IVX: Love Slave


Be My Dog:

Simone’s Notes:

Sexual fetishism is the attribution of attractive sexual qualities to non-living objects as an overwhelming alternative to the sexuality of a man or a woman, or as an enhancing element to a relationship. The concept has its origins in the late 19th century with Charles de Brosses' theory of fetishism as a primary stage in the evolution of a religion, and from the advent of psychosexual/psychodynamic theories of society and individuals by (amongst others) Alfred Binet, and Sigmund Freud. In the common English language, any degree of attention given to a singular inanimate object, body part, body feature or sexual behaviour may be said to be a sign of sexual fetishism. This use of the term is considered an overly compensatory gesture to the cognitive and emotional uncertainty caused by the liberation of sexual discourse, tastes and practices in the 20th century. In 1998 the popularity for sexual knowledge, experimentation, and the pornography delivered by the internet prompted the faux news publication The Onion to pen an article titled "Area Man Has Naked-Lady Fetish" in order to satirise the migration of simple sexuality into a new fetish. The definition and qualifying criteria for personal (or cultural) fetishes, or fetish objects has become unclear as a consequence of its common use and the normalization of the means of its motivation, but a degree of commitment remains in clinical psychology whereby sexual fetishes alongside partialisms, the attraction towards isolated parts of the body, are included within the family of paraphilias as conditions affecting psychological health.

It was December and winter had come. The residents in the apartment were all preparing for Christmas. (Well, not everyone. Jakob is Jewish. More into that the next chapter.) But anyway, that’s not the main point tonight! Winter is such a good time for love. Why? The couple can cuddle up with each other, naked sometimes. Such example is a certain lt. with his head nurse girlfriend. Jacilyn managed to sneak Havoc away from the boys to have some alone time with him. She said that she had to “show” him something. “Now what is it that you want to show me?” Jean asked as Jaks led him out of the bar. The head nurse kept smiling to herself. “You’ll see in a moment!” she replied. They stayed close to each to keep warm from the heavy cold. The closeness of the bodies add to the arousing affect. Havoc tried to keep himself patient. Excitement was pumping hard in his blood. This was going to be big tonight. They hadn’t been with each other for weeks now. Work had kept them too busy for that. Now, this was like a breath of fresh for some romance.

Jaks came to a storage shed. She pushed open the door. The head nurse turned back to her boyfriend. “Here we are!” she said. Havoc was semi-excited. “So what do you want to show me?” he was beginning to ask. His girlfriend lightly put her finger to his lips. “You’ll find out!” she replied. Then, Jaks led him into the storage building. Jean closed the door behind them. The only light available in the building was to moon from the high window. Crates and unused supplies were all around the place. A chair was sitting in the middle in the building. Havoc was really overjoyed now. Despite the cold air, he was feeling great. Jacilyn turned to her lover smiling. “Babe,” she spoke up. Havoc looked up from his fantasy. “Yes?” he asked. “You’ve been feeling cold in Central Headquarters, haven’t you?” the head nurse asked. Jean looked at her confused for a moment. Her tone and question didn’t match. The question was of genuine concern and the tone was of fiery desire. “Y-Yeah,” the lt. replied. “Why?” Jacilyn moved in closer to him. She leaned in close to his ear. “I’ll warm you up, babe!” the woman told him seductively. Havoc loved the sound of that offer!

Then, Jacilyn lightly kissed him on the lips. Excitement shot up high in the lt. He kissed back happily. His hot girlfriend lightly pushed him down in the chair. The head nurse sat down on his lap with her legs on either side of him. She unbuttoned his jacket and slid it off. Jaks slowly did the same to his dark brown shirt. She was rubbing on his strong shoulders in excitement. Jean quickly slipped his tongue into her honey bitter mouth. It fit so perfectly like the right key to the right lock. Everything seemed to fit so perfectly. Jaks moaned aloud as she let her own tongue lazily massaged his. The heat within her raced even more. The head nurse reached into her uniform pocket and pulled out some rope. She gracefully tied his wrists up behind his back in tight knots. The lt. was really excited now. She let her hands stray down to his pants and stood up slowly. Havoc trembled in delight as she undid them. Jaks slowly slid them down and off of him. Jean felt his length get hard really fast. Before she went for the boxers, Jacilyn pulled out more rope and tied him to it with his thigh spread apart. The nurse slowly drew out a condom and unwrapped it. Jaks pulled it out and put it to her mouth. She slid the shield onto his rod with his mouth. Jean trembled in delight. Nurse Ray slowly rose up again. Havoc couldn’t help but to smile at her. “Is this what you wanted to show me tonight?” he asked tenderly. Jaks smiled at him tenderly as she backed up a little bit. “I’m not finished yet!” she said in a low voice.

Jacilyn then put her hands to her black buttons. She slowly began unbuttoning them in a sexual way. The lt. just couldn’t help but to stare at her. He just had to have her. The ropes around him were adding onto the thrill that was coming to him. Jaks finally slid off her uniform and let it fall down around her lovely ankles. She slowly began unhooking her lacy black bra. The head nurse tossed it lightly to floor. Havoc just couldn’t keep still. His heart was pounding wildly. “Please Jaks!” he seemed to be pleading. “Don’t tease me like this!” The head nurse paused as she went for her dark red lacy panties. “What?” she asked slowly. “Don’t tease me, Jaks!” he yelled. “Please hurry up!” The head nurse kept watching him. “Will you be a good dog?” she asked wickedly. “YES!!!!” Havoc yelled out. Jaks raised an eyebrow at him. “How good?” she challenged. Jean could barely speak at first. “I’M BE A GOOD DOG!!!” he yelled out. “Promise?” she asked. “I PROMISE YOU!!!” the lt. screamed out. Jacilyn smiled at him wickedly. “That’s all I wanted to know!” she replied. Then, the head nurse yanked off her panties and slowly walked over to her boyfriend. Jaks mounted him on his lap while eyeing him sexually. She took his rifle carefully and slid it into her wet lily garden.

The head nurse began bouncing up and down on him slowly. Havoc shut his eyes in deep pleasure. “You feel great!” he called out. Jaks just moaned and kept thrusting her hips back and forth slowly. Within seconds, the lt. couldn’t take it anymore. “HARDER!!!” he yelled out. “HARDER JAKS!!! HARDER!!!” The head nurse smiled at him sweetly. “Are you sure?” she asked innocently. “YES!!!” Havoc yelled out. His girlfriend smiled at him gingerly. “As you wish!” she said in husky seductive voice. Then, Jacilyn sped up even more with the thrusts. Her breasts were bouncing up and down with each bounce. Havoc was just lost in deep pleasure. He had missed this for weeks. It was so great that she was all around him again. He was beginning to lose hope in shagging Jacilyn again. He almost felt like his blue bachelor days again. But now, this steamy moment was waking up his happiness. Jean was remembering that he had a hot girlfriend living with in and was great to him. Jaks wrapped her graceful arms around him tightly. She had to be around him again. The women in the hospital were closing in on her again. She just had to be with him again or she would go crazy. She just happened to find this storage building just down the road from Central Headquarters. It was perfect for it was remote and almost never used it. This was perfect for shagging late in the night.

At long last, Havoc came hard in the condom. “JAKS!!!!” he yelled out. The head nurse came hard as well. She had onto him so tight that her nails dug into his shoulders. The lt. yelled out in pain and pleasure. After a few seconds, both were panting hard. Jaks laid her head on his shoulders. Havoc just let his body go still in delight. Silence passed over them. The head nurse slowly looked up at him. “Feel warm now?” she asked happily. “Yeah! *Pant*” her love called. Jaks smiled at him. “That’s good!” she replied in happiness.

When normality returned again, Jacilyn quickly untied her man. Havoc looked up confused. “Jaks?” he asked in concerned. “What are you doing?” The head nurse looked at him as if he was insane. “You have work tomorrow and I work tomorrow!” she pointed out. “I can’t just leave you tied up here, now can I?” That took a few seconds to sink in. “Oh yeah, *Sweat drop*” he replied feeling dumb. Jaks got up and got dressed. She was just about to leave when she turned and said, “See you at home!” Then, Jaks left the storage building. Havoc sat there alone in the dark. “Damn!” he thought. “Back to reality again!” Then, he sighed and rose to his feet. The lt. got dressed and headed out. “Oh well,” Jean thought in semi-happiness. “At least I have something to look forward to after work now!