Simone’s Notes:

Female body shape has a bearing on a wide range of human activities, and there is and has been widely different ideals of it in different cultures over history. The female figure is usually narrower at the waist than at the chest and hips, and usually has one of four basic shapes — banana, pear, apple or hourglass. The chest, waist and hips are called inflection points, and the ratios of their circumferences define these basic shapes. Body shape depends on skeletal structure and the distribution of fat in the body. Some of these body shapes normally occur only in women, although some endocrine conditions or deliberate use of female hormones, such as by transsexuals, can produce them in male bodies. As with most physical traits, there is a wide range of normal female body shapes.

Corporal Callie Ramirez has always had it rough. Throughout her whole military career, she has never been taken seriously. How can she be? Callie looked more like a Barbie doll than a soldier. Long black wavy-curly ponytail constantly kept back into a ponytail. Sweet caramel brown eyes like a model’s. Healthy tan to her skin. Nice rosy cheeks always. Natural black curly eyelashes. Tiny woman not age but in body. Nice healthy-sized ass. Ramirez looked like a normal. But, that wasn’t why she was the butt of jokes in the Amestris army. Callie had E-cup sized breasts. Because of her breasts, she had many jokes about her. The nicknames were just as worse. When Callie walked by, the men called her names like Callie-Big Boobs, Chick with the Nice Rack, Double Wide, Floater, and the favorites, Callie Queen Size, or just simply Queen Size. Even though she didn’t show it, Callie was crying on the inside. She tried to avoid everybody like the plague. Many people thought that she was anti-social. The women of the military and the WAGs felt sorry for her. But what could anyone do? Callie didn’t want anyone’s help and was willing to put up with all the crap the men gave her. That was until a certain smooth Jewish man decided to stand up and fight for her.

Isaac was back at the apartments to check on Jakob again. (His younger brother kept insisting that he didn’t have to. But the man insisted on behalf of their mother’s sanity. “I know I seem to be babying you,” he justified. “But anything to keep mom from going crazy.”) He was in the cafeteria when his path crossed with Callie Ramirez’s. Everyone was normally eating when the doors opened wide. The crew all looked up to see Corporal Callie herself. The men had all sprang to life. They all began whispering about her. The women began to feel pity for her. Callie glared at them coldly. “What?!?” she snapped out loud. Everyone went back to what we were doing. Ramirez glanced around before taking her seat at a table near the back all alone. Isaac looked at her confused. He lightly tapped Kobe on the shoulder. Doug turned around to him slowly. “Yes, my friend?” he asked coolly. “Who was that nice woman that entered in the room?” he asked. Doug just gave her a little smile. “That’s Corporal Callie Ramirez, AKA, Queen Size.” he replied. Jakob’s brother looked at him puzzled. “Why is she called Queen Size?” he asked. Doug just smirked and he held out his hands emaciating big breasts. “Oh!” Isaac replied in shock. “Hell yeah!” the lt. called out. Isaac couldn’t help but to smile. But, then he looked up and saw Callie crying. The man suddenly felt sorry for her. He wished that there was something he could do.

After breakfast, Isaac decided to watch Callie to see what was wrong. The soldiers were doing information rounds. Callie was up first. She was determined to be taken seriously today. Ha! One can wish and dream! “Corporal Ramirez,” Travis called to her. Callie stepped up slowly. “Yes sir?” she asked. Barrett kept his serious face. “Tell me the stats of the city.” he told her. Callie froze for a moment. She looked at the group that was with them. Doug and the other boys were in the crowd watching and waiting for her. “Oh boy!” she thought nervously. “He always has the pervs with him! Why does he do this with me? Well, I’ll have to try and fight it today! I can do this!” The corporal took in a deep breath and began to talk.

“The traffic is fine as usual,” Callie began. “At double ends?” Kobe asked aloud. A small giggle came from the crowd. Callie tried not to scream out. “Yes!” she replied sharply. The men giggled even more. “At ease!” Travis called out. Everyone went quiet. Ramirez tried to keep herself calm. Travis turned back to her. “Continue, Ramirez,” he ordered. Callie sighed and forced herself to keep on. “The weather is fair and clear.” she spoke up. “No *heavy* clouds in sight?” Nathan barked out. Ramirez resisted the urge to lash out at him. “No!” she replied trying to keep calm. “Not even some *heavy* patches, Queen Size?” Lee asked. “Not even *small* ones?” “No!” Callie replied again. “Lee!” Barrett called sharply. The major just shrugged innocently. “Just trying to the details from Callie Queen Size here, sir!” he said. “Nothing serious!” Callie was close to screaming again. “Do something about him, Travis!” she thought in desperation as she watched him. Barrett pitied her. But he had to stay professional in front of the men and not look like was playing favorites.

“Don’t play around, Lee.” was all Travis said. Nathan just shrugged. “Okay!” he called innocently. Callie felt so betrayed after that one. “It’s always the same thing!” she thought. “Travis never does anything about these animals! Why doesn’t he ever take my side?” This went on throughout the whole report. The female military kept watching the whole time. “Why doesn’t Travis ever do anything about them?” Ross asked annoyed. Addi shrugged. “He wants to stay professional,” she replied. “If he tries to protect her, people will suspect that they are sleeping together.” A pause came over the women. “That’s terrible!” Ross called. “I know it is,” Addi replied. “I know it is. But she never wants any help.” “I know,” Ross said. “I know,” All the sergeant and the lt. could do was watch in pity. Isaac was watching as well. Only, he wasn’t just going to take a stand, he was going to act! The man just needed the right opportunity.

That afternoon, the right opportunity came perfectly. Isaac was walking around in the winter outside to plot out how he was going to play knight to Callie when he heard sobbing near the bushes. Curious, Isaac walked over to the dead and cold bushes and pushed them aside. He found Corporal Ramirez sitting on the ground crying. Isaac felt greatly sorry for her. He began walking towards her. Callie looked up with tears in her eyes. Isaac stood there looking at her. “Oh, what do you want?!?” the corporal sobbed out. The man began walking forward again. Callie became defensive. “GO AWAY!!!” she yelled out. Isaac didn’t go away. Instead, he sat down next to her and lightly put his arm around her. “Want to talk about it?” he asked. Callie looked at him for a moment. Then, she began to go into detail about her life at work. Isaac just held her close and let her cry on his shoulder the whole time. For once, Callie felt like someone really cared for and about her.

“I don’t get it,” the corporal whimpered out. “Why do you care so much about me?” Isaac just smiled kindly at her. “Because,” he said. “I don’t like a woman getting picked on because of her charming looks.” Ramirez didn’t fully believe him yet. “But what do you want from me?” she asked with tears left over in her eyes. Isaac held her to his chest. Her breasts were sandwiched between him and her arms. “I just want you.” he replied. “But why?” Ramirez asked. “You seem to be smart. You know where you are going and what you want in life. And you seem to be a nice person.” Isaac reasoned. Callie still wasn’t convinced. “Really?” she asked. “Do you really mean that or are you just saying that because of my boobs?” Jakob’s older brother just smiled and shrugged. “Well,” he confessed. “Your breasts are a plus, but I don’t go for pluses alone. I like to look at the whole picture. Just give us a chance to get to know each other. I think we might have a beautiful relationship on our hands. So what do you say?” For once in her life, Callie began to smile. “Okay,” she replied. “I’ll give it a trial run. But if you screw up, I’ll never forgive you for it!” Isaac smiled back at her. “All right,” he said in confidence. “Consider yourself a run trial run!” Then, they shook on their deal.

Upstairs, Ai-Oni was preparing to leave again. Envy watched her from the hallway. “And where are you going?” he asked aloud. The she-devil turned to him smiling. “Just going to visit another old ‘friend’ of mine!” she replied. “I think Ginny’s been pretty sad and lonely ever since Kate died, do you?” Envy had already put two and two together when she mentioned Ginny’s name. He had been complaining about her non-stop. “About time!” he replied. “I thought I would have to go down there and shove my cock into her mouth to shut her up!” Ai-Oni just smiled at him wickedly. “Oh don’t worry,” she said. “When one is under heavy grief, they’ll do anything to take the pain away!” “I see.” Envy said smiling. “And I have just the candidate to take away Ginny’s pain!” Ai-Oni thought devilishly. Then, she headed right out the door.