The Big Hand


Hiro is creeping me out! He keeps following me around like Wishbone from the kid’s show by the mutt’s name. Sure, I know that he likes me and he’s very sweet. But still… He needs to cut it out! Okay, he’s a little cute. He does have some redeeming features. Hiro’s learning English steadily. The guy is top in all of his classes. It would be a nice change from all of the party boys I’ve been with. Plus, it would be fun to corrupt the innocent for a change! *Sigh* I don’t know! Hiro is cute and all. Maybe, I’ll give him a try if he stops trying to stalk me!

But yet, I have another Wishbone-type guy following me around. I met him when I was in my Algebra II class. I was zoning out again when I felt a hot breath on the back of my neck. That made me sit up straight and stiff like a board. I looked out of the corner of my eye. A boy was sitting behind me smiling. I turned to get a better look. He looked like a young Ringo Starr grinning at me. I knew who it was right away. This was Paul Jagger. This was the annoying rat that stole girls’ underwear from the laundry room. I just rolled my eyes and turned back to the front again. I thought he had stopped. But then, he began breathing on my neck again. I became annoyed again. I turned around to him. Paul was grinning at me like a monkey. “Stop it!” I whispered sharply to him. The monkey looked at me innocently. He shrugged and shook his head. I turned back around hoping it was the end. Ha-ha-ha! One can dream.

It was like this the whole day. I was really pissed off. Paul the monkey kept following me around and harassing me. “Cut it out or I’ll whack you one, you little shit!” I yelled out to him at one point in the hallway. Here is the creepy thing. Paul just grinned at me and asked, “Would you really?” I looked at him as if he had escaped from the funny farm. Usually I would get turned on when a guy wants me to beat them senselessly. But it wasn’t the question itself; it was the way and tone he asked it. Paul was asking me the way a masochist when ask their more abusive partner. Like he wanted me to slap the fire out him. Him grinning at me made things even worse. I backed away as fast as I could.

Paul following me around for the rest of the day only made things worse. I wanted to hurl abuse at him, but that would only turn him on even more. When were at the courtyard, I had enough. “Okay!” I snapped. “What is your deal? Why do you keep harassing her so much? Why can’t you just bug off?” Paul kept grinning at me wickedly. “Because,” he replied. “I want you!” I stared at him like he was crazy again. “What?!?” I asked out loud in shock. The monkey stepped closer. “I. Like. You.” He said to me as if I didn’t understand English. “You are so hot!” I was now freaked out and confused. This creep is worse than Hiro! Argh!!! Why does this keep happening to me?!? I took off running as fast as I could. “See you later, honey!!!” that freak yelled out to me. I ran away even faster.

Okay, so Paul is kind of cute. He’s weird but cute. Same with Hiro odd to say. They are attached to me for some reason. What is it with me, nerds, and freaks? I don’t know. Ah, who cares? A man is a man is a man. And I to screw any good-looking men that I cross paths with. Even if they are a little… odd!

Show Me How You Do That Trick