Angelic Corruption:

Simone’s Notes:

The use of the term "Lolita complex" in Japan began in the early 1970s with the translation of Russell Trainer's The Lolita Complex. Shinji Wada used the word in his Stumbling upon a cabbage field, an Alice in Wonderland manga parody in 1974. However, the "lolicon manga" genre closely related to manga media began with Hideo Azuma's works, such as the machine which came from the sea, in the early 1980s. Azuma had been publishing some sexual manga featuring young girls in his own self-published magazine Cybele prior to that time. Azuma's works became popular among schoolboy readers because most of the pornographic manga up until then had featured mature women influenced by gekiga, but Azuma's works are not pornographies in a strict sense though they contain many sexual elements. Following Azuma's success, some pornographic manga magazines, such as Manga Burikko and Lemon People, began featuring prepubescent girls. Throughout the 1980s, notable lolicon mangaka who published in these magazines include Nonki Miyasu, Kamui Fujiwara, Yoshito Asari and Aki Uchida.

Edward was in the need for some “redemption” again. He didn’t want to bother Derdra tonight however. He didn’t feel like tormenting Stacey tonight either. The alchemist needed some young new blood. But where could he go get some? Time to go back to Maywillow High. Edward spent the whole morning spying on young girls. He smiled wickedly at Stacey. She had become one of his favorite treats. But sometimes, one needs to give their favorites a break for a while. If breaks didn’t happen, new experiences would never happen. Edward kept on with his search. There were so many young girls today. The monster didn’t know where to start. “Such pretty things!” he thought in lust. But where to start?

Then, he saw her! Edward feasted his eyes upon a sweet-looking girl. Oh, she looked like an angel. Long amber brown hair, heavy blue eyes, cute freckles on her face, cute little button nose, soft cheeks, and young developing body. She looked so good in her silver and maroon schoolgirl uniform. Edward fell in love with her instantly. He had to this girl right away. The incubus began plotting how to have this young thing. That was always the thing with him lately. Edward was always planning to seduce his victims and take them as his pets or toys. This latest girl was going to be a special case this go-around. She was going to be his “special” toy. So, Edward had to learn as much about as he could.

Syd was scanning Janine once again. She was looking pretty pissed off again.

“And how long are you going to keep me like this?” the half-breed asked bitterly. Syd paused and looked up at her from his work.

“Sorry?” he asked her. Janine sat up straighter.

“How long are you going to keep me here against my will?” she barked again. Syd shrugged at her.

“As long as we need,” he replied. Janine sighed as she rolled her eyes.

“Aw, what’s wrong?” Syd asked in fake sympathy.

“I’m bored here!” Janine complained. “I have no one to talk to!”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” the deity spoke up. “You have me to talk to me right now!” Janine glared at the glass. If only she could see him with her own eyes…

“I mean someone who’s not going to treat me like shite!” the half-breed snapped.

“Ah,” Syd replied. “Those people!”

“Yeah!” the half-breed said. The deity smirked at her. Janine could tell that he was trying not to laugh.

“What?” she asked annoyed. Syd looked up at her smiling.

“That was so priceless!” he called out. “But seriously, no.”

“Well,” Janine spoke up. “Can’t I have something fun to do in here?” Then, she heard the machines turning off on the other side. The half-breed looked up quickly. Syd sighed to her.

“You’re pretty healthy,” he said to Janine. “Bye now!”

“Wait!” the half-breed cried. “Don’t leave me here!!! When will I get out of this place?” Syd cut off the light and microphone and left. Janine cried out even more. But the glass blocked out her cries.

By afternoon, Edward had all of the information that he need about his new play-toy. Her name was Ruby Woods. She was fourteen and the daughter of a local mobster named Johnny Woods. Ruby was innocent and trusting. She was just the way Edward like them. He even memorized her route home from school. The plan was just perfect for tonight. The alchemist even ready to act on it right this second. He only needed to wait…

Elle had a huge grudge to settle tonight. She remembered a local mobster that molested her when she was walking the streets. He was also the supplier of the three thugs that she killed last month. Elle remembered how bitterly he screwed her over for drugs. She was his reluctant slave for many nights to come. And just like all of the others, the mobster threw her away like she was garbage. Well, this time it was her turn to return the favor. So, Elle grabbed her best knife, straightened her looks up, and headed out the door.

Evening set in just right. Edward had followed Ruby to the club where Johnny worked. It was a strip club called Bottle Genie. Rumors said that this club was just a cover for a drug ring. Edward didn’t care. The sooner he had Ruby, the better. Boy was he in for a surprise tonight!

Edward entered the club causally. He looked around the place. The club was lively tonight. Beautiful girls were wearing tight skimpy clothes dancing. Edward was getting aroused already. But he forced himself to stay focused. Ruby was his target tonight. The alchemist walked in a little further. All of the girls’ bodies and charm were teasing him badly. The red and black in his eyes were forming slowly. His own desires were starting to spiral out of control. He had to find Ruby before things got really ugly. Edward forced himself to keep going until he found his new young muse. But then, something caught his eye.

Elle was in the club as well. She too seemed to be looking for something. Curious, Edward made his way over to her. The succubus was tightly focused in on her work that she nearly didn’t notice that anyone was behind her. Elle saw a shadow out of the corner of her eye. The woman smirked to herself.

“Oh, Edward!” she called. “I didn’t know you were here for the drugs as well as the sex!” Edward stood next to her smiling.

“I could say the same thing for you,” he replied. “What are you doing here?” Elle just smirked at him coldly.

“Answer my question first!” she ordered him. Edward just shrugged at her smiling.

“Very well,” he said. “I am here for Ms. Ruby Woods!” Elle whipped around to him in a rush. Her eyes grew wide in shock. Edward noticed the look on her face.

“Something wrong?” he asked innocently. Elle gained back her manner.

“I’m here to kill her father!” she exclaimed slowly to him. Edward looked equally shocked at her. He clearly wasn’t expecting this at all. In fact, this went against what the incubus had originally planned. If Elle killed Johnny, Ruby would be sad and more vulnerable than before…

Then, an idea came into Edward’s head. Johnny’s death would benefit them both. Elle would get her revenge and Edward would have Ruby even more. The incubus smiled to himself wickedly.

“You know,” he said to his fellow slave. “You go ahead her daddy dearest and I’ll take the girl.” Elle smirked at him in suspicion.

“Oh really now?” she asked.

“Yeah!” Edward agreed. Elle kept her gaze locked on him.

“Do you mean it or do you have some ulterior motive behind it?” she asked. Edward just shrugged.

“Both,” he replied. Elle smiled at her.

“Okay then,” she said. The succubus headed straight to the mobster’s office. Edward watched her smiling. His new plan was springing to life. Elle made it all the way to Johnny’s office door. She knocked heavily on the door.

“Come in!” a voice called from the inside. Elle opened the door and stepped inside. The office was just as she remembered. The heavy smell of cigars, hardcore porn pics everywhere, whiskey bottle s all over the floor, the safe in the back corner, fine looking furniture, and the stoned girls on the ground. Elle shook her head in disgust. “Pathetic!” she thought. The succubus looked up ahead. There was the pig himself. He was just as Elle remembered him. Old with short grey hair, squinty little brown eyes, fat, and nice-looking black and grey suits. Anger came over the young woman. She remembered all of the crap that he had put her through. But tonight, she was getting revenge. Elle walked straight up to the desk. Johnny looked up at her. A sick smile came across his fat face.

“I’m sorry darling,” he said to her. “But if you’re looking for a job here, I’m filled. Try next week.” Elle smirked to herself again. “That’s the same thing he said to me the first time we met!” she thought.

“No,” the succubus said to him strongly. “I’m not here for a job.” Johnny kept his eyes on the woman.

“Well if you want drugs,” he said. “We’re fresh out tonight, love!” Elle kept walking closer to him.

“No,” she said to him boldly. “I don’t want you dirty drugs either!” Johnny quickly became annoyed.

“Well then,” he said. “What the hell do you want bitch?!?” At that point, Elle grabbed him tightly by the collar. Johnny looked at her confused now. The succubus leaned in close to his ear.

“What I want,” she replied in a hiss. “Is to get my revenge!” Johnny was now scared and bewildered, but he didn’t dare show it.

“What the f**k are you talking about?!?” he snapped. Elle shook her head smiling.

“Too bad,” she said. “I was really hoping that you would remember trying to rape me in your limo and then making me have sex with you for meth! But, what does it matter? You’re going to be a dead mother f****r anyway!” Right then, Johnny’s eyes grew big in shock.

“You’re…” he began to say. But before he could finish his final sentence, Elle stabbed him deep into the chest and bit deep hard on his neck. She drank his blood deep and hard. Johnny breathed out in deep pain. As the succubus kept drinking, she saw all of his shaded past. Elle smirked to herself as she kept drinking. “What a pathetic waste!” she thought to herself. The succubus drank the mobster dry and dropped him dead on his desk. Elle stepped back and smirked at her work. Revenge had never tasted so sweet. She was tempted to take the stoned girls, but why bother? They weren’t worth her time. So, Elle flew up to the ceiling and disappeared into the night.

By the end of the night, Ruby came into her father’s back office. She mostly stayed in the main bar part of the club due to the fact that she was a minor. Nobody noticed what happened in the back office. Nobody ever notices what happens in the back office. They were only looking at the girls in the club. That’s what made Bottle Genie a perfect place for drug deals. Ruby was in the dark about her father’s shady dealings. Johnny made special care that his daughter was innocent of his “business deals.”

When she got to his office, she found the door wide open. Right then, she knew that something was way off. Ruby hurried right over to his office. She looked inside. Fear met her sweet little blue eyes. Ruby found her father slumped over dead on his desk.

“Daddy!” the poor girl cried out. She ran over to him quickly. The girl tried to check for a pulse. When there wasn’t one, Ruby sat back in the chair crying. Even though she and her father were very distant, Johnny was the only relative that she had in Ametris. Now, she had nowhere to go.

Then, she heard footsteps behind her. Ruby quickly looked around. Edward was standing in the doorway staring at the scene. He was pretending to me a customer for drugs. The alchemist had the next part planned down to the last detail. Ed rushed over to the poor girl.

“Oh my god!” he yelled out. “What happened in here?” Ruby broke down talking to him with tears in her eyes. Edward pretended to be sympatric as he listened to every single word. All was going according to plan. When she was finished talking, Edward hugged her tightly to his chest. Ruby cried on his chest like she was his girlfriend already. Edward lightly kissed her on the top of her head.

“Shhh!” he whispered to her in hear ear. “It’s okay now, I’m here for you now. You have me now. I will take good care of you. Just don’t cry anymore!” Ruby looked up at him with tears in her sweet blue eyes.

“You really mean it?” she asked. Edward smiled a smile of fake sympathy at her.

“Of course, I do!” he replied. Then, Ruby just cuddled close to his chest. Edward held her closer as he smirked to himself wickedly. “She’s as good as mine!” he thought. His angelic corruption was now beginning on Ruby Woods.