Aphrodite Pt. 8:

Simone’s Notes:

Many of the conventions of courtly love can be traced to Ovid, through Andreas Capellanus, but it is doubtful that they are all traceable to this origin. Accounts of courtly love often overlook the Arabist hypothesis, which has been posed in some form almost from the beginnings of the term "courtly love" in the modern period. A proposed source for the differences is the Arabic poets and poetry of Muslim Spain and the broader European contact with the Islamicate world. Given that practices similar to courtly love were already prevalent in Al-Andalus and elsewhere in the Islamic world, it is very likely that Islamic practices influenced the Christian Europeans. William of Aquitane, for example, was involved in the First Crusade, and in the ongoing Reconquista in Spain, so that he would have come into contact with Muslim culture a great deal.

Riza took one more look around her apartment. Everything had to be perfect today. You see, today was Friday! Jakob was coming home for the weekend today. All week, Hawkeye-Riis had to act like her serious no-nonsense version of herself. She played that part so well. But now, it was time for the carefree sexy flirty part of her to come out and play. Riza had this weekend planned out. She felt adventurous this time. The captain went to cooking store and picked up some olive oil. Riza heard it as a suggestion. So, she did some research and decided to give it a try. Along with that, she bought some new lingerie, bubble bath, and some body chocolate. The apartment was done up like a romantic palace. Candles were lit all over the floor in the bedroom. Rose petals were all over the floor. Some Sade was playing in the background. Even Riza was dressed up in only a white French silk towel with her long blonde hair gracefully down to her shoulders. Her make-up was done up just perfectly. She didn’t go for the perfume this time. The bath water would wash it away. Riza smiled to herself when it all meant her approval. The only thing missing was her husband.

Then, she heard keys clicking in the door. Riza’s eyes lit up in excitement. She hurried to the bathroom. The door opened wide.

“Hello?” Jakob said aloud. “Riza, I’m home!”

“In here, dearest!” his wife called from the bathroom. Jakob looked down and noticed rose petals on the floor. A little smile came across his face. “Well now,” he thought. “This is a lovely surprise!” The mouse shrugged and followed the trail. The rose petals forked out into two different paths. Jakob looked at the two different doors. One was to the bathroom and the other was to the bedroom. Both options looked very tempting. The mouse smiled to himself wickedly. He headed to the bathroom. The mouse slowly opened the door. A fog of steam greeted him. Riza was sitting on the toilet only dressed in a towel waiting for him. The humidity was making her look even sexier. She looked up at him smiling.

“Hello there,” she said in a happy flirty tone. Jakob lightly shut the bathroom door behind him as he smiled. “Well now,” he thought. “This is a nice surprise.

“Well now,” he said. “This is a nice surprise.”

“Our bath is ready!” his wife said to him as she showed him the steaming hot water. Jakob looked over at the tub. Red and white rose petals were floating on the water. A sweet scent filled the air.

“You put bath salts in the water?” he asked her.

“Why yes.” Riza replied. “Care to join me?” What was the point of even asking? Jakob had already taken off his jacket and was now working on his shirt. Riza was smiling at him wickedly. “Hm,” she thought. “I’ll taken that as a yes!” Then, she ripped off her towel and climbed into the bathtub. Jakob threw off his shirt and got started on his belt. Riza watched in excitement. The show was a sexy one to watch. She had a smile up to her ears. Jakob smiled back at the reaction he got from her. He yanked off his belt and worked slowly on his jeans. He seemed to be teasing her with his goods. Riza’s heart raced happily. The flirty girly-girl was watching in excitement. She wanted to leap out of the tub and screw him on the spot. But she kept herself still and patient. Rushing would only ruin the mood.

Jakob finally got his jeans to the floor. He lightly stepped out of them. All that was left was his boxers. The mouse slowly started on them as well. Soon, those were gone as well. Jakob stood before his wife naked and aroused. Riza smiled at him aroused. Here came the good part! Her husband climbed into the tub and joined her. Both smiled at each other wickedly.

“So,” Jakob replied. “What do we do now?” Riza leaned forward and kissed him quickly. Her husband kissed her back. He lightly pushed her back in the water. Riza kissed him back happily. The kisses only grew from there. Jakob quickly slid his tongue into his wife’s mouth. Hawkeye-Riis greeted the taste with great love. She missed his body against hers. The weekends weren’t enough. She just had to have more of him. In a sense, Riza was angry at Roy for sending her husband off to school five days a week. She and Jakob couldn’t really be together all of the time like they were all summer long. But yet, Riza decided to be happy for her husband in the end. After all, he was living out his dream. Jakob wanted to be an artist. Who was she to stand in the way of his dreams? A spouse was supposed to be supportive of their love’s dreams. Riza decided not to worry about it again and let the hot romance take control for tonight. She couldn’t let anything ruin the mood. Not even anger and longing.

Jakob was about to get really naughty when his wife stopped him. The mouse looked at her confused. Riza smiled at him wickedly.

“Now, now,” she said to him. “We want to save some of it for the bedroom!” Jakob thought about that for a moment. Then he blushed quickly.

“Oh yeah, yeah!” he said quickly. Riza just smiled at him. She kissed him lightly on the lips. Her husband began to relax in lust again. He kissed her back. The captain lightly pulled away. She sat up in front of him. Hawkeye-Riis lightly turned her back to him.

“Care to rub my shoulders?” she asked the mouse seductively. Jakob got really excited there.

“Sure!” he said aloud. Then he got right to work. Riza shut her eyes in bless. “Oh he has such strong hands!” she thought in excitement. Jakob kept rubbing on the captain’s soft shoulders. His meat pen clicked on even harder. The wait was killing him on the inside. But, he decided not to show it. The mouse instead focused on pleasuring his wife to the fullest with this massage. Riza was softly moaning to her husband in bliss. His touch was so good. Her heart was racing in joy. She too wanted to rush along to the bedroom. But she had to hold out a little longer. The good part was coming up. Both had to wait a little bit longer.

After a few minutes, Riza couldn’t take it anymore. She had to get on with it to the bed. The captain kissed her husband on the lips passionately. Jakob was pleasantly surprised and kissed her back. When they broke off, he looked at her lovingly.

“So you want more then?” he asked her kindly. Riza just kissed him again on the lips. She pulled away smiling. Jakob smiled back at her.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he replied. His wife smiled at him seductively. She leapt out of the tub and raced across the hall to the bedroom. The horny mouse smiled to himself wickedly. “And the chase begins!” he thought. Then, he leapt out of the tub and pursued his love. He made it after her to the bedroom. Riza was already on the bed waiting for him. Jakob stared lustfully at his hot goddess. She was still wet from their bath. Jakob felt a little envious from her beauty. But yet, he still had to have her. The artist leapt onto the bed with her and kissed her on the lips. The mouse lightly pushed her onto her back. They were kissing even more. Jakob began fondling her perky full breasts. Riza quickly slipped her tongue into his mouth. Jakob moaned aloud happily and gave her his tongue as well. His wife moved closer to his ear.

“I have some oils for us in the end table!” she whispered to him. Jakob looked down at her smiling. He reached over to the drawer and opened it wide. The mouse looked inside. There were olive and dessert oils waiting to be used. A smile lit up across his face. “Okay!” he thought. “I wasn’t expecting this!” This was promising to be a kinky night tonight! Jakob pulled out the olive oil first and popped it open. Riza watched in excitement. Her husband poured it all down below. Riza moaned out in surprise.

“Oh my god!” she yelled out. “That feels cold!” Jakob smiled at her in naughty way.

“Take it all in my dear,” he said to her. “Because it’ll only get worse!” Riza giggled at him lightly. Once he was done with her, Jakob turned onto himself. His wife watched in anticipation. The excitement was building up again. She was wet with her own fluids and the oil. She wanted to hurry him up, but it wouldn’t have done him any good. This part couldn’t be rushed along. Otherwise, it would be a mess. All Riza could do was lie there and wait. Oh, this was intense.

Once Jakob was finished with the oil olive, he turned his attention to the dessert oil. He popped that one open and poured it all over her body. Riza trembled in delight. The cold seemed to be killing her inside. The captain shut her eyes in delight. The oil felt good running all over her body. Jakob began pouring it up and down all over her.

“Yeah!” he said lustfully. “Let it all sink in!” Riza moaned in soft reply. Once it was all out, Jakob began rubbing the oil all on her body. His wife moaned softly at his touch. His hands felt so strong on her soft body. His touch was so gentle. The woman began panting happily. The heat was building up fast in her body. It had to escape somehow. If not, Riza would go mad with desire. When he was finished, Jakob looked down at her with lust and desire. He was practically drooling. The mouse wanted to dig in right away. But first…

Jakob began licking lightly on Riza’s neck. His wife moaned aloud happily. Finally, the moment was here. The real moment of love had come at long last. Jakob took his time before moving down to her breasts. He began sucking and licking on her lovely chest. Riza lightly reached forward and ran graceful fingers through his dark brown tussled hair. She was really flying high to the pleasure island to the sky. Deep moans of bliss were caught in her throat. The pent up lust in both of them was finally getting out. Jakob was now licking at her stomach. Riza’s moans grew louder and louder. He was tormenting her yet again. There had to be a crime against pleasure like this. In fact, it had to be a sin! A very sweet sin indeed.

The mouse seemed to eat her out at last, but then he changed his mind. Jakob froze over his wife. Riza looked up at him desperately in suffering bliss. Jakob smiled at her wickedly. He lightly leaned down to her burning sweet ear.

“Don’t worry dearest,” Jakob whispered to her. “It’s coming!” Hawkeye-Riis nodded at him quickly. Jakob kept the smile on his face as he slid his meat pen inside of her. He moaned aloud happily. Riza just shut her eyes in bliss. This was always the best part. Both of them missed the pleasure ride completely. Five days a week without seeing each other seemed to be too much sexually for the couple. The weekends just weren’t enough. Jakob began his “brush work” right away. He started off painfully slow at first. His wife moaned aloud happily. She held onto her younger husband tightly for dear life.

“Harder Jakob! Harder! Harder!!!” she yelled out. Jakob muzzled her lovely voice with more kisses as he complied to her. Riza moaned loudly in his mouth. Her nails began to dig into his hot strong young flesh. Jakob moaned aloud in pain and pleasure in her mouth as well. She quickly wrapped her legs around him. That drove the mouse to pump even faster. He began to see her as the innocent virgin bride that he made love to in her secret garden. Each time they made love, it all just got better and better. It was as if he and Riza connected each time. The latest time revealed a much closer bond. The mouse found himself going as he as he could go. He was grabbing onto Riza’s shoulders as tightly as he could. He needed as much support as he could get. This pleasure ride was going to take a while.

In the end, Jakob came HARD within his wife. Both of the couple moaned aloud in their mouths in deep bliss. They were locked into each other’s embrace for few seconds more. They just didn’t seem to want to let go of each other. Finally, Jakob collapsed beside of Riza panting happily. The couple turned to each other panting in happiness. Riza smiled at him softly.

“Welcome home, darling!” she whispered loudly to him. Jakob smiled back at her kindly.

“Thanks, my love,” he whispered back to her. “It’s so good to be home.” Riza lightly giggled at him. They shared one more romantic kiss for the night before falling asleep in each other’s arms in a cloud of steamy lust.