Armor Love:

Simone’s Notes:

Limerence is and emotional state in which a person feels an intense romantic desire for another person. Limerence can often be what is meant when one expresses "having a crush" on someone else although limerence, unlike a crush, can last months, years or even a lifetime. It is characterized by intrusive thinking and pronounced sensitivity to external events that reflect the disposition of the limerent object towards the individual. It can be experienced as intense joy or as extreme despair, depending on whether or not the feelings are reciprocated. While the use of the word has not gained widespread acceptance, nor can it be found in most current dictionaries, limerence theory is nevertheless used in psychological studies dealing with romantic love and is frequently discussed by those interested in Tennov's work.

On the same Saturday night that Bev arrived in Amestris, Alphonse Elric was back from training with Izumi. The Dark Moon boys took him out partying with them as a celebration. They were currently in a dance club called Mars Bomb. Al hung around near the bar and watched the other men woo random girls for the night. He wasn’t trying to stay pure! Oh no! He was looking for a date. The boy was fourteen and had his body back. Al was completely charming and could get a date. He burned with that old natural desire called lust. But so far, he couldn’t find one good enough for him. Most of the girls were too old for him, skanky, or too drunk or high for to concern. But soon, his sexual desire became stronger and stronger. The situation was getting grimmer by the moment. He needed to outlet badly. His developing libido, fuelled by fruit-sugar juices, took hold of his sex-crazed mind and taunted him remorselessly with his own unsatisfied desire. It all soon looked hopeless.

But then, Alphonse saw her. A young girl stood across the bar had a cigarette in her lovely fingers. She was slender with small curves and nice-sized firm breasts. Her cinnamon brown hair was in short pigtails with little red rubber bands in place. She had on a short glittery little lilac dress on. The girl looked bored for a moment. Al couldn’t take his eyes off of her. This bird was a complete catch. Right away, the boy wanted to screw her on the spot. Then, the girl began walking away. Alphonse’s eyes followed his potential mate to the exit. Her curves bounced gracefully with each step. Al just had to have her. But then, a challenge came. The girl was stopped by an older man with two drinks in his hand. He was offering her on of the drinks. Alphonse became worried in silence. “He’s going to steal her away!” he thought. But then, the girl took one drink and drank it. But then, she took the other drink and drank that one. She then glared at the guy and he walked away. Al smiled to himself. And with that, Alphonse Elric had fallen in love!

Al followed his prized bird all the way to the parking lot. “’Cuse me!” he called out to her as he caught up. The girl slowed down and turned to him. The boy quickly caught up with him. “I was impressed with the gracefully and strong way you handled that guy back there!” he complimented her. “Thanks,” she replied. “So, what’s your name?” Al asked her. “Amy,” the girl answered. “Nice to meet you Amy!” Alphonse called. “I’m Alphonse Elric! Where are you going Amy?” “Home.” she answered. “Why?” the boy asked. “It’s where I live!” Amy answered as if she was stating the obvious. “That’s great!” Al said quickly. “I want to go there too!” The girl stopped in her tracks and looked at him as if he was insane. The boy looked at her as he realized that what he just said didn’t come out right. “Let me guess,” Amy spoke up. “You have never really picked up a girl, have you?” “Uh…” Al said. “I know you’re type perfectly!” she went on. “You seem to be one of those sweet boys. A little crazy, very loyal, level-headed, cocky, and over all a good soul. Am I right?” Alphonse was completely speechless. “Well,” Amy spoke up. “What’s wrong? Cat got her tongue?” Then, she headed over to a waiting cab in the parking lot and got in. Alphonse kept staring at her. “Well!” she called. “Are you coming or not?” The boy quickly came back to Earth and hurried to join her in the cab. As the cab rode down the street, Alphonse and Amy were making out passionately in the back seat.

They made it back to her house. “Amy?” Al whispered to her as they headed down the dark hall. “Shhh!” she said quickly. “Keep it quiet!” The boy nodded. Amy smiled sweetly and full of mischief at him. Then, she took him by the hand and led him silently up the stairs. Al’s heart raced with every step. He couldn’t wait to see what would happen next tonight. They came straight to her bedroom. It looked like a typical teenage girl’s. Her art was neatly put onto the walls. The only light on was a side lamp. Everything was perfectly neat like an angel’s palace. The carpet was a snow white shade. The walls were a faded jade color. Her furniture was a light oak. Al closed and looked the door behind them. The boy was impressed with how clean everything was. Amy smiled as she slowly slid off her little dress. The boy became excited and walked over to her as he slid off his long red jacket. He kissed her lightly on the lips. His soon-to-be girl kissed back and pushed him back onto the bed. They began French kissing as they continued to strip down naked.

Pretty soon, Amy was riding him hard and fast. Both were lost in a deep sea of lusty pleasure. Alphonse was enjoying this completely. Both were moaning loudly in sweet joy. Amy had her hands pinned tightly on his strong shoulders. She kept on thrusting her hips faster and faster on him. After minutes of sweetness, Alphonse came hard within her. Both moaned loudly. Alphonse lied there panting like a happy and tired dog. Amy climbed off of her boy toy in a rush. “That was great!” he called out. “You can’t stay here!” his girl said softly. Al’s happiness turned into confused. “What?” he asked as he looked up. Amy was standing up and sliding on a sunflower-patterned nightgown. “You can’t sleep here!” she replied. “What do you mean?” Al asked. Amy paused and eyed. “It was great and all,” she spoke up. “But you can’t sleep here! You can either sleep in the couch or go house! It’s up to you!” The girl pushed him out of her room and handed him his clothes. “And don’t make any noise!” Amy whispered. Then, she slammed the door hard. “Okay….” Alphonse replied in confusion. Then, he got dressed and headed down the hall. This was the start of their little games!