Black Sheep


Opening day. Dark Moon House had just opened after fifteen years of being doormat. Artmis saw it as a tax write-off. The building is still even in the process of being repaired. Many people thought the whole idea wouldn’t last. We’ll just have to see.

A red sports car pulled up in the parking lot. A young blonde in her twenties stepped out and looked around. “They expect us to stay in this dump!” she thought bitterly. “We’d be better off in the Kennel House!” The woman just huffed and walked into the gothic-looking building. In a few minutes, a white Cadillac pulled up. Two guys with dark hair and a young blonde girl processed inside. “You sure this is a good idea?” the young blonde asked. “Don’t worry baby,” the older guy reassured. “Tokyo-Zion Academy is one of the top ten schools in the city. We’re in good hands. Relax.” “I hope you’re right.” the girl mumbled. A guy with a guitar on his back followed behind. He didn’t really have any opinions on the place. “I’m just here.” he thought.

Inside the main lobby was dark. Seven tables faced the front facing an empty black board. Some people were already seated. Another small blonde with apple cheeks girl sat fidgeting in her seat. She was nervously sick. An earlier encounter with a mysterious guy left her pale. She even felt paranoid. “What if that lunatic is here?” she thought in worry. Then, the poor soul got the notion that someone was now sitting beside her. She slowly turned her head.

A snow-white young man with short raven black hair stared back at her. A seasick feeling struck her to be frozen. The boy just smiled. “Aw, what’s the matter sweet cheeks?” he asked causally. “I’m not going to kill you or anything.” That never helps! The girl was worse than she was to begin with.

A husband and wife sat at another table waiting. The wife looked so dull. She scanned the room. Alas, she spotted her hot young stud. He was sitting next to yet another blonde-haired girl with a bandana wrapped around her head. Her mind turned with a plot to conquer him. She had to try if she wanted save herself from losing her head. Her husband on the other hand was content. Little did he know…

The boy with the guitar sat down beside the blonde woman. “Hey babe.” He greeted her. “Bug off.” she said flatly. The guy kept smiling. “Come now,” he stated. “Don’t be harsh.” “Bug off!” she said again. “All right.” he said with a shrug. “What a little diva!” he thought bitterly.

The rest of the residents sat at the remaining empty tables. So far nothing, happened. “So when can we leave?” the guitar boy called out. “This is really pointless!” The woman beside him rolled her eyes. “Shut up!” the older guy with blackish brown hair barked in annoyance. “Make me!” guitar boy snapped. The other guy was bout to when first small blonde girl stopped him. He looked down. “He’s just trying to get your attention.” the girl said softly. “You’re right.” the guy said. Then he sat back down. “Testosterone.” A tossed brunette-blonde boomed. “That’s what all men think with!” The younger blackish brown felt uncomfortable sitting beside of her for saying that. This killed all conversation all together. Silence sat awkwardly on their heads.

Finally, the glass door pushed open. Everyone looked forward. “Why the hell is it so dark in here?” a woman’s voice snorted. The speaker snapped on the lights. A blinding sheet of luminosity struck everyone. The pale boy had to shield his eyes in order to see. “Ah, much better.” the woman said flatly. She studied the room in boredom. The speaker stepped forward. She was a dark-haired woman looked around. She had major bags under her eyes. Clearly, she didn’t want to be there.

“Hello,” she said in a monotone voice. “Welcome to Dark Moon House. My name is Janis and I am your landlady. Now, I feel that there is no need for you to know anything about me. So, I’m not going to even bother talking about my personal life or me. So, any questions?” The guitar boy raised his hand. “Yes?” Janis asked. The boy raised his hand. “So let me get this straight,” he began. “We were dragged here in the middle of the night just to hear you drown on and on about things we already guesses?” “Yeah, what of it? Do you honestly think I even care to be out here at insane hours just to run my mouth at the likes of you?” Janis replied harshly. “Any more questions?” The guitar boy raised his hand again. Janis rolled her heavy coal black eyes. “Yes?” she mumbled in annoyance. “Do you always have a stick up your posh ass?” he blurted out. The blonde beside her boyfriend became nervous. She thought Janis would march straight over to that table and slap him hard. Laughter from the back erupted. Everyone looked behind them. A redheaded girl had her head down laughing loud and hard. A black-headed guy next to her just shook his head.

Janis kept her dull face. “Any other questions?” she asked. No one said a word. “Okay,” Janis said. “Your dorm list is on the door. Good night.” Then she turned and left.

And that was it. Everyone just sat there for a minute in utter silence. “Well, good night!” the guitar boy said, mocking Janis. Then he got up and left. Soon, everyone did the same thing.


The Dorm List:


201: Winry and Poppy

202: Lonna and Melanine

203: Angelica and Torii



204: Matt and Edward

205: Kenisuke and Stef

206: Ralph and Laurence



207: Shannon and Perry

Staring at the Sea