Break On Through (Part 2)


The “dorms” we were put are really just holes in the walls. They’re dark, cold, and have stale smell. My dorm only had one window in it. I begged Melanine to let me sleep by it. She didn’t seem to care. I thought sleeping be the window would help me survive the night.

My theory proved to be wrong. I was too scared to sleep. The ceiling rafters looked too loose. I feared one of them would crash down upon and kill me. The thought of spiders and rats made things worse. And that creepy guy I “met” earlier. The fear of being raped wouldn’t leave my head.

I tried to lie still and count backwards from one hundred until I fell asleep. That reliable tool failed me this time. I was too terrified to focus. I looked over near the door. Melanine didn’t seem to be bothered with this hellhole. She was fast asleep. Lucky her! I wish I could drop off asleep like that!

Then came a tap at my window. I froze in a cold sweat. I feared the worst. The tapping grew louder. I didn’t want to look to see what it was. Melanine didn’t stir from it. She sleeps through anything. The tapping grew louder again. I couldn’t move. But I knew I had to do something. Otherwise, I would loose my mind in fear.

I finally rose above, swallowed hard, and slowly turned my head. He stood at the window! It was the pale creep that sat next to me earlier tonight. Fear raced through me like a scared puppy. He was pointing at the window latches. He wanted to come in. Worried about what he would do if I didn’t, I slowly rolled to the window, pushed myself up, and opened it. He climbed in and huddle over me. He forced his hand neatly upon my abdomen. A million thoughts raced through my head. Please don’t rape me!

“There, there little Lonna.” he calmly ordered as he stroked my plump rosy cheek. “What ever would give you the notion that I would do you any harm? Beside, I don’t want to bang you. You’re not ripe yet.” My fearing sickness increased quickly by that statement. Wait a second…. that voice! I began to put two and two together! “It’s you!” I gasped out. “You were the one who took me hostage earlier!” My captor covered my mouth once again. I studied his features in the moonlight. His eyes were a hard cold black. His flesh was snow powdery white. His raven black hair was perfectly short. His diamond hard fangs looked sharp enough to cut wood. The black t-shirt and matching jeans made him so…. tasty! I didn’t want to, but I had to admit it, he was a handsome soul. In a devilish sort of way. “Yes, my little pet.” he said softly. “I did touch your virgin walls earlier.” I looked away blushing. I heard him snickering at my embarrassment.

“How do you know my name?” I asked again without looking at him. He grabbed my chubby cheeks and turned my head to face him again. I wanted to look away but something inside wouldn’t let me. “I’ve been watching you since before you were born. You have been on my mind forever in a day.” he answered in a husky voice. His icy cold hand slid under my nightie and touched my bare stomach. “Mmm…. You’re all soft and warm.” he went on. “Just like the newborn you are.” My sickening fear returned in a flash. Part of me wanted to scream out loud. But, another part of me was enjoying it. Who was this devil really? “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kamiya Kenisuke. As you have already guessed, I am a vampire. What I want from you is to make a woman out of you.” the vampire went on.

My eyes widened at all of that talk and touch. His voice was so strong and seductive. “What do you mean be that?” I asked in confusion. Kenisuke lightly covered my mouth again. “Just exactly as I said.” he replied. “You see,” He began to run his finger around on my small chest in slow tiny circles. I tried my best to hold still. “You have so much potential.” Kenisuke went on. “But your parents smother you to death with goody-goodness. You have barely lived at all. That’s no way for a wild woman like you to live. So, I have decided to take you away from the womb and “raise” you myself. Care to participate?” I could barely speak. This offer seemed scary. Me a wild woman? No, never. But Kenisuke made the whole thing sound so good…

Kenisuke put his whole hand on my chest and pushed firmly. The pressure slowly began to hurt. I thought my heart would explode in my chest under his hand. “Tell you what,” he said. “I’ll give you seven days to answer. Got me?” All I could do was nod palely. The vampire smiled. “Good,” he replied. Then he let go of me. He crawled back over to the window like a spider. He turned back to me grinning. “Sweet dreams.” Kenisuke whispered. Then he crawled out of the window and flew off. I sat there and watched him leave. Could I even consider taking this challenge? I lied back down on my bed in confusion and amazement. I didn’t sleep at all that night.

Strange Days