And I Love Her


When I married Shannon, I put away my loose and wild days for good. Shannon on the other hand, didnít! She keeps cheating on me. Every night she was with a different man. My wife kept sleeping with all of my friends. She even tried to sleep with my former sensei, Rob.

The first time it occurred to me was a birthday party for my son when he turned four. The kids were outside playing. The adults were inside enjoying a drink in the living room. I felt sick and had to go to the bathroom. Once I got sorted out, I sat up to cool my head. Then, I heard some strange sounds coming from my other bathroom. I listened closely. They sound likeÖ Shannon withÖ another man. I was confused. Most of the adults were in the living room.

Curious, I followed the sounds. I walked all the way to the bedroom-bathroom. I peeked into the crack to see. My wife was on the toilet with another man having sex! Her black navy skirt was up again her waist. Her black thong panties were right on the floor. The gentlemanís pants were down to his ankles. He was screwing her like there was no tomorrow. I was sitting there in complete shock. I could barely move. I wanted to burst in and catch them in the act. But, I just couldnít do it. All I could do was just crouch there and watch them. So I just walked quietly away back to the living room. I hoped that would be end of that.

But sadly, it didnít stop! Shannon just kept sleeping around with many men. I still kept ignoring it, hoping the problem would just vanish. But instead, it just got worse and worse. *Sighs and shakes his head* Everyone just looks at me in pity and asks me why I still stay with her. Even our kids know what she does. (Donít get me started on them! Oh no! Iíll save that for another chapter!) Plus, add that with the drinking and the drugs, and yeah! I live in Hell with my second wife and kids. Thatís my adult life for ya! Charming, isnít it?

Oi me! Despite all Shannon has done, I still stay. I donít know why. I just do. I guess I love her. Itís hard to say now. *Shakes his head* I just donít know anymore. Everyone keeps telling to leave Shannon. Ha! Noiz keeps trying to beat me over the head with it. Rob-sensei keeps hinting it to me. Everyone keeps saying that I should leave Shannon and go back to Leslie. *Sigh* But the truth is, I donít know. I just donít know.

Let it Be