XXVI: Love Cocktails


Welcome to the Jungle Pt. 2:

Simone’s Notes:

Like much of erotic play and roleplay, human-animal roleplay in an erotic or relational context is entirely defined by the people involved and by their mood and interests at the time of play. It ranges from the simple imitation of a vocal whinnying of a horse to the barking, panting or playful nudging of a puppy, or playful behaviour of a kitten, to crawling around on all fours and being fed, or petted, by hand. In the latter instance, its motives may be similar to those of ageplay, ie taking on a role that one feels spiritually appropriate or which allows for nurturing, and a change from usual roles in everyday life. To the greater extremes of dressing up as a pony in modified horse tack, masks, prosthetics and temporary bondage based body modification such as binding the forearms to the upperarms and/or the calves to the thighs. Public participation in human animal roleplay is varied. A couple could inconspicuously role-play a silly but loving pet play scene in public, but it would look like one partner is merely stroking the other's neck innocently to the casual observer. In the case of many convention-going furries and some BDSM fetishists, one partner may wear a dog collar with a leash attached.

Alex awoke the next morning in heavy pain. He could barely move at all. The boy felt groggy as well. He felt so drowsy. Alex had been so drugged up. Even his vision was blurred. No doubt about it, the lamb was still in the jungle. Bad luck there. The lamb tried to stay calm again. Worry only makes it all worse. Alex still couldn’t really see at all. But he could make out some dull white. He felt so cold all over. It may be his imagination, but the lamb could hear his heart beating in his chest. Time was flooding away slowly. The lamb tried not to think about the worse. But that was next to impossible for him. It was all he could think about!

Then, there came footsteps. Alex shut his eyes tightly. More trouble was coming now. The door opened wide. Three nurses stepped inside. They looked around for a bit. Then, they went over to the injured pets. One of them was looking down at Alex. The lamb tried his best to keep still. The nurse looked him up and down closely. The moment was tense. Time seemed to be dragging onwards. Alex tried not to think about what would happen next. He didn’t even want to guess that at all. The nurse drew out her chart and tape recorder to get to work. She hit the record button.

“December first, eight am,” the nurse said. “I, Nurse Michiko, am here with patient 62924. He is recovering nicely from last night.” She then pulled out a little flashlight and flashed it into his eyes. Alex blinked quickly. His eyes began to water in misery. The lamb couldn’t cry out in pain at all. The nurse kept her blank stoic face. She checked something off on the chart.

“Still can’t fully see yet,” she said. “But he can hear every word that I am saying.” That gave her an idea. She turned to the lamb.

“62924,” the nurse ordered. “Blink if you can hear me!” Alex was caught in a minor dilemma in a moment. He can blink and humor her or he could not move at all and endure more misery. Both were we bitter options. There was only one thing to do. Alex blinked once to her. The nurse kept her stoic face.

“Good,” she said. “Blink once for yes and blink twice for no, okay?” Alex blinked once.

“Very good,” the nurse said. Then, she checked off on her chart. The lamb watched on.

“Okay,” the nurse said. “Is your number 62924?” Alex blinked once. The nurse checked off the chart.

“Are you a puppy?” she asked. The lamb blinked once.

“Good,” the nurse said. “Are you Edward’s pet?” Alex froze up for a moment. He didn’t want to answer that question at all. Edward’s name put fear right into the boy’s soul. Alex had to answer however. Today depended on this very moment. The lamb blinked once at last. The nurse gave him one nod. Then, she checked off on her chart. She turned back to her recorder.

“Patient is responsive,” the nurse recorded. “He has normal brain activity.” Now, it was time for the physical test. The nurse walked over to the cabinets. Alex still couldn’t see anything. But, he didn’t feel her hot breath on his body. He didn’t want to be alone. Even Edward near him would be better than being alone right now. “Please let someone come back!” the pet thought. “I don’t want to be alone anymore!” Then, the nurse returned with her kit. Alex was both relived and scared. The nurse set her kit on the floor and opened it up. The lamb listened to the sounds closely. His ears and touch would have to used in this case.

First, the lamb felt something cold and round on his chest. He drew in a heavy breath. The cold and round object remained on his for a good five seconds. Then, it quickly went away. He heard another check to the paper. The sound of rubber gloves snapping on followed behind. Alex began to get a picture of what this was now. He was being examined. The lamb tried not to freak out again. But, that proved to be next to impossible. So, Alex tried to think positive. That didn’t really help either. Once again, he was trapped.

Suddenly, the rubber was touching the sole of his right hand. This felt really weird. The rubber seemed to stay there on his foot. Alex bit down on his lips to not attempt to make any sounds come out of his mouth. The rubber slowly began to move downwards to his heel. The lamb felt a little prick. Alex sucked in a mouthful of air. A second prick followed. Then, a third. Next a fourth. The pricks just kept coming. Alex shut his eyes tightly. It wasn’t as bad as an automail blade. But, this was just as annoying. The lamb couldn’t talk and tell her to stop. He felt the pricks stop now. But yet, Alex wasn’t stupid. There was more coming. He just knew it. He had learned all of the monster very well by this point. They never gave up until one snapped. There wasn’t much that the lamb could do at the moment. Nothing but to wait.

Suddenly, there were little nicks on his left calf. Alex shut his eyes again in pain. They weren’t as bad as the automail blade, but it was still painful. The nicks quickly turned into mini stabs. Alex breathed in heavily. He still couldn’t scream out. His voice wasn’t back yet. The nurse then began to perform more painful methods of the test. Alex felt nails scratching along his skin. His breaths became heavier and much more painful. The pricks and stabs followed next. Alex tried his best not to think about the pain. But it all did him in when the nurse was really biting on him down below. All of this pain was too much for him to bear. The poor soul still couldn’t scream out loud. This torment went on for five whole minutes. But to Alex, it felt like forever. When the nurse had finished, she made the final check on her chart.

“Patient is very healthy and response,” the nurse summed up in her recorder. “He is perfect for our cult tonight. This is Nurse Tomo signing out.” Then, she hit stop on the tape recorder and left the room. The lights were switched off as well. Alex lied there with a new fear. Cult? He was going to a cult tonight? What kind of cult and what would they want with him? Alex didn’t like the sound of this at all. In fact, something was telling him that this was the beginning of the end.

Meanwhile in the morning, half of the Aizen Myo-o Academy was looking for Alex. Shane was heading up the main search. So far it was all fruitless.

“Found anything yet?” Carmen asked stressed.

“Not yet,” Shane said. Her girlfriend stood back and sighed annoyed. They all had been searching for a whole day and nothing had came up at all. The girls were really getting pissed off now. Carmen stamped her foot down in rage.

“God damn it!!!” she screamed out. “We’ve been searching for hours now! We haven’t eaten or slept at all!” She sat down frustrated. “It’s not just this tonight,” she said. “Every turn, they are always one step ahead of us! They always make more of them and steal and kill more pets! This is ridiculous now! I mean, when are we finally going to get lucky?!?” Suddenly, Shane’s aura compass beeped like crazy. Both deities looked up quickly.

“I think I have something!” Shane called. Carmen hurried over to her and looked on. Both of them looked up at each other in surprise. The night shift tech geek just got her wish. They had broken the search. Smiles were on Shane and Carmen’s faces.

“Hey!” the day shift tech geek yelled out. “Come look at this! We have found something!” All of the other students hurried around to them. The lamb’s aura was underneath them in underground church cave in the North. This was the break that they were all looking for. Shane looked up at the girls.

“He’s underground!” she called out. “Follow me!” Then, the deities all crowded around her close. Shane held up her hands and closed her eyes. She began chanting softly to herself. A huge light came up and sucked them all downwards into the earth. It was official: the war had really begun!

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