Aphrodite Pt. 6:

Simone’s Notes:

Byron and his school-mates at Harrow would have read the classics and understood the meaning of the term, "Greek love" as recent biographers, Crompton & MacCarthy, have suggested. The poet, Shelley, a pupil at Eton, immersed himself in Greek literature, his Platonic studies leading to an eventual translation of the Symposium, 1818, and in the same year a ‘Discourse on the Manners of the Ancient Greeks Relative to the Subject of Love’ which stands as the first published essay, after Bentham’s unpublished writings of 1785, on the subject of homosexuality. The significance of this document lies in its repudiation of the evasions of contemporary scholarship which had cast a veil over the reality of Greek love as a sexual practice. Shelley did however share the prejudices of his age regarding the physical expression of pederasty, but his essay can nevertheless be considered as ‘a pioneering work in a field not fully and freely explored by an English scholar until Kenneth Dover’s authoritative study of 1980’. (Crompton)

[Riza’s Secret Garden]

“I leave tomorrow,” Jakob told his wife.

“Don’t remind me,” she said softly. The couple was lying in the tall grass together again. The sun was high at noon. The breeze was lightly blowing over them. Riza was lightly cuddled up close to the young mouse. He was lightly stroking her hair. His wife lightly looked up him.

“Do you really have to go tomorrow?” she asked. Jakob sighed innocently.

“We’ve been over this a hundred times, my love,” he said to her. “I promise you, I’ll visit you on weekends and holidays. I’ll even keep in touch with you every chance I get.” Riza looked up at him lightly.

“You promise?” she asked him. Jakob smiled at her kindly.

“Aw, come here!” he said to her. Then, the artist lightly kissed his wife on the lips. The captain felt better again. The kiss lasted for a few sweet seconds. Jakob lightly pulled away for his love. Hawkeye-Riis looked at him with sweet eyes. The mouse smiled at her kindly.

“Is that enough?” he asked. “Or did I have to convince you some more?” Riza didn’t answer him at all. She just leaned forward and lightly kissed him on the lips. Jakob smiled and kissed back. He gently took her into his arms. Hawkeye-Riis lightly pushed her body on top of his. They just couldn’t stop kissing. The heat of summer was slowly taking over them. Jakob gently slid his tongue into his wife’s mouth. After a little bit of teasing, Riza happily gave him her own sweet muscle. It was funny actually. Each time the couple made love on the outside, Riza would be more open to higher levels of intimacy. Jakob was tempted to test her to see how she would go. He always held back, however. The mouse didn’t seem to want to violate his wife’s inner innocence and trust. But tonight, that was far away. “I’m leaving,” Jakob reasoned in his mind. “So I might as well see.” He reached up and lightly slid his hands into her soft kimono. Riza trembled happily as he lightly touched her soft bare shoulders. The wife grabbed onto his dark grey shirt and slid it off. Jakob was pleasantly surprised by this. “Wow!” he thought. “She’s willing to move forward after all!” It was official. The reigns were all off now! Love was to run free tonight!

Jakob quickly flipped Riza over onto her back. They kept kissing again. The mouse reached and grabbed onto Riza’s obi. He gave it a great yank. Her kimono fell open in a wild bloom. Jakob began passionately kissing down his wife’s neck. Riza softly moaned. The mouse lightly licked her sweet flesh as well. The heat inside of him was rising quickly. He had to have more. Jakob quickly slid off her wedding kimono. Riza moaned aloud in happiness. She reached up and grabbed a hold of his jeans. The bride unzipped his jeans and playfully yanked them down. Jakob moved back to her lips and kissed them again. Riza happily kissed back. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. The mouse slipped his tongue back into her mouth. His wife lightly moaned in his mouth. The heat rose up fast. They had to have more and more. Their love was just that addictive to each other.

Jakob reached around his wife’s back to her lacy white bra and slowly began unhooking it. Riza was really trembling in delight at his touch. It drew her to kiss him even more. She started rubbing up and down his bare back. Jakob moaned loudly in her mouth. His meat pen was ready to draw inside of her canvas. He yanked off her bra and tossed it aside. Jakob then grabbed onto her matching panties and pulled them down. His loving wife quickly spread her legs under him. Jakob ripped off his own boxers and kissed his wife again. While doing so, he slowly slid himself into her. Riza moaned loudly in his mouth. Jakob quickly began his work. He started off slow as usual and then sped up. At first, the captain didn’t seem to understand what was happening at first. She seemed to be in a place of confusion. This was all new to her innocent soul. But then, it came to her in a heavy rush. A wave of tamed passion swallowed the captain whole. The first taste of the forbidden fruit had taken over her.

Riza moaned loudly in Jakob’s mouth. She wrapped her legs around him tightly. The pressure around his body made the mouse pump even harder and faster. The feeling of her around was driving him completely crazy. They kissed even more and faster. The heat was now beyond their control. All they could do was go with the flow of the passion. Jakob did so with ease. Riza enjoyed every single second of his love. She knew that she was right to marry the mouse twice.

After a few moments, Jakob came hard within his wife.

“Mmmmm!!!” he moaned aloud in her sweet mouth. They broke off the kiss abruptly. Jakob removed his meat pen and rolled off his wife. Both lied there panting hard. Riza turned and looked at him smiling. The mouse looked back at her.

“So, are you convinced now?” he asked his wife kindly.

“Yes!” she announced happily. Jakob smiled at her warmly. He lightly kissed her on the tip of the nose. His wife cuddled close to his warm. Her husband lightly kissed the top of her head.

“Right to face autumn apart now?” he asked her boldly.

“Uh-hm,” Riza answered softly. Jakob kept smiling at her. He lightly touched her chin, lifted her head, and kissed her softly on the lips. She happily kissed him back.



The next morning was the day of departure. Riza drove Jakob to the train station really early. He was about to board the train when he wife stopped him. The mouse turned to her calmly.

“Yes, Riza?” he asked.

“You remember to call when you get there, right?” she asked. Her husband smiled at her kindly.

“Yes dear,” he answered. “I will call you every chance I get.”

“And visit on weekends and holidays?” the captain demanded in a playful way.

“Of course!” the mouse answered. Riza smiled at him.

“Have great time,” she said at last. “Do your best!”

“I will, my love!” Jakob replied. Then, they gave one last kiss for the weekly summer and Jakob boarded the train. It pulled out the station slowly and headed west. Riza watched as the train disappeared into the horizon. “Good luck!” she thought to him. Despite the positive look on the future, the darkness was just catching up to the people of Ametris pretty quickly. The harvest was just arriving.