Aphrodite Pt. 1:

Simone’s Notes:

Romantic love is then a relative term within any sexual relationship, but not relative when considered in contrast with custom. Within an existing relationship romantic love can be defined as a temporary freeing or optimizing of intimacy, either in a particularly luxurious manner, or perhaps in greater spirituality, irony, or peril to the relationship. It may seem like a contradiction that romance is opposed to spirituality and yet would be strengthened by it, but the fleeting quality of romance might stand out in greater clarity as a couple explore a higher meaning. The cultural traditions of marriage and betrothal are the most basic customs in conflict with romance; however it is possible that romance and love can exist between the partners within those customs. Shakespeare and Kierkegaard describe similar viewpoints, to the effect that marriage and romance are not harmoniously in tune with each other. In Measure for Measure, for example, "...there has not been, nor is there at this point, any display of affection between Isabella and the Duke, if by affection we mean something concerned with sexual attraction. The two at the end of the play love each other as they love virtue." Isabella, like all women, needs love, and she may reject marriage with the Duke because he seeks to beget an heir with her for her virtues, and she is not happy with the limited kind of love that implies. Shakespeare is arguing that marriage because of its purity can not simply incorporate romance. The extra-marital nature of romance is also clarified by John Updike in his novel Gertrude and Claudius, as well as by Hamlet. It is also found in the film Braveheart, or rather in the life of Isabella of France.

“So how do you like being married, Mrs. Riis?” Jakob asked Riza before giving her another light sweet kiss on the lips in the early morning. He and Hawkeye-Riis were cuddled up close in their honeymoon bed in a local romantic Bed and Breakfast. Jakob booked it right before they came out to West City. He made that this was beyond just right. Their room was a suite with a view of the lake outside the window. The Honeymoon Suite, as it was called, was exactly what they needed. The drapes were a heavy wine red so that newlyweds could have their privacy. The floor was a rich wooden. A suite bathroom was connected to the bedroom for brides to “freshen up” for the wedding night. The vanity and wardrobe were made of strong oak for the couples to freshen up and store their things in for their entire stay. The “honeymoon bed” was made of sandalwood with red wine red and soft white silk sheets. The suite was constantly cleaned and the bed was almost always had fresh sheets on it. If the couple didn’t want to go down and eat, their meals were brought up to them. The staff pretty much let Riza and Jakob have their privacy.

“I love it!” the captain replied as she kissed him back again. They had just gotten married yesterday. The ceremony was small and private. Only the rabbi and his wife were there. After the wedding, Jakob checked himself and his wife into Lover’s Bed and Breakfast. The owner and her boyfriend were more than happy to welcome in the newlyweds.

“You’ve come to the right place, darlings!” the owner chirped. “Our biggest customers here are newlyweds and couples rekindling their romance!” She giggled like a cute little preepy cheerleader. Her boyfriend just stood behind her smiling. Jakob and Riza felt a little awkward at first. “Am I sure I picked the right place?” Jakob thought to himself nervously. But after seeing the room, unpacking, exploring the B&B for a little while, dinner, and a sweet bath, the newlywed couple adjusted to the sensual atmosphere and was in a randy mood by nightfall.

Their wedding night was filled with rich desire, lust, and love. Riza had bought some new frilly pink silk lingerie for their night of carnal passion. It was hit with her new husband. He was lying in the bed waiting for her. She asked him to close his eyes for the surprise. Jakob himself was only dressed in his black boxers. His young godlike body was waiting for love and desire to overtake it for the night. The captain was blushing to herself like a shy schoolgirl as she peeked out from the bathroom as she was “freshening up.” “He’s… so beautiful!” she thought in rushing heat. She felt as if she would faint in bliss.

“Can I look now?” he asked aloud.

“Not yet!” Riza yelled out as she quickly came back to earth again.

“When, then?” her husband asked. Riza smiled to herself wickedly.

“I’ll let you know!” she replied sweetly. Jakob waited in excitement. The mouse’s heart raced in delight. A warm smile came across his face. His new wife promised him a sexy little surprise for their wedding night. He couldn’t wait to see what it was. In his mind, this was their second honeymoon.

“Okay!” she called. “You can look now!” The mouse slowly opened his eyes. His wife stood before him dressed in a pink lacy nightgown. It was all made of pure French silk. A fat pink bow drew attention to her lovely full breasts. The beautiful wrapping clung to every curve of Riza’s flawless body. The straps were string spaghetti thin on her womanly shoulders. The skirt of the gown came down to her beautiful thighs. The gown was pretty see-through as well. Jakob blushed as he saw all of his wife’s merchandise underneath. Her panties matched her gown. They were French silk lace Victoria’s Secret style as well. The baby pink robe added to Hawkeye’s bride beauty. Her clothes weren’t the only thing worth staring at tonight. Her long blonde hair was down and neat tonight. Riza put light pink butterfly clips in her bangs like she normally did. She seemed to have some glittery lotion her tenderly kissed skin. She had make-up on like she normally did on their date nights. All done with love and tenderness. Her nails were even neatly polished. Riza just looked like a romantic love angel standing before him at the foot of the bed. The only thing that she was missing was a halo and wings.

“Well,” she said at last. “What do you think?” Jakob couldn’t speak at first. His ocean blue eyes were wide with shock. The meat pen was clicked on tonight. He sat up quickly.

“Oh my god!” he gasped out. “You look amazing!” Riza smiled at him sweetly.

“I knew what you would like it!” the captain said to him in luscious tone. Then she leapt forward and kissed him passionately on the lips. Jakob grabbed her and pulled his beloved on the sheets. Their bodies pressed against each other romantically. The sheets added onto the mood of the night. Riza leaned down and kissed him again. Her new husband went straight her frilly little robe. The smell of her sweet perfume made him hunger for her even more. A warm smile came into his soul of her being in his arms in a place like this.

Outside, Alice was watching from the trees. She could feel her cheeks turning red at what was coming up next. Part of her wanted to turn away, but yet she was somehow drawn into the steamy show like a mosquito drawn to a bug zapper hanging on the porch. “Oh my!” she thought. “I feel like a peeping tom tonight!” Still, the love deity stayed in the tree to watch. She was beginning to understand why Ai-Oni practiced voyeurism heavily on humans in romantic situations.

In the suite, Jakob and Riza were still kissing on each other. They were locked in a romantic embrace. The captain just had to have her lady-like fingers lightly brush onto her husband’s skin. This was just like the first time they made love. The only thing that was missing was the sound of rain pouring outside. But what did it matter? They had each other to love and honor in sickness and in health until death do they part.

The mouse playfully grabbed at her nightgown and lightly tossed it out of the bed with her robe. The feeling of her soft bare skin against his made him long for more. She was his love angel sent from Heaven just to him and him alone. “How was I so lucky to meet a woman like Riza?” the boy thought in happiness. He was lightly rubbing on her back. Riza moaned happily in his mouth. He seemed to hit the right button to turn her on. She began rubbing up against him. The desire began to heat up even more between them. The couple had to have more of each other. Passion was blossoming like a garden of wild roses. The warm spring night air added to the romantic atmosphere. If they didn’t get it out, they would go mad with ecstasy.

Pretty soon, all clothes all on the floor. The loving fire was in full burning form now. Riza was on top of him consummating her love to Jakob. Her husband shut her eyes in deep bliss. The mouse’s mind was away in heaven. This was what he wanted. To be in the arms of the woman he loved making love to her. It felt as if this was the moment that they were to become one and have their happy ending. Hawkeye-Riis held him close to her lovely body. Their kisses increased even more. Her body just moved faster with love with and grace. Jakob moaned loudly in her mouth. His hands lightly caressed her pale white back. The sheets seemed to swallow them whole. It was hard to tell where one ended and one began. Riza finally understood what love felt like. She had never felt this way when she had slept with anyone. But now, Jakob had opened up the new feminine sexual side of her and brought it out to play. She now didn’t want to go but to her fully no-nonsense ways. Hawkeye-Riis wanted to be her flirty self with her husband until death do they part.

With each powerful loving thrust, the love and heat shot up even more. The kisses got more and more intense with the ride. The wild roses of passion and love began popping up faster and faster. The newlyweds were soon in the deep center of the garden of love. The roses began to shed their petals and fly around them in their heads along with the rich pink cherry blossoms of love that heightened the love, pleasure, lust, and desire between the loving newlyweds. Riza began kissing on her husband’s shoulder lightly. Her husband moaned out loud again in deep pleasure. Neither one wanted it to stop. They both wished to stay like this forever.

“Oh god, I love you, Riza!” Jakob yelled out happily. “OH YES!!!” His new wife just leaned down and kissed him on the lips once again. He kissed back happily. They didn’t stop kissing again after that one. More flowers of love began to bloom and with the roses and cherry blossoms. Jakob and Riza were buried under all of the flowers and petals. Neither one wanted to chase out of the garden every after they reached the highest point of the Island in the Sky. They held onto each other with they reached the climax. Even then, love was at its most beautiful and powerful moment. The heat didn’t die down when they were finished. The newlyweds just kept holding each other in their romantic embrace. Afterwards, Riza collapsed beside of him. Both were panting hard. Jakob slowly opened his beautiful laser blue eyes and looked at his new wife in an innocent way that made her heart skip a beat. Hawkeye-Riis blushed at him like a shy little schoolgirl.

“I love you!” he panted out.

“I love you, too!” she replied. Then, they shared another kiss before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning, Jakob and Riza were making out passionately. They both didn’t want to leave each other. When the bride finally did, she picked up her robe and wrapped it around her graceful body. She turned to her husband whom was looking forlorn at her sudden absent. Riza just smiled at him sweetly.

“I’ll be in the shower waiting for you, my love!” she called in a sensual tone. Then, the captain blew a little kiss and headed into the “honeymoon bathroom.” Jakob smiled, got out of bed, and followed his new wife behind into the shower with her.

Alice just sat back trying to catch her breath. Last night was overpowering. She just couldn’t imagine what the rest of the passionate side of their marriage would bring.