Aphrodite’s Husband:

Simone’s Notes:

Romantic love, however, may also be classified according to two categories, "popular romance" and "divine" romance. Popular romance may include but is not limited to the following types: idealistic, normal intense, predictable as well as unpredictable, consuming, intense but out of control material and commercial, physical and sexual, and finally grand and demonstrative. Divine romance may include, but is not limited to these following types: realistic, as well as plausible unrealistic, optimistic as well as pessimistic, abiding, non-abiding, predictable as well as unpredictable, self control or lack thereof, emotional and personal, soulful, intimate, and infinite.

“How did all of this happen?” Riza asked Jakob as they were both lying out in his field in the late summer evening with the hot setting sun.

“You know how mom is,” her husband told her with a sigh. Earlier three weeks ago, he and Hawkeye-Riis had finally broken the news to Esther about their marriage. Needless to say, she wasn’t too happy about the news. In fact, she demanded that they have another wedding in public to make the marriage more “legitimate.” Surprised, Jakob agreed. However, Riza wasn’t too keen on the idea. They resulted in another loud argument in the kitchen while Jakob was waiting outside.

“A big wedding?” Riza asked her aloud in both shock and anger.

“That’s right, you hussy!” Esther barked. “I want everyone to know what a mistake my son is making!” That was a slap in the face to her daughter-in-law.

“But wedding take time!” the captain argued back.

“That didn’t stop you from taking my son’s innocence!” Esther barked.

“Taking his innocence?” Riza asked in disgust. “Do you know how tasteless that sounds?!?” Esther was about to speak again when the door flew open wide. Both women looked up to see Jakob in the doorway. The look of despair was heavy in his lovely ocean blue eyes. He looked as if he would cry.

“I asked her to marry me!” he protested to his mother. “She didn’t take my innocence. I made the first move, not her!” Esther looked at her son tenderly.

“Aw, sweetie,” she said to him. “You don’t have to try and stick up for her just because she tricked you into marrying her.”

“She didn’t trick me!” Jakob yelled out. “I proposed to her with grandma’s ring and Riza said yes. Why do you believe that I’m still a little child?”

“But you are a little child to me,” his mother insisted. “You are my baby!” She tried to hug him, but Jakob pushed her away. The mother looked really surprised now. Jakob’s eyes were filled with a serious tone to them.

“No, I’m not!” he said strongly. “I am nineteen years old now. I can make decisions for myself. I love Riza. You have been nothing but rude to her the whole time that we have been dating! I all want for you is to accept her as your own! She is not a bad person! You know that and I know that! I love her! So please, just let me go and give my wife a chance!” And for once, that ready sank into Esther. She was really speechless at first. The woman had never heard her son speak so strongly before. She was just… at a loss for words.

“I… I… I don’t know what to say!” Esther finally managed to say. “Jakob… I…” The mouse held his ground. Her sappy act wasn’t going to work on him this time. Esther finally regained herself again. She was trying her best not to cry now.

“Fine!” she said aloud. The married couple looked shocked.

“What?” Jakob asked in surprise. Esther held up her hand to silence him. Riza looked on suspicious.

“You’re right,” Esther went on. “Who am I to intrude on your happiness? You love her and I should step off. If you love her and you are happy, then I’ll back away.” Now both of the couple was suspicious. They waited for her to say more. Then it came.

“But,” Esther said becoming strong again. “You two will still have the big wedding to make the marriage legitimate!” Then she walked away smiling. Riza and Jakob stood there in silent shock. Did she just… win? What had they gotten themselves into with her now?

The next three weeks have been spent planning the wedding. Esther had to have it all just perfect. She and Riza clashed many times. The captain wanted it all to be kept simple. Esther wanted the best for her son. The planning was descending down into nightmare land really fast. Finally, Isaac stepped in and smoothed things over. In the end the plans were like this:


The couple would marry out in the West just like the first time

The same rabbi and his wife would perform the ceremony

The cake would be white chocolate with light pink cream frosting with white flower trim

All Jewish customs in place

Same rings as they have now

Riza would wear the wedding kimono she had on the first time

Jakob would wear a suit this time

Mikey would be the best man

Jakob could pick his groomsmen

Riza could pick her bridesmaid and maid of honor

Flowers would be white roses and red jasmines

The colors would be red and white

No pork

Reception at West City’s Military Club

Everyone was invited

Greek and Japanese cuisine


It was a pain, but it all worked in the end. Jakob and Riza barely had time to spend with each other in those weeks. Esther had put them both to work for this wedding. She had Jakob order the food, book the temple, and fit him for a new suit. Riza’s work was no easier. Esther had her make and send the invitations, order the cake, order the wine, pick the bridesmaids’ dresses, and help decorate. It was one headache after another. The wedding rehearsal and dinner was no exception. The only ting good out of it was a free meal. Esther had the dinner all Indian style. It was a little spicy, but well prepared. Everyone was in the room. Jakob and Riza were finally able to sit next to each over during the dinner. Roy sat over his drink in angry depression. The woman he loved was getting married again. This time, he would watch with a broken heart. He was planning on another trip to drown his sorrows again. Isaac sat near Esther to keep her from macro-managing the dinner as well. Mikey, Hunter, and Ginny all sat near the corner in shock. They still couldn’t believe that their friend was getting married. This had to be some sort of a dream. The groom lightly tapped his glass. Everyone went silent and looked up. Jakob rose to his feet with his glass in his hand.

“Uh,” he said aloud. “We did this one time, without all of the glamour.” Everyone giggled at that statement. Jakob waited before he spoke again.

“But,” he went on. “It is worth doing all over again!” He lightly took Hawkeye-Riis hand in his. “This is the woman I love,” he kept up. “And I will love her until the end of time.” Then he rose up his glass to the air. “A toast!” he called. Everyone rose up their glasses as well.

“Cheers!” they all yelled out. Then, they all drank to the new-new couple. That early evening, Riza and Jakob found time for themselves in his special field. Sweet peace at last!

Alice sat above in the trees watching. Between stopping the virus and this mission, she was glad to still be in one piece at the end of the day. “What a mess this is now!” she thought.

“But it’s all worth!” a voice called behind her. Alice rolled her eyes without turning around.

“What now, Ai-Oni?” she asked without trying to scream out in stress. The devil woman flew down and sat down beside of her. Alice looked at her pissed off.

“Worth what?” the love deity questioned bitterly. Her friend-enemy gracefully put her arm around her.

“Your skills are just as sharp as ever!” she announced. Alice rolled her eyes again. She didn’t want to say again that would encourage Ai-Oni to boost again.

“So,” the she-devil spoke again. “What are you going to do about Roy and mommy dearest?” Alice looked at her blank at first. She didn’t know how phrase her answer just yet. Ai-Oni smiled at her face.

“Don’t worry!” she said out loud. “You’ll think of a way!”

“It’s not that!” Alice replied. Her friend-enemy waited for her to talk.

“Well go on,” she said. “Enlighten me!” Alice drew in a deep breath.

“I already know what to do with Roy,” she replied. “Esther will be a challenge.” Ai-Oni patted her old friend on the shoulder.

“Like I said,” she said. “You’ll think of something!” Then the she-devil stood up and flew back home. Alice just rolled her eyes again. “I hate that woman!” she thought. Then she went back to watching her couple. Maybe she’ll feel better by morning.

“How did all of this happen?” Riza asked Jakob as they were both lying out in his field in the late summer evening with the hot setting sun.

“You know how mom is,” her husband told her with a sigh. Both continued to look at the sky.

“So what do we do?” his wife asked. Jakob lightly shrugged at her.

“Just go through the whole thing,” he replied. “And then make an escape after the ceremony.” The captain smiled at him tenderly.

“I like that plan a whole lot.” she said. Her husband just smiled at her kindly. They both just laughed.

“It’ll be just like the first time,” Jakob pointed out. “Only this time we have to do it in public.” His wife smiled at him warmly in the sweet coming summer night.

“Well then,” Riza said. “I guess I won’t say you until tomorrow afternoon.” Jakob looked at her slightly confused.

“Huh?” he asked. “What do you mean?” His wife kept smiling at him sweetly.

“It’s bad luck for groom to see his bride on their wedding day!” she said cheerfully. Jakob chuckled at that answer.

“Oh, I see!” he replied. Both laughed again.

The big day came the next day. Everything started smoothly. The food and the guests arrived on time. Esther helped her son get dressed in his suit before taking him to temple. He insisted on dressing himself, but she kept trying to help him anyway. The only thing that was keeping him sane were Mikey and Hunter in the car with him. Esther kept talking the whole way and wouldn’t shut up. The mouse did his best to tune her out as usual. His friends on the other hand weren’t so lucky!

“Does she always talk like this on big days?” Mikey whispered to his friend from the back seat.

“Only when she’s nervous,” he answered.

“Why is she getting nervous?” Hunter asked. “It’s your wedding day.”

“She wants everything to go perfectly.” Jakob replied.

“Oh!” both boys answered. They all just sat there and listened to Esther talk on and on about her wedding day. All they could do was nod and pretend to be listening. They was going to be a long car trip.

The groom, his mother, and his friends made it to the temple just in time. The boys all sighed in relief. Maybe Esther would stop talking now. But just to be on the safe side, the boys sped up and went right ahead of her. They refused to hear more of her mouth for the rest of the day.

Alice sat in one of the back pews waiting. She was dressed in her wedding suit just like the first time. Ai-Oni was sitting next to her as well. She was dressed in a tight black party dress. The love deity glared at her friend-enemy coldly.

“I don’t understand why you have to here!” she hissed. Ai-Oni just smiled at her innocently.

“Hey come on!” she called. “I have to watch the festivities for myself! I can be bring the revolution all of the time, now can I?”

“We’ll talk about that later!” Alice hissed. “Just don’t get in the way!”

“Christ!” Ai-Oni muttered as she shrugged. Then, all our the guests began to fill the temple. Bright colors seemed to add life in an otherwise dull place of worship. Mustang staggered in looking hurt. This was really painful of him to attend his ex’s wedding. This was the last place he wanted to be on earth. Riza was marrying someone else. Not just that, but doing it again. He wished that he would’ve not come. He didn’t even know why he was here. Alice and Ai-Oni watched him.

“Aw, poor baby!” the she devil said out loud. She turned to her friend. “So,” Ai-Oni said in chirpy way. “How are you going to handle him?” Alice smiled kindly at her.

“I’m already on it!” she said. Mustang sat down in the pew right in front of him. Alice closed her eyes and began softly chanting to herself. Ai-Oni just watched quietly. The rabbi stepped forward. He looked at the whole crowd. He seemed very shocked.

“Wow!” he whispered to the groom. “When you said you were bringing a few guests, I didn’t expect you to bring all of Central City!” The mouse just shrugged. The rabbi looked at the groom closely. Jakob stood in his black slick tux. His tie was crooked.

“Your tie is crooked.” the rabbi whispered to him.

“I know.” Jakob whispered back. “My mom did it.”

“Oh!” the rabbi said softly. Then the temple doors opened wide. A warm breeze lightly greeted the wedding party. Everyone looked to them as they stood up. The rabbi’s wife started playing the piano. There was the bride herself. Riza was just as beautiful as ever. She looked just like a model in her bridal kimono with her simple white veil. Her lips were like a bright pink rose. Her cheeks were a rosy pink as well. Riza's nails were long and neatly polished. Jakob couldn't help but to smile at her. She was a lovely bride indeed. Hawkeye looked like a present waiting to be opened. Jakob just wanted to eat her up on the spot. Riza made her way done the aisle. Jakob couldn’t help but to smile to himself again. The guests all sat down. The rabbi opened his book.

"Dearly beloved," he announced. "We are gathered here today to join this man and this woman together in a holy union." Riza and Jakob stood beside each other happily. Everyone listened in closely. Alice logged herself into Roy’s mind. She rested for a couple of moments. Isaac and Callie held onto Esther to stop her from speaking up. So far the ceremony went nicely. Then here came the moment of truth question.

“If anyone objects to these two getting married,” he said. “Speak now or forever hold your peace!” Silence. Just like it was supposed to be. Roy was about to speak.

“No!” Alice said quickly in his mind. “If you want Riza to be happy, let her marry Jakob. It’ll be the only you can truly be happy again! Just keep quiet.” Surprisingly, Roy followed her advice. He went completely quiet. Obstacle one was out of the way. Now it was Esther. Isaac, Callie, Jakob, and Riza all looked at her waiting for a bomb to blow. But to everyone’s shock, the mouse’s mother… kept quiet. She actually just clenched her fists and held her tongue. The wedding couple began to relax. The rabbi smiled.

“Okay then,” he said. Everyone breathed out gently. The rough waters were over with. Now it was time for the run part of this second wedding.

"Jakob," the rabbi said aloud. "Do you take Riza to be your wife?"

"I do, sir!" the boy said quickly.

"Do you promise to love, cherish and protect her, whether in good fortune or in adversity, and to seek with her a life hallowed by the faith of Israel?" he went on.

"I do!" Jakob said again. He lightly took Riza by the hand. Everyone was going just as planned so far. Alice kept a strong watch on Mustang and Esther. The rabbi turned to the captain.

"Riza," he said. "Do you take Jakob to be your husband?"

"I do!" Hawkeye replied.

"Do you promise to love, cherish and protect him, whether in good fortune or in adversity, and to seek with him a life hallowed by the faith of Israel?" the rabbi asked.

"I do!" the captain said boldly. The rabbi smiled happily.

"I now pronounce you man and wife!" he said. "You may now kiss the bride!" The couple turned to each other gingerly. The groom lightly lifted up his bride's gorgeous white veil. Riza's face was glowing sweetly in the warm sunlight. Jakob planted and sweet and romantic kiss on his bride's lips. The rabbi was still smiling at the young couple. The mood sank into a romantic one at last. Roy held his eyes of anger and sorrow. He had lost the one woman he loved and there was nothing he could do about it now.

“Just let her go,” Alice told him in his mind. “Just let her go now.” The rabbi's wife appeared with the rings on a white and sliver pillow. The couple had taken them off this morning and re-given them right now. The rabbi's wife offered the rings to the couple. The rabbi himself smiled at the loving couple.

"You may now take the rings," he said. Then he turned to Jakob. "You may start." The mouse smiled and nodded. He lightly picked up the bride's ring and lightly took Riza's graceful hand. The soft feel made him even more confident about his decision. He smiled at her lovingly.

"Today," Jakob said with such passion and emotion. "Riza, I join my life to yours, not merely as your husband, but as your friend, your lover, and your confidant. Let me be the shoulder you lean on, the rock on which you rest, the companion of your life. With you I will walk my path from this day forward. And with this ring, I will honor my word and promise until death do us part!"

Then, he slipped the ring on her lovely finger. Riza's face seemed to glow all over. She was now his and his until death do they part again. It was just like the first time. Now, it was Riza's turn. The rabbi turned to her with a smile on his face.

"Captain," he said confidentially. Hawkeye nodded with a sweet smile on her beautiful face. She took the ring and Jakob's hand. Her smile shined kindly upon her new husband. Everyone waited patiently.

"I, Riza," she began. "Choose you, Jakob, as my best friend, my love for life. I promise you my deepest love, my fullest devotion, my tenderest care, through the pressures of the present and the uncertainties of the future, I promise to be faithful to you. I promise to love you, to commit to you, and support you. I pledge to respect your unique talents and abilities, to lend you strength for all of your dreams. You have shown me what love feels like and for that I thank you. You are everything I need and at this moment I know all of my prayers have been answered and that all of my dreams have come true. I praise God for you, Jakob: for all of your love and constant friendship. I know that our love is heaven sent and I promise to be here for ever and always. From this day forward, you shall not walk alone. My heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your home. As I have given you my hand to hold, I give you my life to keep. And with this ring, I will honor my word and promise until death do us part!"

She slipped the ring on his finger tenderly. Then, they shared another romantic kiss. The rabbi and his wife watched happily. Everyone clapped. Even Esther was crying happily. The sweet happiness fluttered everywhere. The couple turned to the guests.



"I now pronounce the new Mr. and Mrs. Riis!" he said aloud. The applause got even louder. The mission went through just fine. Everyone was in the West City’s military club on time. Well, almost. Jakob and Riza were hiding in the game room. The groom had taken off his jacket because of the summer heat. Riza sat back on the big red lounge shays. They were both plotting their escape. They decided not to stay for the reception. The couple planned to head back to the B&B for a second honeymoon. But first they would have to escape without being seen.

“Anything yet?” Riza asked.

“No,” Jakob answered. “But I had Isaac check for any possible routes. He should be back any moment now.” Riza began to relax some. Then, the door opened to the game room. The couple looked up quickly. Isaac stood in the doorway grinning.

“So that’s where you two got to,” he said to his brother and new-new sister-in-law. Jakob hurried over to him desperately.

“Tell me you found a way out for us!” he said. Isaac kept grinning at him.

“Yes I have!” he said. Riza looked up happily at that reply.

“Where?” the couple asked at once. Isaac stepped into the game room even further and closed the door. He locked it for a safe measure.

“Out through the back garden on the south wing,” the older brother answered. “The party is on the north side. The south is currently vacant. I will say that you had a headache, Jakob, and you decided to leave early to take a rest.” The mouse smiled at the news.

“That’s great!” he said softly. The groom turned to his bride.

“You ready to go?” he asked her. Riza rose to her feet at that question.

“Yes!” she said in a happy rush. Jakob turned back to his brother.

“Lead the way, Isaac!” he said.

“Gladly,” his brother replied. “I’ll save you some cake and bring you your gifts later on.”

“Sweet!” Jakob replied. Then the three of them headed out to the back garden as an escape.

Back in the party room, Mustang sat at the back table all alone. He was still crushed by Riza marrying someone else. He sat over his drink looking into it forlorn. Alice was sitting next to him invisible. She once again gained contact with his mind.

“It doesn’t have to be like this,” she told him in his mind. “Remember what I told you. Well there's a rose in the fisted glove, and eagle flies with the dove, and if you can't be with the one you love honey, love the one you're with.” Right then, Mustang noticed that someone was standing over him. He slowly looked up to see Daphine standing over him smiling. She was dressed in a short tight red strapless party dress with black pantyhose and pumps that matched her dress. Her long blonde hair was down today and held with a silk red ribbon. Her make-up looked tastefully sweet today as well with light and slightly shimmery. Roy just couldn’t take his eyes off of her for some reason.

“Is this seat taken?” the nurse asked. Mustang recovered instantly, but tried to maintain his arrogance.

“No,” he said in his usual proud way.

“Nice!” Daphine said. Then she sat down next to him. Waters noticed the happy look in his eyes.

“You look better,” she pointed out to him. Roy raised an eyebrow at her.

“What do you mean?” he asked. Daphine leaned in lightly.

“You were depressed during the wedding,” she said. “Now you look like the sun has finally come out. What’s the deal?” The gen. just shrugged.

“Just realize I couldn’t hang onto her forever,” he replied. “I just decided to let her go.” Daphine listened in for more. Mustang felt great to be talking about this. He lightly pushed away his drink.

“Some people you love are like your favorite toys,” he explained to his potential girlfriend. “You love them to death. Then one day, they get taken away from you. You’re upset at first and then you find a new toy that you grow to love and you get over the old one.” Daphine kept looking at him.

“I see,” she replied. Mustang lightly leaned into her.

“Care for a dance?” he asked her. The nurse finished her glass and smiled at him.

“You know what,” she replied. “I think I will!” Then they both made it to the dance floor and began to slow dance to the music. Mustang seemed to guide her with note of the song like a gentleman.

“Tell me something Roy,” Daphine said to him.

“Hm?” he asked her.

“Did you really mean what you said about the toys?” the nurse questioned him. Her soon-to-be boyfriend just smiled at her.

“You can believe whatever you like,” he answered. “But I have said what I needed to say.” Daphine just smiled at him again as they kept dancing.

“You sexy bastard!” she said to him happily. Then they just kept dancing.

Outside, Alice was leaving the party. Her work for today was over. Now she could catch a short rest until she was needed again.

“Stephen Stills?” a voice asked her. Alice looked up to see Ai-Oni sitting by the door waiting for her. She herself had a glass of wine in her beautiful deadly hands. Alice just smiled at her. She was too tired to be offended by her friend/enemy.

“Hey,” she argued back lightly. “It worked!” Ai-Oni just shrugged.

“True,” the she-devil agreed. “True.” Then they both headed away.

Inside, Roy and Daphine were still dancing. Both were actually happy. The bitterness was slowly dying away. For once, there was a promise for a new strong relationship.