Artemis Lets Down Her Guard

Simone’s Notes:

In Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of the moon and hunt. She is also a proud virgin. She protected girls who fought to keep their virginity and punished those who don’t. Artemis also punishes the men who force themselves on innocent virgins as well. The goddess respected the girls who gave themselves only to their husbands at marriage however. But that was it. She is an icon to the feminists. But, what if Artemis let down her guard for a gorgeous man that was down on his luck with love that she fell head over heels for? That would change the whole myth altogether.

Nurse Jacilyn Maggie Ray is your typical head nurse. She was a hot-looking Barbie doll with long dark brown hair to her shoulders and deep bluish-green eyes. Her face was a lovely oval shape. Her cheeks were soft and pillow-like with light blush on them. The dark crushed berry lipstick she always wore on her deliciously plump lips made men want to kiss her tenderly. Her shoulders were small yet strong. The woman’s breasts were nice and full-looking. Her waist was nicely narrow. The nurse’s dark blackish-blue uniform called attention to her graceful figure and nicely-shaped bottom. Her legs were also shapely but slender enough to complete the look. But, Nurse Ray wasn’t just about looks. She was also smart, sharp with wit, knows where she’s going in life, and thousands of nurses look up to her. Doctors rely heavily on her at times. Nurse Ray knew how to defend herself against idiots and perverts that she wasn’t interested in. The woman was a strong feminist in the eyes of her peers. She also has a high taste for bad boys. Nurse Ray had her fill of musicians, bikers, and plain thugs that rocked her bed like an earthquake. So, it was no surprise that she turned down second Lieutenant Jean Havoc the first time. (She just insulted him and bad-mouthed him about being a soldier.) Havoc had too much of a squeaky-clean image for her to even think about giving him the time of day to. But, she something changed her mind and her tastes completely.

It all started when Nurse Ray was walking by a group of junior nurses on their down time at the front desk. They were talking about the hot patients that came into the hospital as usual. Nurse Ray smiled to herself and decided to listen in without being noticed. (She had the time anyway because today was a slow day at St. Mary’s Touch.) “Lieutenant Havoc is so gorgeous!” she heard one of them say. “I wonder, does he have a girlfriend?” “I heard that he isn’t too lucky with the ladies.” another nurse said. “I don’t see how,” a third one said. “He is so sexy looking. I’d like him to order commands to me in bed all night.” “Get in line girl,” a third junior nurse called from behind her. “It’s his boss,” the first one cut in. “He keeps stealing away all of his girlfriends.” “Poor guy,” the third one said. “Yeah.” the others agreed. A pause came between them. “I heard he’s still looking,” a fourth nurse said. An excited pause came over everyone. This all caught Nurse Ray’s attention. Now that she thought of it, Havoc did look sexy, in a good choir boy sense. The more she thought about his situation, the more turned on she was. The nurse decided to listen in more. “So who do you think will call debs on him first?” another junior nurse asked. “One of the older nurses,” the first one answered. “They always do.” “Why do the hot older nurses and doctors get the hottest patients first?” the youngest one of the group asked. “It’s just how it is.” the first one answered. At that point, Nurse Ray had made up her mind. She decided to pay Lieutenant Havoc a little “visit.” So, she quietly walked away down the hall. The woman had her plan of action already to go.

Jean Havoc was in the hospital for an injury for a gun accident in the shooting range. Some idiot didn’t check if the gun was loaded properly. As a result, the gun kicked back violently on him. And now, he was here for an injury to his hand and arm. He was lost in his thoughts with one of his cigarettes when he heard the door open. The lieutenant turned his head to face it to see if one of his other comrades had shown up to visit. Instead, he found Nurse Ray standing on the doorway. She had on her stone cold face that she had given him earlier. Havoc felt another wave of repression coming. “Oh, it’s you,” he said flatly as he looked away. “Have you come back to give me more abuse?” “Spare me your crap, Lieutenant!” Nurse Ray barked. Then she slowly closed the door and silently locked it behind her.

“Tell me something, lieutenant,” the nurse began again as she walked closer to him. Havoc turned to look at her again. “How is it a charming man like you can’t get a date?” Nurse Ray asked bravely. This would seem normal at first approach. But, something was wrong with this picture. Havoc noticed that her tone had changed 180 degrees. The harsh bitch in her voice must have packed its bags and went on vacation. Because now, he was hearing this seductive vixen in the nurse’s voice. But that wasn’t just the only shocker! Nurse Ray’s hand was placed neatly at the little black buttons on her uniform. It was slowly unbuttoning them in a seductive way. Havoc found that he couldn’t take his eyes out of her. The cigarette fell out of his mouth onto the bed. He was clearly in a state of lust and confusion. “Am I… dreaming?” he thought. “Or is this a prank? Why is she trying to seduce me all of a sudden?” The lieutenant pinched himself in the arm to see if he was dreaming. He looked up to see that Nurse Ray’s uniform was unbuttoned to her stomach, revealing not only cleavage, but her lacy dark indigo bra. Havoc tried to focus his eyes back to her face but that was next to impossible. Her breasts were like magnets to metal. He wanted to reach out grab them. The nurse smiled wickedly to herself. She was loving the effect she had on him.

“Does lieutenant like what he sees?” she asked. Havoc nodded as his face was tomato red. “Y-Yes,” he said at last. “Lieutenant likes what he sees, Nurse Ra-…” The nurse put her finger lightly to his lips as she climbed on top of him on the bed. “Shhh.” she whispered. “That’s all I needed to know.” Then, Nurse Ray lightly kissed Havoc on the lips. The lieutenant didn’t try to resist and happily kissed her back. The nurse wrapped her arms around him and lightly pushed him back. Havoc slipped his tongue past her pillow-like lips. After a few sexy tickles with the mighty seductive weapon, Ray was happy to give him the same war. She slipped herself under the sheets with him in order to be much closer to him. The lieutenant felt his organ hardening with each kiss. The nurse slowly let her soft thighs brush up against his legs. Havoc trembled at the sensation. This all seemed too good to be real. Surely, this had to be a dream!

The nurse then let her hands stray down to the patient’s shirt. She slowly stripped it off of him in heated delight. Havoc’s own fire shot up even faster. Yes! Finally, a girl that wanted only him! Now, he was convinced that this was real! Havoc reached up and slid Ray’s uniform to her lower back. His touch made her hang onto him for dear life. He then reached around the woman and unhooked her bra. Havoc pulled the piece of clothing up and saw her boobies. The lieutenant then lifted up her skirt and grabbed a whole of dark red lacy panties. He yanked them down quickly. He could feel the soft wet tissue of the nurse’s entry as he accidentally pushed his finger against it. His soon-to-be woman moaned and trembled in pleasure. She now had a great desire to speed things up. Ray grabbed his pants and slid them down. She did the same with his boxer shorts. The nurse felt him hard and throbbing against her soft hot inner thigh. Nurse Ray found herself caught teasing the man or giving him what he wanted. She sat up and stared at him for a long while. He was definitely a fine catch. It was clearly a mystery to her on why many girls turned him down. Well, this will be one girl he will be with until death do they part. And right then, Nurse Ray made up her mind!

The nurse carefully took the loaded rifle and guided into her soaked garden. Havoc felt himself crashing into ecstasy by the mere feeling of her moist walls. Ray moaned softly at the feeling of him being within her. It was as if her mind and body had drifted into a naughty fantasy land that she had always wanted to go to. Now it was time to start the ride. Ray began thrusting her hips back and forth slowly. Havoc felt pleasure almost instantly. She continued going slow. This was easy at first. The plan was to tease him and make him beg her to go faster. But in a few short minutes, that plan backfired. Ray found herself going faster and faster on her own. They were both moaning loudly in pleasure. The nurse’s breasts bounced wildly. Havoc finally reached up and began fondling on them. The nurse held onto the soldier tightly. This was the best sexual experience she had ever had. No bad boy in the world could compare to this choir-boy right here! Ray right then knew she wanted to be with him forever and ever. (It’s not love, yet! *Wink*)

Then, something amazing happened. Nurse Ray actually came for real first. “OHHHH!!!!” she screamed out in sweet and great bliss. In all of her relationships with the bad boys, the nurse had never came first or for real at all! This guy had to be the right one this time! Havoc finally released within her as well. He held onto her slender strong arms as he did so. His grip was so tight that Ray howled out in pain and pleasure. Oh yes!!!! This is always what she had wanted. After moments of spraying within her, Havoc let his body go limp against the bed. The nurse just sat above him for a good long while. This lieutenant maybe a choir boy on the surface but, he was a powerful sex machine in the bedroom.

“That was great,” Nurse Ray said as she was getting dressed a few minutes later. Havoc sat up confused. “W-Where are you going now?” he asked. The nurse kept her back to him. “I’ve got to get back to work now,” she answered. Havoc could feel that old hint of rejection coming on again. “But is that it?” he asked trying to stay hopelessly positive. The nurse turned to him smiling seductively. She walked back over to him. The lieutenant became nervous when she was very close to him. “There is more,” she whispered. “If you want it.” “I-I want more, Nurse Ra-…” Havoc began again. Ray held up her hand. “Uh, uh.” she said quickly. “Let’s not be so formal with each other. We aren’t strangers anymore, we’ve had carnal knowledge of each other. So let’s move past that. So, what is your first name?” “Jean,” the shocked lieutenant answered as the heat in him rose again. The nurse lightly put her finger to his lips again. “Jean, that’s a great name for you.” she said in a low voice. “My name is Jacilyn. But you can call me Jaks. Don’t call my Jackie or I’ll be forced to maim you, got me?” Her words were so sexy, especially the maim part. Jean could barely speak. All he could do was nod. Jacilyn smiled in a dirty way. “Good,” she replied. Jacilyn kissed him lightly on the lips. Then, the nurse walked straight to the door. “See you tonight, Jean” Jacilyn said. Jean watched his girl unlock the door, leave, and close it behind her. He was completely blown away. Jacilyn wasn’t like any woman he had ever fallen for. In fact, she was much better. “What a woman!” Havoc thought in shock. Then, he just fell back onto the bed in bliss. The lieutenant was looking forward to the steamy blissful moments he would share with Jacilyn. And right then, he couldn’t wait for tonight!