Simone’s Notes:

Rape is a form of assault where an individual forces another to have sexual intercourse against that person’s will. Most experts believe the primary cause of rape is an aggressive desire to dominate the victim rather than an attempt to achieve sexual fulfillment. They consider rape an act of violence rather than principally a sexual encounter. Rape is generally considered one of the most serious sex crimes and can be very difficult to prosecute. Sexual violence can also be a war crime under international law. Consent may be absent due to duress arising from the use, or threat, of overwhelming force or violence, or because the subject is incapacitated in some way such as intoxication and/or underage innocence. In some cases coercion might also be used to negate consent.

The morning at St. Mary’s Touch Hospital started out as normal. Nurses and doctors were busy as usual. Today was busier than usual. There was a massive party last night in a club downtown and a fight broke out there. The end results were bloody. Many ambulances were called on scene in a flash. There were many stories about how it started. Some were saying it was over a woman. Others saw it was something petty like a car or to prove who was more of a man. But either way, everyone needed help. Everyone was right on work with the two people that started the whole mess. Izzie was coming back from the supply room with more bandages when she paused in terror. Sergeant Darius Lennon was one of the men who started the fight. He had a black eye and a bleeding hand. Nurse Morrison recognized him instantly. She nearly dropped the bandages to the ground. “It’s him…” the nurse thought. It was actually him! Darius Lennon was right in the flesh at St. Mary’s Touch. Fear took over her mind again. She began to remember the dark and horrible nights with Lennon…

“Izzie!” a voice yelled out. The nurse quickly looked up and saw Mia in front of her. Her older friend looked annoyed at the moment. “Yes?” her friend quickly asked. “Where are the bandages I had you to get?” Nurse Ryan asked strongly. Izzie paused for a moment. “Uh… right here!” she said at last. Then, she handed her housemate the bandages. Nurse Ryan took them sharply. “This isn’t the time for you to be slacking off! Stay up with us!” she lectured. “Alright.” Nurse Morrison said softly as she nodded. Then, Mia went back to work. Izzie fell into sick startle again and hurried away down the hall.

Izzie hid in the bathroom crying. She had the faucet running on high. The nurse didn’t want her friends to see for like this. They didn’t know what happened eight years ago! Seeing Darius again reopened some old wounds that she had tried to close up. Eight whole years. It had been eight whole years since she was in hell with him. She couldn’t tell a single soul about what was going on. But she had to keep or it would all go down the drain for her and her family. But it was even painful to bear. Her mother knew, but she did nothing to stop it. He might not even remember, but the nurse sure did! It was typical! The ax always forgot, but the tree always remembered. Izzie began to cry again. It wasn’t fair! Why should she have to suffer with the past?

Then, a thought came to Nurse Morrison. The tears stopped in an instant at this realization. Yes! Why should she have to suffer with the past? It should be him that suffers this time! That’s right! Darius Lennon should suffer for all that he had done to her! Right then, the nurse began to smile again. She had the perfect way to make Darius Lennon pay! Izzie grinned as she cut the water off and cleaned her face. “Well now,” she thought. “Looks like I will finally put an end to my misery at long last!” Then, she made a mental list of things that she needed to get. She could just take the rest of the day off and sick call in sick. But in order to claim revenge, the prey had lured into the trap. Izzie smiled to herself as she left the bathroom. This was really going to be juicy. She would have peace with herself at long last.

Darius was in the clinic getting treatment for his hand when Izzie walked in sexually to him. Her breasts caught his attention to the fullest. The nurse’s blonde ponytail bounced as she walked on. Her lips were perfectly glossed. Lennon couldn’t help but stare. Izzie smiled sweetly at her. It was time to put on an Oscar-worthy performance. The nurse made it right over to the target. “Sergeant Lennon!” she said aloud professionally. “You’re here because you got a piece of glass stuck in your hand.” “Yep!” Darius boosted loudly. Izzie tried to hold down her breakfast boldly. “You’ve gotten more obnoxious over the years, haven’t you?” she thought to herself. Nurse Morrison got herself back in check “Now, they’ve take the glass out,” she went on. “But I have been sent in to treat it.” Lennon grinned at her happily. He didn’t recognize her just as she had predicted and expected. “Great!” he called out. “I was getting bored with sitting here when I could be doing other things!” Izzie got out the bandages and peroxide from the first aid kit. “Oh really?” she asked. “Like what?” Darius tried to tell the truth in a way that wouldn’t make him sound like a loser. “Just hanging out with the boys!” he replied at last. Izzie began to work her charm upon him in order to put her plan into action. “Aw,” she spoke up. “Why bother with the guys tonight when you can spend it with a hot lady like me?” The sergeant’s eyes lit up in a flash. “Are you hinting something at me?” he asked happily. Izzie turned to him smiling. “Do you want a date?” she asked as began treating his hand. “Do I?” Lennon asked happily. Izzie smiled at him. “Okay then,” Nurse Morrison replied. “I’ll see on Friday night!” Darius nodded happily. “Great!” he called out. The nurse then smiled and finished with his hand. “See you then!” she called. Then, Izzie walked away smiling. Phase one was complete! Now to get the supplies.

For the next couple of days, Izzie didn’t show up for work. Her friends, Vato, and Isaac were wondering why. Falman was really concerned because she wasn’t here to stand over him and watch him write as usual. He was worried that she might have been sick or something. “Nurse Chopin!” the warrant officer called to the junior nurse as she walked by the front desk. Derdra stopped and turned to him. “Yes?” she asked. Falman turned and looked at her. “Do you know how Izzie is doing?” he asked. Nurse Chopin just shrugged at him as she shook her head. “No,” she replied. “She won’t even open her door and talk to us! She seems to be eating late and by herself lately.” Then, Derdra went back to work. Vato stood there watching. Now, he was really worried. He hoped that something hadn’t happened to Izzie. “Hey!” he heard someone called. The warrant officer looked up to see Isaac staring at him. “What is it?” Falman asked trying to sound normal. “She’s not here again today, right?” Jakob’s older brother asked in disappointment. “No,” Vato replied. Isaac’s face dropped. “It’s been three days now.” he pointed out. “I know,” the warrant officer replied. “What could be wrong?” Jakob’s older brother shrugged. They both feared the worse.

That evening, Darius came out to the streets like planned. Night life was now taking effect. The sergeant waited in excitement. It’s been a while since he had used the “stallion” as he called it. Now, it would be in good use again. (Oh, little did he know…) A black jeep pulled up in front of him. Izzie reached over and opened the door for him from the inside. Her “date” peeked inside the vehicle to get a better look at her. The nurse had on slender girly jeans and a light orange tank top with her blonde hair loose and down. Izzie had on a little less make-up than what she usual wore at work. She smiled sweetly at him. The plan was now into action. Lennon grinned to himself. “You’re here!” he called. “Just as I promised!” the nurse called. Darius happily climbed into the jeep and closed the door. Nurse Morrison drove away farther downtown.

“So where are we going tonight?” Darius asked excitedly. Izzie smiled to herself sweetly. “I can’t tell you,” she replied. The sergeant looked as he was disappointed. “Aw, why not?” he asked harmlessly. The nurse kept smiling at him. “It’s a surprise!” she replied. Lennon was overjoyed at hearing that. “Great!” he called. “Then, we could go somewhere private. Just the two of us. I’d let you undress some while I get the stallion ready.” That word made Izzie go pale shutter in fear. Old memories started back up again.


Eight years ago. Izzie was sleeping peacefully in bed when the door opened. She slowly woke up to see a shadowy figure in the doorway. He was a young man about eighteen years old. The boy was only dressed in black boxer shorts. He seemed to be in a horny mood and the year girl just happened to be there at the time. Izzie became really freaked out by the sight of him. Darius moved in closer to his prey. “I’ll show you the stallion!” he whispered to her as he stood over her. “No.” Izzie mumbled to her in a tired voice. “Come on!” Darius said to her. “I’ll show you the stallion!” “I don’t want to!” the girl pleaded out. But sadly, her begging fell on deaf ears. The boy climbed into her bed on top of her back and shoved himself into her. He rode her madly. Izzie just lied there on her stomach in tears. This was the start of her nights in Hell with Darius Lennon. She could never tell anybody the truth. Otherwise, “I will tell everything that your father really does!” he threatened. Afraid of going back to a life of poverty if her father went to jail for his shady businesses, Izzie kept quiet and let the older boy do as he pleased with her in bed-- whether she wanted it or not!


Izzie tried her best not to cry as she remembered the multiple times Darius had raped her. She held onto the steering wheel tightly. “No!” the nurse thought to herself. “I do not get to break down tonight! I must take revenge or else I might top myself!” Izzie took in a few breathes and forced herself to focus again.

They drove out into the woods. Izzie stopped the jeep. Darius looked around like a happy little puppy. “Is this part of the surprise?” he asked. The nurse smiled to herself darkly. “Why yes,” she answered. “It is.” The sergeant was really happy then. “Great!” he called out. Then, they both got out of jeep and began walking along the dirt path into the woods. Darius stood close to Izzie the whole time. The nurse had mixed feelings at the moment. All was going to plan so far. The bag of supplies was strapped tightly onto her back. (“It’s some fun items for the night!” she lied to him.) Nurse Morrison had to stay strong to carry on. She really needed this!

Izzie led Darius into a small park shed. She paused open the door gracefully. “After you!” the nurse called. The sergeant blind went in. She followed behind, closing and locking the shed door behind them. Inside was pretty dark. Lennon could barely see a thing. Izzie stepped in front of him and took him by the hand. “Just follow me,” she told him. The sergeant’s heart was racing wildly. “I hope I am going to enjoy this!” he called out. “So do I!” the nurse thought strongly. She led him into a chair and lightly pushed him into it. Darius was really excited. “Have I been a bad boy?” he asked in joy. “Yes!” the nurse replied. Then, she set down her bag and unzipped it. The nurse pulled out some rope and tied him tightly with it. The sergeant giggled to himself. Izzie looked at him smiling. “Now,” she said. “I’m going to get ready. Stay here!” Then, Izzie disappointed through the back way of the shed. Darius waited in excitement. But soon, the evening would turn sour for him.

Meanwhile at the house, Anjia and Daphine became considered. Izzie hadn’t come out of her room in three days. Something had to be up! So, they finally made it to her door. Daphine turned to Anjia. “After you!” she told her. The other nurse rolled her eyes and unlocked the door. The girls nodded to each other and opened the door. Inside was… empty! Daphine and Anjia became pale. This wasn’t really good! That could only mean one thing. “We have to find her!” Anjia called out. “Yeah!” her friend called. Then, the nurses hurried down the stairs before anything else could happen to their friend and housemate.

Hours had gone by. Darius began to catch on that something wasn’t right. “IZZIE!!!” he yelled out. “THIS ISN’T FUNNY!!!! GET ME OUT OF THIS!!!” “Shut up, you pig!!!” a voice yelled out. The sergeant quickly looked forward. The barrel of a rifle was inches in his face. At the other end was Nurse Izzie Morrison. She was looking like a bitch from Hell. The sergeant quickly became afraid. “W-What is this?!?” he asked startled. “You don’t remember do you?” the nurse snapped. “It’s been eight whole years!” Lennon stared at her confused. “Remember what?” he asked. “This should help!” the nurse barked. Izzie slowly lowered the rifle and held back her hair in a ponytail with her bangs going loose. Instantly, Darius’s memory came back in a flash. “Isobel?” he asked in shock. “YES!!!” the nurse yelled out. “You raped me eight years ago, you sick pig!” Darius’s eyes grew big in fear. “What are you talking about?!?” he asked aloud. “You enjoyed as much as I did!” “I said NO!!!!” Izzie corrected him loudly. “You blackmailed me into doing it! So now, I’m making you pay!” Lennon was scared shitless. “W-What are you going to do to me?” he asked nervously. Nurse Morrison grinned at him coldly. “I’ll let you think about what you’ve done!” she replied. “Then, I decide in the morning!” Darius still didn’t get it. “So what do you want from me?” he asked in fear. “It’s not like you are going to get any sympathy or money out of this!” “I don’t care about that!” the nurse shouted out loud. “I just want an apology!” “Why?!?” he yelled back. That angered Izzie even more. “YOU RAPED ME!!!” she screamed out. “DO YOU NOT GET THAT?!?” Then, the nurse put the rifle back up at his chest. Lennon really began to feel the heat! Then, they heard the sound of liquid. Both the nurse and the sergeant looked down. Darius had wet himself badly! Izzie smirked to herself. “Ooo!” she called out. “Looks like someone’s had an accident.” Then, the nurse began walking away with her rifle. Lennon was really scared now. “W-Where are you going?!?” he asked aloud. “I’m going to bed!” Izzie called out. “Good night!” Then, she closed the door her hard. Darius was in a wide state of panic. “HEY!!!” he yelled out. “YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME!!! LET ME OUT OF HERE!!! I’M VERY SORRY!!! JUST GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!” All that he got was silence.

By morning, Izzie returned with some food for her hostage. She quietly unlocked the shed door. “Darius!” she called out. “I’ve got breakfast for you! It wouldn’t be right to starve you, now would it?” The nurse made it inside to find the sergeant… seemingly dead. Nurse Morrison quickly became nervous. “Oh shit!” she said to herself. She set down the breakfast bar and rushed over to Lennon. “Darius?” she asked as she lightly shook him. “Darius?” There was no response. Izzie quickly became worried. “Oh shit!” she said again. Then, the nurse quickly tied him and checked his pulse. Big mistake!!! Darius quickly opened his eyes shoved Izzie away violently. The nurse crashed to the ground with a loud thud. The sergeant quickly grabbed the gun and held it close to him for defense. “Now what are you going to do?!?” Darius snapped. Izzie looked around in a panic. It all looked pretty grim. Then, her cell phone went off. Both quickly looked around for it. Darius saw in just inches away from him. He found himself in a dilemma: answer the phone or watch out for Izzie. It looked pretty tough. In the end, Darius took his eyes off of Izzie and tried to reach for the cell phone. The nurse then leaped forward and bit her hostage on the wrist really hard. The sergeant screamed out in pain as he let go of the rifle. Nurse Morrison quickly rose to her feet and pointed the weapon at her hostage. Darius’s eyes grew big in terror. “Get up!” Izzie barked. Darius kept staring at her. “I SAID GET UP!!!!” the nurse barked again. Afraid of dying, Lennon complied. Izzie smirked. “Now, start walking!” she ordered. Without any questions, Darius headed out the door. Izzie followed close behind with the rifle pointed close in his back.

They came near a stream. Darius fell to his knees in front of a boulder. Izzie grinned at him coldly as she held the rifle aimed at him. “Perfect!” she said aloud to him. Lennon was sweating badly. “L-Look! Can’t we talk about this?” he asked quickly. “No, we can’t!” his captor replied. “It’s over for you!” Then, she put her finger to the trigger. “IZZIE, NO!!!” someone else screamed. Both, Izzie and Darius looked up to see Anjia and Daphine running towards them. Their friend eyed them. “And why should I?” she barked. “This pig raped me eight years ago! He blackmailed me into sleeping with him! Now, he must suffer!” Her friends were shocked. They had never heard this story come out of their friend’s mouth before. “We understand that what he did was wrong,” Daphine spoke up. “But killing him is not worth going to prison and throwing away your life for!” Izzie still kept the gun trying in her hands. “Look,” Anjia spoke up. “Just lower the gun and we’ll talk!”

After a few minutes of talking and reasoning, Izzie finally lowered the gun and let Darius go. They decided that his night and morning in Hell was punishment enough. Daphine and Anjia spent the whole day talking to Izzie about what happened eight years ago at their home. Slowly the other nurse began to feel her freedom being restored to her. She was even glad that she didn’t kill Lennon after all. On Monday, Falman was signing another form as usual when he noticed someone standing over him watching. He slowly looked up and saw Izzie smiling at him. “Hey!” she said cheerfully. Vato couldn’t help but to smile to himself. “I see your back again!” he said her. The nurse smiled back as she nodded. “Yep,” she replied. “I am back and better than before!” “Good to hear!” Falman replied. Izzie just kept smiling at him. For once in her life, she was actually free and happy about it!