Aphrodite Pt. 4:

Simone’s Notes:

Romance can also be tragic in its conflict with society. Tolstoy also focuses on the romantic limitations of marriage, and Anna Karenina prefers death to being married to her fiancée. Furthermore, in the speech about marriage that is given in Kierkegaard's Either/Or, Kierkegaard attempts to show that it is because marriage is lacking in passion fundamentally, that the nature of marriage, unlike romance, is explainable by a man who has experience of neither marriage nor love. In the following excerpt, from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Romeo, in saying "all combined, save what thou must combine By holy marriage" implies that it is not marriage with Juliet that he seeks but simply to be joined with her romantically. That "I pray That thou consent to marry us" implies that the marriage means the removal of the social obstacle between the two opposing families, not that marriage is sought by Romeo with Juliet for any other particular reason, as adding to their love or giving it any more meaning.

"Then plainly know my heart's dear love is set On the fair daughter of rich Capulet: As mine on hers, so hers is set on mine; And all combined, save what thou must combine By holy marriage: when and where and how We met, we woo'd and made exchange of vow, I'll tell thee as we pass; but this I pray, That thou consent to marry us to-day." --Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene II

Jakob’s cell phone on their nightstand. The mouse himself was tied down to the bed he shared with his wife by his wrist with a leather cord. The only thing he was dressed in was his jeans. Tonight was another date night. Riza said that she was going to try something new with him today. The mouse was more than willing to let her try anything with him. He looked to his left at his phone quickly.

“Riza darling,” Jakob said to her. “Could you get that for me? I’m a little tied up at the moment. It’s probably mom.” The captain looked up at him playfully disappointed. She was dressed in her lacy black bra and panties with her long blonde hair down and smelling of cherry blossoms.

“Aw come on, sweetie!” she explained. “Just let it ring!”

“But I have to answer it darling,” her husband argued. “She’ll just keep calling me hours in the night it I keep ignoring her.” Riza tried to bribe him with a kiss to think otherwise. Jakob kissed back lightly. When she pulled away, her husband looked at her with his innocent ocean blue eyes.

“But I must!” he insisted again. “Do you really want her to keep calling all through the night?” Riza sat up and thought about that for a moment. She finally pouted innocently.

“Fine!” she exclaimed. Jakob smiled at her sweetly. His wife reached over to the phone, opened it, and put it up to her husband’s ear.

“Hello?” Jakob asked.

“Jakob!” Esther exclaimed on the other line.

“Mom!” he said in fake surprise. “It’s ten at night! What are you doing calling me so late?” Riza tried her best to keep quiet on the other line. She was giggling in her head. “If that woman only knew…” the captain thought mischievously.

“I just wanted to check and talk to my favorite son!” Esther said in a sweet concerned voice.

“Aww!” Jakob said. “That’s so sweet! But can you call back in the day time?”

“Why not now?” his mother asked innocently. “I barely get to talk to you at all. You’re either with those little kids or with that woman!”

“That woman is my wife!” Jakob argued back. “I love her very much! She’s not taking me away from you! Just like me go for once.” Riza was really trying not to giggle now. “Why does she keep believing that I am a bad woman with her son?” she thought.

“But… But…” Esther stammered out desperately. Jakob began to smile to himself. He turned to his wife and winked at her. Riza just winked back at him.

“Bye mom!” the mouse said innocently.

“Jakob!” Esther called on the other line. Then Riza hung up the phone and put it on the nightstand. She turned back to her husband smiling wickedly. Jakob looked up at her once again with those innocent laser blue eyes of his. A warm smile spread across his face.

“Now where were we?” he asked aloud. A smile spread across Riza’s cranberry red lips.

“Tonight’s special!” she reminded him. Jakob looked up at her excited.

“Ooo!” he said cheerfully. “And what is that?” His wife lightly put her finger to his lips.

“You don’t want to spoil the surprise, do you?” she asked. Her husband shook his head innocently. Riza kept smiling at him.

“Good,” she replied in a seductive voice. “Wait here!” Then Riza climbed out of him and left the bedroom. Jakob watched her while he was still tied down to the bed. His heart was racing in excitement. Riza was in a kinky mood tonight. Tonight’s date night was going to be a steamy heat storm tonight. This evening’s appetizers started with Riza kissing on him when he first came to the door of the apartment. She lured him with kisses back to their bedroom. Red and white rose petals were all over the bed and floor. Deep black romantic mood-setting candles were everywhere. The sheets were fresh with black and red silk. Before they made it to the bed, his wife lightly and tenderly slid off his Clash concert t-shirt and flung it straight to the floor. The heat rose on from there. Riza lightly kissed on him and lied him on his back on their bed. Once she had him down, she reached over to the nightstand and slowly pulled open the drawer. Riza pulled out the leather cord and neatly placed Jakob’s wrist to the headboard. She tied him down tight and gracefully. His wife pulled away gracefully as her husband looked up at her with those innocent ocean laser blue eyes. Esther’s phone call didn’t take away from much of the mood. The sensual suspense was building up now.

After a few minutes, Riza returned to the bedroom. She had a full fresh bottle of sweet desert brandy in her lovely hands with a corkscrew. Jakob’s eyes lit up in delight now. He was wondering what his wife was going to do with that brandy. Riza slowly and gracefully approached him. She climbed on top of him and leaned in close to his burning ear.

“I’m in the mood for something sweet tonight!” Riza whispered to him. Her husband’s heart instantly skipped a beat. He nearly lost his breath. The mouse just smiled happily at that statement. Riza was smiling wickedly herself. She had wound him up. Now it was time to put it all into action. His wife unscrewed the brandy with the corkscrew and popped it open. Jakob watched happily. Riza paused and smiled at her husband to add onto the affect. She then slowly poured the brandy down onto his chest. The mouse trembled happily at the cold liquor on his bare flesh.

“Hold still.” Riza told him tenderly. The brandy continued to pour. When she went through the whole bottle, she set it down on the floor. Here came the next part. Riza slowly knelt down to his chest and began lapping up the sweet brandy in a slow and graceful manner. Jakob gasped quickly. His heart was really bleeding now. The blood was quickly rushing to his head. “Oh her tongue feels so warm!” he thought high excitement. Riza began to move southwards slowly. She kept her slow and seductive pace the whole time. The captain was enjoying the sweet taste of his flesh and the brandy all at once. Jakob closed his eyes and began to imagine himself back into her secret garden again.

Riza was pouring the green tea for both of them in the hand-printed China teacups. She looked up at him like a beautiful geisha. Jakob sat across from her only dressed in his jeans. He stared at his wife enamored with her beauty and love. The mouse just couldn’t help but to smile at her. Riza’s lips curved into a sweet smile.

“Care for some tea?” she asked sweetly. Jakob kept his gaze on her.

“Sure,” he replied. “I would love to.” Riza kept smiling as she handed him a cup. Jakob took it politely. Both drank silently. Sweet butterflies flew around them as Riza slowly moved her tongue down to his abdomen. The couple helped themselves to the sweet cakes on the table. Jakob admired his wife fondly. Her lips seemed to be coated with the brandy on her lips from his body. He slowly had an urge to kiss them. The boy found that he just couldn’t resist if he wanted to. Jakob was leaning into his wife slowly. Riza slowly looked up at to him coming in close for a kiss. She didn’t move and came to him inch by inch. They met in the middle and kissed while she slowly slid off his pants. The couple stayed like that for long while. They didn’t want to break, but they had to. Jakob and Riza parted slowly. Both when blushing like sweet little schoolchildren. Apparently, innocence in they garden was as high as kite. Since no one had ever been in Riza’s secret garden, she was still pure and chaste to love. She seemed to have the same affect on him.

“Oh wow!” Hawkeye-Riis exclaimed.

“Yeah!” Jakob replied. Silence passed over them. Both seemed quite embarrassed by the kiss.

“I need some tea!” Riza said at last. She quickly picked up her cup and began to drink. Jakob just watched her smiling. He seemed to have opened his eyes at that moment. (This was about the same time Riza took his meat pen into her mouth and began sucking on it.) He was sweetly tainted with passionate love. Jakob wanted to share his love with his innocent bride. There was only one way he knew how to. His wife kept drinking up her tea when she noticed her husband eyeing her romantically. She began to blush again.

“What?” she asked sweetly. Jakob didn’t say anything at first. He just leaned in close to his wife slowly and tenderly. Riza felt herself blushing and turning red all over again. Her heart was racing wildly. Jakob was just inches from her lips once again. She could feel her blush growing hotter. Jakob lightly took her angelic cheeks into his strong hand. He was right close to her without a warning.

“It’s okay,” Jakob whispered directly onto her brandy tasting lips. “There is nothing to be shamed of.” Then he kissed her lightly on the lips. This time, they didn’t stop kissing. Riza gradually got over her shyness and shame and kissed back in sweet brandy bliss. They moved away from the table still kissing and he tenderly laid his bride on down on the sweet grass and flowers below them. The cherry blossoms falling down from the trees seemed to form a loving sensual blanket for them from above. Both were slowly drowning in a sea of kisses as Jakob richly reached his climax.

Riza lied next to Jakob naked afterwards. The taste of brandy, sweat, and sweet hot love ink was still on her tongue. She was cuddled up next to her husband romantically. Jakob himself was just lying there panting. The mouse was still bound down to the bed. He lightly looked down at his wife. She looked up at him with innocence in her lusty wine red eyes. The brandy was swirling in them heavily like a hurricane of love.

“That was a great desert!” she murmured happily. Her husband smiled at her warmly. He wanted to lightly run his strong fingers through his long blonde hair. But his hands were still bound, so he did so in his mind. That filled his heart was deep unspoken satisfaction.

“Glad I could help,” Jakob whispered back her. Riza just lightly lowered her head again. Her husband settled still at his place still bound down to their bed. He didn’t really care about that little disablement. The mouse just stared up at the ceiling in deep rosy afterglow.

“Jakob,” his wife spoke up. The mouse looked down again.

“Hm?” he asked softly. His wife didn’t look up at him this time.

“Do you want me to untie you now?” she asked him in a sweet tired voice. A smile came across her husband’s charming face. Jakob chuckled to himself lightly.

“Nah,” he said. “Just rest and let me stay like this for tonight.” Riza was slowly falling asleep.

“Okay then,” she murmured softly. Then the captain fell asleep next to her husband. Jakob lightly locked down and blew a kiss at his wife.

“Good night Riza,” he whispered in her hair. Then he peacefully fell asleep right where he lie.