I’m So Bored with the U.S.A.


As far as I’m considered, I am just here to learn. Or so I believed when I first started. My boyfriend, Ralph, talked my parents into letting go to Tokyo-Zion Academy. I don’t know how he does it. My mom and dad see Ralph as Jesus. They simply adore him. The guy can never do any wrong in anyone’s eyes. Only his younger brother, Laurence, and I know the real Ralph. He’s like Sick Boy from the movie Trainspotting. Amoral, crafty, seductive, untrustworthy, and slick. But yet, I still love him. I don’t understand how the good girl always ends up with the bad boy.

I met Ralph years ago. I was thirteen and he was nineteen. I remember it as clear as day. I was riding home from school with my older friend, Melanine. I always idolized her. She was popular, beautiful; always thin, big tits, thick lips, big butt, and smart. I wanted to be just like her. Secretly, I sort of envied Melanine.

Anyway, it was Friday and we usually go out to a club or the mall on Friday nights. (Mel always convinces my parents I am always in good hands with her.) I always get in with her for free. All Melanine has to do is show her face around me and the security guard just let’s me in. But the irony of the whole thing is that I end up feeling more alone than when I first started. That all changed when I met Ralph.

I was sitting near the club window all alone, watching Melanine socialize. I felt like an outcast. No one notices me at school. I figured I would never have a decent boyfriend. Boy, was I wrong. Because while I was watching, I felt someone’s breath on my arm. I looked out of the corner of my eyes. A cute-looking guy was behind me. At first, I thought nothing about it. Oh, it’s just another skirt-chaser after Melanine! Then, I felt a tap on the arm. Startled, I jerked my head around quickly. The hot dreamboat was staring back at me. I still didn’t think too much about him. “If you want my friend, she’s out on the dance floor already.” I informed him. The guy looked puzzled. “I don’t want your friend. I want you.” he said. I thought he was joking at first.

“Why?” I asked. The guy just laughed. “Because,” he said. “I think you are the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen.” As he spoke, I felt him lightly brushing away my long blonde hair to lightly brush against my baby soft cheek. I felt all warm and tingly inside. Mmmm… But I must test him. “Did Melanine put you up to this?” I asked boldly. “Who’s Melanine?” he asked. I was stunned. Everyone knew who Melanine was. “Are you new?” I asked. “No,” the guy said. “My family and I have been here for only six months.” I was fascinated by him in a heartbeat! Right away, I noticed his beauty. His blackish brown hair was cut into a messy mop. He had strong looking cheeks. The guy also had a strong and lean body. He looked so tasty in his dark hunter green t-shirt and loose black jeans. I didn’t notice his eyes until now. But now I saw them clearly. They were a lovely shaded of golden brown. My lips curved into a sweet innocent smile. I liked what I saw!

“What’s your name?” I asked boldly. “Ralph.” my dream boy answered. “And yours?” “Poppy Smith.” I answered. He lightly tittered. “What?” I asked jokingly. “A sweet little name for a sweet little girl.” Ralph said gingerly. I got the joke as well. Soon, we were both laughing loudly. At last, a guy who likes me not because of Melanine!

We spend the whole night in the club together. In the end, Ralph and I exchanged phone numbers. And the rest is history.

Money it’s a Hit