Angels with Dirty Faces:

Simone’s Notes:

An example of a love rectangle in classic literature is in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, between the characters Lysander, Demetrius, Helena, and Hermia. Demetrius is granted Hermia's hand in marriage by her father, but Hermia loves Lysander, and the two flee, intending to elope. Demetrius pursues the couple, and Helena pursues Demetrius, whom she has always loved. The fairy Puck, in trying to use magic to resolve the situation, temporarily transfers both men's affections to Helena. Further tampering restores Lysander's love for Hermia. Demetrius, now in love with Helena, withdraws his claim on Hermia, and both couples are wed.

Alphonse thought about his angels again. He now had three girls after him. Amy, Bev, and Carrie all adored him. They were all like his angels. They were all great. The girls were all good to him. Alphonse treated them all equal. He loved them all just the same. They all loved him differently. His girls all came in different flavors as well. The first two were bad and the third was a darling. But he still wasn’t sure who he was going to pick to his number one. He had to hurry or things would be ugly.

Meanwhile, Amy, Bev, and Carrie were all in his living room. The two wild girls were glaring coldly at the new angel. They wanted to rip out all of her hair. They wanted to rip her into teeny-tiny pieces. They wanted to drive her as far away from Al as they could. Amy and Bev hated more competition.

“I hate her,” Bev whispered to Amy.

“I know,” her rival whispered back. They kept glaring at Carrie. She was so cute-looking. Her red hair was just so short and perfect. Her uniform was always pressed and clean. Carrie was just a goody-goodie. That one trait put her on the permanent hate list with her other two rivals. She just smiled and waved at them in a perky. Amy and Bev glared at her even more.

“She’s too perky!” Bev complained.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Amy replied.

“Okay, my father slept with mother because he and his current wife got into a fight and she walked off angry!” the rocker girl said. “Then my first time doing it was in the back of this senior boy’s truck in the back of this old record store.” The classy wild girl looked at her in complete disgust.

“That’s tacky!” she hissed. Bev just shrugged.

“Hey,” she said. “It happens!” Both turned back to their enemy.

“So what are we going to do about her?” the rocker girl asked. Amy thought about that for a moment. She looked closely at her to get a good idea in her head.

“We’ll just have to drive her away by being bitchy to her!” she replied. “All we have to do is just be very nasty to her and Carrie will go far away from her and then we can resume our battle!” Bev smiled at that idea like a fox with a fat chicken.

“Wow!” she replied. “I didn’t know you had it in ya! Here I thought I was the forward bitch!” Amy grinned back at her devilishly.

“I can be nasty and cruel when the occasion calls for it!” she replied. Bev smiled at her again. She was glad she finally found something to agree on with her rival. “Maybe she isn’t such an obnoxious tight-ass after all!” she thought happily. Amy and Bev had become friends on the cause of driving away Carrie.

Meanwhile, Carrie looked at them smiling. It was so awkward to meet the other two girls that were lusting after Al’s heart. She thought that they were all hate her guts and want to beat her into little tiny bloody pieces. But they seemed so nice to her. Carrie was so gracious to them as well. Alphonse was even happy that all of his girls got along so well. “Wow!” the new angel thought as she looked at her rivals. “Amy and Bev seem so cool and nice! I really hope that we all can be the best of friends!” Oh the irony of the whole situation!

At that moment, Alphonse walked into the living room. All three girls looked up in a rush. Their number one crush smiled warmly at all of them. The ladies were floating away happily at his smile.

“Hello girls!” he said aloud to all of them. The girls were about to faint at the sound of his charming voice. They could’ve listened talk all day and all night. He was just that charming.

“Hi!” Amy, Bev, and Carrie all called in unison.

“Everything okay in here?” Alphonse asked them.

“Yeah!” the ladies all said. Their smiled at them richly.

“That’s great to know!” he replied. Then he headed back to his room. He had no idea about the storm that was slowly brewing between his angels.