Aphrodite Pt. 9:

Simone’s Notes:

John Gray is noted primarily for his claims that gender differences are the primary causes for many of the conflicts, problems, or issues between people of opposite sex in romantic relationships. However, in most of his material he neglects to mention instances that are similar between parties of same sex not involved romantically. John Gray does not seem to argue for differences in training, education, personal beliefs systems, personal experiences and attributive personality traits as being a collective unit of causes toward disruptions, disputes, and conflicts in any type of relationship, rather he focuses his theories primarily on the more traditional approach of gender based stereotypes. One factor, however, that is an observable trait dealing with gender differences is that of physical appearance. In fact, in terms of physical appearance, the concerns about attractiveness vary so widely between the sexes that it is difficult to examine the specific terms and variables common to both genders. But if we were to observe human behaviour only, there are certain trait characteristics that can be viewed as identical and/or similar between opposite sexes, whether involved romantically or not. The geniality and humanness characteristic of a society, however, appear to always cross gender boundaries at some level. In Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Gray argued for reciprocity, by focusing on gender differences. In this way he popularized the view that men and women have special emotional needs belonging to their sex, and that an understanding of these might contribute to the conditions for relationships, and so also to romance. Several MRI studies have been conducted to discover the reaction of subjects to images of an individual with whom they are in love. Scientists found that "love" activated the right ventral tegmental area and dorsal caudate body of the brain, which are regions associated with motivation to win a reward. Sorely lacking in these studies, however, is an investigation into the ways that different genders' brains react to love.

Jakob and Riza awoke together the next morning. The couple smiled at each other in a sweet romantic way. Last night’s love greeting was still on their minds. That was the best in all of this month. The lusty mood was still with them. The long distance was making their love much stronger. The waits were keeping their relationship exciting. Jakob just couldn’t wait to get back home to his wife and unborn child. The couple thought about thanking Mustang for helping pay for Jakob to go to college out in the West. They were tempted to kiss each other on the spot. Jakob couldn’t help but to smile at his beloved.

“Good morning wife,” the mouse said to the Golden Retriever.

“Good morning husband,” she said back to him. They kept their smiles. The couple were just so happy to see each other again in the morning.

“How long before you have to go again?” Riza asked him in a flirty way. Jakob shrugged.

“Three more days,” he replied. “But let’s now think about that now, okay?” His wife nodded at him sweetly. Jakob lightly kissed her on the tip of her nose.

“Sleep well?” he asked her. Riza smiled back and kissed him on the lips. Jakob kissed her back. They slowly broke off. Her husband kept his smile. He looked deep into her lovely wine red eyes.

“I’ll take that as a yes!” her husband said to her. Riza smiled back at him.

“You took it well,” she replied. Jakob just kissed her back as a response. His wife gave him a kiss as well. The heat storm started up for the morning. Riza pulled Jakob on top of her. He quickly slipped his tongue into her waiting mouth. His muscle lightly played with hers before she finally gave in. Their tongues were locked in a lusty little battle. Jakob lightly rubbed on his wife’s shoulders. His hands slowly moved down to her breasts. The soft feeling of her skin against his fingertips was really arousing. He felt his meat pen clicking on once again. He really wanted her so badly. His wife felt the same as well. Riza instantly spread her legs for him. Jakob couldn’t wait anymore. He quickly slid himself into her once again. They moaned aloud in each other’s mouths. She just felt so good around him.

The mouse began pulling in and out of her slowly. He instantly closed his eyes in bliss. Riza moaned aloud in his mouth. She grabbed onto her husband tightly. The morning love was starting right away. His wife gently rubbed onto his back. That drove him to pump even faster. Jakob began kissing and sucking on Riza’s neck. His wife moaned even louder. Her eyes were shut in deep bliss. Her sweet voice drove her husband to pump even harder and faster.

“OH YES, JAKOB!!!” Riza cried out in bliss. “THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!! DON’T STOP!!!” The mouse did the complete opposite of stop. In fact, he sped up even more. Riza kept screaming out in bliss. This was just like last night, only better! The heat storm was even better when they weren’t around for each other so much. The long distance kept everything fresh. Riza would wait eagerly for her husband to return home every weekend. The week was torture without him around. Riza would find herself bored without her young husband. It wasn’t just the sex either. She missed the intimate pillow talks they had night after night. She missed the close times they had together over the summer. The phone calls weren’t enough. The captain just had to see her husband’s face in person again. So, Riza was overjoyed to learn that her love had Fall break this week. This was one thing she would have to thank Roy for later.

Jakob felt the same as well. Sure, he got into the school of his dreams. But the price was not spending so much time with his wife, family, and friends. In the end, the mouse knew it would be worth it. He would have his dream and his girl at the end of the day.

The morning ride ended when Jakob came hard within his lovely captain. He screamed out loud against her warm soft flesh. Riza closed her eyes and moaned aloud as she came after him. The couple paused for a moment to enjoy. Jakob lightly rested his head onto his wife’s breasts for a moment. His love looked down at him. The mouse slowly lifted his head.

“You already?” he asked.

“Yeah!” Riza said happily. Then, he pulled out and rolled off of her. The couple lied beside of each in silence for a long while. Jakob turned to his lovely captain with a smile on his face.

“You have work today,” he told her. Hawkeye-Riis smiled back at him.

“Don’t remind me,” she said in a sweet tone. Then, they shared one more kiss for the morning. Riza slowly got up and bed to get ready for another day at Central Headquarters. Jakob lied in the bed staring at the ceiling with a smile on his face. That was a great morning heat storm. He missed his wife so much over the week. The mouse knew that he was going to get more later tonight. Oh, it was so good to be home again.