Animal Passions:

Simone’s Notes:

One of my schoolmates said to me, sex is the action where all emotions are felt. I guess he was right. Sex seems to channel different emotional to other people. Love, lust, and passion are the most common. Sometimes anger is felt during sex. And at times, sorrow is felt. But whatever one feels at the time, sex is a powerful way to deliver it in.

St. Mary’s Touch Hospital seemed boring again today. Well, that was until some of the military showed up again! Now that the nurses had found their men to seduce, it was take to make a move on them. Phase one of the sexy game of love was complete. Now, it was time for phase two to take place. The girls were all ready to pull out their best moves on their prey.

Case One: Daphine:

Nurse Daphine Waters looked out the window of the lobby with her cigarette and saw Colonel Roy Mustang. She smiled to herself tenderly. So far, things between were on friendly terms. They went out on a couple of dates from the past two weeks. They turned out pretty and neither one was complaining. As far as they came to was a small kiss at the door and nothing else. Now, Daphine was restless. By around this time, she was banging the guys that she was with. She enjoyed the sexual rush that came quick and rich within the middle of the second week. But Mustang seemed to be a hard case to get through. Well, no matter! Daphine will have Roy in bed with her. She just needed to pull the strings a little more. And today, would seem like the perfect day to do so! So, Daphine put out her ciggy, straightened up her lovely blonde French braid and her light blue uniform, and headed outside to her prey.

Mustang just needed to get away from Central Headquarters. One more word out of Renee’s mouth and he would be trying to find a way to depose of her body. She too hates doing paperwork and decided to make the most of her time by reminding Roy about every single embarrassing story about his early days in the military. Each detail made Mustang want to scream, “Shut up!” at her many times. No matter how hard he tried to ignore her mouth, the colonel wanted to strangle the lady colonel just to shut her up. When he was at wit’s end, Mustang quickly rose to his feet and left the room. He claimed he had a headache needed to walk it off for a few minutes. Whoever thought that merging the east and north troops together was a great idea should burn in Hell for this! They should’ve known his and Renee’s history together.

Roy was lost in his thoughts were he felt someone lightly tap him on the shoulder. He quickly turned to see Daphine smiling at him. “I see you’re taking my advice on relaxing, colonel!” she said aloud. Roy stared at her for a moment, and then said, “No, I just had a headache and thought I could walk it off.” Daphine still smiled. “Doesn’t matter!” said she aloud. “You’re here and that’s all for me.” For once in two weeks, Mustang began to smile a real smile. “Your smile looks great on you.” Daphine said in response. “You should smile more.” “Yeah,” Mustang said back to her in a pleasant mood. He didn’t know what he saw in this nurse. She already told him she liked rich men, but Daphine never seemed to try to go after his money at all. Nope, the nurse seemed to have a bigger and better agenda in mind.

Now, it was time to close in on the prey. Daphine slightly leaned on him. “Say,” she began. “You had lunch yet?” “Uh, no. Why?” Roy asked in confusion. This question seemed pretty sudden for him. Daphine quickly took her prey by the arm. “Great!” the nurse called aloud. “We could have lunch together in the café in a few minutes! Come along! I’ll take you to meet my friends!” Then, she dragged the colonel inside the hospital. Mustang clearly didn’t know what to say next. (I mean, what could you say to that?) Daphine kept smiling to herself. “All I just have to do is pull a few more strings and I’ll be in Roy’s pants in no time!” she thought. With every step, the nurse was plotting her seduction of Colonel Roy Mustang.

Case Two: Suri:

Nurse Suri Kamash was doing some seduction plotting on her own. Many a night, she had turned the cute nerd into a wild rebellious soul. She just had that much power over a guy. All the junior nurse had to do was take the prey out of his soft environment, gain their trust by being sweet and angelic for a short while, and then expose them to the fast lane of life with wild rampant sex and high-energy clubs and parties. Pretty soon, they’ll be begging for more! No geek could refuse her that easily. Her housemates couldn’t understand why Suri always went for the nerds and not the natural wild men already. She would just shrug and ask, “Where is the fun in that?” Her latest project was Master sergeant Kain Fuery. He was perfect clay for her sweet hands. And speak of the devil as she walking down the hall to tend to another patient, there stood her eye of affection. He was looking at the fish in the mini-aquarium in the well children’s waiting room. The junior nurse quickly became excited. “Show time!” she thought. “I’ll give him a real ‘mermaid’ to look at!” Then, Suri smoothed out her dark navy blue uniform and walked over to the fish tank.

Fuery was looking at the fish in the tank when he saw a face on the other side. At first, he thought that he was seeing things. So, he took off his glasses and began cleaning them. When the master sergeant put them back on, the image didn’t change. A girl’s face was on the other side of the tank. She was grinning at him like a cat to a cornered grounded bird. Suri was pointing upwards to him. She clearly wanted to talk. Curious and confused on why, Fuery slowly stood up straight from the tank at the same time as her. The junior nurse stood smiling at him. “Yes?” the master sergeant asked. Suri kept smiling at him. “You’re cute!” she said aloud. Fuery blushed lightly. “Uh… thanks, I guess.” he said nervously. Suri kept smiling at him. She was starting to see the affect that she was having on him. “Man, I love this part!” the junior nurse thought in joy.

“You like fish, huh?” she asked innocently. “Y-Yes,” Fuery replied. “I love all animals.” “I see,” Suri replied. “This will be easier than I thought!” she thought in excitement. “All I have to do is the typical plan: Capture the interest, take them out to the usual place, go out on a few dates, and then go in for the kill! This will be my best work!” “I like dogs.” the junior nurse quickly said. The master sergeant stared at her in shock. “You do?” he asked. Suri nodded like a little angel. She studied his face closely. “My little fishy is starting to swim to the juicy worm!” the junior nurse thought in lust. “Now, I just have to keep working him into my bed!” “Are you doing anything for the rest of the day?” Suri asked aloud. “No, not really.” Kain answered. Suri grinned. “Excellent.” she said. “I know a nice little café down the block where you and I could have lunch together.” “Are you… asking me out?” Fuery asked in pleasant surprise. Suri nodded like a sweet little baby doll. The master sergeant was blushing like a freshman that got asked out by a hot cheerleader. “So what do you say?” Suri asked. “Uh, well…” Kain spoke up again. He didn’t know what to say at first. The junior nurse kept waiting. “This part always takes a little while!” she thought in naughty bliss as she began to add more onto her seduction plan. Then, Fuery said in a low voice, “All right.” Suri smiled at him again. “Good,” she said. “Let’s go!” Then, the master sergeant followed his predator out the door to the lusty trap.

Case Three: Izzie

Nurse Izzie Morrison had a different idea of sexual fun. She liked it when two or three men competed for her affection. It gave her this sense of sexual power to know that men would practically duel each other for her hand. She just felt like a fair princess in a triangle with two handsome knights. Speaking other which, she saw one of her knights right now. Warrant officer Vato Falman was signing out a document for Colonel Mustang. Izzie had a back and forth attraction to him. Maybe it was his age or the grey in his hair, but something about him just kept turning her off and back on about him again.

Today was a turn-on day. Izzie decided to try and get Falman interested in her. After all, what damage could it do anyway? She needed a nice man to be charmed by her anyway, why not try out Vato? Falman was just about done with signing the document when he heard someone clear their throat. He looked up beside of him and saw Izzie leaning against the wall eyeing him with a smile. She was putting a little attention to her lovely brown eyes and perky chest. The officer was slightly confused. “Can I help you miss?” he asked. “What are you doing?” Izzie asked him coyly. “Signing a form,” Falman answered. “Why?” The nurse was reading over it. “You have nice hand writing,” she said. “Uh… thanks…” Vato mumbled. Izzie kept smiling at him.

She then lightly leaned on him. The warrant officer was really lost now. “Uh…” he spoke up. “What are you… doing?” “Nothing.” Izzie replied. “I just need a man to lean on at times.” “Why?” Falman asked still not getting the hint. “Because,” the nurse went on. “We women all do. That’s how it is.” Izzie shut her eyes and breathed in. Falman looked around for a little help. A couple of doctors were winking and grinning at him. Falman looked at Izzie again. “How long is she going to stay on me like this?” he thought. In a sense, the warrant officer was a bit disturbed by this hint of affection. But in another sense, he was actually… turned on by this nurse leaning on him. Izzie smiled secretly to herself. “Ha-ha! Got him!” she thought. Now to find another man to chase her down as well. The nurse was enjoying this already.

Case Four: Jessie

Nurse Jessie Phillips found herself in a slight dilemma. Second lieutenant Don Mitchell, the father of her infant son, wanted to get back with her. She knew that Tamsin and he were over for a year now. The nurse had hoped this would happen one day. Everyone now knew their secret no thanks Jim’s big yapping mouth at the double birthday party. She had just rediscovered some tenderness for the guy again ever since they crossed paths again. So what was the problem? Dignity. Jessie had too much dignity to go back to Don now. But was that really the cause? Or was it fear? Fear or starting over again? Jessie shook the thought from her head as she went down to the nursery to check on her son, Sammy.

To her surprise, she found Don in the nursery looking over the baby already. Concerned, Jessie hurried into the nursery to him. “What are you doing here?” she asked the baby’s father in shook. Don turned up to her smiling. “What else?” he asked. “Checking on my son.” Jessie stepped forward to the crib bitterly and looked in. Their son was looking up at them smiling. Sammy was a cute little boy. He had deep brown eyes and plump little cheeks. He was definitely Don’s child. Jessie couldn’t deny him if she tried.

Don turned back to his baby’s mother. “Do you really want this little fellow to go up fatherless?” he asked. Jessie looked away annoyed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” she exclaimed. Don kept smiling at her. “Yes you do!” he exclaimed. The nurse kept looking away. “Aw come on,” he called out. “Smile!” Jessie tried to ignore him. The lieutenant felt himself losing again. This was just where happened on the night Elisha went to St. Mary’s Touch for being drugged. He asked for her to take him back. She stared at him froze in shock without any words and then she fled as fast as she could. Don just couldn’t understand why. Well, that was going to happen today! He was going to get to the bottom of things now!

“What’s wrong?” he asked. “Why do you keep trying to avoid me? Do you have another man or something?” “NO!” Jessie barked as she jerked her head to him. The lieutenant sighed in happy relief. “That’s good!” he said. The nurse turned away again. “Why?” she snapped. “So you can get into my panties again?” “Shhh!” the lieutenant called aloud. “Not in front of the kids!” “I don’t care!” Jessie hissed out. “What is wrong with you?” Don asked. “You weren’t like this last year!” “I also didn’t have a kid either!” the nurse shot back. Don held up his hand to stop her. “Okay, I don’t want to fight!” he cut in. “I just want to be part of Sammy and your life!” Jessie just rolled her eyes annoyed and walked off. Don turned back to his son. “Why is your momma so cranky to me, eh?” he asked the little baby. Sammy just looked back up at his father. Don smiled again. “No matter!” he said briskly. “Because, I am getting you and her back. That way we all can see more and more of each other!” It was settled. Don was on a personal to get his family back.

Case Five: Mia

Nurse Mia Ryan couldn’t believe that she was doing thing. She was actually going to break her dark vow of chastity and hit on a man. Sergeant Denny Broch was sitting in the lobby in boredom. The senior nurse fixed up her messy dark ponytail a little bit and walked over to her prey in a hurry. Denny was lost in his thoughts when he became aware that someone was sitting next to him. He turned to see the lovely milf Mia sitting next to him. “I can’t believe I am doing this!” she thought. “Hi,” Mia said in an uneasy voice. The sergeant smiled at her. “Hey there.” he replied back. Silence passed between them for a little bit.

“You look hot!” Denny blurted out. Mia stared at him in shock. She didn’t know whether to slap him or to kiss him. The nurse was still caught between her bitchy self and this new flirty girly persona that she was developing. “Thanks…” she said as she blushed. Denny kept smiling at her. “She’s just as hot as Maria!” he thought in happy lust. Mia took in another breath. “I’m doing well so far!” she thought. “And no one is in sight!” The nurse reached forward and lightly touched the sergeant on the hand. “Are you doing anything tonight?” she asked sweetly. Denny felt his heart racing quickly. The nurse felt his skin getting hot under her fingertips. Now, it was time for the big gun!

“Are you available tonight?” Mia asked strongly. That took out all of the words right out of the sergeant’s mouth. He could barely speak. All the man could do was shake his head quickly. Mia actually smiled at him. “Okay,” she said. “I’ll see you around then!” The nurse leaned in and gave the sergeant a light kiss on the cheek to seal the deal. Denny nodded as he blushed at the hot offer given to him. Then, the nurse rose to her feet and walked away. Denny hated to see her leave, but he loved to see her see. Mia walked away smiling. “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!” she thought happily. “Now I can get back to work again!

Case Six: Jacilyn

Jacilyn worked into the hospital late. She didn’t know what the Hell happened. She was usually on time for work. What in the world happened? Her housemates had to cover her so that she didn’t get in trouble. “What’s wrong with me?” Jaks thought with concern. “This isn’t like me at all! I’m slipping!” “Hey Jacilyn!” a voiced called out. The head nurse looked up to see Izzie. The young nurse looked brighter today than usual. Jaks just wanted to throw up now. “What?” she asked. Izzie’s color dropped a little bit to concern. “Jaks?” she asked. “Is something wrong?” The head nurse quickly looked around. She leaned in close to her housemate. “Office, now!” Jacilyn whispered quickly. Izzie nodded in quick concern. Then, the two nurses headed right to Jacilyn’s office in a rush.

They both made it two the head nurse’s office. Jacilyn slammed the door in a rush. She quickly sat down at her desk. Izzie stood near the door. “Okay,” she said. “What is the problem?” Jaks took in a deep breath. “That’s a relationship problem,” she spoke up. Izzie raised an eyebrow at that statement. “What?” she asked. “I thought that you and Jean were doing great so far!” “That’s not it!” Jaks said quickly. “Then what is it?” Izzie asked. The head nurse took in another deep breath. This was going to be hard to explain. But, it had to come out. Well, here goes!

“This morning,” Jacilyn began. “Jean and I weren’t in the mood for sex. So, we just lied around in bed for a few minutes because we both had the time. Well, neither one of us didn’t really keep track. Because when we looked up at a clock, three hours had gone by! We were supposed to by at work in ten minutes! It was even tempting to call in sick some we could spend even more time with other. ” Izzie’s eyes grew big in shock. “Oh!” she exclaimed. “So that’s why you were late!” Jaks nodded. “But that’s not all!” the head nurse spoke up. “After sex, Jean and I are actually cuddling more often! I’ve never done that with any man that I’ve slept with. It’s usually just screwing around and go back to sleep! Jean and I are on the phone at night talking for long hours at a time. You all and he know each other too well. None of the guys I’ve slept have never even bothered to even know your names! And the strangest thing about all of this is that…. I actually… love it! I don’t know what the hell is going on!” Jaks looked up to see Izzie grinning wildly. “What are you smiling for?” the head nurse asked. Her housemate had already put the pieces together. “Because,” Izzie exclaimed. “You are in love!” Jacilyn froze in shock and terror at that statement. Now it all made sense! She and Havoc had been in a real relationship for two straight weeks now!

The head nurse smiled to herself. Izzie raised an eyebrow at her. “Jacilyn?” she asked in concern. “Why are you smiling for? I thought you didn’t want to be in a committed relationship and you just wanted to sleep around!” The head nurse turned to her housemate. “Well,” Jaks said. “I decided to give it a try!” Then, she got up from her desk and left the office. Izzie watched her in apprehension. “Okay….” she said at last. Then, the nurse went back to work as well.