairs! Looks like I’m going to have to sit on someone’s lap!” The men were really nervous now. “Uh,” Jim spoke up. “Our wives and girlfriends are all sitting above us and they’re probably watching!” That didn’t work like it was suppose to. “So?” she asked. “Why not be a little naughty tonight?” The men became really uneasy at that question. The women became defensive in a heart beat. This was at enemy crossing at the fort. Rosette nicely took a seat on Daniel’s lap. The man really looked uncomfortable. He wanted to tell her to get off, but he couldn’t. He was too nice for that. Madeline quickly became defensive. She wanted to kill the whore! “Get off of him, you little slut!” she thought to herself coldly.

Hours went by slowly. Rosette kept ordering many drinks from the bar. The men were all shocked at how many drinks she had downed without getting drunk. She was still really horny and wanted to a man badly. “So many to choose from!” the heiress thought in excitement. “I don’t know where to start!” After a few minutes, Rosette saw Edward. She instantly fell attracted to him. She had noticed how he was banging her over and over again in his head. “He seems easy!” Rosette thought to herself. A plan of seduction formed in her head. The girl lightly got off of Daniel’s lap and headed over to the bar. When she was out of sight, the men all scattered out. Edward followed the heiress to the bar. Rosette looked out of the corner of her eye at him. She couldn’t help but to smile at herself. “He’s taken the bait!” the heiress thought. “Now to work the magic!” The alchemist sat down next to her at the bar. The heiress turned to him smiling as she gave him an eyeful of her cleavage. “Hi,” she said aloud. “I’m Rosette!” Edward could barely speak. The heiress smiled at him gingerly. “Care to come with me to the bathroom?” she asked harmlessly. That did it for the alchemist. Ed kissed her quickly on the lips. The girl kissed back just as fast. Within seconds, the kisses came just as fast as the drinks did to the bar. She led him all the way to the girls’ bathroom.

One thing soon led to another. Edward soon found himself pulling in and out of his one-night stand. Rosette was standing strong up against the wall of a clean stall. She was trying her best to keep her balance with him. The heiress was finding that to be next to impossible. This was the most fun she had ever had in a club restroom ever. He kept thrusting himself into her over and over again. Edward was completely high from the rush. Nothing was on his mind except for the girl he was inside. “She feels so good!” he thought in ecstasy. So good, that it drove him to pump even faster inside of her. “Oh yes!!!” Rosette screamed out in the stall. “F**K ME HARDER!!!” The alchemist did so with complete bliss. He once again felt so alive. The boy closed his eyes in deep happiness. This was what the rise should feel like. No attachments, no worries, no guilt, no sick feelings. Just loose and free fun! Things just couldn’t get any better.

Edward came hard within her when he was finished. “YES!!!” he screamed out. The heiress moaned aloud as well. A long sweet pause passed between them fast. Both were panting hard. Edward looked up at her swept away in rapture as he slowly pulled out. Rosette smiled at him. “Thanks darling!” she replied. Then, the heiress left the stall and walked away. Edward just watched her leave with a smile on his face. Once he was sure that she was gone, the alchemist followed behind in silence.

Rosette’s next target was Jakob. He was sitting near the door with his friends. The heiress really liked what he saw. “He’ll be easy as well!” she thought. Then, the girl made her way to him. Oh, she didn’t know that this would be a challenge. Maria Ross looked sick and pale when she saw Rosette walked towards Jakob. “Oh no!” she screamed out. “What’s wrong, Ross?” Addi asked her. “That slut’s going right for Jakob!” she cried out. Bailey sighed aloud annoyed. Hawkeye didn’t show any emotion to that because she didn’t want to give her relationship with the mouse away and she knew that Jakob was too loyal to her to betray her. She just had to watch him pass. Below, Rosette made it over to the senior boys. They all looked up. “Uh… hi…” Mikey said uneasily. The heiress kept smiling at them. She slowly sat down with them. The boys were uncomfortable. Ross was freaking out. Rosette lightly began playing with Jakob’s hair. “Now that little slut is playing with his hair!” Maria screamed out. Addi sighed aloud in annoyance. Riza kept watching in silence. The mouse looked at her oddly. “Uh…” he spoke up. “What are you doing?” The huntress grinned at him wickedly. “Back up you little bitch!” Ross cried out loud in misery. Bailey resisted the urge to strangle him. “You’re cute!” she said. “That’s nice…” the artist said in an unsettle tone. He was looking around for a way to escape.

“Oh no!” Maria cried. “Now that little tramp’s going to try and seduce him!” Addi rolled her eyes again. “For Pete sakes!” she yelled out. Hawkeye kept her face. “Calm down!” Rosette began rubbing on the boy’s knee. “MY BABY!!!” Ross yelled out. The heiress would’ve let her hands go up farther if Jakob hadn’t stopped her in time. The girl looked up at him confused. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “Please,” the mouse spoke up. “Don’t touch me. I have a girlfriend.” “Okay…” Rosette said in defeat. Then, she drew back her hand. Ross began to relax. Hawkeye smiled to herself sweetly.

Defeat didn’t last long for Rosette. She soon saw an interest in Alphonse Elric. The heiress quickly got up and walked over to the young boy. Al didn’t notice a thing until he got the feeling that someone was standing behind him. The boy looked up and saw the heiress. “Uh… hey, there…” he replied in discomfort. “So you’re Edward’s little brother!” she called out as she lightly grabbed his package. “You don’t seem so little to me!” “Uh, okay…” he replied. That really set off Bev big time! She fled down the stairs right to the harlot. “HEY BITCH!!!” she yelled out. Rosette turned to receive a punch in the face. One slap later and a huge catfight broke out. The end results? Bev took Rosette out within minutes and was asked to leave. Both sides agreed that this was the worst night out ever!