Birthday Hell:

Simone’s Notes:

Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, or GHB, is a therapeutic drug, an illegal drug, and a naturally occurring substance found in the central nervous system, wine, beef, small citrus fruits and almost all other living creatures in small amounts. It has been used as a date rape drug. The drug has been referred to in the media as a date rape drug, much in the same way as alcohol and Rohypnol. It is often claimed that when mixed in a drink it may be difficult to detect. However, some recreational GHB users have disagreed with that claim, pointing out that "GHB is, in fact, quite salty. When mixed in a drink, it ruins the drink (like dumping bicarb in a drink)." GHB prodrugs such as GBL or 1, 4-B tend to have a strong solvent smell and taste, somewhat reminiscent of glue or petrol, and similarly would give a characteristic smell and taste to a spiked drink. Nevertheless, GHB has been used in cases of drug-related sexual assault, usually when the victim is already intoxicated with alcohol and is unlikely to notice a strange taste to their drink.

The alarm clock rang loudly the next morning. Derdra groaned as she tried to shut it off. She hated mornings some days. Today was a great day to hate it to the fullest. Today was her eighteenth birthday. The day would have good and bad consequences. On the upside, she would be in the junior nurse program legally. On the downside, everyone at hospital would learn her secret and kick her out. She was lucky Jacilyn was nice enough to help her keep her secret. The head nurse found out when she was adding in the new records. When Jaks added in Derdra’s information, her birthdate and age came back as seventeen. “That can’t be right…” the head nurse said to herself. So, she did some research. Turns out, Derdra lied about her age on her application to get into the program. When Jaks confronted the child nurse about it, Derdra told her the whole story. After that, Jacilyn and the other housemates helped keep the girl’s secret and stay in the program.

Derdra finally dragged herself out of bed. This day was going to suck either way she spent it. The sick people weren’t going to take care of themselves in the hospital. If she hadn’t begged Edward to let her off on with wearing panties without the vibrator last night, they would’ve been worse. Even though she didn’t complain about the terms of their agreement, Derdra sometimes wished she had on her panties at times. She felt like a whore without them. The vibrator was also a tad bit uncomfortable to wear at times. Even though she got payback by dragging Ed around by the leash, it all seemed a bi tiresome at times. But, she had no choice but to get up. The child nurse couldn’t just sleep her birthday away. It just wasn’t that simple. So, she might as well act happy just for the sake of it and not tell anyone her true age. Then, came a knock on the door. “What is it?” Derdra asked aloud as she was making her bed. Izzie opened the door and walked inside. The child nurse slowly turned and saw her. Her housemate was grinning sweetly at her. Derdra just rolled her eyes to herself. Izzie was always perky in the morning. Sometimes, the other housemates wanted to strangle her to death and yell, “Stop grinning, damn it!” “What Izzie?” she asked bitterly. Her friend kept smiling at her. “Happy bir-!” the older nurse began to say. “Don’t!” Derdra cut in. “Listen, the hospital still doesn’t know that I am underage working there, so don’t say a single word to anyone outside of this house. Got it?” Izzie nodded with a small smile. “Fine, whatever you want!” she called out. Derdra sighed out in relief. “Thanks!” she exclaimed. Then, the child nurse headed to the bathroom to get ready for work.

Today was really no walk in the park. St. Mary’s Touch was packed and busy today. There was a massive car accident last night. People were rushing in and out everywhere. This was pretty handy for Derdra. “They’ll be to busy to notice that it’s my birthday today!” she thought. “All I have to do if anyone finds is say that I am nineteen and I’ll be in the clear!” You see, she’s didn’t hate her birthday. Derdra just wanted to keep it a secret for most of the day and celebrate quietly when work was finished. Sadly, that wasn’t going to happen!

Izzie peeked out the door and around the corner to see if the birthday girl was listening. When it was clear, Izzie returned to the other girls in Jacilyn’s office. They had been plotting Derdra’s birthday party for three days now. The girls all decided to take Derdra out clubbing with them for the very first time. “So which club are we taking her to tonight?” she asked. Jaks grinned and handed the girls the flyer. They all read quietly. “Gold Miami?” Jessie asked in excitement. “The one and only!” the head nurse replied. The other girls were blown away! “How did….?” Suri began to ask. “You remember were I said I had important errands to run?” Jaks asked. “Yes.” Mia answered. “Well, I went out and got us all passes to Gold Miami!!!” the head nurse went on. The other nurses squealed in delight. “Shhh!” Jaks yelled out. “She’ll hear you!” “Oh!” they all said. “Now remember,” Jacilyn spoke up. “Not a single word about her real age and our plans for tonight! Got that?” “Yes!” the others said quickly. “Right!” Jaks concluded. “Now, back to work!” Then, they all hurried back to work. Jaks sat down at her desk and began making a certain phone call.

So far, Derdra held up well. No one said a word to her except to get her instructions. The child nurse thought that she could breathe easily today. But then, a drop of rain fell on her head. “Hey Chopin!” someone yelled. Derdra quickly looked up. Nurse Aisha Turner was walking towards her in a huff. The child nurse’s eyes grew big in fear. “Oh no!” she thought. “Not Aisha!” Aisha was queen bitch of the hospital. Though not as bad as Dr. Mathis herself, Aisha was still every junior nurse’s worst nightmare. Aisha walked over to the child nurse. Derdra tried her best not to look scared in front of the top junior nurse. “Yes ma’am?” she asked. Aisha glared at her for a moment. Then she said, “I am to be working with you today!” “Uh… okay…” Derdra said uneasily. “Noooooo!!!!!” she thought in misery. “Why me? Why on my birthday?” Aisha glared at her coldly. “Got a battle with that?” she snapped. “No, no!” the child nurse said quickly. “It’s quite nice, actually!” The other junior nurse kept her frown. “Good!” she snapped. “Now come on!” Then, she marched straight down the hall. Derdra sighed and followed behind reluctantly. Sadly, things would get worse as the day wore on.

To have a great night at a club, one needs a hot date. The older nurses knew that too well. And what better opportunity than to take the man that they were pinning for? Jaks already called up Havoc and asked him to come along with her. He was more than happy to agree. Izzie was caught in the middle so far. “Should I invite Vato or Isaac with me to Dee’s b-day bash?” she thought in excitement. “It’s so hard to choose!” And speak of the devil; there was Falman in the lobby waiting for the autopsy of the dead captain. Izzie had her answer already. Now, it was time to work the charm. Izzie straightened herself up some and made her way to her prey. Falman was lost in thought when he became aware that someone was standing over him. The officer slowly looked up and saw Izzie again. She was smiling sweetly at him. “Uh… hi there…” he said uneasily. ‘Hey!” the nurse replied. Then, she slowly moved in front of the officer. Vato kept watching her as she knelt down she that they could be at eye level with each other. “What is it?” Falman asked. Izzie lightly twirled her lovely hair. “Nothing much,” she answered. “Just for you to come out to a party with me tonight!” Falman stared at her in shock. “Uh…. uh… why?” he managed to say. Nurse Morrison kept smiling at him. “It’s for a friend’s birthday!” she answered. “My friends are even taking dates themselves. So please come with me. Please!” She even batted her eyelashes to back up her argument. Vato found that he just couldn’t resist this hot blonde model nurse. “Alright!” the officer replied. “I’ll come with you!” The nurse became overjoyed. “Thanks, sweetheart!” she exclaimed. Then, the nurse hugged him tightly and went back to work. Falman was left sitting there blushing. What just happened? Was this going to be a… date?

Next up was Suri. She had the perfect date in mind for herself. Kain Fuery was looking at the fish again. The junior nurse smiled to herself wickedly. “This’ll be easy!” she thought. Then, the junior nurse made her way over to the prey. Fuery was lost in the fish so much that he was a little startled to Suri’s pretty face on the other side of the tank. She was pointing up at him. The master sergeant slowly stood up straight. “Hey!” Suri called. “Uh… hi…” Fuery replied uneasily. The junior nurse noticed his face. “Now to cool him down a bit!” she thought. “Relax buddy,” Suri called. “I only wanted to invite you out to a party tonight for one of my friends on her birthday.” “Really?” Kain asked. The junior nurse innocently nodded. “Please!” she added on. “Well…” Fuery replied. The junior nurse waited. “Alright…” the master sergeant said uneasily. Suri overjoyed. “Great!” she called. “See you at seven!” Then, she headed back to work. The other nurses had no trouble getting dates for themselves. Mia coaxed Denny into going with her. Daphine and Anjia grabbed random guys for dates. Jessie decided to go dateless this time. To make things even better, Anjia secretly invited Edward to come with them. The dates were all to meet them at Gold Miami at seven o’clock. Now, all they needed was the birthday girl herself. Judging by her day with Aisha, they hoped this party would cheer her up!

The day seemed to have a dreaded effect on the child nurse. Aisha treated her like her personal bitch. All the top junior nurse was bark orders at her and make her do most of the work. The child nurse had many thoughts about strangling her superior to death. The girl would practically be a hero to her fellow junior nurses for doing so. The doctors tried to find an excuse to get rid of Aisha but they just couldn’t find one. Even Gail hated her guts to the fullest. Yep, St. Mary’s Touch would be a better place without her. But what is done is done. All Derdra hope for was a nice and quiet evening on her birthday. But that wasn’t going to happen!

When Derdra opened the door to her house, she found her housemates standing in front of her smiling. They were all dressed up to go out someone where. Derdra raised an eyebrow at them. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” the older girls all yelled out in unison as they handed her their gifts. Derdra was pleasantly surprised. The sun finally managed to sun through her sad miserable day. “Thanks guys!” she called out. The other nurses watched her open her gifts. The presents were pretty nice. Most of them were lovely jewelry in her favorite stone, rubies. Anjia got her the cute pair of jeans she always wanted. Jessie got her a naughty little silk pink nightgown. “These are all great!” Derdra called out. “Well,” Jaks spoke up. “Come on, get dressed! We’ve got to go!” The child nurse looked up at her confused. “Why? Where are we going?” she asked. The head nurse grinned broadly. “To Gold Miami!” she answered in pride. Derdra’s eyes grew big in shock. “You mean…” she began. The head nurse nodded. “Yep!” she called. “You get to party with us now! Welcome to the pack! You are clubbing with the big girls now!” Derdra didn’t know what to say. Many a night last year, she got stuck at home while her housemates went out and partied in many clubs. Now, the child nurse was included in the party group! Derdra quickly ran up the stairs to get dressed.

Gold Miami was packed. This was the most popular club in Amestris. Many celebs went here. Yumi even held her fifteenth birthday at Gold Miami. The entry was first come, first serve. The girls all rushed to the line with passes in their hands. Derdra was excited tonight. This was her first time in a night club. She just couldn’t wait to party. But she would get more than she bargained for tonight. The nurses all made it to the entry. The bouncer looked at all of them closely. He was about to reject Derdra when Jacilyn spoke up and said, “She’s with us, it’s her eighteenth birthday!” The bouncer said nothing and let them all through. Derdra made a face at him as if to say, “Take that jerk,” as she went inside Gold Miami.

The club was full of energy and life. Derdra couldn’t believe how many people were here dancing, flirting, and all else. The child nurse didn’t where to start. Then, she felt someone lightly tap her on the shoulder. Dee slowly turned around to see Edward smiling at her. “Ed!” she exclaimed in shock. “Yep!” he replied. The child nurse was overjoyed. “I’m so glad to see you!” she said. Ed just smiled at her. “Happy birthday!” said to her. The child nurse hugged him sweetly. This day had gotten even better. She could now work legally in her dream career, she had nice presents, she could now club with the other girls, and to top it all off, her sex buddy was here to spend the rest of the night with her. “Could things get any better?” Derdra thought in great bliss. But soon, it would all go south again.

Hours had gone by in the club. The nurses and their dates were getting really close to each other. Derdra was having a great time. But then, she came over to Jaks and Havoc at their table. Jacilyn smiled at her. “Are you enjoying your birthday present?” she asked. “Yeah!” Dee exclaimed. But then, it hit her fast. The child nurse became dizzy and light-headed. She began to straggle around a bit. “Chopin?” Havoc asked in concern. “Are you okay?” “Yeah,” she answered. “But I feel so woozy all of a sudden.” “Did you drink too much?” Jacilyn asked. “I only had one drink…” the child nurse managed to say. Then, she began falling to the ground. Dee would’ve been completely on the ground if a random guy hadn’t rushed forward and caught her just in time. He looked at Jaks and Havoc. “Don’t worry!” he assured them. “I’ll get her somewhere to rest.” The couple nodded uneasily. Something just wasn’t right with this picture. The guy quickly took Derdra out of the club and out the door. Havoc turned to Jaks. “Should we go after them to see?” he asked. “I’m one step ahead of you!” his girlfriend said aloud. Then, they quickly rose from their seats and followed behind. Edward noticed some man carrying Derdra out the door and followed behind as well.

When Derdra awoke moments later, she found that her underwear was missing and her jeans on the floor near the door. Her light pink tank top was pushed up as well. Frantic, the child nurse quickly looked and saw her “savior” about to have his way with her with his pants down. She screamed out in terror and quickly shoved him off. The man hit the floor with a thud. Derdra quickly sat up and began to get dressed. “Bitch!!!” the man yelled out. The child nurse quickly put two and two together. This was the guy who bought a drink for her. He had spiked it with GHB or some other drug and handed it to her. “Y-You tried to rape me!!!” Derdra screamed out. She quickly tried to run away and the pervert caught her by the wrist. The child nurse began kicking and biting at him violently. “OW, YOU BITCH!!!” the man screamed out. Derdra kept on trying to fight him off all while screaming out for someone to help her escape to safety.

The man would’ve knocked her out again and tried again if the door wasn’t kicked up in a flash. The duo looked up to see Jaks, Havoc, and Edward looking right at them. They all glared at the man coldly. “Uh…” he said nervously. “Hi, guys…” Edward got Derdra to safety again while Jaks and Jean took care of the pervert. Ed and Dee watched for a taxi outside. The child nurse was almost in tears. “I just wanted a nice birthday!” she wailed out. “But it turned out to be the worst I ever had!” Then, Edward reached out his hand wiped away her tears. “There, there.” he said softly. “It wasn’t all that bad. You enjoyed your time with me.” The junior nurse began to cheer up a little bit. The alchemist smiled sweetly at her. Then, they lightly kissed on the lips. Right then, Derdra got her real birthday present!