Black Swan


I have a little problem at the moment. There is this girl I can’t stop thinking about. Her name is Ophelia Ainsworth. And oh buddy is she so fine! High-quality dark mahogany, smoky black-brown eyes, and long flowing black hair. This is a tall madam right here. This angel is from New Orleans, Louisiana. Miss Ophelia has some meat to her as well. Thick breasts, meaty hips, nice-looking thighs, and a tight ass. She always dresses like a queen. Her body is always decked up with gold, silver, and jewels. Ophelia’s make-up and hair are even do up right. This girl is like a goddess.

Ophelia doesn’t only have my affection. Every boy and girl is attracted to her in the school. She flirts with both genders as well. But, Ophelia just doesn’t flirt! Oh no, my friends! She *kisses* on them. Not just little pecks either! Ophelia goes for the full French kiss with everyone! It looks so hot too. Ophelia makes out with everyone. I even heard that she plays for both teams. Slut, much? Maybe. But I just can’t help but to be attracted to her! Call it what you like, but it just happens.

I just don’t get it with Miss Ophelia. She switches back and forth too often. Some days, she likes girls. Other times, she chases the boys. But her beauty messes with my head. She is like a puzzle to me. An exciting and beautiful puzzle to figure out.

I don’t understand why I’m so attracted to Ophelia. Sure, she’s hot and all. But, this swan is as the band, Tal Bachman, says, “So high above me.” I feel inferior to her. She’s a goddess and I would just be a maid servant to her. I want to feel equal with my lover once I get one. (Noble cause, I know!)

But yet, Ophelia just won’t leave my being alone. (That didn’t come out right. But who cares?) I can’t focus when I am around her. This isn’t good for me. I need to focus on the girls I want and can have. But what can I do? What can I do to get Ophelia out of my mind so I can work again? What to do? What to do? Hm… There’s only one way to fix this. But can I do it? Am I qualified to do the task? *Thinks for a moment* Ah! It’s worth a shot! Wish me luck!

I make it down to Ophelia’s art class. I wait by the door and watch. My heart was racing wildly. My seduction techniques are not that great. But, I’ll try my best. I waited for class to be over. I bit my lip nervously. My heart pounded against my chest. I feel so nervous all over. I look over at clock on the back wall in the classroom. It’s only been two minutes. Damn, time is dragging slowly. My stomach flip-flopped inside. I began rehearsing the lines in my head. Once I was done, my confidence was just fine. Now, to just got the goddess out here to me.

Finally, the class was dismissed. All of the students came out into the hall. Miss Ophelia gracefully stepped out like a perfect angel. I drew in a deep breath. Now’s my chance to set my head straight. I reached out and lightly grab my goddess on the hand. She quickly whipped around to me. I smiled at her kindly.

“Hi!” I said cheerfully. Ophelia looked at me oddly.

“Hello?” she asked. A pause came between thick and hard. I suddenly lost my words in those hot pretty eyes of hers. Ophelia was looking at me like I was crazy now.

“Can I help you?” she asked me. Then suddenly, the words came back into an instant. I tightly grabbed onto her lovely wrist.

“Will you go out on a date with me?” I asked quickly. There was another pause between us.

Then, Ophelia smiled at me and said, “Sorry. But I’m not really into women that much.” Then she freed herself from my wrist and walked away. I stared at her blank and confused. What just… happened? She… turned me down. Oh snap! I just shrug to myself. Oh well, her loss. Should’ve seen that one coming. What can I say? I walked away in silence. At least, I can think and work a lot better now.

Never was a Cornflake Girl