Blood Dragon:

Simone’s Notes:

In some jurisdictions, including Korea, Taiwan and Mexico, adultery is illegal. In the United States, laws vary from state to state. For example, in Pennsylvania, adultery is technically punishable by 2 years of imprisonment or 18 months of treatment for insanity, while in Michigan the Court of Appeals, the state's second-highest court, ruled that a little-known provision of state criminal law means that adultery carries a potential life sentence. In Maryland, adultery is punishable by a fine of ten dollars. That being said, such statutes are typically considered blue laws and are rarely, if ever, enforced. In the U.S. Military, adultery is a court-martialable offense only if it had been "to the prejudice of good order and discipline" or "of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces". This law has been applied to cases where both partners were members of the military, particularly where one was in command of the other or one partner and the other's spouse. The enforceability of criminal sanctions for adultery is questionable in light of Supreme Court decisions since 1965 relating to privacy and sexual intimacy, and particularly in light of Lawrence v. Texas, which protected the right of privacy for consenting adults.

Yasmine was lying asleep in her bed in Plum Hills Institution. She had been there over a week now. It was now April. Her nightmares about the day she died haunted her sleep. It was all happening again and she couldn’t escape it. Trent had been watching his ex for days. He smirked to himself coldly as he held the Stone of Isis of her. “Dear Yasmine,” the man said to her. “You were always one of the good ones.” Her face was always sweet-looking. So sweet, the Trent wanted to hit it hard over and over again. He loved seeing her in pain. He loved to see beautiful things in pain. Yasmine was no expectation to the rule. She would look even better as a bleeding corpse burning on a fire. Her death would be the only thing that would make him happy. This was his plan all along. Trent knew Yasmine wasn’t going to die that easily. He was so close with killing Yas four years ago. The man even stabbed her in the spleen with his best dagger to assure her death. But then, she was spared. Trent didn’t figure that one out until he tried to pick up baby Malachi and hold him. The man ended up getting shocked in the hands violently. “Damn it!!!” he yelled out. Then, Trent quickly put two and two together. “That bitch is still alive?!?” he thought in anger. For that moment on, Trent swore to hunt and kill Yasmine before he died. For four straight years, he had hunted for her. Now, the job could finally be finished!

“You and I had so much,” her ex began again. “The times before you were pregnant were the best. And the night after I tried to stab you. I still cringe when something mentions tea to me!” Jez walked up behind his master. Trent smiled to himself. “So glad for you to join, Jeremy.” he called. The false priest looked at the out cold hunter. “You can kill her slowly for all I care!” he called in an ugly tone. “The sight of this one makes me sick to my stomach!” Then, the false priest walked out. Trent smiled coldly to his out-cold ex. “I will miss the torture and games, my sweet.” he told her. “Farewell my love.” Then, Trent leaned down and lightly kissed Yasmine on the lips and left the room. But not before using the Stone of Isis one last time!

Meanwhile, Ella watched Syd pace around. Things weren’t so good for them so far. “Ai-Oni has picked another virgin to bear her baby!” Ella pointed out. “I know!” her bloke called. “Trent and Jez are still on the loose!” the bird called. “I know!” Syd said again. “Trent has Malachi…” Ella went on. “I know!!!” her boyfriend yelled out. “And Yas…” she began to say. “I KNOW!!!” Syd yelled out. “DO YOU NOT THINK I AM AWARE OF ARE PROBLEMS!!!” Silence came between them. “So, now what do we do?” the bird asked at last. “I don’t know yet!” Syd barked. “We have to get Yasmine out before we take any action on anything else!” Ella pointed out. “Yeah,” her bloke replied. “But how do we do all of that? We need someone to back us up with that?” Ell smiled at him happily. “We’ve got Steven!” she pointed out. Syd’s face quickly dropped. “Oh no!” he yelled out strongly. “But we have no choice,” Ella pointed out. “He’s her closet ally next to us now.” “But he’s a human!” her beau yelled out. “But that’s all we have at the moment!” Ella summed up. Syd stared at her in complete silence. He hated it when he lost to a woman in an argument. Ella smiled at him. “I will tell him everything first thing in the morning!” she concluded. Her bloke nodded in total silence. The bird smiled as she rose to her feet. “Good night!” she called. Then, she headed right to bed. Syd stared around her in shock. “How the hell did that happen?” he thought at last.

Outside in the streets, Jez was walking Judd home for the bar. He had tricked the man into going out with him for a drink so that they could “talk.” But really, this was part of the wicked priest’s plan to seduce Monique for his own. Gates refused at first because he doesn’t normally drink. “That’s okay,” Jez went on. “You can order something non-alcoholic!” It was work, but the colonel finally said yes. So, they talked over drinks. Judd kept going on about how Monique was annoyed at the perverted caller calling their house and asking her lewd questions. “She thinks I care more about the Night Slayer case than her,” the man went on. “How stupid does that sound?” “She’s only concerned.” the priest reminded him. “That’s true,” Judd said before finishing his second tea. Jez made his plan easier by drugging Gates drinks with pills to make him drunk. These were just simple like the pills he slipped Yasmine. They mimicked alcohol in any drink. Gates had only a few glasses of green tea and had become completely wasted. “I don’t *hic* know h-happened to *hic* me!” the man called out. “Listen,” the wicked priest spoke up. “I need to get you home, buddy!” Then, he took the other man under his arm and led him out of the bar. They came to a phone booth. “Here,” Jez said. “You need to call your wife just to let her know where you are!” Judd nodded drunkenly.

Then, he staggered into the phone booth, Jez helped him put the money, dial his house. They waited for the other line to ring. While they did, the evil priest whispered lecherous words into the colonel’s ears to tell his wife. “Hello?” Monique said on the other line. “Hey Momo!” Judd began. “Do you take it up yours in the back?” His wife became pale with disgust. “JUDD!!!” she screamed out. “I can’t believe you!!! How could you pull that with my problem at this time? You bastard!!!” Then, she hung up in anger. “Baby *hic* come back!” her husband yelled into the receiver. But all he got was silence. Judd grinned to himself in triumph. “Now to finish the whole plot by morning!” he thought. “Aw,” the false priest said in a fake sympatric voice. “She’ll forgive you by morning. Now come on, I’ll take you home now.” “Thanks… pal!” Judd called out before passing out. Then, Jez dragged him back to his house.

By morning, Steven was getting himself and Paul breakfast. The man felt guilty about not staying with Yasmine before she got committed. “Maybe she wouldn’t be in Plum Hills now.” he thought. “I wish I could’ve helped her more!” Well, he would get that chance pretty soon. Then, came a knock on his door. The lt. col. looked up out curiosity. “Hm?” he thought. “Who could that be so early in the morning?” Then, Steven walked over to the door and opened it. Ella stood in front of him with a serious look on her face. The lt. col. was considered. “Ella?” he asked. “What’s wrong?” “There’s no time!” she said quickly. “I have to tell you truth about Yasmine!” Steven stared at her with big eyes. “W-What do you mean?” he asked. “Can’t explain that right as this very second!” she exclaimed at loud. Then, the hunter woman forced herself inside and shoved him into a chair. Then, she quickly shut the door behind them.

Things weren’t looking so good for Judd. First, his wife wouldn’t talk to him at all. The man was wondering why. “Momo?” he asked in concern. Monique didn’t answer. “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” he tried again. His wife tried to ignore him. Now, Gates was really worried. “Momo, did I do something wrong to you?” he asked again. That *really* upset his wife. She whipped around to him harshly. Her husband really was worried. “Do you want to know what the problem is, mister?” she snapped. “You’ve treated me like a child all of my married life!” The colonel raised an eyebrow at her. “What do you mean?” he asked. His wife wanted to strangle him so badly. She had obviously forgotten all of the nice things he had done for her. “You just do!” she yelled out. “Then, you turn around and leave perverted calls to me so I *would* have to rely on you!” That really confused Judd. “What are you talking about?” he asked. “I would never that to you! You know me better than that!” Right then, there came a knock on the door. Judd quickly hurried over to answer it. The police were right in front of him. “Is there a problem, gentlemen?” the colonel asked. “Colonel Judd Gates,” the head officer spoke up. “You are under arrest for harassment calls to your wife!” That really blew Gates away. Monique watched in silence as her husband was being arrested, read his rights, and led out of his house.

Outside, Jez smiled to himself evilly. “It’s all set!” he thought in malice. “All I just need to do is come and claim my prize tonight! They can’t even stop me! This was just too easy!” Then, the false priest walked off to work again. But sadly, his party would be ended again.

“Years ago,” Ella began with Steven. “Yasmine lived with her ex Trent. She was completely loyal to him. But, he treated him like total shit. He abused her day and night. She used to be submissive and cry afterwards. But then, she became pregnant with his child and things became worse. Yas fell in love with another man and slept with him. With his love and care, she finally found the strength and courage she had always had before she met Trent. That bastard didn’t catch on until he noticed that she wasn’t crying anymore and always fighting back. So, he began spying on her ans discovered her lover. Out of jealousy, he killed her lover and accused her adultery just so he could torture and kill her. Our council wouldn’t allow it because Yasmine was seven and a half months pregnant. So, he removed the baby and unknown to her and council, he nursed Malachi to health and raised him.” “So, she’s a deity or whatever and she didn’t know that her son was still alive until now?” Steven asked. “Correct,” Ella replied. “Trent tortured Yasmine into confessing her crimes. She refused to do so, thus Trent lying to the court on her trial and her being sentenced to die. The son of a bitch walked over to her tied to her cross on execution day, kissed her, and stabbed her in spleen before they burned her.” “That’s awful!” the lt. col. yelled out. “Yes,” the huntress agreed. “But, she was rescued and taken into the fields. Syd and I revived her from her death. Yas decided to take revenge by working for Syd to kill Trent. However, that son of a bitch used the Stone of Isis on her to cause her to relive that dreadful die of her life and drove her insane. Thus her being at Plum Hills.” “So, what can I do?” Steven asked at last. Ella leaned in close. “We need your help to try and get her out!” she ordered. Walker’s eyes grew big quickly. “But…” he began. “No buts!” Ella shot back. “Yasmine needs you! If she stays there, she will die! Do you want that to happen to her?” Steven shook his head quickly. “Then, help us get her out of Plum Hills!” the huntress ordered again. “Yes!” the lt. col. called. “Good!” Ella replied. “Where can she stay where she can be safe afterwards?” Steven thought about that for a moment. “There is an abandoned warehouse near the edge of town!” he answered quickly. “Great!” the huntress called. “Now, let’s go!” “Right!” the man called. Then, they hurried out the door.

Night fell at long last. Syd, Ella, Steven, and Jez were already with their plots for the night.

Syd, Ella, and Steven’s Night

The trio made it to Plum Hills Intuition. The place had wind down for the night. Syd looked around for security. When it was clear, he turned back to his crew. “Okay,” he said quickly. “We will all go in, Steven, you get what room she’s in, Ella you go in and get Yas with Steven, and I’ll fight off anyone that comes in between. You got me?” “Right!” Steven ans Ella said together. Then, they all headed into the intuition. So far, there were no problems. Steven walked over to the front desk easily. He rang the bell hard. “Coming!” a voice called. Ella and Syd remained hidden so that they wouldn’t be seen while they got the data. The receptionist came to the front desk. He looked completely tired. “What do you want?” he asked. “I would like to know what room Yasmine is in.” Steven said bravely. The receptionist looked at him flatly. “Sorry,” he said. “But she isn’t allowed any visitors!” “But, I was officially send here to check on her!” the lt. col. argued. The receptionist woke up at that response. “Oh in that case,” he replied. “She’s in room 111!” “Thank you, sir!” Walker replied quickly. Then he, Syd, and Ell hurried right down the hall to save their friend.

They all found Yasmine’s room quickly. Steven opened it quickly. Yas was lying on her bed asleep. She looked as pale as a corpse. Steven looked on in terror. “Is she…dead?” he asked. “Not yet!” Ella answered. “Now, come on! Help me get her!” “Right!” the lt. col. called. Then, they hurried in. Ella and Steven quickly and carefully pulled Yas out the bed. They were just about to leave when they heard someone ask, “And where do you think you’re going with her?” The duo turned to see Trent himself smirking at them. He rose to his feet slowly and walked over to them slowly. “Back off, you son of a bitch!” Syd yelled from the doorway. He was armed with his sword. “Ell, Steven! Take Yas and run!” They nodded and quickly ran. Syd turned back to Trent. “If you want to fight,” he called. “Fight me!” The other deity snickered at him. That only made his former friend even angrier. “What the hell is so damn funny, Trent?” he snapped. The other man turned to him. “You aren’t worth my time!” he replied. “Besides, I was getting bored with killing her this way anyway! Good night!” Then, the tyrant disappeared into the night. Angry, Syd went after his bird and the lt. col.

Jez’s Night

The false priest made it straight to Monique’s house. He quietly knocked on the door. “Coming!” the woman called form inside. Jez waited in excited patience. He almost had his prized desire in his grasp. Then, the door opened and there stood Monique. “Oh, Jez! It’s you!” she called out. “Do come in!” The wicked priest complied. “It was awful!” Monique called out. “My own husband the pervert! I can’t believe it! How could he do this to me?” “I don’t really know!” Jez replied. Mrs. Gates sat down on the couch and broke down into nervous tears. Then, the priest decided to make his move on her. “Here,” he said. “Let me take away your pain!” Then, he leaned down and lightly kissed her on the lips. Monique found herself overwhelmed with desire. She quickly kissed back. Pretty soon, one thing led to another.

In the end, Jez and Monique found themselves in bed together. The woman cuddled up to the dark deity. “Jez,” she said softly. “Stay with me please!” The wicked priest smiled to himself evilly. “Yes, I will, my love!” he said in a false sweetness. “I will always be here!” But sadly, this would never be.