Bringing Down the Horse:

Simone’s Notes:

Infatuation is the state of being completely carried away by unreasoning passion or love; addictive love. Infatuation usually occurs at the beginning of relationship when sexual attraction is central. It is characterized by urgency, intensity, sexual desire, and anxiety, in which there is an extreme absorption in another. The relationship may have insecurity, distrust, lack of confidence, and the feeling of being threatened. There may be nagging doubts and unanswered questions, so the partner remains unexamined so as not to spoil the dream.

“Oh yes! Give me more!!!” Riza yelled out in pleasure. Jakob kept pulling in and out of her harder and harder. They were both up against the wall near the front door. It was barely morning and they were at it like a newlywed couple on their honeymoon. They just had to make love to each other before they parted ways. The junior boy was holding up his squeeze by her thighs. Her royal dark purple panties were thrown down to the floor carelessly. Riza had her short black skirt up around her ladylike waist. Her lacy white blouse was unbuttoned to reveal her deep wine red bra to her mate. Jakob had his fingers deep into her thighs. His pants and boxers were down around his young manly thighs. The lt. had her stocking covered heels pressed up against his lower back just above his buttocks. She was holding onto him for dear life. The pressure from her strong feminine body pressed up against his only made the boy pump even faster. Riza’s girly breasts were pressed up against his dark grey t-shirt. “Harder! HARDER!!!” the lt. screamed out. Her lover complied in bliss. Riza shut her eyes in bliss. The sex was always getting better and better each time. He was young, but had was sexy little beast in the bedroom. It was so tempting to test him out to see all of his skills, but yet it still seemed too early for that! This was as far as they could go right now. The boy was great with doing it standing up against the wall. Oh yes! Jakob was definitely better than Roy in bed!

“I CAN’T HOLD IT ANYMORE!!!” the mouse boy yelled out happily. Then, he came rapidly in her. “AHHH!!!” Jakob yelled on. He held onto her thighs so tightly that his nails began to dig into her sweet flesh. Riza screamed in pain and pleasure. Jakob held his balance firmly until he was finished. Both stood there panting in happiness. “Wow!” Jakob replied at last. “*Pant* That was…” “…Even better than before!” Riza finished happily. “Yeah!” her lover called. Then, he pulled himself out of her and slowly lowered her feet to the floor. The lt. could barely feel the ground at her feet for a few seconds. The happy feeling was still with her even after the flight to the island in the sky. She couldn’t help but to stare deeply into his laser ocean blue eyes. This really was a wild stallion in the sexual world. Riza lightly kissed him on the lips. Jakob kissed back. They parted slowly and gazing into each others eyes. The mouse smiled his charming innocent smile at her. “I’ll see you around, then?” he replied at last. Riza nodded sweetly as she smiled back at him. Then, the boy got dressed again and lightly kissed his girlfriend on the nose again. The flirty lt. was in happy paradise again. “See you again!” Riza said to him. “I will!” her young boyfriend replied. Then, he left her house.

Hawkeye stood against the wall smiling to herself. She was glad that she broke away from Mustang and decided to start fresh with Jakob. The boy was gentle, strong in a quiet way, bright, and really good with his hands. (And *other* parts of his body!) His charming looks sealed the deal for a perfect boyfriend. Jakob was like Mustang only more humble and much more gorgeous. In her mind, she was the hot teacher and he was her beautiful young student that she was keeping after class. Riza couldn’t wait for tonight with him. The lt. was even beginning to enjoy the flirty angel within herself and wished to have her around more often in her private life. She was still in happiness until a small whimper woke her up. Hawkeye quickly looked down and saw Black Hayate at her feet. He was whimpering in hunger. His owner stared at him for a long while. Then she said, “Alright, I’ll feed you in a second.” The lt. picked up her panties, put them back on, and followed her dog into the kitchen. She sighed to herself as she did so. Sadly, this was how happy hour always ended.

Jakob walked home in complete bliss. He and Riza were getting close every day. His infatuation with her was slowly turning into a stable love. He only hoped that she felt the same. They weren’t just sleeping together anymore. They were cuddling and talking in bed more often. Sometimes, the couple would just strip down and just hold each other for hours at a time. “Mikey has Stef! I have Riza! Hunter is eyeing Addi and Izzie! This is what love must be!” the mouse thought in joy. “Now if we could just get Ginny a date…” But then, Jakob’s happiness faded into sorrow. He began to remember Naomi. It had been three long years. Not many people knew about her except for his family and friends. The boy knew that if he was going to enter a serious relationship with the girl of his dreams, he had to introduce her to Naomi. But how would Riza take it? Jakob drew in a deep breath. Well, there was only one way to find out.

The day sailed by smoothly. Riza waited patiently to herself for her lover to return again. She even began to find some of her favorite naughty underwear to wear for him. Those panties seemed to have disappeared to the bottom of the drawer over the years, but now they had returned with a vengeance. In the beginning, the lacy underwear was there for Roy. But as things cooled down, they seemed to go into to hiding one pair at a time until she stopped wearing them all together. However since Jakob had came into her life, the naughty panties were making a comeback along with the make-up and hose. The lt. was planning to buy more naughty lingerie were the time called for it. She was cleaning in her house at the moment when she heard the doorbell ring. Hawkeye paused and looked up. “Who could it be at this hour?” she thought to herself. Then, Riza slowly rose to her feet and walked over to door. She opened the door to see Jakob standing on her doorstep. He looked down about something. His girlfriend quickly became considered. “Jakob,” she spoke up. “What are you doing here? What’s wrong?” The boy didn’t answer at first. He drew in a deep breath to talk again. “Need you to come with me,” he replied in a low voice. “It’s really important!” The lt. became deeply concerned for her young lover. “Why? What’s wrong?” she asked. Jakob took in another breath. “It’s hard to explain now,” he began again. “I really need you to come with me for this!” Hawkeye froze for a moment and thought about that. Then she said, “Alright, I’ll come with you.” Her boyfriend became relieved. “Thanks Riza.” he said in a weak voice. Then, she followed him downtown.

They came to Mecca Hall Institution. Mecca Hall was a mental hospital. Families dropped off their ill when they couldn’t take care of them anymore. Jakob became pale when he stood in front of the tall glass doors. Riza was slighted confused. “Jakob,” she spoke up. “Why are we here?” Her boyfriend didn’t answer her. He stiffened up, put his hand to the door, and pushed it open. The boy let the lt. go ahead of him. Once she was inside, the mouse followed behind closely, closing the door behind them. The main lobby was brightly colored with bright red and yellow all around. Plants added to the rich atmosphere. A light gold couch sat up against the back wall. Riza looked around quietly. Jakob came to the front desk and rang the bell. A motherly-looking receptionist came up to glass. “Hello Jakob!” she exclaimed. “Came to visit your sister today?” That caught his girlfriend’s attention big time. “Sister?” she thought. “He never mentioned that he had a sister before!” The young artist nodded in pale silence. The receptionist handed him the visitors’ sheet for him to sign. As he did so for him and his girlfriend, the receptionist looked behind Jakob and saw Hawkeye. “Oh,” she said. “And who’s this young lady with you, Jakob?” “She’s a friend!” the mouse lied. The receptionist smiled at Riza smiled. “Hello there!” she called. The lt. waved back uncomfortably. When the boy was finished, Jakob handed back the form. The receptionist looked at it and smiled. “Okay!” she exclaimed. “Enjoy your time!” Jakob nodded back at her. Then, he and Riza headed right down the hall.

The hall was bright white and cold. Jakob led the way strongly. Riza stayed close behind. Everything was pretty quiet all around. The lt. was a little scared about this place. Hawkeye was used to seeing blood and violence on the battlefield, but this was completely different. This was a mental Institution for what society called “nutters.” Part of her didn’t want to be here, but she had to be there in order to support Jakob for visiting his sister for whatever reason she was here. They finally came to room 193. The mouse turned to his girlfriend uneasily. “Are you sure you can handle this?” he asked. “You can turn back if you want.” Riza paused for a moment at that proposal. Then she said, “I can take anything that you will show me.” Jakob managed a weak smile. “Thanks.” he replied. Then, he opened the door.

Inside, the room looked like a normal teenage girl’s. Pink was all around. Riza was blown away in neutral shock. But the biggest kicker was to come to her within seconds. She looked ahead and saw a young woman about twenty-five years old sitting on her pink and white. She seemed to be out in a daze. The woman was a pretty thing to look at. Her hair was brown and black to her small shoulders. Her eyes were a grey-blue mix. The woman was very petite with a baby doll face. Her ash white nightgown completed her look. So far, she looked completely normal. Why was she here? Jakob slowly walked over to the woman and lightly tapped her on the shoulder. “Naomi,” he said in light voice. “Naomi. Instantly, her eyes lit up in a flash! “Jakob!” she called as she hugged him to her thin body. “My little Jakob! You’ve gotten so big. I’m amazed. Has momma relaxed and let you here by yourself? I would’ve thought that she would be overprotective of her eight-year-old son!” Riza became confused. “Eight?” she thought. “But Jakob is eighteen! Does she not see that?” Jakob and Naomi went on talking through most of the whole visit.

When Riza and Jakob got outside, they made it over to the hospital’s fresh garden. They stood over the cool and crisp pond on the stone garden bridge. There were many questions the lt. wanted to ask him, but she didn’t know how he would react. “She is my older sister,” Jakob answered for her at long last. “Naomi has a condition called Diregrandlusion.” Riza looked at him in slight interest. Her boyfriend didn’t have to look at her to know that she wanted him to explain. “It’s like Alzheimer’s for early adults,” he explained. “She’s first showed signs of it three years ago when I first started high school. At first, Naomi would forget things that happened to her five minutes ago. It wasn’t a real problem at first. But then it hit one day winter break in my freshman year. I came home one day and she asked me who I was. That really crushed me badly. My own older sister who was like a second mother and closet friend to me had forgotten who I was. She was there for me on my bad days. She even encouraged me in my drawing and schoolwork. When things grew worse from there, momma couldn’t handle taking care of Naomi like a little baby anymore. So, she had my sister committed here for better care.” The mouse held back a sob in his throat. “It’s so f****d up!” he called out. The boy tried his hardest to fight back the arriving tears. The pain was starting up again.

Riza held great pity for him. Jakob finally turned to her. His lovely blue eyes were filled with heavy tears being blocked. “I took you to see her,” he began. “Because I wanted to show you the pain I have dealt with for three years now! I felt that if I going to start a relationship with you, you just had to meet Naomi yourself!” That deeply moved Hawkeye. She stepped forward and lightly held him in her arms like he was a scared little child. Jakob began to cheer up a little bit. “It’s kind of strange at times when I visit her,” he spoke again in a light tone. “I’m always younger in her eyes. The last few times I had visited her, I was ten, eight, four, nine, and twelve. She sometimes looks around for me in her room like she used to do when we were playing hide-and-seek in the house while she baby-sat me.” The boy chuckled a bit. “I must be pretty good at times,” he went on. “She can never really find me!” Then, he became somber again. “One day,” Jakob concluded. “I hope will find her way home and come back to us.” The lt. smiled a small smile again. “I hope she does too!” she thought. The mouse felt good in his girlfriend’s arms again. Now, he could really hold a stable relationship with her without hiding anymore secrets from her.