Bitter Honey:

Simone’s Notes:

Physical abuse is abuse involving contact intended to cause feelings of intimidation, pain, injury, or other physical suffering or harm. Basic forms include: striking, punching, pushing, pulling, slapping, whipping, striking with an object, locking in or out of a room or place/false imprisonment, pinching, kicking, having someone fall, kneeing, strangling, head butting, drowning, sleep deprivation, exposure to cold, freezing, exposure to heat or radiation, burning, exposure to electric shock, placing in "stress positions" (tied or otherwise forced), cutting or otherwise exposing somebody to something sharp, exposure to a dangerous animal, throwing or shooting a projectile, exposure to a toxic substance, infecting with a disease, withholding food or medication, spanking is subject to controversy as to whether it qualifies as physical abuse, assault, bodily harm, humiliation, torture, blinding a person/causing vision impairments e.g. throwing acid into eyes/face, having eyes gouged out, negligence, and biting.

Blood red.

That was everywhere tonight. Alex was slumped back onto the floor. The walls in the basement were all painted a heavy blood red. Such a sick and cold irony tonight. The lamb was lying on the ground in pain. Bruises were all over his face and body. His lower lips was busted and cut. It was too painful to breathe. He had two huge black eyes. The violent hand prints of all his body were never easy to explain. Three of his ribs were broken. Even though he could barely see, Alex could see perfectly enough. The blood red walls could even be seen by a blind man. Then, there was him. He was standing over the boy smirking at him. He was nothing at all like Edward. The alchemist only beat him out of love. This monster was beating him out sheer sport. He just loved to see Alex in so much pain. It was his kick. That’s what turned him on. He loved violence. Sex, violence, blood, and pain were his favorite things. If he could have all at the same time, that would make his night! And it was always Little Alex as his favorite victim. The lamb was always his favorite punching bag. That was all Alex had become.

Luring the little lamb for a beating was easy. Alex had given up fighting back a long time ago. He was just weak and helpless now. Just as they all wanted him. The monster kidnapped the lamb out of his bed and dragged him all the way to this place. Alex hated to know where they were going. He could only close his eyes and imagine where. He didn’t even want to do that. The monster smirked to himself the whole time. He was really going to enjoy this! “Just a little while longer!” he thought. “We’re almost there!” He came to the door and unlocked it. Alex was dragged right inside.

The lamb was thrown to the floor on the inside. Alex looked up in fear. He stood over him with his usual sick smile. He cracked his knuckles aloud to be intimidating. The lamb’s eyes grew big in deep fear. He knew that sound too well. The monster smiling at him in a violent lust. He wanted some action tonight. Plus judging by the red and black hunger in his eyes, this was going to be a killer. Big tears began to form in the lamb’s eyes. He smiled at his victim wickedly. He just loved to see Little Alex in pain.

“No point on crying about it!” he hissed at the precious pet. “Shut up and take it!” Then the abuse began. It was never the little stuff. Oh no! That was never satisfying enough for him. He loved the hardcore violence. First, there was the punch to the stomach. Alex fell straight to the floor without warning. He didn’t even scream out in pain. What would be the point? The monster would be even hungrier for his pain. He cracked his knuckles for more. Drool even escaped from his lips.

“Get up!” he barked. Alex was too afraid to do so at first. He knew what was coming next if he did. But, he couldn’t stay on the ground. It would make the monster angry. Sadly, that is exactly what happened. The monster quickly left his temper.

“I said get up you little piece of shite!” he yelled. Then he violently kicked Alex in the side. The lamb howled out in pain. The monster smirked at the results. He was getting what he wanted tonight. Now to push it out even more. After a few more kicks, Alex slowly rose to his feet in pain. The monster smirked at him.

“Very good,” he replied coldly. Then he punched Alex in the stomach again. The lamb choked back a gasp of pain, but didn’t fall back. The monster smiled at the challenge. “Ooo!” he thought. “Taking it like man, huh? I’ll soon change that!” He punched Alex again. The lamb cried aloud in pain. The monster smiled in satisfaction. But yet, he wanted more.

“Okay,” he announced. “Enough with the games! Time for the fun stuff!” Alex’s eyes grew wide in fear. “Oh no!” the lamb thought. “There can’t be more after this!” The monster smirked at him in lusty violent malice. He cracked his knuckles once again for the full hall.

“Oh yes!” the incubus replied. “I want more! I even have fists freezing cold for more police tonight! So, shut up and take it!” Alex was whimpering now. The monster smirked at him. “Yes!” he thought happily. “Your fear turns me on for more! Shut up and take it! The pain will come to you right now!” Then, the more hardcore abuse began. Alex just quietly took the beatings. The monster was relentless as well. He was nothing like Edward at all. Edward was little more merciful with his beatings. It was “violence out of love” as the alchemist called it. This monster on the other only acted upon his violent urges just for fun. There was no love or compassion in the beatings. It was all just out sheer sport and his enjoyment alone. Seeing the pets in misery was how he got off after all.

At the end of the night, Alex was laying the ground with his injuries and the vision of blood red walls all over. Azrael stood over the lamb smirking. This was his best work tonight. Alex was always so much fun to beat up. He was just the ultimate toy for the Fallen ones. But then, Azrael turned serious again. He just wasn’t done yet. There was just one more step that had to be done. The incubus grabs the lamb by the collar and dragged him out of the red room.

Azrael took Alex all the back to his study. He sat the lamb down on his bench and went to his bathroom. The lamb was too much in pain to look around. The lights were blinding bright however. Not a single inch of blood red was anywhere. But this was a sense of false security however. He sensed that there was going to be more harm to follow this moment. The lamb knew this game too well after all. It was only a moment of time…

Azrael returned after a few seconds of waiting. Alex looked through the pain at him. The incubus had a glass of some golden-colored liquid in his hand. The beast was grinning at him in malice. Alex quickly caught on what was coming next. The incubus slowly walked closer to him. He held the glass right under the lamb’s nose. The liquid had a sickeningly-sweet honey smell to it. Alex thought that he was going to get queasy from it. Azrael was smiling at him like a madman.

“Here,” he said. “Drink this; it’ll make you feel better!” Alex looked up at him in slightly confused pain. Azrael was really grinning at him. Afraid of what would happen if he didn’t; the lamb slowly took the glass, held his nose, and drank up. His eyes grew big in shock. This stuff tasted worse than it smelt. It was like drinking strong black coffee with bleach and a strong ammonia mixed in it. This mix left a very bad taste in his mouth. It took everything in his weakening power to focus the unknown concoction down his throat into his stomach. Azrael smirked at him in malice.

“Good,” he replied. “Now keep it down while I write my report!” Alex nodded in sick misery. He looked like he would throw up at any moment. The incubus went over to his walking desk and pulled his paper, ink, and feather pens. Alex was really worried when he saw his writing equipment. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” he thought. “This’ll take forever! I don’t even know if I can hold it all down *that* long!

“Try!” Azrael ordered him harshly. Alex looked up in fear as he nodded weakly. Then, the incubus got right to work with his long report. He seemed to be writing a long novel. The monster didn’t even bother to look up at his pet. This was all just part of the fun for him. Alex was getting sicker and sicker by the second. He wanted to throw up so badly. But, he couldn’t. The lamb knew this game too well. If he threw up, Azrael would kick his ass again. However, the lamb knew that he couldn’t hold this liquid down. It tasted so bad and made him very sick. Looking at all of that, it was clear to see that he was in a trap. Time dragging along wasn’t helping either. The lamb was really in a jam tonight. The boy kept mouth faced close so not to open it and throw up. Alex was slowly becoming dizzy with sickness. He thought that he was going to fall over from his injuries and the concoction. He wondered how much longer he could take this.

After a good twenty minutes, Alex couldn’t hold his drink down anymore. He turned his head over the side of the bench and threw up violently. All of the concoction and his dinner ended up all over the floor wooden floor. Azrael heard him with his sharp radar ears. He looked up to see the lamb looking back at him in fear. Alex knew that he was in for it now. Azrael smirked at him in a cold way.

“You just couldn’t hold it down, could you?” he asked in cruel way.

“I’m so sorry!” Little Alex cried out in weak misery.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it, pal!” the incubus snapped. “Now you’re going to get it!” Then he rushed over to the lamb and beat him up again. Alex begged for him to stop, but instead he received even more abuse and pain. In the end, the lamb was just left lying there on the floor in deep pain. Azrael smirked at his work as he had done to Alex many nights like this one he had performed with him and went straight onto bed. Tomorrow was just going to be the same thing all over again for them both.