Angelic Lamb:

Simone’s Notes:

Clues that may indicate a victim of date violence: physical signs of injury, truancy, dropping out of school, failing grades, changes in mood or personality, use of drugs and/or alcohol, emotional outbursts, bruising, and increasing isolation from friends and family. Victims may remain in an abusive relationship for many reasons, including: self-blame, minimization of the crime, social or religious stigma, and lack of understanding.

Edward sat smiling in front of his beaten little prize. He had did a number on him tonight. Alex was huddled on the floor in deep pain. Bruises were all over his pale body. Two of his ribs were badly damaged. It was really painful to breathe. The lamb was no in painful tears because of the abuse. He was starting to cough up blood now. Phase two was going just right. In order to maintain control of the pet, Edward had to beat the poor soul into submission. The first two hours were a success. Edward was over getting started too. It was so easy to lure Alex over to him. The lamb doesn’t even fight back now. All the alchemist had to do was to summon him over and the lamb came willingly. He trusted Edward that much. Sadly as if was already clear to the poor soul, his trust was always brutally betrayed.

“Look up, my little pet!” Edward commanded the little lamb. Alex did so sobbing. He had two heavy black eyes because of Edward. Blood was on the corner of his lips. Through his pain filled eyes, were a heavy amount of confusion and pain. “Why?” the lamb thought in dumb fear. “Why is he doing this to me?” He should have seen this coming. It was always the same thing with Edward. First, everything would be gentle, nice, and even romantic. But then, nights like these would occur like something out of a horror movie. But somehow in the end, the monster would go back to being sweet, gentle, and caring to as he nursed him back to health. Alex just couldn’t understand it. Ed was being so nice and mild to him last night. Why was he being so cruel to him tonight? What did he do to get this sort of treatment again? Edward was feeling hungry all over again. The black and red were heavy in his eyes tonight. Seeing Alex hurt and beaten like this was just so delicious. He could almost taste the little lamb at his lips. But not just yet…

“Come here, my little pet!” the alchemist ordered him. Alex painfully rose to his feet. He hobbled over to his master. Edward smiled at him wickedly as he did so. “Such a little whore!” he thought in delight. Alex made his way over to the alchemist. Edward kept his cruel smile on his face. He lightly grabbed the lamb by the cheeks. The alchemist looked deep into his little toy’s eyes. Fear and despair were heavy in them. Tears were even starting to form in them. Oh, this was too amusing to him. The monster smirked at him in that condescending way that he had taught Alex to be accustomed to.

“You’re a hot little whore, aren’t you?” Edward asked him. Alex just stared at him in fear. The monster then lightly kissed him on the lips. His victim began to relax some. But, he knew this was a sense of false security that Edward was giving him. The lamb knew too well about what was coming next. Edward pulled away from him smiling. He let go of Alex and violently slapped him with his automail hand. The poor lamb fell straight down to the ground. He would’ve have scream out, but his voice was next to gone now. The boy had used voice of it screaming in pain hours earlier. The inside of his mouth was now bleeding. Alex rubbed his cheek in deep pain. He looked up at Edward in worsening fear. The monster looked hungry to give him more abuse. “Please no more!” the lamb thought with tears in his eyes. “I can’t take this anymore!

He began to remember his days at school as of late. Everyone was starting to notice that there were problems with him. Alex was once and B and C student. Now, his grades had dropped down to straight D’s. He couldn’t seemed to stay focused in class too well. His classmates noticed that Alex’s mind always seemed to be elsewhere. The teachers shared in their concern as well. He had become withdrawn. The boy just used to be shy and occasionally speak to people. But now, he would try to avoid people altogether. Alex would find himself breaking down and crying for no reason. He hadn’t been eating much either. The boy had really dropped some weight. Alex always looked so pale lately. Everyone noticed that there were bruises, burns, cuts, and other injuries all over his arms and body most of the time. When confronted with these questions, Alex just angrily brushed them off and fled as fast as he could. Most thought it was Allen at first. But when Alex’s step-father told them that his step-son barely talked to him anymore and constantly disappeared for days at a time, everyone really knew that there was a problem.

Alex lied the way Edward and the others taught him how. They seemed to be working find at first. But then, nobody was really buying it now. Alex was just trapped. Every time he tried to escape from the fallen world that he was dragged into last year, Edward and them always pulled him back. He just couldn’t escape it. And now, everyone was so desperate to try and help him. Alex just couldn’t take anymore of it. The lies, the abuse, the rape, the assault, the nightmares, the torture, it was all getting to him badly. But what could he do? He was just the bottom and the monsters were always the top. It was just a sick cycle he didn’t choose and couldn’t get out of.

Edward clocked Alex violently in the face. The poor lamb fell backwards again. Blood rushed from his nose onto the ground. The poor soul rubbed his nose in pain. He looked up at Edward in pain. His master looked hungry for more. Alex was crying again. He just couldn’t take tonight anymore. He was too sore to escape now. The lamb could barely speak anymore.

“Why?” he managed to whimper out at last.

“Sorry?” the incubus asked him. “Did you say something?” He then kicked the lamb violently in the stomach. Alex nodded in pain. He tried his best not to vomit. He had been kicked there one too many times. The lamb even began to feel dizzy. There was now a heavy pain in his chest. Alex could barely breathe now. Sweat was all over his body. The lamb was getting his best in vain to survive the night now.

“Yes…” he managed to croak out. Edward smiled at him coldly. He knelt down to the pet and leaned in close to him. Alex’s eyes widened in fear at the sight of him. Edward lightly patted him on the head.

“Well then,” he said. “Speak clearly! I can’t really hear you right now.”

“Why?” Alex whimpered out again. Edward looked at him slightly confused.

“Why what?” the monster asked him. Alex fought hard to keep from throwing up again. He tried to keep his mouth shut to prevent more pain from coming to him. But sadly, the desperation for the pain to stop cut off his rational thought for the moment.

“Why do you do this to me?” the lamb pleaded to him in an almost gone voice. “What have I done to be treated like this?” Alex realized what he had said too late. He broke the top rule among slaves and pets: Don’t ask any questions. “Oh no!” the lamb thought in terror. “I asked him a question. Now, I’m going to get it!” Alex painfully shut his eyes to shield himself from what was coming next. But suddenly, he heard… laughing. Confused, Alex quickly opened his eyes and looked ahead. Edward was smiling at him crossly. He lightly patted Alex on the head again like a little dog.

“Why?” Edward repeated aloud trying not to laugh again. Alex nodded in pain. The monster kept his poisonous smile locked on him tight.

“Why, you ask?” he asked again. “Does Little Alex want to know why I mistreat him so much?” Alex nodded at him again pitifully. The boy was still in fear for the worst. He could just feel it coming. It never failed with Edward and them. Alex waited in patient fear in his head. Edward looked him dead in the eye.

“Because,” he replied. “You are just little glutton for punishment. Every time I see your beautiful face, I want to kick it. I want to hurt you so bad inside that it tears me up inside if I don’t act on it. I want to strangle you so badly it drives me insane. But yet, I do this all out of love for you, my precious Little Alex!” The lamb’s eyes were really wide with fear. He really knew that he was in for it now. Sure, he was going to be patched up and treated well afterwards. But that was going to be a long way away for the night.

Edward beat Alex down even more for the night. The lamb just took the abuse quietly. That was all that he could do after all. The alchemist was always stronger than him. Thus, Ed always being superior over him. Alex didn’t dare to fight back at all either. What good would it have done? The master’s abuse would’ve been worse than before the lamb tried to fight back. Alex learned that too well when he tried to back fight against Azrael. That was one move that the boy was never going to make again against *any* of the fallen ones. Alex had learned to just shut up and take it. It couldn’t get worse than it already was, could it?

By four in the morning, Edward got bored with his little pet and stood over him smirking coldly. Alex was really beaten to a pulp this time. The lamb was lying on the ground huddled in a ball crying in misery. He was badly bruised, cut, and bleeding all over. The poor soul was even almost out cold. He just really couldn’t understand it. Why? Why did he keep coming back to Edward when he knew that he was only going to hurt him ever more? Why did he do it? Why? He just didn’t understand it.

Edward just snickered to himself at the lamb’s pain and sorrow. Phase two was a success just like last night was. Alex was now beaten into his submission. There was only tomorrow night left and Alex would be his loyal little pet forever. But for right now, both parties needed a rest. And they both knew what was coming next. Edward picked up Alex and dragged him away to the care center.