3 Witches

Simone’s Notes:

Women have been the wicked for years. They have been cast as witches, demons, temptresses, and servants of Satan. Helen started the Trojan War. Eve brought the fall of mankind. Most of the witches of the Salem Witch Trials were women. But why are women always the villain? Could it be because men feel inferior to their counterpart? Maybe they need women to survive and keep their blood lines going. Or possibly they are slaves to their hormones and the women are more than happy to give in because they know they have the power in the end.

A Royce pulled up to the Central Building early in the morning. Out of it stepped a woman dressed in a business suit. She fixed her mousey brown hair before going inside. She had a file in her hands with Colonel Mustang’s name on it. Today was his leadership revaluation. This would determine if he still keeps his rank, gets a promotion, or gets demoted. Jaks was looking right out the window at her. “Perfect!” she thought. “She’s here the process can begin!” Then, the nurse went to go advise her two workers. Okay, before we get into this juicy plot, let’s back up and get the key elements for the setting, shall we?

*Three days ago*

Havoc and Jacilyn were in bed again after some great sex. Like most couples after such a heat storm, their tongues are loose and anything spills out. “Mustang has his leadership revaluation in three days.” Havoc replied as he smoked one of his cig while he looked up at the ceiling. Jaks turned to him with a fresh cig her mouth. “Oh?” she asked. “And what is that?” Her boyfriend turned to her. “Someone comes by and monitors everything he does for a day,” he explained. “It determines if he gets promoted or not.” Then, Jean grabbed the lighter from the other nightstand and lit Jak’s cigarette. Right then, his woman got an idea. “I see!” she replied with a grin on her face. Havoc noticed it in a heartbeat. He knew that grin of hers too well! “Jaks?” he said uneasily. “What are you plotting this time?” The head nurse smiled at him innocently. “You’ll see in three days.” she replied after she took a puff of her fag. That didn’t ease Havoc one bit. He knew that he had to watch out for Mustang in case she was planning to do what he thought she was plotting. Jaks looked at him again sweetly. “Aw come on babe,” she said aloud. “I’m not going to destroy him. I’m just going to cause him to loose a couple of ranks. Nothing serious.” Havoc looked straight into her eyes. “That’s what I was afraid of.” he replied. The head nurse looked at him sweetly. “Look,” she said. “I promise I won’t do anything to that ruin him too badly. You have my word on that.” Jean still didn’t look convinced. Jacilyn gave him her sexy little pout. The lieutenant finally smiled to himself. Jaks smiled back. She knew she didn’t convince him, but at least he *might* keep quiet about what she was plotting to do with Mustang.

At the main office, the woman with the mousey hair sat waiting. She was called for a special assignment. The woman couldn’t wait to hear what it was. The new fuhrer stepped into the office. She was a woman in her late forties. She had a sweet grandma look to her. This fuhrer had taken over after Bradley’s death. She ran things similar to him but with a more human approach to things. But, she had her own motives as well. The new fuhrer smiled at the major. The younger woman stood up and saluted quickly. The fuhrer grinned at her fledging. “At ease!” she commanded. The younger woman sat down. The fuhrer sat down in front of her. “I have called you out here tonight to inform you that col. Mustang’s revaluation is coming up in three days,” she went on. “I need you to grade him and put him out of his career!” The major’s eyes lit up in joy. “Yes ma’am!” she called aloud with a salute. The fuhrer smiled. “That is all!” she said. The major smiled and left.

*The next day*

“Matt!” Ralph called in the morning as he looked for his partner in the lobby café. “I’ve got more merchandise today!” He found the rock god with Poppy having breakfast together by the window. “Hey buddy!” Ralph called when he made it to them. Matt rolled his eyes annoyed. “What is it now cheapskate?” he asked. The pimp smirked innocently at him. “I only came to say I got more merchandise!” he replied. Pops turned to her boyfriend. “Should I go now?” she asked. “Yeah,” Matt said wisely. “Alright.” Poppy said. “I’ll see you later.” Then, she got up from the table and left. Matt waved at her. Then, he turned back to his partner. “Okay!” he spoke up. “What is so important that you have to interrupt my breakfast date?” Ralph kept smiling at him. “Check it out!” he said. Then, he dumped out more vid disc for his “friend” on the table. Matt looked at him glowing. Ralph grinned back. “I got them from a few friends,” he said. “Guess where they are going to!” “Where?” the rock god asked. The pimp kept grinning. “Central!” he called. Matt’s face quickly dropped. “Are you on drugs or something?” he asked. “How the hell can we pull that one off?” Ralph kept on grinning. “Trust me,” he replied. “I always have a way!” Matt rolled his eyes again as he sighed. “You always say that!” he thought. Then he put his head in his hands. “Here we go again!” the rock god thought.


Jaks walked over to Izzie and Anjia at St. Mary’s Touch. “Okay, it’s settled,” she replied. “We are doing examinations with the doctors at Central. We’ll try to screw up Mustang in between shifts. Got it?” Izzie and Anjia nodded. “What did Jean say about it?” Anjia asked. Jaks just smiled. “Oh don’t worry,” she replied. “I convinced him that we won’t do *too much* damage.” “And you assured him with some loving, didn’t you?” Izzie asked with a smirk. “Yep!” the head nurse said aloud. “He won’t tell a soul!” Anjia raised an eyebrow at that statement. “What if he changes his mind?” she asked. Jaks smiled again. “Don’t worry,” she reassured. “I’ll ‘remind’ him.” The other two nurses smiled. “So what is the game plan?” Anjia asked. “Just the usual.” Jaks replied. “Missing files, mistranslations, screwing with his food, and everything else in between?” Izzie asked. “Yep!” Jacilyn replied. The other two nurses smiled. “Great!” Izzie replied. “It sure is!” Jaks replied. “Great!” Anjia said. “Let’s destroy…” “Uh, uh!” the head nurse cut in. “Don’t use the word ‘destroy’ when describing what we are doing to my boyfriend’s boss!” Anjia froze for a moment. Then, she said, “Let’s humblize col. Mustang!” Jacilyn smiled again. “Very good!” she said. Then, they all headed out.

Mustang waited near the entry for the supervisor to come and watch him for the day. He was confident as usual. This was going to be the day he was going to be a brigadier general. “This will be easy!” he thought. Ha! If he had only known… “Excuse me!” a voice called out to him. The colonel whipped around quickly. The woman was the mousey brown hair was looking at him. She was a major with deep jade green eyes. “Can I help you?” Mustang asked. The major cleared her throat. “Are you colonel Mustang?” she asked. The Flame Alchemist raised an eyebrow at her. “Yes,” he replied. “Maybe I ask why you ask.” A smile spread across the major’s baby doll face. “Great!” she chirped. “I am Major Phoenix Carter! I’ll be doing your evaluation today!” Mustang’s jaw almost dropped to the ground. “You’re doing my evaluation?!?” he asked in shock. “Yes,” Phoenix answered. “Is that a problem?” The colonel rose for a moment. Then he said, “No, of course not! I was expecting a man though.” “Oh really?” the major asked sweetly. “Well, you’ll find that I am just as sharp with grading as any man!” Mustang smiled back at her. “Of course you are!” he replied. Right then, he had his game plan reworked. “So,” Phoenix spoke up. “Shall we start?” “Yes!” the colonel said boldly. “Okay then,” the major replied. “Follow me.” Then, they headed inside the building.

Ralph and Matt made their way to Central Headquarters in the same time. They had boxes of vid discs ready. “You positive this will work?” the rock god asked. “Sure!” the pimp said aloud. “Military men get lonely and want some loving. Plus, with the Night Slayer on the loose, some will want to stay in for some nookie! We had a successful day yesterday! So, why not do it again!” Matt saw his logic. “Alright,” he said uneasily. “But if we get caught, I’m bailing on you!” “Okay!” Ralph replied. “But, you won’t have to.” Then, they processed into the building. Business was ready to go again for the second day!

Mustang and Phoenix were walking down the hall. Jaks peeked around the corner. Then, she turned back to her friends. “Okay! He’s coming!” she whispered. “His papers are messed up!” Izzie said. “Good!” Jaks replied. “I’ve got his report!” Anjia said. “Excellent!” the head nurse said. “Let the show begin!” Then, they crept down to examination room. Mustang came to the door. “Here is my office!” he said pride. Then, he opened the door wide. Phoenix looked inside and smirked to herself. “Uh… nice place, sir…” she said as if she was trying to be polite. Mustang noticed her tone. “What’s wrong?” he asked. The major didn’t answer. She just pointed into the office. The colonel looked into the room and saw… a complete mess! Papers were scattered everywhere, ink was soaking into the carpet, his desk was scratched, and the windows were smeared. Mustang just about had a heart attack by the mere sight of it! Phoenix began taking notes. “No! No!” the colonel quickly yelled out. “It was like this this morning!!!” The major didn’t seem to believe him as she wrote down more notes. “For shame!” she replied. “I expected you to keep your office clean! A good leader always has his place of work well organized so he or she can find his work much faster.” Mustang was stressed out. Already this evaluation was going on a bad start. Still, there was some time to spread to turn things around. Ha-ha! If he only knew what four certain women were plotting against him….

“Right!” Phoenix called. “Let me see your documents, please!” “Yes ma’am!” the colonel said quickly. Then, he walked over to the piled papers on the floor. He began to dig through the sorts to find any of the current ones. This turned out to be a nightmare. Suddenly, signing the papers seemed like a walk in the park compared to this shit. While he was searching, Phoenix looked at some of the other papers. One of them was dated back two years ago! “Hm!” she said aloud. “Been slacking off on your paperwork, colonel?” Mustang froze in his place. “Oh shit!” the colonel thought. “She knows!” He slowly turned to the supervisor. Phoenix was smirking at him coldly. Then, she began writing in the form every more. Mustang felt his confidence beginning to shrink. Who could have done this to him? And why? Why would they want him to fail? “Right!” the major spoke up. “Show me your report!” The colonel stared at her confused. “What?” he asked. “Your report!” Phoenix repeated. “What report?” Mustang asked. The major looked at him as if he was an idiot. “The forms we sent you to grade your subordinates with!” she barked. “Oh!” the colonel called. “Hold on, I’ll get that one!” Then, he went back to searching through the piles. While he did so, Phoenix took more notes down. She was smirking to herself in delight. “The fuhrer is going to love this!” she thought. Mustang kept looking and looking. His confidence was shrinking by the second. Could things get any worse?

Jaks was examining Havoc. Her boyfriend couldn’t help but notice her smiling. “Okay,” he spoke up. “What did you do now?” The head nurse looked at him innocently. “Nothing much,” she replied. “We just ‘rearranged’ Mustang’s office and ‘misplaced’ some meaningless files.” The lieutenant’s eyes grew big in shock. “Jaks!” he exclaimed. “How could….” She lightly put her finger to his lips. “Shhh!” Jacilyn said softly. “Easy now, it’s just some harmless little pranks to humanize him some. Nothing serious. I wouldn’t pull something like that. Do you understand?” Havoc thought about that for a second. Then, he nodded softly. His girlfriend smiled sweetly at him. “Good!” she replied. “You seem to be in good shape. But, I need to give you a more thorough and personal examination!” The lieutenant grinned to himself. That was code for, “I’m going to screw you in bed tonight!” “Yes ma’am!” Havoc called aloud. “Just be good and keep quiet.” the head nurse ordered. Then, she and him left the room separately.

It was now lunch time. Mustang sat alone at a time. He wasn’t having a hot morning so far. This evaluation was getting worse and worse by the second. And to add the rotten icing to the bad cake, he still hadn’t found the forms on his subordinates. “Damn it,” he thought. “What else can go wrong?” Then, his question was answered. “Hello colonel!” a voice yelled out. Mustang quickly looked up. Nurse Anjia Sarker was standing before him was a glass in her hands. She was smiling sweetly. Roy rolled his eyes to himself. “It’s one of Nurse Ray’s little friends!” he thought in misery. “That must mean that bitch is here as well! How of them are here today?” The nurse noticed his reaction. “Aw, colonel!” she said aloud. “Come on, I just wanted to give you a drink to help you get through the day!” Mustang looked at her suspiciously. “What did you do with it?” he asked sternly. “Nothing!” Anjia said sweetly. “It’s just an act of kindness!” The colonel still didn’t trust her. “You looked down, so I thought I’d get you a drink!” the nurse went on. At long last, Mustang took the glass and drank it. Anjia smiled at him like a wisteria angel. “There!” she said to him. “That wasn’t so bad!” The colonel actually felt better. The nurse kept smiling at him. “Have a nice day!” she called. Then, Anjia walked away. Little did the colonel know…

The afternoon was just as worse. Mustang felt himself feeling a too happy and woozy. He kept making perverted comments to Phoenix and kept trying to grab her ass and tits. It took all of her self-control not to slap the fire out of him. She was writing more ugly notes in the file. Why was Roy doing all of this? Does everyone remember that drink Anjia gave him? She laced it was some mushrooms light cheap speed! The three nurses watched in entertainment. By now, Phoenix figured out what they were up to! The four of them agreed to “humanize” Mustang as they called it. Jaks, Izzie, and Anjia all winked at their new ally for a signal. Phoenix smiled in response. “Colonel!” she called. “You seem to full of energy at the moment. You need a rest. Here, let me help you.” “Sure baby!” Roy yelled aloud. Then, the major lead the colonel down the hall. But not to a couch mind you, to the supply room. Phoenix pushed Mustang inside and barred the door. The loud slam sobered the colonel up quickly. He looked around to see where he really was.

When his senses fully came back, Mustang pounded on the door wildly. “LET ME OUT!!!” he yelled out the top of his lungs. Izzie leaned on the pounding doors. She smiled to herself as she was filing her shapely nails. “Why?” she asked innocently. “LET ME OUT!!!!” the colonel repeated even louder. “Only if you ask nicely!” the nurse called back. That only angrier Roy even more. “IF YOU DON’T LET ME OUT NOW,” he yelled. “I’LL BURN DOWN THIS DOOR!!!” Izzie snickered to herself. “Are you sure you want to do that, sir?” she asked innocently. “There are sprinklers attached to the ceiling and they’ll go off as soon as you use your fire power! And you’re pretty useless in the rain! Not to mention you’ll damage *all* of the supplies in the room!” Izzie listened in closely. She smiled at the stunned silence. The other women giggled.

After a few minutes, they let the colonel out. He was violently fuming angry. Oh, how he wanted to get his hands on one of those nurses right now! They were making him screw up on purpose. It didn’t take him long to figure that one out. It was all so clear now! “You little witches!!!” he yelled out. “HOW COULD YOU ALL DO THIS ME?!?” The nurses all looked at him innocently. Izzie and Anjia tried not to laugh. “We don’t know what you were talking about!” Jaks declared. That made the colonel even more pissed. Then, Phoenix stepped forward. “Oh look!” she called out. “There are only two minutes left and still no forms!” Anjia giggled at that statement. They all turned to her. Anjia looked at them all sweetly. “Oh,” she replied like a little sweet angel. “These documents that he left in his box untouched?” Then, she drew out the missing documents. That really pissed off Mustang! Phoenix took the forms and looked out them. “Hm!” she said aloud. “All of these are blank!” She wrote down her final note. “Looks like a major demotion for colonel!” the major said aloud. Then, Phoenix walked away. The nurses grinned at Mustang as he dragged home angry. He didn’t even bother to look at them. That would’ve only made him angrier. It looked like the end of his career, but alas, some higher spirits (AKA: the writer) decided to smile upon him at long last.

When he made it home, Mustang plugged in a vid disc he brought from Matt and Ralph out of distrust, sat down, and watched the film. Hopefully, this would take his mind off of work. But, it turned out to be a way to get his career back on track. The opening scene was one in a shower. A young woman long mousey brown was wet and naked in it. The camera slowly moved closer to her. The woman turned to it smiling. Mustang recognized her right away. It was none other than a younger Phoenix Carter! “Hello cutie!” the man behind the camera called to her. “Smile big for daddy!” Phoenix complied sweetly. She tittered a bit to the cameraman. “Are you just going to stand there and play with the camera all night or are you going to take off your clothes and f**k me, you dirty boy?” she asked. And with that, Mustang grinned to himself in victory. He just saw his ticket into saving his ass and career. “Got you!” he said to himself.

After he found out where Major Carter lived, Mustang decided to pay her a nice little “visit.” Phoenix was in her kitchen having dinner when the colonel came inside. She looked up at him with a smirk. “Are you supposed to salute to your superior officer?” he asked her with a smile. The cocky woman smirked again. “Why should I salute to you?” she asked. “You’ve not my superior!” Mustang kept grinning at her. Then, he slammed down the vid disc. Phoenix looked at the disc with big eyes. She knew exactly what it was. Mustang kept grinning at her. “One Night in Phoenix!” he called aloud. “I’m sure most of the men would enjoy every single shower scene that you are in! Maybe I should show it down at the cinema on Friday nights! Or better yet, have more copies of it sold to them personally!” The major stared at him in great fear. “I was only nineteen years old!” she tried to defend herself. “It was only fun with my ex-boyfriend!” Mustang kept grinning at her coldly. Major Carter sat there trembling. She looked up at him with fear in her eyes. “What do you want Roy?” she asked. “What do you want to make this go away?” The colonel smiled again. “You are to give the must glowing report you have ever written in your life!” he demanded. “And you are going to recommend a promotion for me as well! You got me?” Phoenix nodded sickly. Mustang smirked at her in pride. “Good!” he replied. “I think I’ll stay and watch write it all out as well!” Then, he sat down at the table with her. Phoenix swallowed hard as he stared her down. “What have I gotten myself into?” she thought in utter distress. Mustang just smiled to himself in victory. He couldn’t wait to see the look on the nurses’ face when he returned to work the next day a brigadier general. This was going to be sweet! “Beat that you little witches!” he thought to himself in pride.