Blood Orchids:

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Asmodeus or Asmodai is a king of demons mostly known from the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit, in which he is the primary antagonist. The demon is also mentioned in some Talmudic legends, for instance, in the story of the construction of the Temple of Solomon. He was supposed by some Renaissance Christians to be the King of the Nine Hells. Asmodeus also is referred to as one of the seven princes of Hell. In Binsfeld's classification of demons, each one of these princes represents one of the seven deadly sins. Asmodeus is the demon of lust and is therefore responsible for twisting people's sexual desires. It is said that people who fall to Asmodeus' ways will be sentenced to an eternity in the second level of hell. The name Asmodai is believed to derive from Avestan language *aesma-daeva, where aesma means "wrath", and daeva signifies "demon". While the daeva Aesma is thus Zoroastrianism's demon of wrath and is also well attested as such, the compound aesma-daeva is not attested in scripture. It is nonetheless likely that such a form did exist, and that the Book of Tobit's "Asmodaios" and the Talmud's "Ashmedai" reflect it.

Blood. Blood everywhere in Ametris. The little drops seep into the modern flow of life. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly. Tickling down into naked souls.

Blood. Blood is the air. Only, it isnít red. It breathes clear into the people as they walk around to their mundane destination. The blood covers the sky itself.

Blood. Blood all over the trees. It floated from the clouds and gracefully coated everything it touches. Light like air kisses.

Blood. Blood all over the windows. So thick, but yet cannot be seen. Few can smell it. Some can feel it. Little can taste it. None can see it.

Blood. Blood fills peopleís lungs. The scent can knock them out. They canít identify it. But, yet it canít be ignored. The scent is around every corner.

Blood. Blood slowly crawling on everyoneís skins. Itís like a little prickle. Inching all the way to the ground. Yet, no one can place their finger on what it is.

Blood. Blood in the peopleís mouths. The very taste is hard to guess to them. They canít chase it out of their mouths. When they do, it comes back.

Blood. Blood all over the children. They play in it every day. The parents canít stop them; they canít see it either. Play children, play.

Blood. Blood all over the elderly. They canít see it, but they know it is there. They try to warn those around them, but they are brushed to the side.

Blood. Blood in the water. It has made its way into the liquid of life. It goes unnoticed. The people just drink more and more each day.

Blood. Blood in the food. It had found its way there as well. Like the water, it too goes unnoticed. Because of this, the people consume more blood.

Blood. Blood on the flowers. The tint ironically makes them more beautiful. Their jarring melody lures its victims in deeper into the trance.

Blood. Blood all over the walls. It serves as a spy to the underground. The fallen ones know how to tempt new pets to their side with the new information.

Blood. Blood all over the ceiling. It sees everything. More than the walls ever could. Everyone can feel someone watching them. But it never bothers their lives.

Blood. Blood on the stairs. Everyone walks on it every day. Like all of the other locations, no one sees it. But, it follows them everywhere.

Blood. Blood on grass. The drops get heavier with each step and kiss. The grass is now a sticky coat. Affection fuels the fire.

Blood. Blood on the carpet. It found its way on the inside as well. Now, it too spies on the people their bedrooms as well. It watches everything.

Blood. Blood on the floor. That forms were a virgin is deflowered. It spreads like an STD. It just keeps building and building.

Blood. Blood on the moss. This form is slowly rising towards the sky. The strings it forms in the process are an interesting sight to behold.

Blood. Blood on the animals. They are the only ones that can see it. They too know that dark times are on the way. Because they have no voice, they cannot warn the people.

Blood. Blood in the rain. The blood-soaked clouds return it back to the earth. The cycle only starts up all over again. There is nothing to make it end.

Blood. Blood on the newborn babes. They are born into this forming corrupt world. There is no way to stop them. Only in death, but the mothers canít risk that.

Blood. Blood all over the sun. It has crept that far up. It doesnít shine red just yet. Itís not in that stage just yet. There are few more lives to be sacrificed for that to happen.

Blood. Blood all over the military. Not from wars, either. They too are bathing in the poison of the Fallen Ones. Some see it as too late. Others donít know it.

Blood. Blood spills from the Fallen Ones. They are the ones that are spreading it around. They want more. More of themselves above ground.

Blood. Blood in the basement. It is luring more confused lambs to their slaughter. They arenít aware until too late. They are blinded by their own desires.

Blood. Blood from Queen Manami herself. This all comes from her. She is the one pulling the strings. She will soon become unstoppable if left unchecked.

Blood. The blood. The blood, she is coming. All it takes is one drop to unlock the gates to above ground and the dark kingdom will be reunited.

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