Call Girls:

Simone’s Notes:

A call girl or escort is a sex worker who, unlike a street walker, is not visible to the general public. Nor does she usually belong to an institution like a brothel. One must summon her, usually by calling a telephone number—hence the name call girl. Often, call girls advertise their services in small ads in magazines, and more recently through the internet, although an intermediary advertiser such as an escort agency may be involved in promoting higher class escorts. The lower class side of escorts may be handled by a pimp or a pander. Call girls can work either incall, where the client comes to them, or outcall, where they come to the client. Call girls are commonly perceived to be elite amongst prostitutes, far more skilled, able to pick and choose amongst their potential clients and therefore demand higher prices for their services, and are more attractive, educated, well-groomed and youthful than street prostitutes. An escort service will not take on any woman that is unattractive, has a visible drug problem, such as needle marks from injecting drugs, or who presents an overly negative personality. Escort services seek to establish a reputation for offering desirable women and know that their customers only give them one chance. If an escort service sends an undesirable woman to a client, the client will very likely not use that service again. Also, many escort agencies do criminal background checks on applicants to weed out those that have been arrested for street prostitution or other types of crimes. This weeding out is done to reduce the chances of being accused of procuring prostitution, trying not to draw the attention of law enforcement agencies. For these reasons, there is rarely any cross-over between call girls and street prostitutes.

Once again, Matt and Ralph were scheming. “Oh Matty!” Ralph said to his buddy. The rocker man turned to his business pal. “Yes Ralph?” he asked. His fellow pimp kept smiling. “Them soldiers are lonely on a Friday night like this!” he stated. “And?” Matt asked. Ralph kept smiling. “I figured that we send that some ‘company.’” he suggested. The rocker pimp grinned back at him. “Oh, you wouldn’t!” he called happily. “Who would we get?” “Only the best!” the other pimp replied. “Let’s call the girls!” Then, he drew out his cell phone and dialed his favorite worker girls. Matt drew out his own and made a few calls as well.

The men staying at Central Headquarters were bored out of their skulls. They wanted to be out or home at the moment. The only women around in the building were Izzie, Jacilyn, and Anjia giving STD tests with some of the men. Havoc and Jaks could only give each other sweet looks while at work. The whole place was next to death. But then, the Matt and Ralph came through the front of the headquarters. The guards tried to stop them of course. “Hey!” they shouted. “No unauthorized personnel allowed in!” The pimps kept grinning. “It’s a special delivery!” Matt insisted. “We were requested especially to bring them some relief!” Then, the rocker pimp showed the men their updated paperwork. The two guards looked confused. “Nobody told us!” the first one replied. The pimps kept smiling. “Well then,” Ralph said. “You need to pay attention more when your officers give you orders!” Then he turned behind him and whistled aloud. “Okay girls!” the pimp yelled. “Come on!” Twenty call girls all appeared from the back and joined the pimps. The pimps turned back to the smiling. The guards stood in silence as they all walked in.

The men inside were still stuck in their boredom when Matt and Ralph entered inside. Everyone looked up in a rush. The pimps were smiling in pride. Ralph was quietly looking around the room. “Oh good!” he thought. “Hughes is not here right now!” The last thing the pimp wanted was more cold looks from the family man himself for nearly killing his baby was an ecstasy pill last spring on her birthday. “Hasn’t he forgiven me for that by now?” Ralph thought. “Good evening gentlemen!” Matt called aloud. “We had a feeling that you didn’t want to be working here on a Friday night. So, we brought you a little ‘cure.’” The men kept watching in curiosity. Ralph then turned to the door. “Okay girls!” he yelled out. “They’re here!” Then, the pimps stepped away to let the call girls in. All of the single men just couldn’t help but stare at the fine little selection. Matt and Ralph just grinned at them. “Enjoy guys!” Matt called. Then, the pimps walked away into the night.

Within seconds, the Headquarters looked like Sodom and Gomorrah. Men were talking and screwing women everywhere. Havoc and Jaks were now free to be much closer to each other now. It was as if the atmosphere had broken up into a relaxed and lustful palace. The lt. led her but to Mustang’s office. The major general had left it unlocked tonight. “Oh,” Jaks said as if she had seen it for the first time. “So this is Gen. Mustang’s office!” “Yep!” Jean said proudly. The head nurse looked around impressed. “Jean,” replied at last. “Yes Jacilyn?” her boyfriend asked. The nurse turned to him smiling with a lustful look in her eyes. “I always wanted to do it on Mustang’s desk!” she replied boldly. Usually, the lt. would say no to something like that because it was against conduct policies. But instead what happened was, Havoc shoved everything out of the desk and lied down on his back on it. Jaks rushed forward and mounted him. She quickly undid his pants. Havoc reached up and flipped up her skirt. He slipped off her panties and she got to work on him right away.

Some of the men were trying to stay pure on the other hand. They too found it hard to do. Mike Thomas was trying to stay clear for Allison and his addiction. He wasn’t ready to be with another woman yet. A blonde call girl named Stockholm Girl kept eyeing him all night. She just had to have him. The call girl made her way over to him. Mike happened to look up and see her. “Oh shit!” he thought. “One of them is coming my way! What do I do? What do I do?” The woman sat down beside of him. The major tried not to look at her. The Stockholm girl moved closer to him. Mike tried not to notice. “She has on a strong perfume!” he thought. The girl lightly tapped him on the shoulder. Thomas looked down quickly. Stockholm smiled at him sweetly. The call girl was a nice-looking woman. Her breasts were natural and full. She had a small waist and full curves. The woman was dressed in a nice-looking red short dress. The major had to admit she was a pretty-looking woman and if he wasn’t a porn addict and trying to get with Allison, he would try to sleep with this call girl. “Aw, what’s wrong baby?” she asked. Mike didn’t want to say anything at first. “I don’t want to talk about it.” he answered softly. “Aw,” the girl replied. “Is it that bad?” The major nodded softly. “I see,” the girl replied. A pause came between them. “You want to come out to the back to talk?” Stockholm girl offered. The major thought about that for a moment. Then he said, “Alright.” Then he and the call girl headed outside.

The night was so perfectly clear outside. The stars were high in the sky. Mike stood up against the building. Stockholm girl stood with him. “Now tell me,” she said. “What exactly is wrong?” Mike took in a deep breath. Could he explain the whole story to her? He would have to try. “Well,” he began. “I have an addiction to porn.” The girl moved in closer to listen to him more. “Go on,” she encouraged. The major hesitated for a moment. He wasn’t sure if he should do so or not. Then Thomas said, “I’m trying to stay single until I’m completely cured. Then, I met this beautiful woman named Alison Daily. She is a great woman. She even understands my problems and is supporting me to get help. At first, I thought she was married because she still had her wedding ring on her finger. But then I found out from one of her students that she was divorced. Allison has this problem with one of her ex’s sleazy friends. He keeps trying to sleep with her. I said that I would help her and told her to change the locks on the door to help. I love her so much, but I’m afraid of relapsing if while I’m in a relationship with her.” The call girl lightly held his hand. “Aw,” she said to him softly. “You should try to have a normal and healthy relationship with her. She understands you perfectly. Don’t let her go!” Mike began to smile for once with the call girl. “Thanks!” he told her. Then, Stockholm Girl took out a pen and a piece of paper and began writing on it. “Here,” the call girl replied. She folded it up and slipped it into his jacket. “In case things don’t go well with this Allison woman,” Stockholm Girl said. “Call me!” Then, she stood on her tip-toes and lightly kissed him on the cheek. She headed back into Central Headquarters. All Mike could do was stand there and watch after her. “She wasn’t so bad!” he thought nicely.

Inside, the party came to an abrupt end. It happened when Mustang and the other higher-ups came back. They were pissed to find the place in the state it was now. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!?” he yelled out. “SOMETHING TOLD ME TO COME BACK HERE TO CHECK ON ALL OF YOU!!!” All the men and women were all rushing around to back into order again. They all knew they were in here it now! Mustang, Hughes, and Barrett glared around at all the chaos trying to straighten itself back into proper. The three of them heard loud groaning sounds coming from Mustang’s office. They rushed to the door and opened it wide. They all found Jacilyn and Havoc on the major general’s desk screwing. The head nurse was close to coming when she looked up in shock at them. “What’s wrong Jaks?” her boyfriend asked. When the woman didn’t answer, Jean looked up and fell into shock as well.

Hours later, Matt and Ralph were in Mustang’s office. The major general was pissed at them to the fullest. “What the hell possessed you to send twenty call girls here?” he barked. The pimps kept smiling at him. “The men were bored,” Matt answered. “So, we figured that we would send them some entertainment!” Roy tried his best to keep himself calm. “You have really pushed my limits this time!” he hissed. “Why we keep allowing you anywhere near the base is beyond me! I don’t care if you are friends of Edward’s!” “Save it Roy!” Ralph cut in. “We are just helping you out!” “HOW?!?” Mustang snapped. “By adding more disgrace to the army?!?” “By providing the entertainment,” Ralph answered. “They were bored, so we provided the ‘cure.’ Simple as that. So, there’s no use going upset over it. Good day sir!” Then, both pimps left peacefully. Once again, Mustang sat there in complete defeat. He just couldn’t really deal with them at all!