VI: Seductive Weapon


Breaking the Chains:

Simone’s Notes:

Prostitution was part of daily life in ancient Greece. It was not common to see brothels in cities like Athens and Sparta. The Greeks were a sexually liberated civilization back then. Men and women were prostitutes. The prostitute even played a scared role in the temples of gods and goddesses. Aphrodite’s temple in Corinth housed many of these many in the night. In 464 BCE a man named Xenophon, a citizen of Corinth who was an acclaimed runner and winner of pentathlon at the Olympic Games, dedicated one hundred young girls to the temple of the goddess as a sign of thanksgiving. Pseudo-Demosthenes in the 4th century BCE even said, "We have courtesans for pleasure, concubines to provide for our daily needs, and our spouses to give us legitimate children and to be the faithful guardians of our homes." (Against Neaera, 122) Despite the sexual free spirit of the Greeks, the punishment for adultery and rape were death.

Edward found himself back at the Red Light District again. It had been weeks since he had last been here. He had been trying to avoid it like the plague. The boy tried to ignore his tempting urges to come down here in the past. Ed swore up and down that he wouldn’t cheat on Winry again. (Even though he slept with Derdra, Shannon, and three hookers already, he was still fighting to keep his promise and make the relationship work. So far, that was easier said than done.) But, now he was desperate for relief and sleep. The porn wasn’t helping anymore. The alchemist needed some bigger game. The dog had now become a hungry savage dragon. Tonight, this beast was really hungry and was intent on driving its host to insanity until it got what it wanted. Don’t worry, it’s not really cheating! You are just seeking an outlet for this pent up lust that you have. The sooner you get it out, the sooner I’ll sleep again. Despite it being a different creature, it still told the same lie. Sadly, Ed still believed the dragon because he just wanted to sleep again like normal. (Good luck to that pal!)

Edward walked around the glamorous Lusty Hell for what felt like hours. Brothels were everywhere that he looked. Their lights were flashing brightly. Some had photos of naked women in the windows winking and blowing kisses at the customers. Ed thought that he might go crazy just be looking at them. He had to pick one fast or else the results would be ugly. He certainly didn’t want that to happen! But where could he choose from? The alchemist finally came to a brothel called Perfumed Lotus Palace. The building was made of dove white bricks with a lovely black Asian-style roof. The outside was will lit up. The pink fluorescent lights certainly drew many men to its ladies. The elegant fragrance could be smelled from right out the door. Scarlet red curtains covered the expensive tall glass windows. Perfumed Lotus Palace was in huge gold letters at the top of the banner above. Red paper lanterns with black tassels on the bottom hung from the charming canopy above as well. Edward couldn’t begin to imagine what could be inside. He was quickly aroused. The dragon was happy with the place itself. Well, what are you waiting for? A personal invitation? Go in already! I’m famished! Within seconds, Ed was walking into the brothel house like a moth to the flame.

Edward made it to the front desk. So far, no one was in the main lobby. Royal red was all over the place. The coffee table was a rich black wood. The low couches were black and gold. The front desk itself was perfect with its lovely black oak wood. The floor was covered in exotic carpet. More of the red paper lanterns hung neatly from the ceiling. A small waterfall ran softly in the background. Erotic music was playing from the black and gold speakers in the lovely corners. Red scented candles were lit to enhance the lusty atmosphere for the customers and hookers. Huge Japanese fans and naughty pictures of the girls in the house dominated the walls. Fullmetal was aroused just by looking at them. He couldn’t wait to make his selection. Ed stepped forward and rang the bell for service. “Coming!” a woman’s voice called out from the back. The alchemist waited for a good while. The suspense was making his pulse and heart pound in excitement. This was going to be a good night! It was lucky he came alone. Ralph and Matt had big mouths about things like that. One little slip from them, and Winry would be leaving him in a heartbeat! The boy just couldn’t afford that all over again! No! This had to be his little secret! Winry shouldn’t know about this until he was dead and buried!

The owner of the house came to the front desk. She was dressed in a long dark blue kimono with bright pink clips holding her dusty black hair back into a messy ponytail. Her nails were a sweet pearl pink color. Her make-up made her face looked painted on. “Can I help you?” the owner asked in a dull voice. Edward smiled at her and headed her a heavy wad of cash. The owner’s eyes lit up in delight. “Welcome sir!” she called out in a cheery voice. “Which girl would you like tonight?” The alchemist kept smiling at her. “Only your best!” he replied. “Certainly sir!” the owner called out. “Just look along the wall and point out who you want for the night.” “Don’t mind if I do!” Ed replied in joy. Then, he began looking around at what he wanted tonight.

There were so many girls to choose from. What was he in the mood for? Dominance? Submissive? Bondage? Maybe something soft and easy? Or the just basics? They were all beautiful girls. Ed settled for Leeds Girl in the end. “I’m ready to make my selection!” he called out. “Great!” the owner called out. “Who would you like tonight?” Edward grinned in pride in her. “Leeds Girl!” he called out. The owner grinned at his response. “Excellent choice!” she replied. Then, she handed him the key to 179. “Enjoy your night!” the owner called to him. “I sure will!” Ed thought as the owner pushed the call button to get in contact with the hooker of choice for the night. “I sure will!

Edward walked down the hall boldly. The same lusty red was all around him. The hall was very quiet. Brothels used sound proof material for their rooms now. “Perfect for tonight!” Ed thought in higher joy. He was going to be lucky tonight. The dry madness spell was finally coming to an end. This new dragon would finally eat and leave him to sleep for once. (One can dream, right?) The guy could barely contain himself. The excitement was just that powerful. He couldn’t wait to f**k Leeds Girl until dawn. He could almost taste her sweet garden on the tip of his tongue. Ed finally came to room 179. He drew in a deep and heavy breath as he put the key into the lock. His hand trembled as he turned the key. Ed took in another deep breath before carrying on with his mission. The boy slowly pushed the door open.

A cool cinnamon scented breeze greeted him like a dream. The room was a deep and heavy red just like everything else. It was like stepping into a sexy Asian wonderland. Red silk smooth candles were lit to add on to the romantic mood that was slowly blooming. Fresh rose petals were scattered all of the carpet in a graceful manner. The carpet looked a royal silk blanket for the high-class whores. The curtains were heavy and black for extra privacy. Black slept perfectly with the red like its lover. A fan was lightly blowing in the background to enhance the scent for the passionate atmosphere. Ed felt his arousal heighten even more. He had been waiting for this for days now! At long last, the alchemist was getting his deepest and darkest wish.

Then, Edward heard a low whistle. He turned and saw Leeds Girl. The hooker was sitting on a field of red rose petals spread over gorgeous red and black silk sheets on the queen size bed. She was just as beautiful as she was in the picture in the lobby. Her reddish-blonde hair came beautifully down to her small shoulders. Her thin bangs neatly covered her forehead. The hooker’s eyes were a dark blue color. Her lips were a thick and plump red color. The rest of her make-up looked well put on her face. Each color matched perfectly on her. Leeds Girl’s breasts were plump and real. All she had on was a red silk spaghetti strap nightie. Her toe and finger nails were perfectly painted in the same color. The alchemist got a slight nosebleed from seeing through her gown at her bare sexy parts. “H-Hello there!” he managed to say at last. “Hi!” the hooker replied. Her voice sealed the deal. He didn’t care if he was taken or not anymore. Ed just had to have her.

The alchemist quickly leapt on the bed and began kissing Leeds Girl like an excited little puppy. She playfully pushed him off. Edward stared at her confused. “W-Why did you stop?” he asked with a red flushed face. Leeds Girl smiled at him she lightly put her finger to his lips. “I have a better idea!” she whispered. Ed’s heart skipped a beat at that statement. He couldn’t wait to see what she was planning to do with him now.

Then she flipped him onto his back and climbed on top of him in a heated rushed. Ed began to like this idea alright. Leeds Girl bent down and began kissing on him passionately. The alchemist kissed back in delight. The hooker quickly ripped off his jacket and threw it to the petal-covered carpet. Ed just lied still as he let her slowly strip him down. He found it hard to do so however. “Her hands are so soft and warm!” Fullmetal thought as he began breathing heavily in deep dark desire. Why couldn’t Winry give him this every night? Leeds Girl slowly slid his shirt upwards. The major lifted up his arms freely so she would have an easier time with the process. Once the shirt was off, the hooker threw that to the floor as well. Next came his pants. Leeds Girl decided to play with her client a little bit before getting back to work. So, she slowly unzipped Ed’s leather and slid them down even slower. The hooker did the same with his boxers and threw both items to the floor carelessly. The alchemist began to panting even more as she did so. This foreplay was getting to be too much for him to take. He wanted some real action and he wanted it now! “Oh please stop playing with me!” he pleaded in aching desire. “Give me more! I beg of you miss! I can’t take the teasing anymore!”

Leeds Girl paused for a moment and sat up. She quickly ripped for her nightie and threw it straight to the floor. Edward couldn’t but stare at her naked body. Leeds Girl grinned at him wickedly. She had the perfect “service” in mind for him. The hooker began kissing on his neck and slowly moving downwards. Edward moaned slowly. The whore’s mouth was so moist and wet with powerful lust. Her licks and kisses became deeper and tenderer. The client’s moans became louder and louder. Sweat quickly formed on his body from the passion burning inside of him. At last, Leeds Girl came to her final destination and took his member into her sweet mouth. She began sucking slowly on it. Ed was now panting and groaning in deep pleasure. “MORE!” he called out. “GIVE ME MORE MISTRESS!!!” The hooker smiled to herself and quickly complied. For once in a whole day, she was actually having some fun! “He’s better than most of my clients!” the whore thought in delight. That coming out in her head drove her to suck, nibble, and lick on Ed’s cock even harder and faster.

After long moments of bliss, Edward came hard in Leeds Girl’s rich wet mouth. “AHHH!!!” the alchemist called out in sexual delight. The hooker sat up on her knees and swallowed the tasty manly gift with a cat-like smile on her face. “That was great!” she replied. Edward wanted to speak, but was too happy and tired to do so. All he did was pant and nod at her. Leeds Girl just smiled and lied beside of him.

She fell asleep right in his arms. Edward just lied there on the bed smiling at the ceiling. The dragon was sleeping peacefully tonight. “A man can just used to this!” he thought in great joy.