Aphrodite Pt. 3:

Simone’s Notes:

There were several elements of courtly love which were developed at different times during the Middle Ages. The notions of "love for love's sake" and "exaltation of the beloved lady" have been traced back to Arabic literature of the 9th and 10th centuries. The notion of the "ennobling power" of love was developed in the early 11th century by the Persian psychologist and philosopher, Ibn Sina (known as "Avicenna" in Europe), in his treatise Risala fi'l-Ishq (Treatise on Love). The final element of courtly love, the concept of "love as desire never to be fulfilled", was at times implicit in Arabic poetry, but was first developed into a doctrine in European literature, in which all four elements of courtly love were present. The doctrine of courtly love was developed in the castle life of four regions in present-day southern France: Aquitaine, Provence, Champagne and ducal Burgundy, from around the time of the First Crusade (1099). Courtly love found its expression in the lyric poems written by troubadours, such as William IX, Duke of Aquitaine (1071-1126), one of the first troubadour poets.

Jakob was lying in bed waiting for his wife. The mouse was only dressed in his black jeans. His heart raced in excitement. Tonight was another date night. He and Riza was officially a couple to the public. Roy seemed to be taking it well lately. He looked at the mouse coldly still, but said nothing now. He was making some progress. But something told the mouse that the lt. gen. had a long way to go. But why worry about that now? Tonight was his and Riza’s first date night as a married couple. He wondered if it would be better than before. Excitement was rising even higher with each passing second. The soon-to-be graduate couldn’t wait to see what his wife was wearing tonight.

The bathroom door opening brought his attention back to earth. Jakob turned his eyes to the door. A cloud of steam rushed out from the bathroom. Jakob watched happily. There stood his wife before him. She had just come out of the shower. Riza was wet all over and white towel on her body. A curious thing caught her husband’s eye. The towel wasn’t around her body like it normal was for a woman. The towel was draped over her beautiful shoulders. The captain’s face was warm rosy glow. Her wine red eyes were sweet with playful desire. Jakob couldn’t help but to stare. Her beauty put a heavy spell on him. She looked a water nymph who ascended from the sea. The only thing she was missing was a halo and wings. He sat up happily. There were so many he wanted to do to her tonight. Riza was smiling wickedly at the sight of his meat pen clicked on.

“Good evening, Mr. Riis!” she said in a sensual voice. “You seem happy to see me tonight!”

“I sure am!” her husband replied. The captain rushed forward to him in excitement. She mounted him in a rush. The woman leaned in close to his ear.

“I’m glad to hear that!” she said to him seductively. Then, Riza kissed him lightly on the lips. Jakob kissed back happily. He held her tight to his body. Her bare breasts rubbed up against his chest. She quickly slipped her tongue into his mouth. Jakob felt as if the romantic gates were being opened for him. Her love was guiding him into a place that he had never been before. Jakob was more than excited to go. Each kiss was a step further into his wife’s secret garden. Not many men knew about this garden of Riza’s. That was because she only saved it for the men she truly loved. Not even Roy knew about this place. Jakob would be the first to explore this sensual garden.

The mouse reached up and slowly slid the towel for of his wife’s shoulders. The feeling of her soft skin at his finger tips let him know that he had made it past the romantic gate. As the towel flew down to the bedroom floor, the young artist could feel along the rich and lush grape vines along the marble columns. A sweet scent of roses and her perfume drove him to walk in closer. His wife began lightly rubbing on his young manly broad shoulders. The scent led him past the vines and into a field of red jasmines. He could feel her sweet legs at either side of him. Fresh baby blooms were all around to greet him. Jakob didn’t bother to resist their sweet invitation to proceed inside. He did so with love.

Riza slowly slid her hands down to his jeans. The fresh blossoms began to multiple instantly. Red jasmines completely covered the ground. Grape vines were woven up over his head. Rich grapes were falling for him to sample and eat. The mouse caught one in his hand and ate one when he slipped his tongue into his wife’s candy floss sweet mouth. The sweetness of her mouth and the grapes made him crave more of Riza’s secret garden. It was all like life-giving wine to a man repenting for his sins. His wife slowly undid his pants. A warm gentle breeze from the garden blew down the boy’s bare spine. He shut his eyes in bliss. The mouse’s heart began to beat faster. Jakob was now going deeper into the secret garden.

Riza began to slowly slide off her husband’s jeans. Bright colored roses were in full bloom. Jakob reached out lightly caressed their petals. The white, red, pink, and yellow tones were as warm his love for Riza. The taste of her mouth and the scent of the rose led him around to the other flowers in the secret garden. Acacias lightly swayed in the wind as he ran his fingers through her long blonde. Asters and daisies seemed to lean into each other as Jakob kept caressing his wife’s bare skin. Agapanthuses were at the foot of the roses like miniature hand maidens to queens. Ambrosias welcomed him with open arms. Riza grabbed onto his boxers and led him into the patch of arbutuses. Azaleas were at the mouth of the next level of the garden.

Camellias and carnations of all colors greeted Jakob along with Riza’s embrace around him. With each kiss, mums fell lightly in his hair. Forget-me-nots were at his bare feet. Jakob had to be careful and not crush any of the dainty flowers at his feet. More red and white grapes fell in his strong hands. He found it hard to eat and walk at the same time. Once his body was exposed to his wife, Jakob had come into a heavy patch of gardenias. They were just as fresh as everything else in the garden. Their scents all weakened him with love. He seemed to be half conscious now. Only the scents, her caresses, and kisses were leading the way now. His heart beat was the only thing keeping his mind focused. The warm breezes seemed to be leading him further down the path. The freesias and gloxinias were all by his side the whole time. The mouse even began to hear singing. The songs of summer and love just made him smile in his head.

Jakob came to a small lake. The water was clean and cool. The ivy and grape vines above seemed to keep the water cool all summer long. Water lilies gracefully floated on the water. The mouse was suddenly tempted to take a drink from the sweet water. The jonquils and the white lilies were beckoning him to do so. The sweet scents drew him closer to the lake. Pretty soon, Jakob found himself sinking to his knees on the cool grass and cupping his hands in the water as his meat pen entered into his wife’s red jasmine garden. The mouse took the sample of water to his lips. He was surprised to find that it was the best tasting water that he ever had in his life. Jakob had to have more. So the mouse began drink up more water. It was so hard to stop drinking once he got his fill. Soon, drinking the water wasn’t enough. Jakob slowly rose to his and jumped straight into the lake. The feeling of the water completely blew his mind. His thrusts into his wife added to how good the water felt around his exposed body. Jakob came up for air quickly. Everything looked so different than being on dry land. The summer breeze was a little numbing, but he didn’t mind it too much. Sweet butterflies and dragonflies flew over his head while he floated around in the water. Jakob just couldn’t help but to smile at nature’s simple beauty in this secret garden.

As much as he would’ve loved to stay, Jakob knew he had to keep going to get to the heart and center of this beautiful hidden garden. So Jakob began to swim across the lake. Peonies along the lake seemed to cheer him on to keep going and not to give up. The mouse refused to quit for the sake of love. When he made it to the other side and climbed out, red poppies and primroses greeted him cheerfully. Jakob was careful not to crush them when he got out. The high sun above was drying him off as he continued his walk through the garden. The cherry blossom trees and tulips were more than happy to see him. Riza’s loud moans led her husband even further down the path. The cherry blossom petals lightly rained down on him. White violets, viscarias, and magenta zinnias were all waiting for him. More grapes and petals kept raining on him as he walked.

Jakob finally came to a heavy curtain of willow reeds. His heart raced in excitement as he was coming near to the climax. The boy had to keep himself calm in order to finish his journey. The mouse prepared himself, drew in a deep breath, and quickly pushed back the reeds.

Jakob was surprised to find the best part of the secret garden. It was as if he had discovered Atlantis. Roses were like a brightly colored carpet on the perfect ground. Spider flowers made a border around the rose carpet. The carpet stopped right at the center. Cherry trees were also all around this romantic holy place. Their petals rained down everywhere. In the center was a snow white table with two matching chairs. A pure black and blue china tea set sat on the table with two yummy bento lunches with sweet cakes. The centerpiece was a bouquet of stephanotises, sweet peas, stocks, orchids, narcissuses, snapdragons, and smilaxes. Mistletoe adorned the ivy and grape vines above. Jakob was enamored by the painting-like setting. This was heaven in physical form. But that’s not what caught his attention the most.

His beloved Riza was setting at the table pouring tea for them both. She was dressed in the kimono that she wore on their wedding day with the veil and everything. Her long blonde hair was decorated with myrtle and orange blossoms. The only thing that she was missing was the halo and wings. Jakob just couldn’t help but to stare at his beautiful wife. Now, he knew that he was truly in heaven.

When she was done pouring the tea, Riza turned and looked up at him. Her husband froze up quickly. He just didn’t know what to say to her at all. His wife just smiled at him sweetly. Oh how her smile always made his heart skip a wild string of beats.

His wife just smiled at him sweetly. Oh how her smile always made his heart skip a wild string of beats.

“Jakob!” she exclaimed. “I’ve been waiting for you! Come and sit! You’re just in time for lunch!” The mouse stood there surprised for a moment. He didn’t seem to know what to do at first. Then he nodded confidentially and joined her like a true gentleman. Riza kept smiling at him. She poured him some tea.

“I’m so glad that you found me!” she said to him.

“So am I.” Jakob replied. Then they shared a sweet kiss together the point of high climax.

After the climax, Hawkeye-Riis rolled off next to him. Both of them lied on the bed panting. Sweat coated them both. Jakob turned to his wife smiling. She had her head laid down on his chest. He reached down and began lightly playing with her long damp blonde hair.

“That was great!” he breathed out in whisper. Riza just looked up at him with those sweet wine red eyes of hers. Her look always stirred some unused desire in his young soul.

“Mmm!” she murmured to him. The captain drifted off to sleep because of the warmth of his body. Jakob just smiled to himself as he too was falling asleep under her.