Battle Ground

        “F**K YOU TOO, MARK!!!” Aki screamed aloud. The loud shouting broke the peace of the day. The “couple” stood on opposite ends of the dorm. They both were pissed off at each other. In fact, one practically dared the other to even think about taking a step over to them. The venom could shoot out at each other at any given moment. The ice was just so thin and breakable. Anything could explode and fester the already dying peace. Anyone that got caught in the crossfire would be dead in seconds from the violent hate that had bloomed within minutes.

        The door then suddenly flew open. Both armies looked up bitterly. Natsu stood in the doorway smiling. She obviously didn’t know what was going on. “Hey guys!” she chirped merrily. That was it! That was the one thing that murdered the innocently surviving peace. “WHAT?!?” Mark and Aki snapped in unison. Natsu instantly became a little nervous but decided carry on. (MISTAKE!!!!!) “So, what’s… wrong?” she asked in a small voice. (MISTAKE!!!!!) Both her sister and the “boyfriend” began yelling at her at the same time. The girl tried so hard to listen that the information and the shouting made her dizzy. Natsu ended up collapsing backwards into the hallway.

        When she awoke on the couch, Natsu saw a long line of silver duck tape right down the middle of the dorm. It divided the whole dorm right in half. Duck tape went right from the floor to the ceiling. It was an ugly addition to the dorm. Natsu squinted hard to get a good look at her surroundings. She tried to pinch herself to see if she was still dreaming. Nope! The duck tape was still dividing the room. “What happened?” Natsu asked aloud. “The dorm is divided.” a voice answered. The girl looked up to see Mark and Aki again. Mark stood on the left and Aki on the right. Now, the girl was really confused. “Why?” she asked in a flat voice. Both armies started back up with the shouting again. Natsu tried to cover her ears in misery but to no avail. “OKAY!!!!” she shouted over them. Both went quiet in a heartbeat. Natsu panted wildly to catch her breath again. When she felt better, she said, “We’re going to try this again.” Natsu shifted to the middle of the couch. “One at a time,” she said in a low and calm voice. “Why the hell did you put this ridiculously ugly duck tape right in the middle of the dorm?”

        Mark and Aki stood quiet for a moment. Neither of them had the answer yet. When one tried to speak, the other would try to cut in. This went on for minutes. But finally, Natsu looked at them both and said, “Mark, would you like to explain first.” Aki looked annoyed that her sister chose the enemy to speak first. She glared straight at her sister. The look in Aki’s eyes: TRAITOR! Natsu just looked innocently at her older sis. The look in Natsu’s eyes: Hey get mad at me, I’m just the judge. Aki just stood back on her feet and waited pissed off. Mark smiled. At long last, he would get a chance to defend himself.


        Mark’s Story:

        I was playing my X-Box 360 as usual. The game was really heated up. I was so close to defeating the final boss when the screen went blank. Crushed, I instantly looked up to see what had broken my seal of victory. And this shrew *jesting at Aki*… (Aki rolls her eyes in annoyed denial. “Uh-Uh!” Natsu cut in with her hand up. “Reframe from name calling Renton-san! Try to be mature about this!” His “girlfriend” razzed him. “You too!” Natsu snapped sharply. “Fine!” Aki mumbled. Natsu turned back to Mark.) Sorry, Aki had the cord to the game system in her hands. I instantly became pissed. So I shouted, “What did you do that for, Aki?!?” She had a very cross look on her face. (“He’s lying.” Aki said coldly. Mark turned to her annoyed. “Shh!” Natsu said quickly.) Anyway, she said nothing. She just stepped closer to me. “Why did you pull the plug?” I asked again. No answer came from her mouth. That didn’t help my anger either. “HEY!” I finally yelled out. “WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?” Aki just threw down the cord. “I’m not deaf or stupid.” she said. “So don’t yell at me.” I sat up straighter. “Well, why didn’t you answer me?” I asked harmlessly. “You are ignoring me again.” she replied. I rolled my eyes at that statement. Apparently, she didn’t enjoy that so much. One thing led to another and we ended up yelling at each other. There you came in, we shouted at you, and you passed out. While you were out cold, Aki and I decided to divide the dorm with duck tape. And that’s it.


        “That’s a lie!” Aki barked. “No it’s not.” Mark countered. “Yes it is!” his “girlfriend” barked back. They were about to start up again when Natsu whistled loudly to call back their attention. The “couple” looked up with red in their eyes. Natsu became nervous again but overcame it. “Thank you, Mark.” she said with grace. Then the young judge turned to the opposing side. “Now Aki, I want to hear your story.” the girl replied. “Good luck believing her!” Mark grumbled under his breath. Natsu turned back to the plaintiff. “One more word out of you Renton-san and your case will be dismissed.” she said with a sharp warning. Mark kept quiet as he nodded. Natsu turned back to Aki. “Prove your case.” the young judge said.


        Aki’s Story:

        I was typing on my laptop in my room when I froze in confusion. I was working on an article for my journalism class. I had stopped because I was confused on when this assignment was due. Normally, I would write down the date, but I was too much in a hurry to get to my next class. My assignment sheet is posted on the clipboard near the front door. Figuring that Mark was on his stupid video games, (Mark rolls his eyes at that statement.) I called out, “Mark! When is my next assignment due?” I got no response from him. “Mark, when is the next paper due?” I asked again. He didn’t answer at all. By now, I am already frustrated. He’s not helping at all. So, I gracefully get up and go check things out. I made it to the entry of the hallway. Just as I suspected, Mark was on the living room floor playing his stupid video games. (Mark rolls his eyes again. “I can’t believe! She’s lying through her time!” he thought pissed. But kept his mouth shut.) “Mark!” I called. He was too far into the video game to hear me. “MARK!!!” I screamed even louder. It was just no use. So, I saw fit to take matters into my own hands. I marched around to the TV and pulled the plug. Now, what he said about what happened is almost true. Mark’s losing so bad that a little twelve-year-old would be laughing at his skills. (Mark instantly takes offense of that statement.) Well, it’s true. I did answer him the first time, he must have not been listening to me. We fought and now, we’ve at this point.


        “LIAR!!!” Mark snapped. “You know it’s the truth!” Aki shot back. Natsu cleared her throat loudly. Both went quiet again. Natsu stood to her feet boldly. “As far as I am concerned,” she said at last. “Both cases are dismissed. Aki, you shouldn’t have pulled the cord and dissed Mark’s skills. Mark, you shouldn’t have snapped at her and just tried to see what Aki wanted instead of yelling at her. You two act like little children! Grow up!” Then, the young judge walked away laughing. Both the plaintiff and the defendant were left standing there like idiots!



        Mark and Aki sat on their sides of the duck tape. Mark finally looks up and says, “This is stupid.” “Aki looked at him. “Yeah.” she said. Silence passed. Aki turned completely to face her “boyfriend.” “Want to take this tape down?” she asked. Mark turned to face her as well. “Yeah.” He said. Then, they both stood up and got to work. Oh what fun they had taking the tape down! (Ha-ha, not!)