Aphrodite Mother:

Simone’s Notes:

The acronym MILF first came into being with the 1999 movie, American Pie. Very few mothers have this title. It all depends on how the men perceive the mother. Some make the MILF list, others don’t. But, should a mother be judged by men on hot she is? Is it harmless fun or demeaning to women everywhere?

Yasmine came to Syd and Ella’s door early the next morning. She knocked on the door as she kept her surprise close to her leg. Yas knocked on the door again. “Sydney!” she called out. “I have a nice surprise for you!” “Coming! Coming!” Syd yelled out. The door opened wide. “What do you wa-?” he began to ask. The boss looked down and saw Malachi standing close to his mother’s leg. The boy hid his face in complete shyness at the big scary man. Syd’s eyes grew big with shock within seconds. “WHAT THE HELL?!?” was all he could yell out when he got his voice back. Yasmine smiled at him innocently. “Surprise!” she exclaimed in a small voice. Syd quickly grabbed both mother and child into the house. He slammed the door quickly behind them.

“You kidnapped Malachi?!?” Syd yelled out to her in the living room. Malachi was sitting quietly on the floor near his mother staring out into space. Yasmine had calmly told him how she had snuck over to Trent’s flat, broke in, persuaded Malachi to come with him, and took him from his daddy. “Yes,” Yasmine said calmly. Silence passed between them. Syd was livid! “MAY I ASK YOU WHAT THE WRONG POSSESSED YOU TO DO SOMETHING SO STUPID?!?” he shouted at her. Yas kept her face. “I wanted to take action on my own terms with Malachi,” she answered. “Besides, Steven needs to meet my son.” Her boss’s scowl became even worse. “So that’s it, eh?” he asked coldly. “You would betray your duties as a bounty hunter to risk your life to get closer to some human?!?” The hunter nodded at him smiling. Syd hung his head in distress as he sighed aloud. Silence passed over them for a long time. “You do realize he’ll hunt you down now, right?” he asked at last. Yasmine just shrugged. “Oh well,” she replied. “He’ll be drawn to me and I’ll behead him like I promised!” Syd just shook his head again and sighed. This wasn’t what he had planned! But, oh well! “Just as long as I get that bastard’s head out of revenge!” her boss thought bitterly.

Derek and Erin had been getting close ever since Jason died. The lt. had been there for the widow ever since the news got out. He had been her best friend. Dylan had even tried to befriend Bailey. Derek was still in love with Erin, but he didn’t act out his fantasies with her. “Too premature for to take things farther!” he thought. So, everything between them remained innocent. But soon, things were subject to change.

One evening, Derek walked Erin back to her house like he normally did. Today, the widow MILF was wearing a white halter top and black Capri jeans with her lovely dark hair back in a ponytail. The lt. was completely overtaken. He just had to have her in any way he could. Bailey began planning his pick-up lines. The mood was just perfect tonight. But, would she accept his proposal to get physical now? “Derek,” Erin spoke up, disturbing him from his thoughts. The lt. looked up quickly. “Hm?” he asked. The widow smiled at him sweetly. “Would you like to come upstairs with me?” she asked in soft tone. “I want to talk to you in private.” Derek didn’t know what to say at first. Was she… or was something wrong? “Uh…” he said at first. “Don’t worry,” his gal pal replied. “Dylan’s already asleep.” Bailey nodded to her. “Alright,” he said at last. Erin smiled at him sweetly. “Thank you, Derek,” she said to him gracefully. Then, the widow unlocked the door and they walked into the house. Derek closed and locked the door behind them.

The pair made it to her bedroom. Derek silently closed the door behind them. “Okay Erin,” he said aloud. “What wrong’s what?” He turned to see his gal pal standing right in front of him with deep eyes. Erin grabbed a hold of her white halter top and slid it off. Derek kept his eyes glued to her as she threw her top to the floor. Erin’s breasts were heavy, well-rounded, and full. The lt. became really happy. “Oh my God!” he called out in excitement. “You are beautiful!” Then, Bailey rushed forward and embraced his crush tightly. They kissed quickly. The heat started to rise up. Derek felt a heavy bulge in his pants. He wanted to do this! The widow reached out and quickly began unbuttoning his jacket. The lt. quickly became excited. “She’s a bold one!” he thought in a happy rush. “She must be burning to get laid after ten whole months!” He decided to give her what she wanted. The man was going to give her nothing but the best.

Derek playfully pushed Erin back onto the bed. The widow looked up him with playful eyes. The lt. huddled over her happily. “You are so beautiful!” he whispered to her. Erin couldn’t help but smile at him. She reached up and slid off his jacket and flung it to the ground. The woman began unbuttoning his shirt. Derek tried his best to keep still. It was so hard to keep still. The excitement in him was lit like a firecracker in him. Bailey tried his best to keep still. But that was next to impossible. Erin began slowly sliding off his shirt. “You have such strong muscles!” she said excitedly. Derek began rubbing on her breasts softly. The widow whimpered and moaned softly. The lt. kissed her lightly on the lips. She kissed back softly. Bailey began softly kissing and licking at her neck. Erin moaned again softly. He moved down to one of her plump breasts and moved his mouth to one of her nipples. He began sucking on it lightly. The widow moaned happily. While he drank at her breasts, Derek moaned his hands further south. He lightly took a hold of her black pants. The lt. slowly undid them. Erin moaned in delight at the touch of his hands and mouth. She felt herself getting wet within seconds. Derek moaned at her breast as he slid off her pants. The widow quickly spread her legs under him in response. Bailey stood up and undid his pants. His soon-to-be-girlfriend watched in excitement. The lt. took his time stripping his pants off. He wanted to entice her even more before he got started with the main event. The widow kept watching in excitement. She was beginning to remember the sexy excitement again.

Once Derek slid off his pants, he mounted Erin again and kissed her lightly on the lips. She kissed back. The lt. slipped his tongue into her mouth slowly. After a few sweet and gentle strokes of it, Erin allowed her own tongue to play with his. The heat between was now out of control and was searching for more ways to break free to grow. While they kissed French-style, Derek slipped his hands down to Erin’s frilly green panties and yanked them down. He ripped off his own boxers and slid himself into her. The widow moaned happily into his mouth. Bailey grabbed a hold her soft shoulders and began pulling in and out slowly. She quickly wrapped her legs around him. The woman held onto her soon-to-be boyfriend. She didn’t want to let go at all. Her pressure all around him drove Derek to pump even faster. “She feels so good!” he thought. “Ten whole months without sex? She must have been suffering badly!” Derek broke off the kiss and tipped his head back to her plump breasts. He began sucking on the other one this time. Erin moaned out loud. “HARDER DEREK!!!!” she screamed out. “HARDER!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!” Her almost boyfriend complied happily. The widow ran her fingers through his dark hair in delight. It just felt so good!

After a long while, Derek came hard within Erin. “ERIN!!!!” he yelled out. “OHHH!!!!” the widow screamed out. The lt. held onto her for a long while. When he was done, he let go and lightly collapsed onto her. They both panted hard. “I almost forgot what that was like!” the widow called out when she got her breath back. “Did you like that?” Derek asked. Erin kissed him in response. He kissed back. “That was great, babe!” she called out. Bailey smiled at her gingerly. They fell asleep in each other’s arms. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between them.