Aphrodite Pt. 7:

Simone’s Notes:

In an article presented by Henry Gruenbaum, one argument is that many "therapists mistakenly believe that romantic love is a phenomenon unique to Western cultures and first expressed by the troubadours of the Middle Ages" (referencing Fisher, 1995). He continues stating also that "a recent survey of the anthropological literature by Jankowiak and Fisher found evidence of romantic love in every culture for which there were adequate data. For instance, an 80-year old Taita man recalled his fourth wife with words that could come from a Valentine card: 'She was the wife of my heart.'" Gruenbaum argues that it was mainly Christian theologians who historically wrote the most material about romantic love (referencing Solomon Higgins, 1991). He states that these particular "philosophers were primarily concerned about" romantic love's "allegedly subversive effects on society and the concomitant need to control such an irrational emotion." According to Gruenbaum, the definition of romantic love identifies three main features: "1. Feelings of longing for the other, including the desire to be intimate with them both sexually and psychologically, and feelings of loss and loneliness during separations. For example, Napoleon wrote to his empress Josephine: 'I have not spent a day without loving you; I have not spent a night without embracing you... ', 2.The experience of the beloved as special, idealized, necessary for one's happiness...,"[eg. "Zelda Fitzgerald asked F. Scott Fitzgerald shortly after they met. 'I feel like you had me ordered - and I was delivered to you. '(Quoted in Fraser, 1976, p. 143)], and 3. The preoccupation with and overevaluation of the loved one."

Jakob was in his college dorm at Artemis Renaissance School of Arts on Friday night. The first three weeks were a transition for him here. He was in an almost-new place. It was strange to be going to school in the city where he got married. The campus was a nice place. ARSA was a pricy school. Only the best went here. This college was made of white marble and brick. A fountain of cupid stood in the entry greeting its new students. The grass was always kept green and fresh. The gardens were always welcoming with life. The flowers made Jakob think about Riza’s secret garden. He really began to miss his wife right away. But the student had to keep his mind straight in order to make it in ARSA. “All for Riza!” The classes were excellent as well. Jakob was currently enrolled in painting, drawing, art appreciation, art history, and drawing. He wanted to take sculpting as well, but decided to hold out and see how he did after one semester here. Jakob loved his classes so far. He got along great with his professors. The mouse even got along with his classmates. His dorm was a single. It looked like a bachelor’s pad. Mustang went as far as to cover payment for the mouse’s books and living arrangements. The major general wanted this art student to have the best while he was away from Riza. Jakob was counting himself lucky. His semester was looking pretty bright.

However, Jakob was pretty lonely. He had been weeks without his wife. The dorm was empty without a woman around it. He missed everything about Riza. Her long blonde hair, deep wine red eyes, soft sweet-tasting lips, luscious hot curves, nice legs, loving and girly mood towards him, and strong personality at work. Riza was forever going to be his muse. Jakob had his memories and dreams of her to keep him happy while his was at his classes. But sadly, those weren’t enough for the young art student. He had the weekends, holidays, and breaks to look forward to. Then, he could visit his lovely wife, family, and friends. But this weekend was going to be a little twist.

Jakob was packing up to leave for the evening back to Central City were he got a knock on the door. The mouse stopped and looked up confused. “Hm?” he thought. “Who could that be at this hour?

“Who is it?” he asked aloud to the door. No one answered. The knocking came again. Jakob slowly walked over to the door.

“Who is it?” he asked again.

“It’s us!” a familiar voice yelled out. Jakob’s eyes lit up brightly.

“Hunter?” he asked in shock.

“Yep!” the Irish boy replied. “With the whole crew as well!” Jakob quickly opened the door. Hunter, Mikey, and Ginny were all standing before him smiling. With them, stood his beautiful Riza. Jakob was overjoyed with surprise.

“Guys?!?” he asked aloud. “What are all of you doing here?”

“We thought that we would bring the weekend to you this time!” Mikey said.

“We even brought Riza!” Ginny chirped.

“I can see that,” Jakob said happily. “But how did you all get here?”

“By the train, of course!” Hunter replied as if it was obvious. “Now are you going to let us in or are you going to stand there and stare at us all night, dog?”

“Oh right!” Jakob said quickly. Then, he moved aside to let his friends into the dorm. The crew all entered in quietly. The mouse closed the door behind them.

Jakob got right to making all of his friends green tea.

“How are things in Central?” he asked all of his guests.

“Hectic!” Mikey answered first.

“People have been getting beat up in Central at night!” Hunter announced.

“Oh really?” Jakob asked as he sat down with all of his friends and wife.

“Yeah!” Mikey said. “But, they have stopped some.”

“I see,” the mouse replied.

“So how is school here, Jakob?” Ginny spoke up moving to a happier subject.

“Great!” he replied. “Everything is going good here.”

“Any new friends here?” Riza asked him.

“Not yet,” he replied.

“Joined any clubs yet?” Ginny asked.

“Not yet,” her friend replied.

“Well, why not?” Gin asked sounding slightly disappointed. Jakob just shrugged at her.

“Still adjusting I guess,” he replied. “What about you guys? Are things going at your schools?” Mikey, Hunter, and Ginny all began talking about their lives at their new colleges. The college freshmen all traded funny stories about their professors and classes. Halfway through however, Jakob’s attention shifted to Riza. You see, the mouse was in a new deep need. He hadn’t seen his wife since Sunday. So like most husbands that had been away from their wives for a long time, Jakob was horny. But how to get his friends out of the dorm long enough to fulfill that aching need? It take long for him to figure it all out. A soft smile came across his face. He was lightly chuckling to himself. Mikey noticed right away.

“Jakob?” he asked. “What’s so funny? What’s wrong?” The mouse looked up at his guests smiling. He rose to his feet with mischief in his head. His friends and wife were really confused.

“Jakob?” Mikey asked aloud.

“Shhh!” the mouse said aloud. “Do you hear that?” His guests all tried to listen in close.

“No,” Ginny said suspicious. “What are you talking…”

“Shhh!” Jakob cut her off. “Just listen!” Everyone did closely. The girls looked at him oddly.

“What are we listening for?” Riza asked. Jakob turned to his guests smiling.

“Red spirits!” he replied. His guests were really confused now.

“What?” they asked him.

“Shhh!” the mouse said again. “They are coming again!” His guests still didn’t know what he was getting at. The mouse winked secretly at his wife. Then, Jakob rushed towards his friends as if he was chasing something or someone away.

“Away red spirits!” he yelled out. His friends rushed to their feet quickly.

“Jakob!” Ginny yelled out. “What are you doing?!?” Jakob didn’t listen at all. He just kept chasing out his friends. He successfully chased his friends outside of the dorm and shut the door. The mouse turned back to his wife. A wicked smile came across his face.

“It looks like we’re alone now!” he announced to her. Riza smiled back at him innocently.

“You mean…” she spoke up. Jakob rushed over to his wife, grabbed her by the hand, and dragged her back to his bedroom. The mouse pinned her down on the bed. Riza giggled aloud. She looked up at him lustfully. Jakob eyed her the same way.

“I just had to get rid of them long enough!” he said aloud to her.

“Really?” she asked him with a sensual tone to her voice.

Yeah!” her husband said aloud. Then he kissed her deeply on the lips. The captain kissed back in a rush. The couple didn’t seem to know how to stop kissing. They stripped down quickly and began to make love. Jakob used all of his pent up desire to satisfy Riza to the fullest. He kept going in and out of her again and again. Riza moaned aloud in sweet ecstasy.

“Harder! HARDER!!!” she yelled out. Jakob complied with pleasure. His wife moaned out even louder. Oh yes! This was one of the many things he missed about Riza. The intimate moments like these were always the best with him and her. Nothing could come between them at this time. This was their moment.

Jakob came hard within his wife after long sexy ride.

“OHHH!!!” he yelled out loud. The captain moaned aloud as well. Jakob sat on his knees in front of his wife. He was panting hard. The mouse looked down at his wife.

“Five days,” he said at last. “Five days, seventeen hours, twenty-five minutes, and thirty seconds without you!” Riza didn’t say a word. She just stared up at him with sweet bliss in her eyes. Then there came a knock on the bedroom door. The couple quickly looked up from their happiness to it.

“They’re back!” Riza pointed out. She turned back to her husband.

“What should we do?” she asked. Jakob just smirked to her wickedly.

“Go away, red spirits!” he yelled at his friends. “We don’t want your spirit cookies!” The knocking kept on. Jakob turned back to his wife smiling.

“Just ignore them, Riza-chan!” he said happily. Then he kissed her on the lips once again. A second round of lovemaking followed after that one. Yes! This one of the things Jakob missed about home. Now, he was happy that the intimate moments came back for the weekend.