Aphrodite Pt. 10:

Simone’s Notes:

From a scientifically testable frame of reference, love is a type of interpersonal relationship where mutual assumption of good faith results in a state of emergence, i.e. constituents individually perceive the group's social evolution as both beneficial and greater than what could be achieved by the sum of the relationship's parts. Biological sciences such as evolutionary psychology, evolutionary biology, anthropology and neuroscience have begun to explore the nature and function of love. Specific chemical substances such as oxytocin are studied in the context of their roles in producing human experiences and behaviors that are associated with love. From the perspective of evolutionary psychology the experiences and behaviors associated with love can be investigated in terms of how they have been shaped by human evolution. For example, it has been suggested that human language has been selected during evolution as a type of "mating signal" that allows potential mates to judge reproductive fitness. Miller described evolutionary psychology as a starting place for further research: "Cognitive neuroscience could try to localize courtship adaptations in the brain. Most importantly, we need much better observations concerning real-life human courtship, including the measurable aspects of courtship that influence mate choice, the reproductive  consequences of individual variation in those aspects, and the social-cognitive and emotional mechanisms of falling in love." Since Darwin's time there have been similar speculations about the evolution of human interest in music also as a potential signaling system for attracting and judging the fitness of potential mates. It has been suggested that the human capacity to experience love has been evolved as a signal to potential mates that the partner will be a good parent and be likely to help pass genes to future generations.

December was a great month for Jakob and his friends. They could be with their loved ones again. Ginny had some things to sort out with herself and her religion. Mikey was seeing Stef again tonight. Hunter already made it back to Addie. And Jakob? For the mouse, it was his wife, baby, and Christmas-Hanukah to look forward to. The boy had been counting down to the moment that he would get to kiss Riza again. Counting down to talking to her belly. Counting down to be home again. Jakob smiled to himself proudly on the train. He expected Riza to be taking it easy today because she was pregnant. He had planned to surprise at home this morning. However, he was the one going to be in for a surprise today.

The train pulled into the station around ten in the morning. Everyone began to get off. Jakob gathered up his things and left as well. He walked around at the station to look for a pay phone to call his mom and friends. And who to his wandering eyes should appear? Riza herself was waiting for him in the crowd. She had waved him down so that he could see her. The mouse looked at her in surprise. He hurried over to his wife instantly. They hugged in the middle when they met.

“Riza-chan!” Jakob called when he made it over to her. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you,” she said.

“But you’re supposed to be at home,” the mouse said. “Resting.”

“I know,” his wife replied. “But I had to share some good news.” Jakob looked at in surprise.

“Good news?” he asked. “About the baby?” Riza kept her smile at him. “Well,” he said. “What is it?” Riza lightly took him by the hands.

“Our little girl is just healthy!” she announced. Jakob at her in high bliss.

“We have… a daughter?” he asked. The captain nodded at him.

“Yes,” she replied. “We are going to have a little girl.” The mouse became over the moon at those words. Not only was the baby healthy, they now knew the gender as well. He hugged her again.

“I can’t believe it!” he called. “We’re having a girl!”

“I know!” Riza called. Jakob hugged her again. His wife hugged her back. They stayed like that for a few more seconds. Then they parted and Riza led him to the car. Jakob loaded up his luggage in the trunk and got into the car with her. The captain drove them home right away to beat the lunch hour traffic. Jakob was a little worried about his wife driving the whole time.

“You know,” he said. “You should be taking it easy.”

“I just couldn’t sit in that apartment all day,” his wife replied. “I just had to see you in person!” Jakob smiled at her on that one. It’s so good to be loved. Riza drove her husband straight home. She stopped the car in the parking lot. The captain popped the trunk open. She was about to get out a get her husband’s luggage, but the mouse stopped her. She looked over at him. Jakob shook his head at her.

“No, no,” he said. “I’ll get those. You go on ahead.” Riza wanted to protest, but decided against it. He only wanted what was best for her and the baby after all.

“Fine,” she said with innocent defeat. “You can get your things.” Jakob lightly kissed her on the cheek. Riza gave him a little smile.

“Thanks Riza,” Jakob whispered to her. Then, he got out of the car and walked around to the trunk. Riza smiled at him in the rear view mirror. Such a sweetheart! She had married the nicest boy ever. Then, she climbed out of the car and headed into the apartment.

Inside, Christmas and babies were in the air. Riza had been busy for a month now. The nursery was a surprise for Jakob. That was why she came down to station to pick up her husband. Now, the captain was waiting for her husband in the living room. The door opened up and she looked up excited. Jakob walked into the living room and looked around. He could definitely tell this was Christmas-Hanukkah here. Their Christmas tree had the dreidels and Stars of David along with the usual junk on there. Their menorah sat on the coffee table. Jakob looked around impressed.

“You must have been busy while I was gone!” he said. “I hope you didn’t tired yourself out.” Riza shook her head smiling as she rubbed her four-month belly.

“No,” she said. “Not really. I had some help from the WAGs.”

“Ah,” the mouse replied. Riza sat up some smiling.

“Speaking of which,” she called. “I have a little surprise for you.” Jakob looked over at her with curious wonder in his eyes.

“A surprise for me?” he asked. “Really now?” Riza froze up to her feet from the couch.

“Yes!” she said. “Come on, let me show you!” Then, the captain took him by the hands and let him down the hall. Jakob smiled at his wife’s enthusiasm.

“Okay, okay,” he said. “Just take it easy. I don’t want you too worked up.” Riza didn’t listen. She was already in happy girl mood. On top of that, she was preggers too. The no-nonsense soldier was out on Christmas holiday for the weekend. She led him right to the door. Riza turned to him smiling.

“Ready to see this?” she asked. Jakob nodded at her smiling. His wife smiled at him overjoyed. “Okay!” she called in bliss. Then, captain opened the door. Jakob looked inside. The nursery was done up like a baby girl’s wonderland. Pink had invaded the whole room. Where it wasn’t pink, purple and light blue were there in the object’s place. Dolls and stuffed animals added to the warm new life about to inhabit the room. Even a Star of David was nailed over the purple and white crib. Jakob looked around as if he stepped into a new world. Riza watched him with a proud smile on her face.

“Well,” she chirped. “What do you think?” Her husband turned back to her smiling.

“Impressive!” he said. “You really went all out here!” Riza gave him a little shrug.

“The girls all helped me,” she said. “Kim and Daisy picked out the colors.”

“I see,” Jakob said. Riza smiled at him brightly.

“I’m so glad you like it!” she called. The captain rushed forward and hugged her young husband. The mouse hugged her back. He lightly kissed her on the head.

“Me too Riza,” Jakob replied. “Me too.” The mouse made dinner that night. He absolutely refused to let his wife do any work at all. Riza didn’t argue at all. She was just happy that he was home. They ate together as if on a date.

“So,” the captain spoke up. “How is school?”

“Great,” the mouse replied. “I’m almost done with the semester.”

“That’s great!” his wife called. “How are your grades?”

“All A’s!” he called.

“That’s great!” she said again.

“Care for some more sparkling grape juice?” her husband asked.

“Why thank you,” Riza answered. “That would be nice.” The mouse poured her another glass.

“Think we’ll get snow this year?” he asked.

“Maybe,” Riza replied in a sweet-cutesy tone. Jakob smiled at her.

“It would be really pretty for our Christmas-Hanukkah this year,” he replied.

“Yes,” his wife said in a dreamy.

“Would you like more dumplings?” the mouse asked.

“Not really,” Hawkeye-Riis answered. “I had enough thank you.”

“Want dessert?” Jakob asked. His wife smiled at him warmly.

“Why? What did you have in mind?” she asked. Jakob smiled back at her. He leaned in close to her. The mouse whispered something provocative to her. The captain turned to him blushing.

“Ooo Jakob!” she called out. “You naughty boy!” The mouse shrugged at her.

“Well,” he said. “What can I say? I miss you. I miss you and the baby. It’s all.” Riza smirked at him in a dirty way. She reached forward and lightly rubbed him on the hand. Jakob winked at her.

“So,” he said. “What do you say?” His wife leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. Jakob kissed her back happily.

“I’ll take that as a yes!” he replied. Riza smiled back at him. She leaned in close to his ear.

“You took that right!” the captain whispered to him in sexy way. That did it for the mouse right away. He grabbed Riza by the hand and let her away to their bedroom. Ah! It was so good to be home! The couple even betted on the rest of Christmas-Hanukkah to be this hot and romantic.

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