Blood Red Twilight:

Simone’s Notes:

Obsessive love is a form of love where one person is emotionally obsessed with another. They state four conditions to help identify it, namely, a painful and all-consuming preoccupation with a real or wished-for lover, an insatiable longing either to possess or be possessed by the target of their obsession, rejection by or physical and/or emotional unavailability of their target, and being driven to behave in self-defeating ways by this rejection or unavailability. Two characteristics indicative of obsessive love are:

Obsessive lovers believe that only the person they fixate on can make them feel happy and fulfilled.

Persons close to the love-obsessed can also be greatly affected. Witnessing a friend or family member suffer from the disorder can be distressing.

Forms/stages of obsessive love:

Obsessive love is a form of love where one person is emotionally obsessed with another.

Love addiction is a process addiction where a person becomes attached to another in an unhealthy, dependent manner.

Relationship addiction is a process addiction where a person becomes addicted to his or her relationship.

Codependency is a term used to describe when a person becomes dependent upon another for emotional and physical validation.

Sexual obsessions are obsessions with sex, and in the context of Obsessive-compulsive disorder these are extremely common. Sexual obsessions can become extremely debilitating, making the sufferer ashamed of the symptoms and reluctant to seek help. Preoccupation with sexual matters, however, does not only occur as a symptom of OCD and may be enjoyable in other contexts. This article focuses on unwanted sexual obsessions.

Obsession had taken over Edward’s mind. He had two of them. Derdra Chopin and Alex Shepherd. They were both his obsessions for different reasons. Derdra was his obsession because she was his salvation. She was like Beatrice to his Dante. Derdra was a pure angel to him. Her sweet body was the key to Paradise. Without her, he was lost in Hell. The nurse was his only ticket to Heaven. The incubus had to keep her pure. He would achieve that at all costs. It would hurt, but it was all worth it. Edward usually found himself violent with women in the bed. But not with Derdra. The alchemist found him very gentle towards her. He would even let her take control. The other incubi and succubi never said anything to him about it. They all were aware about “concubine arrangements” like that. (We’ll get into those later.) Derdra was used for more of a sexual romance than for feeding.

Alex was his other obsession. Edward wanted him all to himself. The alchemist was even jealous to share him with the other slaves. He loved everything about that lamb. His body was so perfect. The boy was so young with flesh and vigour. The inexperience added onto him heavily. Alex was just that addictive to him. He just loved to torture the boy. Every day, the alchemist incubus would show his “love” to the lamb by physically, sexually and physiologically abusing him. Alex was now at his mercy until the monster was done with him. Watching him suffer was just that arousing. Edward just couldn’t tear himself away from him. The alchemist just had to have the young lamb. When he wanted to do something dirty to Derdra, he always took it out on Alex. That was how the “rules” were.

Edward was highly addicted to Derdra and Alex. He began watching over then every single day. They were like fishes to him. “My precious prizes!” the monster thought in happiness as he watched them. Watching from a distance was safe for all of them. Ed tried to pace himself with this light voyeurism. His fantasies did all of the work while he watched. At first, this was satisfying enough. But soon, obsession began to grow. Edward wanted more from them. He didn’t seem to know how to achieve it at first. With this obsession grew frustration. The alchemist wanted to act on his forever growing desires. At last, he broke down and began stalking his two obsessions. Edward was always following them around. “I am their guardian angel!” he would tell himself. A very dark and sinister angel indeed. He switched back and forth between to the two. Alex was on some days. Derdra was for others. It all depended on his mood. Many times he wanted to swoop down and act on his desires. But, that would defeat the whole purpose. So, Edward followed behind and let his fantasies do all of the work.

However, it didn’t stop his jealous from rearing its ugly head at times. It really surfaces with Alex’s crushes. The boy was bisexual. This was before he was even dragged into the nightmarish world of the fallen. The lamb had a crush on a boy and a girl at Maywillow High. Edward learned this pretty quickly. He naturally wasn’t going to accept this at all. The monster would look on in anger at the boy’s crushes. “I will kill them if they get close to Little Alex!” Edward thought in constant anger. And he actually would do it too.

Derdra on the other hand, was free to date anyone she wanted. Edward was very protective of his angel. He didn’t want her to experience any heart break or get played. He had seen a couple of guys hitting on the young nurse. Ed watched them closely of course. At night while the suitors slept, Edward would visit their dreams and whispered a cold warning to them.

“You know that nurse, you’re flirting with at St. Mary’s Touch?” he would ask them in a volume that only he and the guy could hear. “She is very dear to me. So if you get any ideas of treating her like crap or stepping on like a doormat, keep this in mind. I have no trouble telling her about the latest sin I have committed!” And that was it.

Speaking of dreams, Edward also loved to watch Derdra and Alex’s dreams. This moment was like going to the movies. Some times were happy and others were sad. He stayed behind the invisible wall for both however. The monster did not dare to interfere. His heart ached to do so many times. He wanted to be there for them in their dreams. When he saw the dream where Alex was at his mother’s funeral, Edward longed to lightly put his hand upon the boy’s shoulder. When Derdra graduated from her cram school, Ed wanted to hug her. But all he could do was to hold himself back and watch from a distance. It was all too painful indeed.

However, the taste for blood would never leave his head. Many nights that he had fantasized about the taste of both of his obsessions’ blood. The thoughts of the sweet taste kept dancing in his head. He fantasized about the sweet fluid filling up the inside of his mouth and sliding down his throat to his stomach. He wanted to drink up both of their bloods until it all flooded out of every single pore. He wanted to be drunk on their blood. Blood-drinking sent him into a deep and sexual world of ecstasy. It was the ultimate high for him. This feast of blood was than coke, drinking, and partying. Hell, it was better than sex and violence. Blood dreams were just like wet dreams for him. Edward would practically kill to have a long drink of Alex or Derdra’s blood in his hot and powerful mouth. He wanted to drink from either one of them for a long time. While he would do so, he would slowly take them up into the air or a high building. Slowly stripping down in the process. Tenderly letting them go weak and limp trembling at his strong body. It was all so much to bare.

But yet, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. If he drank from Derdra, he would taint her. He had to keep her pure for his sake. He couldn’t drink from Alex yet. Edward still wanted to play with him. Killing the lamb wouldn’t work at all. Ed had to keep Alex alive at all costs. Thus, the monster nursing his little pet back to health after the abuse. All while keeping the cycle going on and on.

Edward’s obsessions for Derdra and Alex kept on growing and growing. He was curing it by stalking his two loves every single day. But soon, that was not going to be enough. Edward would want more.