Bloodsport Love:

Simone’s Notes:

Human animal roleplay, also called petplay, ponyplay, ponyism or pup-play, is a form of erotic sexual role-play where one or more of the participants takes on the role of a real or imaginary animal in character, including appropriate mannerisms and behavior, and sometimes a partner will act as another animal, or, in a sexual context, may take the role of rider, trainer, caretaker, or even breeding partner. The principal theme of human-animal roleplay is usually the voluntary or involuntary reduction or transformation of a human being to animal status, and focus on the altered mind-space created. The most common examples are probably canids: pup, dog, wolf, felines: cat, kitten, lion, or equines: pony, horse. Human-animal roleplay is also used in a BDSM context, where one person may be a 'slave', treated or used as an animal by their Mistress/Master. Non-sexual animal roleplay was common in many tribal cultures, such as Native American culture and prehistory, where therianthropic play formed an important part of their rituals. In this case the animal was usually either one that was revered spiritually, or one that was hunted. It is also used in physical education especially with children, as an enjoyable way to encourage certain exercises.

Azrael stepped right in front of the lamb. He held out his arms to the lamb.

“Welcome to the dog pin!” the incubus called out. Alex looked around nervously. There were pets like him acting like animals. Most of them were dogs. Alex knew where this was one was heading. Edward moved in front of him and dragged him forward. Both incubi pushed him forward. Alex fell straight down to the floor with a tumble. He sat up confused. Azrael and Edward were both watching him. They looked at the lamb in a hungry way. There was so much they wanted to do to the lamb. Alex watched on in terror. “Oh no!” he thought. “Not more abuse! Why can’t they just leave me alone?” Both monsters were still smiling at him. Azrael turned to the alchemist.

“I’ll leave you to him, tonight!” he said. Edward smiled back at him.

“Why thanks,” he said. “I would love that!” Then, Azrael turned away and left. Alex watched on in silence. He was both relived and worried. Relived because he what he was getting into with Edward. Worried because he what he was getting into with Edward. The alchemist grinned at him evilly. Alex watched on in fear. This wasn’t going to be an easy night. His master walked all the way over to him. He leaned down to his pet’s hot burning ear. His breath made Alex freeze up in a rush.

“Listen to me, Little Alex,” Edward whispered to him. “Follow my every word and I might go easy on you! Understand me?” Alex nodded at him quickly. The alchemist smiled at him evilly.

“Good!” he hissed. “Now, take off your clothes!” The lamb didn’t say a word. He began to strip down slowly. Edward watched on lustfully. He was enjoying the show.

“Slower!” he ordered his little pet. Alex looked up at him confused. Edward was losing his patience.

“Don’t look at me like that!” he snapped. “Just do it!” Alex sped up some. Edward watched him lustfully. “Oh yes!” he thought. “This is getting good!” Many ideas about what to do with the lamb were running wild in his head. Once Alex was stripped down, Edward stood up.

“Down on all fours!” he yelled out. Alex complied slowly. The alchemist grinned coldly. “This is going to be good!” he thought. Edward petted the lamb on the head.

“Good!” he called. “You are a dog! Speak!” Alex looked at him nervously at first. He didn’t like the sound of this at all. But, he had no choice at the matter.

“Woof!” the boy called out. Edward shook his head smirking.

“No,” he said. “That’s not how a dog barks!” Alex looked at him confused. Edward smirked at him even more.

“Yes,” he went on. “You’re supposed to be much louder!”

“Woof!” Alex said a little louder. That still wasn’t satisfying. Edward was getting annoyed. Alex looked on in fear. He hated when his master got angry.

“You stupid mutt!!!” Edward yelled out. “I said louder!!!” Alex swallowed hard.

“WOOF!!!” he yelled out. The alchemist smiled at him wickedly.

“Good dog!” he said. “Now beg!” The lamb was into the roll now. He sat up and began begging like a little dog. He barked as well. Edward found himself pretty entertained.

“Roll over!” he said. Alex began to do so. Edward had grinned up to his ears. This was really exciting.

“Play dead!” the incubus alchemist called out. Alex did so without any questions. Edward looked at him for a long moment. He was completely aroused now. It was time to do more. The alchemist turned around and picked up one of the leashes from off the wall.

“Close your eyes for me, Little puppy!” he ordered out loud. Alex didn’t like the sound of that one. But, he didn’t really have a choice at the moment. So, the lamb did as he was told. Edward smirked to himself coldly. This was going to be good. He walked over to the pet. The alchemist watched him for a moment. This was just too much. But who cared? It was all worth the excess. Edward raised the leash up high above his head. It came down lighting fast. Alex yelped out in pain. He was not expecting that one. The monster had hit him right on the stomach. Alex quickly opened his eyes. His master was standing over him with the leash in his hands. Alex watched on in terror. This was just wrong on so many levels. But what could he do? The alchemist was in control tonight, not him. That was just had it was. Edward smiled at his work. “This is better than I expected!” he thought in joy. Suddenly, the alchemist wanted more. Ed hit the lamb again. The same result came only louder. Edward instantly became addicted to the abuse. This was better than booze, coke, and sex combine! He just had to have more.

The alchemist kept beating the dog without any mercy. This was just foreplay to him. The real action had yet to come. By soon, Edward became bored with the leash. It was time for something else. He threw done the leash and flipped over the little “dog.” Alex was lying face down on the ground. He began to fear the worst now. Edward stepped on his lower back. The lamb slowly looked up in pain. Edward was smirking at him now. He was drooling at the sight of his pet. Malice thoughts were running wild in his head.

“Hm,” Edward called aloud. “What to do with you next?” Alex watched on in fear. He shut his eyes in terror. “Please!” the boy thought in sorrow and fear. “No more! I don’t know how much more I can take!” Then, Edward smirked to himself wickedly. An idea had just entered his head.

“I know!” the bastard called out loud. “I’ll cut you while I f**k you!” Alex’s eyes widened in heavy fear. “Oh no!!!” the lamb thought in heavy terror. Edward stripped down completely naked for his next act. Alex just lied there waiting in heavy fear. This night had just gotten worse. The alchemist crawled directly over his little pet. A cruel smirk came over his face. Here was where the really fun part came! Edward held onto Alex for leverage. The monster pulled his pet up to all fours. Alex winced in deep pain. This was not going to be a good ride tonight. Edward smirked at Alex wickedly. He violent and painfully shoved himself into his little dog. The incubus transmutated his right hand into his famous blade. Edward had a strong evil look in his eyes tonight. It was just a few more seconds to go in for the kill…

Edward started up right away and began slashing at the lamb back slightly violently. Alex was crying in pain now. He couldn’t scream anymore. The poor soul had lost all of his strength. He had no choice but to surrender tonight. Edward sped up at his own pleasure. The cuts just a little deeper and more frequent. Edward laughed aloud at all of the pain that he was causing his little pet through his quest for the greatest pleasure high for the night. Tears escaped from the lamb’s eyes instantly. He tried his best not to think about the pain at all. But the violence and abuse had taken over his mind completely tonight. Alex couldn’t fight back at all. There wasn’t much that he could do. All he could do was weep and endure the pain. Alex shut his eyes in deep pain and sorrow. This was it for him. The lamb had lost once again.

Edward came within Alex in a huge violent rush. “OHHH!!!” he yelled out. This was so much for Alex that he gasped out and slowly began to loose consciousness. Edward slowly licked up the blood and sweat off of his pet’s back. The taste of him just made the monster hunger for even more. But right now, it was time to let the pet rest until tomorrow. Alex was just too weak now. He couldn’t even move anymore. Everything was gone from him now. Last thing the lamb could remember was the words “Love is just a bloodsport, my little pet,” being whispered in ear. Edward smirked to himself wickedly. “Such a weak little pet!’ he thought. Then, the alchemist pulled himself out of him and dragged him away to the aftercare center. Love was just a bloodsport after all.