Simone’s Notes:

Sex is a powerful weapon. It can be used to persuasive the opposite sex to do certain deeds they normally wouldn’t do. Sex is used as a motivation as well. It can drive humans to their best or worst. It all depends on the situation at hand. Sex can also be used as a trap. Blackmail is often sex’s first choice as a trap. The predator uses blackmail in order to trap its victim in bed with them. The escapade can go now until the predator gets bored with its prey or the prey finally gets strong and tells the truth to a higher power.

Edward had another thing coming if he thought he would finally get some rest from this oversexed day. It all started with the beginning birth of Red Light China. He slid open the Inn door to find Kenisuke Kamiya with a whole bottle of his own Bloody Mary. “Edward!” he exclaimed in joy. “Great that you are here! You’re just in time!” The young alchemist stared at the vampire in complete confusion. “In time for what?” he asked. Kenisuke kept grinning at him in pride. “To celebrate, of course!” the vampire boomed out. “Celebrate what?” Ed asked. “Matt and Ralph got their licenses today!” Kenisuke said out loud. This really confused the young alchemist. “Licenses for what?” he asked. “To run an escort service and erotica entertain business!” the vampire announced. *Edward falls over to the ground* “It figures those two clowns would try to do something borderline illegal!” he said aloud. “Well come on,” the vampire called out. “The others are waiting for us in the chow hall!” Kenisuke then grabbed Edward by the hand and dragged him into the dining hall.

Meanwhile, Colonel Mustang had problems of his own. He was walking back to Central Headquarters in distress. Colonel French was having a field day with his rejection from Nurse Ray. “Oh no! Not the great Colonel Mustang getting rejected by a woman!” she kept saying in a loud voice in cold sarcasm. “About time! You seemed to have lived in this fantasy world where all of the girls think you are an attractive god! Well, guess what? You aren’t this attractive god. The little girls may love you, but the real women don’t!” It took all of his self-control not to strangle the evil bitch to death. So many times he was tempted to do so. So many times, so many times! It bad enough to hear her voice mocking him constantly, he didn’t need the on-looking sympathy from his men every time he walked by. If made Mustang wonder what keep of boyfriend that Nurse Ray had to make her turn him down. (Ha! If he had only known!) But soon, French’s taunts would be a walk in the park compared to this next problem coming up.

“COLONEL!!!!” Mustang heard someone yell out. He slowly turned behind him. Two officers rushed towards him. “What is it?” the colonel asked them. The men had a woman between them. Roy could tell she was a wild woman. Her red hair was long loose and red. Her gold eyes looked filled with every liquor known to man. Her sliver earrings moved wildly with her head as she fought with the men. The woman was dressed in tight revealing clothes. Her black halter top showed heavy duty cleavage and midriff. She clearly wasn’t wearing a bra, because her big stripper boobs were flopping around like flags on a windy day as she struggled to get free from her captors. Her see-through flowery skirt only covered her crotch and ass. The woman’s tight fish net stocking clung onto her strong womanly legs. Her black and gold stiletto heels gave her height. But that wasn’t the complete turn-off for Mustang. The woman’s make-up was slutty and messy with its strong massive bright colors. He resisted asking her, “Aren’t you cold without any underwear on?”

“We found this hooker trying to do business with some of the guards at the gate.” one of the men said. “Take your hands off of me, you jackass!” the woman snapped as struggled to get free. She stepped on the man’s foot violently with her black and gold heel. “OW!!!!!” the soldier yelled in pain as he turned her loose. The other man held her as tightly as he could. The colonel could clearly tell she was one of those loud foul-mouthed drinking druggie type whores. “What man would want to sleep with her is beyond me!” Mustang thought in disgust. “You bitch!” his comrade hissed out loud. “Serves ya right for rough-handling a lady like me!” she barked in a sharp tone. “Bring her to my office.” Mustang told the other man. “Yes sir!” the private said to his boss. “Let go of me, dumbass!!!” the hooker screamed out. She tried to fight him off but to no avail. Her captor kept grabbing onto her tightly. She kept using taunts and some nice four-letters words and insults to the men along the way. This was clearly the first time Mustang ever wanted to hit a woman in his life! “She makes French look like a saint!” he thought in bitter disgust.

Mustang wasn’t the only one dealing with a whore. Shannon Parker was hungry yet again. Not for food, but for a man in her bed. Particularly, a certain young blonde alchemist. But how to do so in a way that he can’t refuse her. The woman had used up most of her tricks on him. She had to come up with a new method to seduce Edward. “Check it out!” Ralph called out as he and Matt showed off their new escort and erotica dealer licenses. “Are those real?” Laurence asked his older brother. Ralph grinned at him proudly. “Of course they are!” he called out. “Why would we even go through the trouble and the paper work?” “Okay…” Laurence said uneasily. He just didn’t want his brother to end up in jail again.

Ralph walked up to the podium. “Everyone!” he called out. All of the other Dark Moons looked up at him. The new pimp smiled as he held out his gold and crystal glass. “I purpose a toast!” Ralph called out. “To the birth of Red Light China!!!!” “Cheers!” the others called out as they raised their glasses. Then, everyone took a drink. Edward sat at the table looking miserable as he was lost in his thoughts. Stef Thomas lightly nudged him. “Come on, Ed! Smile!” he said aloud. The young alchemist turned to him, gave him a small smile, and dropped it again. Stef felt a little pity for the guy. “You want to talk about it?” he asked the young boy. Edward shook his head softly. “Okay,” Stef said to him. “But, we will talk later!” Ed just nodded at him. Stef smiled at him and went back to his drink.

Shannon was watching Edward the whole time. She smiled at him as she took slow sips of her peach wine. Right then, she had the perfect plan to lure the young alchemist back into her bed. “Aw, don’t worry Ed-kun!” the married mistress thought with a naughty grin. “Mama’s here to take your pain away!” The woman took another sip of her wine. Edward Elric clearly wasn’t going to get any sleep tonight.

The hooker sat angrily in Mustang’s office. She sat like a wild whore would in a chair. Her seating caused her skirt ride up halfway to her lower cheeks. Mustang sat down in front of her. What was with this broad? Was she insane to solicit on a military base? “Miss,” the colonel spoke up. The hooker turned to him. “What?” she snapped. Her voice was like stepping on a cat’s tail to Roy. He tried his hardest to keep his temper under the flames. The policies don’t allow prostitution on the base,” Mustang went on. “But I have decided to let you off with a warning this time, miss…” “Tawny.” the hooker said. “Tawny,” the colonel repeated. “Just solicit away the base.” Tawny just couldn’t help but laugh at that warning. Roy raised his eyebrow at her. “I don’t understand what you find funny at this simple request.” he said. The hooker stopped laughing and looked up at the Flame Alchemist. “Do you really think I’m going to do that?” she asked him. “Everyone knows that soldiers are the best clients to my kind! They get pretty lonely during time away from their wives and families. So I see myself and others as the cure to the blueness they get!”

Every word she said angered Mustang. He had never had such smut before in his life. Even through that was the truth, she made it sound so dirty. “Bullshit!!!” he yelled out. “I don’t believe such garbage about our men!” The hooker kept smiling at him. “Why?” she asked. “You know, I’m telling the truth, right? Or… are an innocent little virgin? Face it! It’s a fact of life and I’m only answering the desperate need of every soldier here.” That really pushed Mustang of the edge. She was definitely worse than Renee French. But at least French wasn’t as crass as this tactless bitch. It took even more of Mustang’s self control not to slap Tawny in the face. “I want you off of this base now!” he snapped. “And if anyone reports see you around here again, I’ll have you in jail right away!” Tawny became angry as well. “Over my dead body, you will!!!” she barked. “And if you do, I’ll take you down with me! I’m pretty sure the press would be interested in all of the kinky things your men get up on their down time. Orgies, bondage, gay experiences, and the whole lot! The top officials will have your head faster than you say ‘court marshal!’ Now, that wouldn’t look good on your record, now would it?” Mustang stood there staring at the bold hooker. He was clearly too angry to even talk now. The colonel that she was speaking the truth. One little slip from this broad or any others like her, and the people would hate the military even more!

Tawny grinned at that long pause of stunned silence. “What’s wrong, colonel?” she asked in a sneaky voice. “Cat gone your tongue because I told it like it was?” Words weren’t what the colonel was feeling. All he felt was pure hate and violence towards this loud crass hooker. The whore lightly flipped back her wild red hair. “Well then,” she said. “I’ll take my leave for the night. Business is dead out here tonight anyway.” Then she got up and walked to the door. But then, she turned to Mustang and said, “Good night, colonel!” Oh, how Roy wanted to run after her and beat the crap out of when the door slammed shut. “She’s just like Colonel French!” he in annoyed disgust. “Only worse!” Mustang sat back down and sighed aloud. He now had two annoying women to deal with.

Edward finally escaped to the back court yard. The night was so fresh and clear. Finally, he could clear his head and think straight for once. Ha! If only it was that easy! Within the few seconds he had to himself, Ed heard a small rustle in the bushes. He quickly turned behind him. Right then, the young alchemist knew who it was. “Alright, Shannon!” he called out. “What do you want? I know it’s you!” The married randy woman emerged from the shrubs and stood to her feet tall. Edward tried to fight the newly reopened desire for her yet again. He couldn’t take his eyes off her tight strapless bright yellow and pink ribbon design dress, hot pink four-inch high heels, pedicure feet, and glossy make-up. “She’s married, you numbskull!” Ed thought to himself. “This is the woman who led you astray the first time! Don’t fall into her trap again!” He tried his best to look away from the married sex nymph. Shannon couldn’t help but giggle at him. “I love the effect I have on him!” she thought lustfully.

“What do you want, Shannon?” Edward asked again. The married sex nymph stepped closer. “Isn’t obvious?” she asked in a sexual tone. She knelt down a little bit to him. “I want you back in my bed with me.” she whispered in a low voice. Edward felt himself giving hard just by feeling her hot better on his ear and cheek. The offer sounded to delicious to pass up. Here he was with a hot-looking older babe that wanted to do it with him right away. He wanted this so badly… No! Edward dragged himself back to reality. He quickly backed away from her. Shannon kept looking at him in an innocent and sexy way. “What’s wrong?” asked in a matching tone. “Forget it, Shannon!” the young alchemist yelled out. “You are the reason why Winry and I almost broke up! You are not dragging me down that path again! Goodbye!” The married nymph tried to looked crushed by his rejection. Ed turned away. “That’s not going to work on me this time!” he said aloud. Shannon tried to look as if she was pouting in disappointment that her little tactics were failing her on this go-around. The young alchemist began to walk away bravely. He had won the battle, or so he thought.

Shannon grinned to herself in satisfaction. “It’s working! Now for the big guns!” she thought in wicked delight. “If you don’t sleep with me, I’ll tell your little girlfriend and your *other* little girlfriend what a man-whore you are!” she called out loud. Edward stopped dead in his tracks in fear. “B-But how could she know about Derdra, Shanghai Girl, and Moscow Girl? I didn’t tell anybody about them at all!” he thought in nervous terror. The young alchemist turned to his mistress slowly. Shannon stood there smiling back at him. “So what do you say?” she asked. Edward walked back to her with his head hanging low in defeat. Shannon had her answer. “Excellent,” she said in a seductive voice. “You’ve made the right decision.” She turned back to the inn. “I’m going back to my room, shower, and put on something sexy.” the sex nymph told him. “See you in ten minutes.” Then, Shannon walked back into the inn. Edward stood there in uncomfortable silence. “What have I gotten myself into now?” he thought in defeat.

Within ten minutes, Edward found himself at the door of Shannon and Perry’s room. He swallowed hard as he knocked on the door. “Coming!” Shannon called out sexually. Ed’s heart raced even faster as his groin became even harder. This was so wrong, but yet, he wanted this so badly! The door slowly opened and there stood Shannon. She was dressed in a short and lacy black and pink teddy that was see-through. Ed felt his cheeks grow red as he saw that she didn’t have any panties on underneath. Shannon kept smiling at him. “So glad you could make it.” she said in a low husky voice. The young alchemist could barely speak. This was just like the first time he lost his virginity to her. Ed just couldn’t take his eyes out of her. The mistress couldn’t help but smile.

“Well,” she said at last. “Shall we start?” Ed just couldn’t talk. All he could do was nod. Shannon just smiled right at him. “That’s good, my little pet.” she replied. Then she knelt down and kissed him right on the lips. Edward felt his body get lighter with passion. Instantly, wanted to actually screw his former mistress again, just for old time sake. His mistress quickly dragged her boy toy inside, closed and locked the door behind him. The heated passion rose higher as they continued kissing. Shannon let herself fall back onto the bed, taking Edward with her. She reached pulled off his jacket. The young alchemist didn’t even bother resisting. Once she got that free into her small hands, Shannon flung the jacket to the floor and worked on Edward’s shirt. The young alchemist tried to restrain himself in order to spare the moment. But it was so hard… “He hands are so soft!” he thought in excitement. Shannon slowly worked her way down to his pants. The touch of her fingertips down his chest and stomach gave him happy chills up and down his spine. The young alchemist began to wonder how much more of this teasing could he take. The mistress slowly undid his pants and slid them down in the same way. The trapped heat within her boy toy’s body shot up even higher. He quickly grabbed onto Shannon’s gown and quickly slid it off. Edward got lost into deeper desire just by looking at her naked curvy body. He was dying to thrust himself into over and over again. The suspense was killing him.

Shannon grinned devilishly at him. “Watching him suffer is so much fun!” she thought lustfully. Then the mistress grabbed a hold of Edward’s boxers and quickly yanked them off. Shannon then slowly spread her legs for him. Ed couldn’t help but grin at himself. He was getting ready to enter the garden when his mistress stopped him. The young alchemist looked at her wondering why. “Tsk. Tsk.” Shannon said. Then she reached to the nightstand next to her. She opened the drawer and stuck her hand inside. Edward watched as she drew out a condom. “Don’t want anymore children.” Shannon said. The young alchemist nodded as he took the small shield, opened it, and put it on. “Now, you can enter.” her eyes seemed to say. Ed grinned and did so. He began thrusting into her wildly like a mad horse. Shannon held onto him and moaned aloud. That only pushed the boy toy to go even faster.

The passionate ride lasted for twenty whole minutes with him coming wildly in latex shield and collapsing onto his mistress. Shannon lied still panting. She looked deeply into her boy toy’s eyes. “Aren’t you glad I talked you into this?” she asked aloud. Edward looked away in mixed shame and gladness. The mistress kept grinning to herself. “I love it when I win!” she thought.