3rd Dry Spell:

Simone’s Notes:

Being barren is the worst thing for anybody. It means that you can’t have children. The sex can also be lousy. Barren by definition is not producing or incapable of producing offspring; sterile. Being barren is like a desert. Your heritage can’t go on anymore. But there is an upside. One doesn’t always stay barren for long. Miracles can happen.

Mike walked back to his house feeling cold. Five weeks and a half. Five weeks and a half. It had been five weeks and a half since he last touched any porn. Some days that was fine. Others, like today, were just painful. He needed a fix badly. But good old Andy had key to his chest! “Grrr!!! Damn you Andy!!!” Mike yelled aloud. He kicked a tin can halfway down the sidewalk. It clanked loudly as if moved. “I need a drink!” the major thought. Mike had found a minor substitution from his porn addiction. Every night, he would find himself in a local bar drinking himself into apathy. The others kept trying to take him home before he was out cold, but that was like pulling teeth. The guy would fight off anyone that tried to help him out. Hughes tried one tried one time to take the bottle out of the major’s hand, but Mike ended up biting him in the wrist. Maes screamed out in pain and had to be treated right away. (The major felt bad about it afterwards.) Despite whatever false relief it offered, Mike would still feel just as crappy as before. The other men from both sides weren’t helping either. “Go home, Mike,” Mustang told him one night in the bar. “You had enough!” “You *hic* sound like my *hic* old man!” the major slurred out. “The old bastard! If he said me now, he would say, ‘Mike, I’m disappointed in you! Alcohol is in the devil’s water! You are a pervert and drunk! It’s not good for your soul! You’ll burn in Hell for it!’ I hate that man!” Then, the major nearly throw up on the colonel. Havoc, Jim, and Don had to walk the guy to the bathroom and take him home.

Mike stopped in his tracks. He had a stressful epiphany. Whether it was porn or liquor, he was in poor shape. Sure Dr. Howard was a great help to him, but that just wasn’t enough. He needed a motivation to quit his addiction for good. But what can he do? Every girlfriend he had walked out on him. His father disowned and pronounced him dead to the family in sense for being in the military and made his mother do the same. His friends were just doing more damage than good. Doing it for himself just wasn’t enough. The major clinched his fists tightly in annoyance. “DAMN IT!!!” he yelled out. “WHY THE HELL DOES THIS ALWAYS HAVE TO BE DIFFICULT WITH ME?!? WHY CAN’T SOMETHING EASY HAPPEN TO ME FOR ONCE?!?” “Are you okay, sir?” a small voice asked. Mike slowly looked up from his frustration.

Ms. Daily was looking him in concern. The major couldn’t take his eyes off of her. The woman short blonde hair shined nicely in the sun. Her sweet blue eyes glowed at him. She had on a nice dress suit that showed her legs in a tasteful manner. The major found himself blushing lightly. “Uh….” he began. “Yeah, just a bit stressed out.” “You want to talk about it?” the teacher asked. Mike looked at her uneasily at first. Could this nice woman handle his years of harsh repression? Then he figured that this would be like talking to Dr. Howard to her. “Yeah, okay,” the major answered. Then, they both sat down on the ground. Mike opened up and let all of his problems in the past and present spill out like a rushing flood.

“Wow!” Ms. Daily said at last. “You suffered so much!” “Yes, I have,” Mike said uneasily. Silence passed over them slowly. “Oh crap!” he thought. “Now she thinks I’m a sad basket case and avoid me like the plague! Why did I have to open my big trap?” But then, Ms. Daily reached forward and lightly touched him on the hand. Mike was slightly confused. “What is she doing?” he thought. “She’s supposed to find a way to escape from me! This isn’t supposed to happen.” “It’s okay,” she said softly. “It’s good to know you are getting help now.” “You… really think so?” the major asked. The teacher nodded sweetly. Mike suddenly felt better about his struggle. This angel really helped turn his day around. This woman was very understanding and patient with him. She was very pretty too. Mike had found attracted to her right away. Which made him wonder…

“Hey,” the major spoke up. “Can I walk you home?” Ms. Daily smiled at him sweetly. “Sure,” she replied. Mike smiled kindly at her. “Thanks!” he called out. Then, the major helped the teacher to her feet again. “Her hands are so soft!” he thought happily. Ms. Daily kept smiling at him. “Shall we go?” she asked like a lady. Mike quickly nodded. “Yes ma’am!” he called out. The teacher giggled at him like a sweet little schoolgirl. “Now, now,” she said calmly. “Loose up some, you don’t have to so formal with me.” “Okay,” the major replied. Ms. Daily smiled at him again. “Shall we go?” she asked again. “Yes.” Mike answered. The teacher took a few steps forward and then paused. She turned back to him smiling. “Oh, my name is Allison Daily,” she introduced herself. Then she held out her hand to him. The major smiled back at her. “I’m Mike Thomas!” he said back. Then, they shook on that.

The evening was the best that both of them had ever had. Mike and Allison spent the whole walk talking, joking, and laughing with each other. Allison had found a new friend in the major and Mike had another new crush. Sadly, that’s all she could be to him. For the teacher had a big diamond wedding upon her finger and belonged to someone else. So, all he could do was sigh to himself and daydream about his beloved Allison. (That would soon change *wink*) They finally came to her house. The teacher walked up to her door. She turned back smiling at her new friend. “Good night, Mike!” Allison called out. “Night!” he replied. The teacher gave him a little wave and went inside of her house. The major stood there smiling. “She’s so pretty!” he thought. Right then, he realized something. Mike had just found his motivation to break his addiction. He suddenly began to feel glad that his friends intervened this time! The major decided to break his addiction from Allison, married or not! He suddenly had a new spirit to break from his slavery and have a real relationship!