Bigger Game:

Simone’s Notes:

A mistress is a man's long term female sexual partner and companion who is not married to him. The relationship is generally stable and at least semi-permanent; however, the couple does not live together openly. Also, the relationship is usually but not always secret. There are many men in the past who have kept mistresses along with their wives. Historically, the term has denoted a "kept woman", who was maintained in a comfortable (or even lavish) lifestyle by a wealthy man so that she will be available for his sexual pleasure. Such a woman could move between the roles of a mistress and a courtesan depending on her situation and environment. Today however, the word "mistress" is used primarily to refer to the female companion of a man who is married to another woman; in the case of an unmarried man it is usual to speak of a "girlfriend" or "partner." Historically a man "kept" a mistress. As the term implies, he was responsible for her debts and provided for her in much the same way as he did his wife. In more recent and emancipated times, it is more likely that the mistress has a job of her own, and is less, if at all, financially dependent on the man. It is not uncommon for a man to have acknowledged children by his mistress. A mistress is not a prostitute. Both professions exchange sex for money, but the principal difference is that a mistress keeps herself exclusively reserved for one man, in much the same way as a wife. There is also usually an emotional and possibly social relationship between a man and his mistress, whereas with a prostitute it is solely sexual.

Ai-Oni sat alone on the sofa in the dark in the late hours of the next night. Midnight was drawing really close. She was up waiting for someone. The door in the living room finally slammed shut. The she-devil looked up quickly. A woman stood in the doorway of the house. She looked to be about twenty-one years old. Her hair was long and dark pink to her lovely slender waist. Her bangs gracefully covered her pretty forehead. Her eyes were a deep wine pink. Her eyelashes were black and curly. Her lips were as red as a rose. She had the fallen mark on her neck. Her shoulders were small and shaped like Aphrodite’s. Her limbs were graceful-looking like a dancer’s. The woman’s breasts were plump and full. The rest of her curves were just as perfect. Tonight, she was dressed in a little black skirt with a white halter top that showed off her curves. The black cross choker, red finger and toenails, powdery white eye shadow, dangling diamond earrings, black fishnet stockings, and black high heels added to her look. The woman looked at Ai-Oni when she came in.

“What?” she asked innocently. The she-devil was glaring at her. “You’re late!” Ai-Oni snapped. The woman innocently shrugged. “By a few minutes!” she replied. The woman then took off her shoes and placed them neatly at the door. “Manami!” the devil woman barked. “What have I told you about staying out late?” The other woman just sighed out loud. “Call you if you are going to do so!” Manami recited in boredom. “And did you?” her mother questioned. “No!” the daughter replied as she rolled her eyes. Ai-Oni sighed aloud again. “You’re hopeless!” she sighed out. “How can I expect you to carry out the plan if you keep messing around like this?!?” “Oh Christ!” Manami yelled out. “I made sure the boys wore condoms and I checked to see if the needles were clean!” “Look!” Ai-Oni argued back. “I don’t care how many men you sleep with or how drugs you use! Just keep yourself straight with me! How about that?” Manami rolled her eyes again. “Yeah, whatever!” she called. Then, the fallen princess headed back to her room.

“Had another row with Manami?” a voice asked her. Ai-Oni turned to see Envy standing in the kitchen doorway. The she-devil sighed. “The youth today,” she called aloud. “They just don’t listen worth shit!” “Aw,” Envy called. “That’s just how they are! And besides, she’ll understand her mission full enough!” Ai-Oni tried to smile. “Yeah,” she replied as he sat down next to her. “But still, she doesn’t seem ready yet!” Envy just grinned at her. “Oh, she will be pretty soon!” he replied. “She will be!” “And I’ll enjoy when the pipsqueak goes down for her!” the homunculus thought in delight. Manami had the looks and was quickly gaining the skills of a seductress in the bedroom. He would just love to see Edward unable to resist her and be under her control. She only needed to mature mentally and service her roll of princess of the fallen.

Yasmine, Syd, and Ella sat in the couple’s kitchen trying to figure out the next plan of action. Syd was still pissed at her for not killing the baby after she killed Kate. “She’s probably an adult by now!” the deity snapped. “Why couldn’t you have stabbed the baby when you had the chance?” The hunter just shrugged. “I just froze up when Kate got in the way.” she replied. “Lay off!” Ella barked. “Not everyone is a heartless killer like you!” Her bloke just rolled his eyes at her. “Get me a beer!” he snapped back. “Get it yourself!” she yelled. Syd grumbled under his breath as he rose up from the table to his fridge. “Can we please focus?” Yasmine asked. “We have a huge problem here!” “Right!” Ella agreed. “Do we know where Manami is?” The hunter nodded. Her friend looked relieved. “Good!” she called. “That’s a start! Now, all you have to do is take the blade you and kill her!” Yas looked up at her in shock. “Just like that?” she asked. Ella nodded. Syd reappeared with his beer. “But you must do it quickly,” he added. “It’s only a matter of time before she starts to grow stronger and spread more of them around the city! We can’t afford any more mistakes like last times!” Ella nudged him violently. “Ow!” he snapped. “What did you do that for, you bitch!” “Quit rubbing it in!” his bird hissed at him. “Why should I? It’s the truth!” Syd reminded her. “Keep it in your stupid head!” Ella barked at him. “Make me!” he snapped back at her. His bird attacked him again. Then, a mini-fight broke out. Yasmine sat there quietly watched them sort it out. She knew better than to try and break up her friends. Breaking them up was like walking in the middle of a sniper’s line of fire.

Outside the window, a little glowing light was floating around outside. It darted away to the third floor. The light flew up to Ai-Oni’s window. It lightly tapped on the glass. Ai-Oni and Envy looked up from talking on the couch. The she-devil was smiling warmly. “Oh, look!” she called. “Faerie’s back!” Then, the devil woman rose up to her feet and walked over to the window. She unlatched and slowly opened it. The light flew inside and took form. When it was all clear, a woman stood in place. She had deep brown hair with lilac highlights in it. Her eyes when a raspberry red. She was a petite fairy. The creature had perky breasts and happy curves. She was dressed in blue jeans, a pink halter top, and a blue jean jacket. Her wings were next to invisible. Ai-Oni smiled at her sweetly. “Faerie!” she called. “Great to see you again!” The fairy could detect her mistress’ mood. “Had another row with your daughter?” she asked. Ai-Oni nodded. “She just won’t listen to me!” the mother replied. “She just doesn’t want she wants to do!” Faerie looked at her with pity. “Aw,” she called she cuddled up to her mistress. “You’re too hard on that girl! She’s be just fine!” The devil woman lightly ran her fingers through her servant’s hair. She just sighed quietly. “Oh Ai-Oni-sama!” Faerie murmured softly. “You should’ve let me have her! She would’ve been perfect and you’ve needed me. I really do love you.” Ai-Oni smiled her sweetly. “I know,” she replied. “But, I still need you now and always will! There will always be things I will always ask of you.” She lightly kissed the servant on the top of her head. Faerie smiled sweetly, kissed her mistress on the breasts lightly, and slowly backed up.

“What’s tonight’s report?” the devil woman asked. The fairy smiled at her wickedly. “Yasmine and the other two know Manami is!” she reported. “Do you want to go down and deal with them?” “Nah,” the devil woman replied. “That’s makes me want to draw in Edward even further to her. And besides, I have a better use for you!” Faerie’s eyes lit up happily. “Really?” she asked. Ai-Oni smiled and nodded. Then she leaned in and whispered the task into the fairy’s ear. The servant grinned in delight. “Yes mistress!” she called happily. Then, Faerie hurried straight to Manami’s room. Ai-Oni turned to Envy. “Hold down the fort for a while, would ya?” she asked. The homunculus looked at her oddly. “And where are you going?” he asked. The she-devil just smiled at him. “Oh,” she replied. “Just going to show a certain alchemist the pleasure of my world!” Envy grinned back at her. “Gladly, then!” he called. Ai-Oni then headed out the door. Once she was around the corner, the devil woman pulled out her key from her corset and put in on her tongue. She began lightly sucking on it. Here, it was time to wrap up act one and bring in act two.

Edward was lying awake on his bed again. Insomnia had completely taken over him now. He had forgotten what sleep was now. At least now, he was on a bed. Sadly, that wasn’t helping at all. Nothing could now. The alchemist had given up hope with the sleep meds. All, the alchemist do was lie there awake and stare at the ceiling. He longed for a warm body to be in his bed with him at times. Just anyone to let him know that he wasn’t losing his mind in misery. His slaves weren’t around to play tonight. The boy didn’t want to wake up Winry or Derdra at this time of night for a booty call. In fact, Ed wasn’t ready horny at all. He just wanted something to take his mind off of all of the guilt he felt, the sickness in the morning he got after sex, and not sleeping at all. Sex was the only time that he could clear his mind and feel free to do as he pleased. The slaves showed love for him. Sex was a way to keep his sanity in check. But now, even that wasn’t enough anymore. He suddenly wanted more. But Edward had run into a slight problem. Where was he going to get more sex? The porn was beyond use now, the Red Light District was dull, and the girls weren’t around. So, what could he do?

Then, something caught his ear. Edward quickly sat up. He thought that he was hearing things. The boy listened closely. The sound was so faint that he couldn’t tell what it was right away. Was he imagining it? There was only one way to find out. Edward got off of the bed, got dressed, and quietly left his room. He followed the faint sound all the way to the double glass doors in the back way of the apartment. Ed listened closely through the doors. The noise was still soft, but could tell that there were people in the gardens. Okay, the boy was really confused now. “Who the hell is awake at this time of night?” he thought. “And why are they here?” Well, there was only one way to see. Edward drew in a deep breath and opened the door…