Butterfly Sex:

Simone’s Notes:

Flirting is a form of human interaction, usually expressing a sexual or romantic interest in the other person. It can consist of conversation, body language, or brief physical contact. It may be one-sided or reciprocated. The origin of the word flirt is obscure. The Oxford English Dictionary (first edition) associates it with such onomatopoeic words as flit and flick, emphasizing a lack of seriousness; on the other hand, it has been attributed to the old French "Conter fleurette", which means "to (try to) seduce" by the dropping of flower leaves, that is, "to speak sweet nothings". This expression is no longer used in French, but the English gallicism to flirt has made its way and has now become an anglicism. Flirting is often used as a means of expressing interest and gauging the other person's interest in courtship, which can continue into long term relationships. Alternatively, it may simply be a prelude to casual sex with no continuing relationship. In other situations, it may be done simply for immediate entertainment, with no intention of developing any further relationship. This type of flirting sometimes faces disapproval from others, either because it can be misinterpreted as more serious, or it may be viewed as "cheating" if the person is already in a romantic relationship with someone else.

Daisy listened closely as the front door to her apartment closed. She was smiling to herself wickedly. “I’m home, dear!” Jim called from the living room. “I’m in here, babe!” his wife replied innocently. She fought to keep herself patient again. The lt. managed a small smile. The man didn’t want much tonight. He was just really expecting to go to bed tonight and nothing else. But, his loving wife had “other” plans for him! Jim made it to the bedroom. He looked at Daisy in complete shock when he saw her. “James!” his wife called out on the bed. “I have been expecting you!” Ms. Lee-Wright was dressed in a short dark blue cane kimono with a black obi. Her skin was all coated in glitter. Sliver butterfly anklets lightly hugged her dainty little ankles. Her toe nails were pink and glittery. White-rainbow butterfly clips were all in her hair. Her eye shadow and lip gloss were all glittery as well. But that wasn’t the biggest shocker of all. Daisy had to great shiny rainbow-white butterfly wings attached to her back through the kimono. Jim was just at a loss for words.

“Well,” Daisy spoke up. “What do you think?” Her husband was still speechless. “It’s…” he said at last trying to find the right words. Daisy began to look disappointed. “You don’t like it, do you?” she asked as if she was going to cry. Jim quickly took into defense. “No, no!” he called out. “I don’t dislike it! It’s not what I was expecting!” Daisy began to smile again. “Really now?” she challenged. Her husband nodded to back up his statement. His wife sat up straighter. “Then,” she spoke again. “What were you expecting?” Her husband just shrugged. “I don’t know,” he answered. “Just to go to bed for the night. Not…” “A surprise?” his wife finished. “Yeah!” Jim called. “I see!” the woman said trying not to get angry. Jim noticed her mood quickly and decided to try and make light of the situation of all hell would break loose.

“What are you supposed to be and why are you dressed like this?” he asked out of curiosity. Daisy began to relax and smile again. “A butterfly!” she answered. Jim looked at her dumfounded. “A what?” he asked confusion. His wife slowly and gracefully rose off of the bed and walked over to him. “I am a butterfly princess,” she replied again softly in his ear. “Since you were saying I don’t do much with the sexual area in the bedroom, I decided to give fantasy a try.” The sweet words rolled playfully off of her tongue into his ear and slid right up to his brain. This butterfly idea seemed to have a strange effect on his libido. He wanted to try this! Daisy noticed the effect that she had on him. This pushed her to play the sweet and innocent card. “So what do you say?” she asked like a sweet little schoolgirl. “You’ll play with this sweet little butterfly princess tonight? If you don’t, you’ll make me cry!” The WAG lightly fluttered her eyelashes against her lt. husband’s cheeks.

That did it for Jim Wright! He quickly grabbed the butterfly by her dainty waist and kissed her deeply on the lips. His wife was satisfied by his reaction. She kissed back quickly. Her husband playfully pushed her back onto the bed. The heat storm was set off from there. Daisy reached up and slowly began unbuttoning Jim’s jacket. She ripped it right off of him as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. He lightly caressed the muscle with his own. His wife moaned out in delight. She gave him her own tongue to battle with. The woman even spread her legs under him for effect. Jim was really turned on by this now! “She’s not wearing any underwear!” he thought in high excitement. Her entry was pretty wet too! Her entry was right at the crotch of his pants. Not only was his blood warmed up now, the man’s rod was as hard as a rock. He just couldn’t wait anymore. The lt. reached down and yanked the obi right off of Daisy’s waist. The short kimono fell open like a story book. Jim paused to get a good look at his butterfly. His cheeks quickly turned a bright red. “No bra either!” he thought in a heated way. “She came prepared tonight, didn’t she?” Daisy just smiled at him sweetly.

“Do you want to take the wings off?” she asked. The lt. smiled back at her. “No!” Jim yelled out. “That would kill the fantasy!” The butterfly princess smiled back him. “Great!” she called. Her husband chuckled to himself softly. Daisy sat up and kissed him sweetly on the lips. Her husband kissed back playfully. Daisy slipped in her tongue again. Jim slowly slid off her kimono of the wings and her body and toss it lightly to the floor. Daisy lied back taking him with her. Her husband cuddled close to her body. The butterfly princess couldn’t resist anymore. She reached forward and slid off his brown shirt. That landed on the floor with her kimono. Jim slowly began kissing down her lovely neck. Daisy moaned out loud. She secretly reached down and undid his pants. The lt. kissed all the way to her plump breasts and perky nipples. He tenderly one of the set in his mouth. He couldn’t help but to suck and lick on the deep sweetness of her. Daisy moaned as she lightly ran her soft finger through his hair. A hazy amber descended onto them deeply. Jim refused to hold back as he began to suck and lick faster. The taste was driving him wild. He had to have more of her.

The man had to tear himself away from Daisy’s lovely breasts and keep moving downwards. His wife gasped and moaned out loud. Jim was at her abdomen. His tongue was lightly caressing it. Daisy became wetter at the feeling of tongue on her. The lt. finally reached his real target and slipped his tongue inside. The butterfly princess was really floating away now! “OH JIM!!!” she screamed out. “YEAH!!! KEEP ON!!!” Her voice drove the man to lick and suck even harder and faster. Her addictive taste was like honey to him. The man just had to keep licking and kissing on her down. Sweat broke out all over Daisy’s sweet body. The amber heat rose up faster and faster in her. She felt his tongue push deeper into her. Jim was almost to the fiery G-spot in her. Soon, this wasn’t enough her. The raging butterfly inside wanted more. It needed more. It craved more.

Jim’s tongue hit her G-Spot perfectly. “OH PLEASE JIM!!!” she screamed out loud. “DON’T TEASE ME LIKE THIS ANYMORE!!! I WANT YOU DEEP INSIDE OF ME!!! DON’T LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THIS!!! PLEASE!!! I BEG OF YOU!!!!” Then she came wildly. “OHHH!!!” the butterfly princess screamed out. Jim licked up the sweet honey nectar. The lt. slowly drew his tongue out on her inner thigh. Daisy trembled in deep delight at the warming sensation. Jim slowly up to look at his sweating prize. She was panting out happy exhaust, but wanted more. The lt. couldn’t help but to smile to himself. He was in complete agreement with his woman. The man reached down and lightly patted her on the head. “Good butterfly!” he called to her. “Now you shall get your prize that you desperately wanted!” Daisy’s eyes lit up in joy. She parted her lips to speak, but Jim lightly covered them with his finger. “Shhh, me little pet!” he whispered to her.

Then, Jim yanked off his loose pants and threw them off. Daisy stared at him blushing. She was quickly becoming aroused again. The lt. smiled at the effect he was having on his wife. He started slowly on his boxers and began sliding them off in a teasing way. The butterfly wanted to scream out but her was voice was choked back somehow. Her husband yanked off his boxers and positioned himself onto her in the correct way. The lt. slid himself into his butterfly princess easily. Daisy moaned happily at him inside of her. Jim lightly kissed her on the lips. The lt. was smiling to himself tenderly. She was just as he wanted her. Then, the man began his work. He was pulling in and out slowly. Daisy shut her eyes and moaned out happily. She held him tightly to her. That drove to him pump a little faster. “HARDER JIM!!!” Daisy screamed out. “HARDER!!!” The lt. complied more than happily. “YEAH MY BUTTERFLY PRINCESS!!!” he yelled out. “ARE YOU ENJOYING THIS?!?” “YES!!!” Daisy shouted back. “GOOD!” her husband replied. Then he sped up even more. He grabbed onto her shoulder to allow more pressure. The lt. moved his mouth back to her breasts and began sucking on them like life-giving water. His wife yelped out in pain and pleasure. Her voice made him go even faster. Jim was completely blown away by this experience. He never thought that sex with a butterfly could be so… kinky! “We should do this more often!” he thought happily. Daisy just lied there and moaned in sweet happiness. “I should thank Anika for this later!” she thought in bliss.

At long last, Jim came hard within his wife. “DAISY!!!” he yelled out. The butterfly princess moaned out in complete bliss as well. They waited for a few seconds before separating. Jim lied beside of her panting. He turned to her smiling. “That was…” he began. “…Mind-blowing!” Daisy finished in between breaths as she kept looking at the ceiling. Jim smiled at her with his charming schoolboy smile. “Daisy,” he said. His wife turned to him. “Hm?” she asked. “Can we do the butterfly thing again?” the lt. asked in excitement. The woman just kept smiling at him. “Sure!” she called. “Anything you like, my love!” They smiled at each other sweetly. “I love you, Dais.” Jim murmured to her sweetly. His wife lightly kissed him on the lips. He kissed back as well. The woman lightly pulled away. “I love you too,” Daisy whispered loudly to him. “I will always love you!” Then they fell asleep beside each other peacefully.