Another Scandal:

Simone’s Notes:

A sex scandal is a scandal involving allegations or information about embarrassing sexual activities, such as adultery, being made public. Sex scandals are often associated with movie stars, politicians, or others in the public eye, and become scandals largely because of the prominence of the person involved. Sex scandals involving politicians can become political scandals, particularly when there is an attempt at a cover-up, or suspicions of illegality.

Lt. Col. Damon Sanders was walking back home when it struck. He had been happily married for eleven years and had a healthy son with his loving wife. But yet, Damon had some dark secrets and pieces of his past that he would like to keep to himself. (We’ll get into that later.) Anyway, Damon was walking home when he heard footsteps walking up behind him. The lt. col. slowly turned around to see Ai-Oni herself. She was smirking at him wickedly. “Damon!” the she-devil called out seductively. “It’s been a long time!” Damon quickly became defensive. “Ai-Oni!” he barked out loud. The devil woman looked flattered. “I’m so glad that you remember me!” she replied to him sounding happy. “You almost destroyed my marriage!” Damon shouted at her. Ai-Oni looked at him as if he had hurt her feelings. “Oh come on,” she said harmlessly. “I was only trying to set you free like the others.” Damon didn’t buy it one bit! “What the hell do you want from me?!?” he asked out loud. Ai-Oni stepped forward gracefully. “I just wanted to give you a simple message.” she said. The Lt. Col. still kept his guard up. “What is it?” he barked. The she-devil smiled at him wickedly.

“I just wanted to say that my daughter has been born at last,” she said. “My friends are back in living realm where they belong!” Damon was still glaring at her. “And what does that have to do with me?!?” he asked in anger. Ai-Oni looked at him harmlessly. “How long as if been since you last slept with another woman besides your wife?” she asked. The lt. col. looked at her in suspicion. “Four years, right?” Ai-Oni went on. “Why do you ask?” Damon hissed at her again. The devil woman’s smiled widened. “Feeling the eleven year itch?” she asked in mischief. The man stood there confused at first. “What do you mean?” he asked. Ai-Oni kept smiling at him. “My poison that I put into you years ago,” she said. “Yeah,” Damon said as he began to remember the pain that he dealt with because of it. “What about it?” The devil woman grinned wildly at that. “That poison should come into affect within you, right… now!” she replied.

Then, Damon began to feel a tight pain in his chest. The man grabbed onto his heart tightly. He suddenly was panting hard like he had been running for miles. Damon found himself sinking downwards slowly. He looked up at Ai-Oni in agony. She was smiling at him evilly. “You bitch!” he wheezed out. “What have you done to me?!?” The she-devil just kept watching and smiling at him. “Nothing,” she replied. “Just given you a second chance to be free.” Then, she walked away slowly. Damon was now desperate. “Wait!” he yelled out in misery. “Don’t leave me like this! Help me!” Ai-Oni turned to him slowly. She gave him that look of pity. “Don’t worry, my dear pet!” she called out to him. “The pain will disappear in seconds. But how long before you fall into the arms of another woman?” Then, Ai-Oni walked away into the night.

Just as she said, the pain had faded away in Damon’s chest. The lt. col. slowly rose to his fight. His hazel-chestnut eyes that were clouded with pain were clear again. Sanders shook his head hard. “It’s happening again!” he thought in grave worry. “What am I going to do? What am I going to do?” The darkest seven years of his life had been reopened as if someone had ripped the bandage off of a healing wound. He and his wife had tried so desperately to put the cold past behind them. But now… But now it had come back to destroy their fragile mending marriage. Damon tried his best to calm himself down. “It doesn’t have to go down this road again!” he told himself. “Just calm down and try not to think about cheating on Carol again!” The lt. col. looked up again and sighed. “I need a drink!” Damon thought. Then, he headed straight to the bar.

Damon wasn’t the only man having problems in his love life. Nathan flew out of the bathroom stall at Central Headquarters at night again. He was panting happily. “Oh wow, Alli,” the major panted out. “That was great!” “Great about what?” he heard a voice ask above. Nathan’s mood changed from happy to worry as he looked up in a flash. Maes Hughes was looking over him looking down. Lee was in a panic now. “Hughes!” he exclaimed. “What a surprise!” The lt. col. looked at the major confused. “What are you doing here?” he asked. “What are you talking about? And why do you have your pants down?”

Nathan found himself stuck with nothing to say. “Uh…” he replied. “Uh, well…” It was useless! No words he could say could fix this seen. “Nathan?” Alli asked as she was coming out of the stall. “Is something wrong?” Both men looked and saw her. Ron’s daughter looked and saw them. “Oh…” she said as if she had been interrupting something. “This is awkward!” Within seconds, Nathan and Alli were in Hughes’ office. Maes was looking at them disappointed. He, like they were, was at a complete loss for words. He opened his mouth to speak but closed it again. No words could fit this situation perfectly. Silence was just ever so painful.

“I’m so sorry!” Nathan!” wailed out at last. Alli looked at him sharply. “How long have you guys had this relationship?” Hughes managed to ask at last. “Three years!” Alli and Nathan both called out loud. That really shocked the lt. col. out of his mind. “THREE YEARS?!?” he yelled out. “THREE YEARS?!?” Alli rushed forward in a panic. “Please don’t tell my daddy!” she pleaded. “I don’t want Nathan to get in trouble because me! So, please don’t tell on us!” “Yes please don’t!” Nathan added in. Both kept pleading to be spared until Hughes just held up his hands and said, “Fine! I won’t tell!” The couple looked relieved. Maes sighed to himself hard. “What just happened?” he thought in confusion. “And why did I agree to help keep quiet about an affair that should have never happened in the first place?” Oh, if he only knew!

Damon wandered around the city in a hopeless state. The bar turned out to be the worst option to go in his condition. Damn Ai-Oni for bringing back the past and reawaking the poison to make him back into the horny animal he was seven years again. The temptation was worse than ever. Sex was on his mind constantly. He just couldn’t escape it. It was all around him. Lust and desire threatened to eat away at the man’s very sanity. Women seemed to be teasing him with their sexy curves and their hot-looking bodies. If he had stayed there any longer, the man thought that he would scream his head off. What could he do now? What would he tell Carol now? Damon stood still in the middle of nowhere and shook his head hard. “If only there was just someone to take away my suffering again!” he thought desperately.

Then, something caught his ear. It sounded like someone was… crying. Damon slowly lifted his head looked over to see Ginny at a small grave under a willow tree. Sorrow swallowed the lt. col.’s heart whole. He began to forget his own troubles and walk quietly over to her. Ginny looked up and saw the older man. Damon looked at her kindly. “Is something wrong?” he asked like a caring friend. The girl hesitated at first. But then, she said, “My best friend died three months ago and I haven’t been able to talk about it to anyone since.” Damon felt moved by that reason. He knelt down beside of her. “Want to talk about it?” the lt. col. quietly asked her. Ginny nodded and told him the whole story about Kate’s pregnancy and death. She strangely felt a bound to him as she did so. More than either one could understand in the next month. It was all a part of Ai-Oni’s juicy little side plans for the big picture.