Blue Movie:

Simone’s Notes:

Transsexualism is a condition in which a person identifies with a physical sex different from the one that they were born with or assigned in cases where ambiguity of the child's sex organs led to assigning them a physical sex. Transsexualism is considered a taboo subject in many parts of the world and has become more widely known in Western nations in the late 20th century due to the sexual revolution, but remains a highly controversial topic. Negativism and discrimination about transsexualism may stem from religious beliefs or cultural norms however many cultures around the world and throughout time have not only held a place for transsexuals within their societies or even culturally sanction them, for example, the so-called two-spirit people in native American tribes.

Lt. Col. David Price was an interesting man. He was very good with numbers and data. He was the top dog of the North in the investigation beau. David was also good with advice. He was highly reliable. But, the man was a little… bizarre. The man was perfectly sane at times. Price was even recommended by other officers to work in higher up. He did almost everything by the book. Almost… You see, David had a little secret. He was a tranie! The Lt. Col. loved to wear his wife’s dresses, underwear, shoes, and make-up. His wife, Viola, was a little annoyed by this. With good reason too. She was always running off with her things. The couple constantly fought about it.

“But it’s my dress!” she would whine.

“So?” he would reply.

“Men don’t wear dresses!” Viola would yell out.

“That’s a very sexist thing to say, Viola!” David would yell out. Then, the argument would go on like that. Outside of work, the boys were perfectly aware of this, but they would say nothing. Was it really worth it to lose such valuable help?

Why do you need to know all of this and is it relative to the story? Well, no. But, one has to know these things for a player in Ai-Oni’s game. Now, onward with the story.

David was up late tonight typing some new data. This is what he did night after night. But tonight, his mind was elsewhere. He noticed something was different about Central City. The Lt. Col. didn’t have the right senses to find out what it was. Something was just wrong with the city. People were too in touch with their personal desires and such. Central Headquarters had become Flirt Central. The men were always hitting on the women or other men. Same thing went to the women with men and other women. Work was slowly slacking off, but not to the point of concern. However, one couldn’t help but to notice the situation. But that wasn’t the only that David noticed. There were a small handful of people with these strange-looking fallen mark tattoos on different places of their bodies. More and more of those kind were showing up everywhere. What could it mean? Was it a good sign or a bad sign? Santa Connor had that mark on the right side of her back. How did David know? He and Havoc went by to visit her this evening to see how she was since her husband’s death. The widow greeted them at the door with a slight smile on her face.

“Good evening, gentlemen!” she said to them. “Strange to see you guys here at this time of night. Oh well, come on in!” Then, the widow-succubus welcomed them into her house. Havoc turned to Price a little confused.

“The grieving widow, huh?” he asked. “Something doesn’t seem right here!”

“Right,” David said with a small nod. But he men went inside the house anyway. The rest of the evening was very chilling. The house was eerily quiet. The lt. col. and the lt. stayed close to each other the entire time. Santa served them tea gracefully.

“You okay, gentlemen?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am!” David and Jean answered with courtesy.

“Great!” Santa said happily. The men tried not to their discomfort to her. There was something disturbing about this woman. Her tone was just wrong. She sounded like a seductive serial killer. Lucky for the men, nothing happened to them. But they were certainly glad to get out them.

But Santa wasn’t the only one. Edward was acting strangely as well. He kept showing up late for work. The alchemist had become more charming and seductively lately. The women and men just kept help, but to notice him at all. He too had that fallen symbol on the right side of his neck. Edward always seemed to out late at night. He always smelt of coke and liquor. Plus, he and Santa seemed too close to each other at times. David and the other dogs of the military just kept figure out what was going on here. They knew something was wrong, but they just couldn’t identify it clearly.

David was still doing research when he heard footsteps coming into the room. The Lt. Col. froze and slowly turned behind him. His wife, Viola, was standing at the bottom of the stairway. She had her usual face of concern with him. Her long lilac hair was back in a braid. Her eyes were a deep emerald green. Viola’s body was young-looking for a woman in her early thirties. Her terry white bathrobe tightly wrapped around her body revealed her nice curves. She was one of the wise and older WAGs of the group.

“Working late tonight, dear?” Viola asked in a small child-like tone.

“Yeah!” David replied. “Don’t wait up for me.”

“Okay.” Viola replied. Then, she turned to go back up the stairs to bed. But then, a question popped into her husband’s mind. He tried to ignore it before, but now it wouldn’t leave his mind.

“Viola,” David said aloud. His wife paused and turned to him.

“Yes, David?” she asked. Her husband turned from his computer to her.

“Would you ever give into your deepest desires if you really wanted to?” he asked her boldly.

“Not really,” Viola answered. “I’d put too much at steak if I did. Why?” David just shrugged.

“No reason, really.” he said.

“Oh,” Viola said. “Good night, then.”

“Night!” David replied. Then, his wife headed off to bed. Thus another night of work for David that would soon lead to a disturbing discovery. One so shocking that it would just change everything for Ametris.