Aphrodite Pt. 5:

Simone’s Notes:

In an article presented by Henry Gruenbaum, one argument is that many "therapists mistakenly believe that romantic love is a phenomenon unique to Western cultures and first expressed by the troubadours of the Middle Ages" (referencing Fisher, 1995). He continues stating also that "a recent survey of the anthropological literature by Jankowiak and Fisher (1992) found evidence of romantic love in every culture for which there were adequate data. For instance, an 80-year old Taita man recalled his fourth wife with words that could come from a Valentine card: 'She was the wife of my heart.'" Gruenbaum argues that it was mainly Christian theologians who historically wrote the most material about romantic love (referencing Solomon Higgins, 1991). He states that these particular "philosophers were primarily concerned about" romantic love's "allegedly subversive effects on society and the concomitant need to control such an irrational emotion." According to Gruenbaum, the definition of romantic love identifies three main features: "1. Feelings of longing for the other, including the desire to be intimate with them both sexually and psychologically, and feelings of loss and loneliness during separations. For example, Napoleon wrote to his empress Josephine: 'I have not spent a day without loving you; I have not spent a night without embracing you... ', 2.The experience of the beloved as special, idealized, necessary for one's happiness...,"[eg. "Zelda Fitzgerald asked F. Scott Fitzgerald shortly after they met. 'I feel like you had me ordered - and I was delivered to you.' (quoted in Fraser, 1976, p. 143)], and 3. The preoccupation with and overevaluation of the loved one."

[Riza’s Secret Garden]

Jakob and Riza were lying beside each other on the soft green grass admiring the warm summer day. The sun shined high over the sappy couple. The willow tree above them added to the sweet and loving mood. Butterflies and dragonflies were lightly floating around them. The wind was lightly flowing over them. Cherry blossom trees and roses carried their perfumes over them perfectly. Summer was the permanent fix here. Rain or cold never came to this beautiful paradise. It was all just beauty and love all together. The mouse turned to his loving wife. Riza looked as beautiful as ever. Her hair was down today. Her bangs lightly swept her perfect forehead like beautiful golden curtains. The sun highlighted her graceful beauty. Jakob wanted to roll over to her and lightly kiss her on the lips. This version of Riza was different from the outside one. This angel was much softer and innocent compared to his wife on the outside. Jakob would improve that really soon. He just needed a few more private moments with her like this. This evening in particular was great tonight. Great news had fallen upon him.



Jakob and Riza were lying on their bed kissing each other. The mood was blissful and romantic this evening. The mouse had just received some great news. After lunch, Jakob got the mail on the ground floor as usual. He looked through it all as he walked up the stairs. So far it was bills and junk mail. There was a magazine for his wife and a couple of letters from Shawn. Then, there it was. The results from the Ametris Renaissance School. His heart raced at the words on the envelope. He couldn’t believe his own eyes. After the second honeymoon, Jakob decided to take up Mustang’s offer on ARS. Jakob and Riza talked about this for weeks. They talked about everything that had to be talked over and over again. They finally decided to let him go onto his college. The couple would be separated for the semester. But Jakob decided to visit on weekends and holidays. They would call and write to each other every single day.

They even talked to Esther and won her over on that issue. Roy didn’t seem to care. He just happy to try and form a friendship with Riza again. So, Jakob filled out the application and sent it in. The wait was the worst part. The mouse wondered if he made it in or not. Riza had to reassure him that he had made it. Jakob would nod to that, but secretly go back to wondering constantly. Now, it was time for the final results.

ARS?” he thought in excitement. “It’s here!” The mouse was really nervous now. This was his future in his very hands. Jakob took in a deep breath. He had to calm down to find out. There was only one way to find out. He flipped open the envelope and opened it up. Jakob pulled out the answer to his future. The mouse slowly unfolded the letter and began reading to himself. Huge surprise came into his eyes. Joy came all over his face. Jakob raced to the elevator and quickly climbed in. He rode all the way up in joy. The mouse raced straight down the hall in greater bliss. He burst open the door in a rush. He fell back on the couch in joy. The mouse was debating to call his wife now and tell her or wait until she got home.

After a while, Jakob decided to wait until she got home. Time was dragging slowly. It would seem to take forever by this point. His heart was racing happily. This was big news indeed. He just couldn’t wait.

At by dinner time, the door opened wide. The mouse listened closely for footsteps. His heart raced in joy again. “She’s home!” he thought in utter joy.

“I’m home!” his wife called from the front door.

“Riza-chan!” Jakob yelled out happily. “I have great news!” The captain hurried right into the living room. She found Jakob sitting on the couch smiling. His wife could tell that he was in a good mood today. Riza listened pleasantly.

“What is it?” she asked warming up to the joy. Jakob rose to his feet and handed her the letter had ARS. The captain read it quietly to herself. Joy came into her eyes. Hawkeye-Riis dropped the letter on the floor and rushed over to her husband. She kissed him wildly on his lips. Jakob happily kissed back.

“I take it *kiss* you’re happy for me? *kiss*” he managed to say. Riza just kissed him again. Jakob took her close into his arms. The romance didn’t stop there. The husband led her back to their bedroom. He lightly pushed her back onto her bed. He quickly began unbuttoning her navy blue jacket. Riza playfully forced her tongue into his mouth. The husband ripped off his shirt in an instant. He tossed it straight to the ground. The storm was beginning again. This was going to be a long night tonight.


[Riza’s Secret Garden]

“I made it to ARS!” Jakob announced to his wife. Riza turned to him smiling.

“That’s great!” she exclaimed. “I’m so happy for you!” They lightly kissed in joy. He moved in closer to her sweet slender body. He leaned in close to her angelic ear.

“You know that means we’ll be apart, right?” he asked softly. Riza looked at him with sad doe eyes. Jakob could see that she was trying not to cry. He lightly kissed her on the forehead.

“Don’t worry,” he said to her. “I’ll come home on weekends and holidays!” The virgin wife still looked like she would cry.

“I’ll call you everyday,” Jakob reassured. “I’ll keep in touch with you every chance I get! I will even stay loyal to you until I die, just like before.” Riza looked at him innocently.

“You promise?” she asked so child-like. The mouse smiled at her kindly. He kissed her lightly and sweetly on the lips. His wife cuddled close to her husband. She deepened the kiss with him. They parted slowly. Riza looked at him hopefully. Jakob kept smiling at her. He leaned in close to her ear again.

“How is that for an answer?” he asked her. Hawkeye-Riis became really excited. She kissed him back on the lips. She rolled over onto her back and pulled him on top of her. The kisses quickly became deep. It was as if as they just couldn’t stop. Jakob slowly slid his tongue into his wife’s mouth. The virgin bride gave him her tongue as well. She held him close to her delicate body. Jakob lightly slid his hands in her kimono and gently held her neck. His wife trembled at his touch. She was still getting used to this level on intimacy. Even though outside she had slept with some men before Jakob, they had all never been this far with her. She was very strict on who to let into this virgin beautiful land. Only the mouse had made it to her secret garden. Now, Jakob was opening her up to loving lustful experiences.

Jakob paused, broke off the kiss, and looked deep into her sweet wine red eyes. The virgin bride looked at him as if to ask why he him stopped. The mouse kindly smiled at her.

“You okay?” he asked her softly. His wife nodded at her like a sweet little lamb.

“Not going to fast for you, am I?” he questioned her. “I can slow down some if you like.” Riza shook her head at him quickly at that proposal.

“No, no!” she said aloud. “You were doing just fine! Just don’t stop!” Jakob lightly shrugged his shoulders over her.

“Alright,” he replied. “I’ll keep doing that.” Then he started kissing on her yet again. Riza kissed him back with her tongue. The couple seemed to be at peace in their forever-growing love. The two kept making out until the point of climax.



Jakob and Riza lie beside each other asleep in a deep passionate embrace. The lovemaking tonight was just as fiery as the first time that they did it. Despite all of that, their love still needed to grow and mature to itself true form. This separation would help to strength and mature it. They knew that and Alice knew that as well. The love deity was watching them from outside. She was counting down for the real challenges. In two months, Riza and Jakob’s marriage would be put to another test.