Bad Love:

Simone’s Notes:

Rape of a child is a form of child sexual abuse. When committed by another child, it is a form of child-on-child sexual abuse. When committed by a parent or other close relatives such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, it is an also incest and can result in serious and long-term psychological trauma. When a child is raped by an adult who is not a family member but is a caregiver or in a position of authority over the child, such as school teachers, religious authorities, or therapists, to name a few, on whom the child is dependent, the effects can be similar to incestual rape. National and/or regional governments, citing an interest in protecting "young people", treat any sexual contact with such a person as an offense, even if he or she agrees to or initiates the sexual activity. The offense is often based on a presumption that people under a certain age do not have the capacity to give informed consent. The age at which individuals are considered competent to give consent, called the age of consent, varies in different countries and regions. Sexual activity that violates age-of-consent law, but is neither violent nor physically coerced, is sometimes described as "statutory rape," a legally-recognized category in the United States. Most states, however, allow persons younger than the age of consent to engage in sexual activity if the age difference between the partners is small; these are called close in age exemptions. Rates of prison rape have been reported as affecting between 3% and 12% of prison inmates. Although prison rapes are more commonly same-sex crimes, the attacker usually does not identify as homosexual. The attacker is most commonly another inmate, but prison guards may also be involved.

Alex found himself dragged back into the nightmare in the tail-end of February. He was sound asleep in his bed at home when his ears caught a tapping on his window. The lamb slowly fluttered his eyes open. A pair of golden yellow eyes looked in at him. Alex tightly shut his eyes and began wishing that he was dreaming. No, he’s not really there!, he thought. It’s just a dream. It’s just a big dream! Against his better judgment, the lamb opened his eyes. This time Edward was sitting right on top of him on the bed. All color drained from the boy’s face. The incubus alchemist shook his head at her.

“What are you afraid of me for?” he asked.

“Why are you here?” Alex yelped. Edward kissed him on the lips.

“I came to see you,” he breathed against his lips. The lamb tightly shut his eyes as he tried to fight back. His body felt heavy with a weight crushing him still. I… I can’t move!, he thought. Edward gently stroked his cheek.

“Shhh,” he whispered. “Just stay still and relax.” Alex’s heart raced against his chest. Edward began massaging his chest.

“Shhh,” he whispered. Edward nuzzled him on the neck as he slipped his hands under his shirt. The boy quickly moved his eyes around, looking for help. He tried to cry out, but found that his voice was all faded out. Edward licked his lips at him.

“Stay quiet,” he whispered. “And maybe I’ll let you enjoy yourself.” Alex stared at him with big eyes. He knew this game was coming. That’s how it always was. Edward always played cruel games with his mind.

The alchemist incubus slid off the boy’s shirt. A cold rush entered into Alex’s body. It was too late for him to escape. Edward had him in his clutches. The only thing he could do was hope that his abuser would be a gentile as he had promised.

Edward grabbed at the pants and pulled them a loose. The cold shot harder through Alex’s body. Edward licked at his chest as he pushed his legs far apart. Sweat began to coat the lamb’s skin. The incubus alchemist took his time to savor the taste. His manhood grew hard at the first drops that met his tongue.

“Mmm,” Ed whispered. “You taste so good.” Alex felt himself swallow hard. His pulse quickened as he felt his abuser’s mouth trail down to his abdomen. Boy did Edward take his sweet time there. He closed his eyes to take in more.

“So good,” Edward mumbled to himself. He finally came down to the last stop and took Alex’s member into his mouth. The lamb’s brain became lost in confusion and reluctant pleasure. Edward’s tongue flicked across the betraying hard appendage between his legs in a slow, teasing manner. Oh gracious. The monster was in a tormenting mood tonight. Alex tried again in vain to get up. Nothing. Alex tightly shut his and took it. What else could he do?

Edward begins to suck more on his victim’s hardening member. A soft moan escaped into Alex’s throat. The incubus alchemist reached up and rubbed on his chest. On his heart, to be exact. The lamb’s body involuntarily relaxed. His eyes slowly rolled back into his head. A light, cold chill of pleasure reached up his spine. Edward frowned to himself. This wasn’t satisfying enough to him. He quickly let go of his pet. Alex opened his eyes and whimpered. He tried to open his mouth to speak, but Edward laid a finger on his lips and shook his head.

“Patience my little pet,” he whispered. “This is where the real fun begins.” Alex’s eyes shot big with nervous fear. He knew what was coming next. Edward sat up and roughly flipped Alex onto his stomach. The lamb bit his lip as he felt the monster shove his whole hard, throbbing length into his bum. Edward denied him the right to scream out. The muzzled was locked tightly around his mind. The monster smirked to himself as he began savagely pounding into his favorite little pet. Hot tears escaped from Alex’s eyes and he bit his lip even harder. It didn’t help that the automail was digging in deeper into his warm flesh. Edward threw back his head and moaned out loud. This pleasure would come to an end with Alex’s blood feeding the Fallen Ones to open their kingdom soon. Edward didn’t want that to happen, but it had to be done for his love to Minami. Until that, he decided to screw the lamb every time like it was going to be his last time to do so.

Edward came with a violent blast.

“Oh fuck yeah!!!” he yelled. Alex just lied there on his stomach with a flood of pain-filled tears in his eyes. He felt like throwing up now. Edward licked his lips as he finished up coming inside of the lamb. When the last drops of his seed filled this orifice, the monster pulled out of him and leaned down to his favorite pet.

“You were just as great as always,” he whispered to Alex in a sadistically sweet tone of voice. He kissed and licked the lamb on his sweaty nape before smacking him on the bum with his automail hand. Alex winced one more time in pain. And then, Edward disappeared. The lamb tried to fight the sick down his throat as he tried to push out anymore thoughts about the next time Edward would come around.

By morning, their cycle will start around. Only the next time, it’ll much worse than before.

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