Yay! Finally, a chapter for me! Anyway, I am Torii Jewels. I am a proud lesbian. But before you really get to know and like me, there are some things you must know. I am not a normal person. In fact, I am insane. Iím like Allison from The Breakfast Club. I think everyone that looks at me, is perfectly aware of this. Maybe thatís why they avoid me like the plague. They even whisper about me when they think Iím not listening. Even though I like being alone, I wish I wasnít. Time after time, I wish and pray for a beautiful girl to love me forever.

I donít know whatís wrong with me. I am fairly decent-looking. Long gorgeous red hair, deep green eyes, lovely soft face, healthy-looking body, great personality, and not vein. Iím a faithful girl who knows how to treat a lady right. I donít see what the problem is. *Sigh* May itís because I am so weird! Perhaps I hadnít found the right person yet. Perhaps I havenít tried.

I keep to myself most of the time. I rarely talk to anyone. But I know what they say about me. How? I listen. Look around everyone. I am there. In the trees, the bushes, the grass, around the corner, you name it, Iím there! *Evil physco laugh*

Okay, Iím starting to sound creepy. Iím also a liar. I lie so much that itís not even funny. Am I telling the truth right now or am I lying? Iím not telling. I can be nice when I want to be. Why do I do the things I do? I donít know. I just donít know.

Maybe I donít know what people will think of me if I approached them and spoke to them. Maybe itís my home life. Maybe I donít even try. I donít want to name it. Other than that, I donít know what to tell ya.

I donít know why I am the way I am. I just act like a basket case to pass the time. But please, have the courage to get to know me and then judge whether you like me or not.

Why Donít We Crucify Ourselves?